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sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/)


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Make your own, custom AUTONOMOUS SENTRY GUN! A Microcontroller Contest Finalist and Runner Up Winner. This instructable is out-of-date. For the most recent version of the tutorial, see the website (https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/) . Cheers! This sentry gun autonomously tracks, aims, and shoots at targets, using: -An airsoft or paintball gun -A webcam to find targets -A computer to process the video feed and aim the gun -Servo motors to physically aim the gun and squeeze the trigger -A sturdy tripod base -A microcontroller to interface between the computer and the servo motors -Lots of camo paint The end result is a paintball/airsoft spewing robot, that can turn the tides of any match. Video if it in action here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMBojjc6sVg) . Want to build your own? You're in luck! All the help and information you will need is here, and the software is free and open-source. Lots of people have already used this system in their own

More by sentryGun53

(/id/LED-Running-Lights-forAutomotives) Tags:
sentry gun (/tag/type-id/categorytechnology/keyw ord-sentry gun/) autonomous (/tag/type-id/categorytechnology/keyw ord-autonomous/) painball (/tag/type-id/category-technology/keyw ordpainball/) airsoft (/tag/type-id/category-technology/keyw ordairsoft/) arduino (/tag/type-id/category-technology/keyw ordarduino/) Processing (/tag/type-id/categorytechnology/keyw ord-processing/) computer vision (/tag/type-id/categorytechnology/keyw ord-computer vision/) w ebcam (/tag/type-id/category-

sentry guns, with successful results. So go ahead, make your own, and soon your own backyard will be no-man's land, too!

technology/keyw ord-w ebcam/) project sentry gun (/tag/type-id/categorytechnology/keyw ord-project sentry gun/) turret (/tag/type-id/category-technology/keyw ordturret/)

P.S. take pictures during the project, and when you are finished, send me a picture, and a description of your project, and I will feature it on the Successful Projects (https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/successful-projects) page of my website. Thanks!

Arduino Airsoft Turret (/id/Arduino-AirsoftTurret/)

Step 1: Parts List

by 12grahamb (/member/12grahamb/)

TBT2000 Airsoft BB gun Tool box turret (/id/TBT2000-Airsoft-BBgun-Tool-box-turret/)

by Djandco (/member/Djandco/)

Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun (/id/Nerf-Vulcan-SentryGun/) Face tracking gun (/id/Face-tracking-gun/)

by bthjehiel (/member/bthjehiel/)

by BrittLiv (/member/BrittLiv/)

How to make a robotic dart shooting sentry (/id/How-to-make-arobotic-dart-shootingsentry/) See More (/tag/type-id/?q=)


Airsoft / paintball gun, or other 'projectile dispenser' $30 Webcam $25 Arduino (or equivalent) $27 3 Servo motors (pan, tilt, trigger) $9 ea. $10 Assorted screws, nuts and bolts $9 Wood/metal for construction $5 USB A to B cable $2 Some 22 gauge solid wire $2 Servo battery box $110 TOTAL Also, you will need a laptop or computer to run the sentry gun program. $250 for a cheap netbook, if you don't have anything else...

Step 2: Arduino


What's an Arduino? ...and how do you pronounce that, anyway? An Arduino is a microcontroller. It plugs into a computer with a USB cord. On the Arduino board, shown below, there is an ATMega328 microchip, as well as 14 digital input/outputs, 6 analog inputs, and a USB port. That's not all, but it's everything that you will need to know about, to build a sentry gun. For complete details on the Arduino board, go to http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno). You will use the Arduino board to take commands from the computer, and drive the servo motors as the commands dictate. Also, it will provide you with hookups for expanding your own ciruit easily afterwards. Where to buy your own Arduino board (http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy)

Step 3: Servo Motors



To control the movement of the gun, you will use 2 servo motors. The "pan" servo controls the side-to-side movement of the gun. The "tilt" servo controls the up-down movement of the gun. Your remaining servo motor will be used to squeeze the trigger of your gun. For heavy guns, such as the paintball gun shown below, you might want to get some stronger servo's.

Step 4: Constructing the Base


Now is time to put everything together. How you do this is largely up to you. Some design considerations: The gun should be balanced on the tilt servo. Find the gun's center of gravity, and mount it at that point. This is so the servo dosn't have to waste energy trying to keep the gun level. IMPORTANT: when the servo has no power supplied to it, the gun should tilt freely, and when you move it with your hand it should not return to level - rather it should stay right where you let go. Spend a lot of time getting this balance just right, it is a major factor in the effectiveness of your finished sentry. Stability is key. You want a strong, solid sentry. Vibration will cause a lot of issues with the camera later, if you don't suppress it now. I'm not going to teach you how to build well, but keep in mind that screws and bolts are better than nails, nails are better than zip ties, zip ties are better than staples, and even staples are better than duct tape. The webcam must be solidly mounted to the base. You want it close to the gun, but the gun barrel can't ever move into the camera's view - it will see that as a target. Also, the webcam should be as solid as possible - vibration from the servo's and gun firing will mess it up. Depending on the expected use for the sentry (airsoft? paintball? water jet? laser?), you may need to add a durable compartment to hold the electronics. Finally: tripods are cool, but they can be prone to a lot of shaking if built badly, or if you use a flimsy camera tripod. Surveyor's tripods are great for sentry guns they are heavy, stable, and often adjustable too.

Step 5: Wiring



Arduino : The Arduino connects to the computer through the USB A to B cord. This also powers the Arduino. Various other things wire to the Arduino: Here's a wiring schematic (https://3697760062247513407-a1802744773732722657-ssites.googlegroups.com/site/projectsentrygun/downloads/Schematic_v4.png? attachauth=ANoY7cr9iXELM5d7fhbujWGsoRAB_4czqeVwdKwrGHrGTOmrwMtQR_T4y1wLwZ7caUoFZjo66LQ34rwHdF5dmGl2BaEK2554qwJVnKLNAwa4QbMgV3U0Ghm40_n7ILQIxksbUk7ydwlnbH9bynRcOSoQl_q2OYaXnoKf60EEI4CuglcgvtlWe_Oi60M0AD3KaweJVmR_gradU3i6eikUfbKK2bOxNqEMPjzMKNF7HANdUfDhdJY%3D&attredirects=0) , and you can get a sentry shield (https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/products) if you want an easy solution.

Servos : You will need a seperate power source for your servo's. I reccomend 4 C-cell or Dcell batteries, wired in series to make 6V. Check the data sheet to find the power consumption for your servo's! Servo motors have three wires: power, ground, and signal. Each servo's power wire is typically red, and should be connected to the (+) wire from your servo power

source. The ground wire is typically black or brown and should be connected to a ground pin on the Arduino board, and to the (-) wire of your power source. The signal wire is typically yellow, orange or white and should be connected as follows: The x-axis servo's signal wire goes to the Arduino's digital I/O pin 3, the y-axis servo to pin 4, and the trigger servo to pin 6. You can also add some optional switches and LED's , but they are not necessary: -USB status indicator LED to digital I/O pin 5 -firing indicator LED to digital I/O pin 2 -a "power switch" between the (+) from the servo power source and the servo's, to turn off the servo's and save battery power -a "safety switch" between the (+) from the servo power source, and the trigger servo, (but after the 'power switch'), to turn off the firing functionality easily and quickly (in an emergency) -a 'reload' switch, wired between +5V from the Arduino and digital I/O pin 7, to set the gun in a programmable position convenient for reloading

Solder everything if you can. If you want, make your own arduino 'shield' with all the conections. This allows you to "plug in" the Arduino, and "unplug" it when it is needed elsewhere, without losing track of which wires go to which pins.

Step 6: Software


Now you have your sentry gun built, the wiring finished, and no doubt you want it to do something! Before you plug your Arduino into your computer, go download the Arduino IDE (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software) . If you have a Diecimila or older board, set the Power Jumber to USB. Now, plug your Arduino in - the green Power LED on the Arduino should light up, and the orange LED might flash a few times. Good job!

The Arduino IDE is what you will use to load the Arduino program onto your board. However, you will need the seperate, Processing IDE to run the computer side of the code. This does the camera tracking, and sends commands to the Arduino. Go download the Processing IDE (http://processing.org/download/) .

Open both Processing IDE and Arduino IDE. They should look very similar.

With a little bit of trial-and-error on the code, you should have a working sentry in no time! So get started typing!

Just kidding, of course. The next thing you need to do is download the JMyron, blobDetection, and controlP5 libraries (http://processing.org/reference/libraries/) from processing.org. Find the link to each library on that page. The instructions for downloading each one can be found by clicking on it's link.

You are ready to go get the code! Download the latest version it from my website (https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/downloads) . After you have saved it to your computer, unzip the folder, and follow the directions in the strategically placed README.txt files.

Open the Arduino code in the Arduino IDE. Make sure you have selected the proper board and serial port from the Tools menu. Next, click 'Verify', wait for it to say "done compiling", then click 'Upload'. The RX and TX LED's on the Arduino board should pulse a little, then stop.

Congrats! You have finished programming the Arduino! Plug in your webcam. Install the drivers, if you haven't already. Now, open the Processing code in the Processing IDE. Click 'Run', and watch the magic happen!

Of course, for many of you this will not work on the first try. Don't get upset, it's normal. Pop me an email (mailto:sentryGun53@gmail.com?subject=Urgent%20%20sentry%20gun%20code%20support&body=Describe%20the%20issue%2C%20including%20any%20errors%20returned%20by%20the%20softw with any problems, or leave a comment below.

A tip for Windows 7 users, from ljfa321: If you are getting this error when you try to run: processing.app.debug.RunnerException: UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Software\processing-1.2.1\libraries\JMyron\library\JMyron.dll: Can't find dependent libraries: "Reason : Windows 7 doesn't come with MicroSoft C libraries, which were normally include in the other (older) Windoes system. This means there are two files missing in the Windows 7 system: MSVCP71.DLL and Msvcr71.dll Solution : Download these two files from here: http://www.addictivetips.com/?attachment_id=38105 (http://www.addictivetips.com/? attachment_id=38105) AND! For Windows 7 32-bit OS: put both dll files inside Windows/System32 folder For Windows 7 64-bit OS: put both dll files inside Windows/SysWOW64 folder."

Step 7: Using the Software


When you run the code, two windows should pop up. One is the Webcam View and the other is the Control Panel. In Manual Mode, you can aim and fire by pointing and clicking on the webcam view. In Autonomous Mode, the software takes over, and your gun gains a life of it's own! Give it a little time to adjust to the background, and then it will shoot at anything that enters its view. Play around with the other functions as well - Auto/Semi-auto, hide camera view, etc.

Calibrating - your servo and camera arrangement is probably unique, so you will need to calibrate it the first time. You can do this by adjusting the values of xMin, xMax, yMin, and yMax, at the beginning of the code. Play around with them untill you have the gun aiming where you point the mouse on the webcam view. A useful tool to do this is to watch the numbers scrolling by at the bottom of the Processing IDE while you run the code. You may also need to calibrate the servo positions set in the Arduino code: To set the reloading position, change these lines : if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH) { xPosition = 110 ; yPosition = 135 ; fire = 0; }

To set the home position (no USB communication), change these lines : if(idle) { idleCounter++; if(idleCounter > 10000) { analogWrite(5, 50); delay(250); digitalWrite(5, LOW); idleCounter = 0; } else{ digitalWrite(5, LOW); } xPosition = 110 ; yPosition = 100 ; fire = 0; }

To set the 'squeezed' and 'not squeezed' positions for the trigger servo, change these lines : void Fire(int selector) { if(selector == 1) { fireTimer++; if(fireTimer >=0 && fireTimer <= triggerTravelMillis) { trigger.write( 90 );

digitalWrite(2, HIGH); } if(fireTimer > triggerTravelMillis && fireTimer < 1.5*triggerTravelMillis) { trigger.write( 140 ); digitalWrite(2, LOW); } if(fireTimer >= 1.5*triggerTravelMillis) { fireTimer = 0; } } if(selector == 3) { trigger.write( 90 ); digitalWrite(2, HIGH); } } void ceaseFire(int selector) { if(selector == 1) { fireTimer = 0; trigger.write( 140 ); digitalWrite(2, LOW); } if(selector == 3) { trigger.write( 140 ); digitalWrite(2, LOW); } }

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catshark1 (/member/catshark1/) says:

15 days ago


does this work using a raspberry pi instead of an arduino?

2 (/member/catshark1/)

falmughrabi (/member/falmughrabi/) says:

2 months ago


Hi , I'll build a turret using (/member/falmughrabi/) and all other stuff ?! your tutorial, but from where i can buy the Controller and motors

narendravishwakarma (/member/narendravishwakarma/) says: Reply (CD8MHHSHLFV0XXW) 3 months ago

"Error inside Serial.ports" (/member/narendravishwakarma/)

Sir I am facing an Error Message saying and the compiler shows

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Workshops\processing1.5.1\rxtxSerial.dll: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform thrown while loading gnu.io.RXTXCommDriver java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Workshops\processing1.5.1\rxtxSerial.dll: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native

Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(ClassLoader.java:1803) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1728) at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Runtime.java:823) at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java:1028) at gnu.io.CommPortIdentifier. (CommPortIdentifier.java:123) at processing.serial.Serial.list(Unknown Source) at Turret_06_04.retryArduinoConnect(Turret_06_04.java:1917) at Turret_06_04.setup(Turret_06_04.java:188) at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(Unknown Source) at processing.core.PApplet.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662) Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.RuntimeException: Error inside Serial.ports() at processing.serial.Serial.errorMessage(Unknown Source) at processing.serial.Serial.list(Unknown Source) at Turret_06_04.retryArduinoConnect(Turret_06_04.java:1917) at Turret_06_04.setup(Turret_06_04.java:188) at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(Unknown Source) at processing.core.PApplet.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662) PLEASE HELP ME OUT

I'm a highschool student looking for a senior project and I think this is what I want to do! (/member/Laneykate1040/) Our goal is to find something we are interested in but know little about and become experts. My questions are would someone with little experience with computer programming do alright pulling this off? It seems easy enough but then again what do I know? :P Also approximately how much time does this project take? If you could get back to me soon that would be great! Thanks!

Laneykate1040 (/member/Laneykate1040/) says: 4 months ago

Reply (CQ18PG9HL5FS681)

habs19 (/member/habs19/) says:

4 months ago

Reply (CQ89MQVHL5FJ28O)

How much does this project cost, total?

2 (/member/habs19/)

ledfreak01 (/member/ledfreak01/) says:

1 year ago


im geting an error running procesing "unsatisfiedlinkerror: 2 (/member/ledfreak01/) C:\users\owener\documents\processing\libraries\jmyron\library\jmyron.dll: cant find dependent libraries " why is this?

Mr. Gadgets13 (/member/Mr.+Gadgets13/) in reply to ledfreak01 Reply (CISY8HVHITAAWOG) 6 months ago



fishguy355 (/member/fishguy355/) says:

8 months ago


how would I go about changing the servo pins? the code calls for pins 8,9,10 for pan tilt and trigger servos, but me servo shield only has pins 10,11,12,13. (/member/fishguy355/)

Hello... i am a beginner too. Im having problems with the mechanical design of .the (/member/daigkopaangrobot/) robotic sentry im making... any advice?? Please... thanks... how can i make it more stable?

daigkopaangrobot (/member/daigkopaangrobot/) says: 8 months ago


firerage808 (/member/firerage808/) says:

10 months ago


and see the (/member/firerage808/)

what would be really great is if you could make an app to wirelessly control the sentry camera veiw from any mobile device that you sync with

AJMansfield (/member/AJMansfield/) says:

1 year ago

Reply (CWVWL53H04689H8)

then some sort of marker (UV led vest? 1 (/member/AJMansfield/) between your own team and others.

What would be cool is if you then got an IR camera, so it can track body heat, and Tracking dots?) you can use to distinguish

with an IR bulb 5 (/member/martzsam/) fine.

I would think a special hat or helmet on top would do just

martzsam (/member/martzsam/) in reply to AJMansfield Reply (C9CDLPKHAQ39QXK) 1 year ago

tayyab00 (/member/tayyab00/) says:

1 year ago


Hello, I am a beginner (/member/tayyab00/) in these things, I want to know that how u have managed to pull the trigger of the gun as soon as it sense something ? is it something to change with the mechanical design or what, How have u taken that as input to the board? I will be obliged to you for the answer Thanks

tayyab00 (/member/tayyab00/) says:

1 year ago

Reply (CV37DDHH7W4SK2J)

hello, I am a beginner (/member/tayyab00/) in making these things, one thing that i want to know is how u have manged to pull the trigger automatically as soon as the target is detected ? is there any mechanical alteration that is actually doing it or what ? i will obliged if you can answer to clear me Thanks

PJPEEJ (/member/PJPEEJ/) says:

1 year ago

Reply (CTAG7W7H2WES03Z)

Do the downloaded programs work on a mac? Or should i use a pc/linux computer?


sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to PJPEEJ Reply (CXXXTXVH2WEY1TL) 1 year ago

If you use a mac or linux, you have to get the Mac or linux specific versions of 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) Processing and the libraries. Most people use a PC and all the support and tutorials are for a PC, so that is probably your best option if you have one

Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

lxu (/member/lxu/) says:

Nice work. Very interesting project. Thanks for sharing.

Reply (CL3HPG5H19RUYXX) 1 year ago by sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/)


(/member/lxu/) Download (/id/Autonomous-Paintball-Sentry-Gun/?download=pdf)


7 Steps + Collection Favorite

dilbert227 (/member/dilbert227/) says:

2 years ago



Is there anyway to reverse the direction of the of the servos through the code. thanx

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to dilbert227 Reply (CUQKMESGWPDT2NJ) 2 years ago

beginning, swap the 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) and xMax to change

Yes. In the Processing code, near the values of xMin the direction of the panning servo, and swap the values of yMin and yMax to change the direction of the tilt servo. Cheers, -Bob

dilbert227 (/member/dilbert227/) in reply to sentryGun53 Reply (CQKUGBBGWR3RA0P) 2 years ago

fastest reply ever thx.


ilpug (/member/ilpug/) says:

2 years ago


(millions of people chanting) VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO!

36 (/member/ilpug/) Seriously, amazing.

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to ilpug Reply (C83WJQZGVJCIX6Q) 2 years ago

There is a link to my youtube videos of

the sentry in the Intro section of the 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) instructable, where it says "Video if it in action here" link: http://www.youtube.com/sentrygun53 cheers

MistaStokes (/member/MistaStokes/) says:

2 years ago


Awesome. I was also thinking about if one could modify a usb missile launcher (sold at most computer stores) to do this with an airsoft gun (paintball probably has too 2 (/member/MistaStokes/) much kick). I can't build it because I know that it would lead to a real firearm being remote controlled, and no matter how awesome that sounds something bad would definitely happen!

MRedu (/member/MRedu/) says:

2 years ago


This absolutely brilliant! Maybe i'll use this to get rid of the foxes in my garden! LOL j/k. (/member/MRedu/) Seriously though i'm impressed :)

LTM-Pedro (/member/LTM-Pedro/) says:

2 years ago


Hi, I'm from spain and i'll build a turret using your tutorial, but y would like to add some extras, such as a airsoft grenade launcher remotely controled, some tactical lasers (/member/LTMPedro/) and lights and other camera controled by a servo (wich is controlled by a joystick). I would want to know if i could use a joystick to control the airsft gun using your software.

Thaks and sorry for the grammar

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to LTM-Pedro Reply (CZTJE14GSYEPMM4) 2 years ago

Sounds cool. You can easily add on

these extras to the Arduino. If you have 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) questions on how to do that, feel free to ask. Yes, you can control the turret using a joystick (plugged into the computer). It will require a few small code changes, put it has been done before. good luck, -Bob

vruiz3 (/member/vruiz3/) says:

2 years ago

Reply (CIY2894GQZJN5ER)

i dont get it...how do you run the code.i got Hex editor

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to vruiz3 Reply (CFQOC5VGR0E76C1) 2 years ago

section of the 2 (/member/sentryGun53/)

In Processing. See the Software instructable for details.

Is there a way to have the computor remotely process the video feed to find targets? (/member/increadibad12k/)

increadibad12k (/member/increadibad12k/) says: 2 years ago


sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to increadibad12k Reply (CJ2RUJ4GR0E76BV) 2 years ago

you could use a wireless camera

(usually sold as security cameras). It 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) has also been done using remotedesktop access over an internet connection, using an application such as tightVNC: http://www.tightvnc.com/

finton (/member/finton/) says:

2 years ago


"And now on Crimewatch: has 8 (/member/finton/) fluroescent pink dye?"

With permanent dye paintballs, this would be a good tool for identifying burglars! anyone recently seen a scumbag covered in

does it run on windows ce because i found a cheap small computoer thatruns cee but iam (/member/puddingsgood/) not sure

puddingsgood (/member/puddingsgood/) says: 2 years ago

Reply (C4020P5GO2NM4GU)

XBLmonster (/member/XBLmonster/) in reply to puddingsgood Reply (CFA2V8XGP7IS9SP) 2 years ago

cheap laptop (/member/XBLmonster/)

im in the same situation... i need a to run everything

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to XBLmonster Reply (CTGPM4HGP7ISA23) 2 years ago

know it can be done on Android 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) Linux. If you want a fairly cheap

I'm not sure about windows ce, but I and on computer, check out the BeagleBoard single-board computer. It doesn't come with any screen or input devices, you plug them in as needed, and that brings the cost down from a laptop or netbook.

XBLmonster (/member/XBLmonster/) in reply to sentryGun53 Reply (CGBDLAFGP7IF1RY) 2 years ago

shield but it says (/member/XBLmonster/)

BTW I'm kind of die-ing to get a sentry you are out of stock.... and thats really the only way I can do the project since I'm new to all of this. When will you get more? And if you made that kit I bet you would get many buyers.

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to XBLmonster Reply (CTU5WGEGPLJ0WAX) 2 years ago

order one now, then I will ship 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) soon as they get here. Cheers, -Bob

July 13th they'll be in stock. If you it as

puddingsgood (/member/puddingsgood/) in reply to sentryGun53 Reply (CQ5A5ANGPAS1SP6) 2 years ago

inches long and (/member/puddingsgood/)

Ya I found a 90$ computer it is about 7 they have one in android and windows ce

XBLmonster (/member/XBLmonster/) in reply to sentryGun53 Reply (CZ53M9GGP7ISAFL) 2 years ago

youre saying i can do it on my android phone perhaps? (/member/XBLmonster/)

sentryGun53 (/member/sentryGun53/) (author) in reply to XBLmonster Reply (C3AK2EVGPLJ0WB1) 2 years ago

It has been done before. You need

alternate versions of some of the 2 (/member/sentryGun53/) libraries, and of Processing, but those are pretty easy to get and set up.

puddingsgood (/member/puddingsgood/) in reply to XBLmonster Reply (CV7QO54GPAS1SQ3) 2 years ago

kind of it runs (/member/puddingsgood/)

No it is a computer ordeals extrem but windows ce

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