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Note: Paul Shrodes corrected resume of Nov 2007 is the first time when he listed the qualification of being

Board Eligible in Surgical Pathology. So when confronted by the media in El Paso (Nov 2007), he removed the statement that he had a graduate degree in law and replaced it with yet another fabricated credential being board eligible in surgical pathology. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: Christine D. Shiffer [mailto:cshiffer@absurgery.org] Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 8:08 AM To: Bonnie Drew Subject: Re: surgical pathology

Dear Ms. Drew: Thank you for your e-mail. Surgical pathology is part of the specialty of anatomic pathology. Board certification in anatomic pathology is offered by the American Board of Pathology. http://www.abpath.org I'm assuming that's what the doctor is referring to - there is no board certification offered specifically in surgical pathology. Hope this is helpfulRegards, Christine Shiffer

Christine D. Shiffer, MBA Communications Manager American Board of Surgery 1617 JFK Blvd., Ste. 860 Philadelphia, PA 19103 tel. 215-568-4000 ext. 137 www.absurgery.org

Bonnie Drew wrote:

I have a doctor who is stating on his resume that he is board eligible in Surgical Pathology. I need to know if this is a legitimate medical specialty and what Board would offer the certification. Thanks so much!

Bonnie Drew
Ph: 281-332-3089 Cell: 281-300-5076

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: Betsy Bennett [mailto:bdbennett@abpath.org] Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 2:03 PM To: YBdrew@comcast.net Subject: RE: surgical pathology There is no certification in Surgical Pathology by any recognized medical board. Any pathologist certified in Anatomic Pathology can sign out surgical pathology. Betsy D. Bennett, M.D., Ph.D. Executive Vice President

American Board of Pathology 813/286-2444

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From: Bonnie Drew [YBdrew@comcast.net] Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 11:59 PM To: Questions Subject: surgical pathology If a doctor has done his residency in AP/CP, what are the additional required steps to get board certified in Surgical Pathology? Does the American Board of Pathology offer certification in Surgical Pathology? If not, what organization offers it? Thanks!

Bonnie Drew
Ph: 281-332-3089 Cell: 281-300-5076 ----------------------------------------------------------------------From: Cassandra Newby [mailto:CNewby@aapsus.org] Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 6:45 AM To: YBdrew@comcast.net Subject: RE: New webForms Submission for AAPS (ABPS - Contact) ABPS does not offer this specialty. Cassandra R. Newby Director of Certification American Board of Physician Specialties 5550 West Executive Drive, Suite 400 Tampa, FL 33609 Telephone: 813 433 2277 Extension 16 Fax: 813 830 6599 www.abpsus.org This message may contain confidential and/or proprietary information and is only intended for the person/entity to whom it was originally addressed. Any use by others is strictly prohibited. -----Original Message----From: webFORMS System [mailto:info@webforms.net] Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 9:45 AM To: Cassandra Newby Subject: New webForms Submission for AAPS (ABPS - Contact) The following data was submitted at your web site: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - First = Bonnie Last = Drew Designation = Address 1 = 2615 Calder Drive Address 2 = City = League City

State = TX Zip = 77573 Phone = 281-332-3089 Fax = Specialty = Surgery Interests = Other Comments = I have a resume from a doctor who says he is board eligible in Surgical Pathology. I need to know if there is such a specialty and who is the certifying board for this specialty. Thanks! E-Mail = YBdrew@comcast.net - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -