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All around we hear people chanting, singing, SHOUTING: "We want Mashiach NOW!" But just as it was 2, !ears ago, there is STI"" a cost to #O""O$ the %&A" 'ING o( the )&$S* There is alwa!s a +OST (or the T%UTH* The %eal ,ASHIA+H co-es with a Tsla./A Tree/A +ross (or !ou and I to carr! (or our generation* Be(ore we can %&IGN with HI, and 0eco-e 1T%&&S planted 0! the %i.ers o( $ater,1 we -ust (irst carr! one spirituall!* TH&%& IS NO %&IGN $ITHOUT 2AIN* That is e3actl! wh! the )ewish nation ha.e su((ered so -uch throughout histor!4 it is 0ecause the! are 5&STIN&5 0! GO5 to %&IGN with HI, 0ut !et at the sa-e ti-e the! are destined to ser.e all the other nations as ,A,"&+H&T +OHANI, /a 'ingdo- o( 2riests* And !et toda! indi.iduall! there is STI"" a cup o( su((ering to 5%IN' up and an I--ersion o( %ejection to endure in order to (ollow the %&A" "I6ING 'ING ,&SSIAH/ ,&"&+H HA,ASHIA+H 7&SHUA and then 0egin to %&IGN in 8 through HI, and e.entuall! $ITH HI, when He steps (oot on the earth again as according to the )ewish 2rophet 9echariah in 9echariah :;* What shall I render unto YHVH for all His benefits toward me? I will Ta e !" the #u$ of Yeshua%&al'ation( and call u$on the Name of YHVH! I will $a) m) 'ows to YHVH now in the $resence of *++ His "eo$le!" Tehilim%"salm ,,-.,2/,0 $e are A"" called to do this* TA'& U2 TH& +U2 O# 7&SHUA* In doing this we (ind %&5&,2TION/G&U"AH* %&SU%%&+TION #%O, OU% 5&A5 $O%'S* Nothin1 of true worth is e'er 2*&Y! $e ha.e to (ight (or T%UTH, (ight (or our Hea.en<gi.en right to =now the One true God and to ser.e and to 2raise HI, with understanding and BO"5N&SS in S2I%IT 8 in T%UTH* $e were 0orn to =now HI, and to parta=e o( the T%&& o( "I#&/ &t> +hai- and NOT o( the Tree o( 'nowledge o( Good and Bad which -ost religions eat out o(* 'nowledge in and o( itsel( is Good 0ut what we need ,OST"7 and 5&S2&%AT&"7 is a God<Gi.en %&6&"ATION o( 7H6H*

of Israel shall come( the) and the children of 7udah TO52TH239 with continual wee$in1 the) shall come( and see YHVH their 5od6 The) shall as the W*Y to :ION( with their faces toward it( sa)in1( ;#ome and let 7OIN oursel'es to YHVH in a $er$etual <rit%#o'enant that will NOT be for1otten6; "M) "eo$le ha'e been lost shee$6 Their she$herds ha'e led them *&T3*Y9 the) ha'e turned them awa) on the Mountains6 The) ha'e 1one from Mountain to hill9 the) ha'e for1otten their 3estin1 "lace6 *ll who found them ha'e de'oured them9 and their ad'ersaries said( ;We ha'e NOT offended( <2#*!&2 the) ha'e &INN24 a1ainst YHVH( the Habitation of 7ustice%3i1hteousness%Tsede ( YHVH( the HO"2 of their fathers6;" 7eremiah =>.0/? #or 1$ill a -an -a=e gods (or hi-sel( which are NOT gods@ 6erse 2 o( )ere-iah :A* 5on?t !ou =now that our wrong understanding o( Scripture and our wrong interpretation thereo( which we proudl! hold on to can so-eti-es and do 0eco-e our gods, our (alse idols that we li(t up e.en o.er the One True God* I( we e3alt our learned lies a0o.e HIS T%UTH and re(use to ta=e or accept God?s $O%5 at its 6alue and i( we aren?t willing to let go o( (alsehood and %&2&NT (or ha.ing 0elie.ed "I&S, and spea=ing and teaching the- also to others all these !ears and centuries, then we are worshiping (alse gods and (alse idols, ideologies and torahs o( -en* $e -ust not thin= as -en thin= 0ut we -ust learn to thin= as God thin=s* In order to 0e -ind(ul o( His 'ING5O, and align oursel.es with His thoughts and $a!sB $e -ust 0eco-e Hu-0le and ,ee= and "earn o( His $a!s, o( His Truth and o( His "i(e gi.en unto us as our $A7 into 5&STIN7 with 7H6H*

their &N5D TH&7 2&%ISH* We li'e in times where some ha'e a Torah/less Messiah( and others ha'e a Messiah/less Torah6 Neither of these $aths are 5od;s <lue$rint6 We are called to wal in Torah b) the 3uach( Yeshua came so that we could ha'e #ha)ei Olam( eternal life and be filled with the 3uach Ha@odesh6

A #or 'nowledge, e.en =nowledge o( God, 2U##S U2 0ut %&6&"ATION O# 7H6H A"$A7S HU,B"&S* There are lots o( good =nowledge out there 0ut also lots o( 0ad =nowledge that corrupts the Good in all the religions o( -en, including +hristianit! and -odern da! )udais-* But 0e -ind(ul that our traditions, our 2ride, e.en our (a-ilies and lo.ed ones and certainl! the ene-! o( our soul, Hasatan hi-sel(, will NOT let us go so easil!* There(ore we -ust spirituall! #IGHT putting on the Ar-or o( God and 0elie.e with co-plete 8 ST%ONG #AITH that 7H6H will lead us us into A"" T%UTH in these last da!s i( we see= HI, and T%U"7 want the 'nowledge o( ,ASHIA+H NO$ 0ecause there is a spiritual 0attle (or our #AITH in this generation li=e ne.er 0e(ore4 Cas these are trul! the last da!s, the Generation that will see the +o-ing o( ,ASHIA+H, C(alse and the True OneD that ON"7 TH& ST%ONG IN #AITH $I"" &,&%G& 6I+TO%IOUS"7* Y2&H!* said "When the &on of Man comes( shall He find B*ITH in the earth?" That is a %&"&6ANT Euestion (or our ti-e NO$, TO5A7, to ponder on and hope(ull! act on* 7es, (or #aith acts* #aith without wor=s or actions is dead, powerless, religious (aith* And in order to $IN, we ,UST STAN5 ST%ONG in #aith* Not with our own strength will we stand 0ut with Al-ight! God?s Strength which He generousl! i-parts unto all those who co--it their hearts to radicall! #ollow hard a(ter HI, and to ser.e ON"7 Hi- in Truth* "+et Your Hand be u$on the Man of Your ri1ht Hand( u$on the &on of Man whom You ha'e made &T3ON5 for Yourself! Then we will NOT turn bac from You9 3e'i'e us and we will call u$on Your Name! 3estore us( YHVH 2lohim Tse'aot%5od of *rmies9 #ause Your Bace to shine( and we shall be sa'ed!" Tehilim%"salms C>.,?/,8 It ta=es great HU,I"IT7 and ,&&'N&SS and +OU%AG& to ac=nowledge our shortco-ings, our sin Cour -issing o( God?s -ar=D, and to ac=nowledge that we ha.e inherited lies all these !ears and there(ore N&&5 to repent and turn (ro- our unB&"I&# caused 0! 0elie.ed lies* "ro'erbs ,-.2= "There is

= It TA'&S G%&AT +OU%AG& (or one to do so and to step outside o( the ca-p, in regards to learned thoughts and understanding o( $ho 7H6H was to +O,& to =now $HO H& IS in truthB I can assure !ou that Hashe- will gi.e the +OU%AG& and $IS5O, needed to those who as= (or it and will NOT withhold an! good thing (ro- the-* But un(ortunatel! -an! o( us are +O$A%5S and we lac= the 0ac=0one to swi- upstrea- against the (low and STAN5 (or what we =now deep inside to 0e T%U&* &.en though we =now we ha.e terri0l! erred, -an! would rather choose to "I6& IN &%%O% AN5 #A"S&HOO5 than to (ace the (act that the!?.e 0een -isled and wrong (or so long a ti-e a0out certain Truths o( 7H6H* 2lease note that the wic=ed or ungodl! -entioned here are NOT necessaril! non<religious, Atheists and secular people, No, not at all* 7ou can encounter these in all the religions out there who clai- to =now and (ollow a(ter a god* Notice the! ha.e a counsel, the! ha.e a place to sit and -eet, the! ha.e a 2ath /a 5erech, Halacha, a $a!, a (or- o( religion that it?s NOT necessaril! o( God?s Blueprint, the written TO%AH/"A$ nor the +ounsel o( 7H6H do the! (ollow, and the! do ha.e so-e =ind o( order, a (or- o( godliness 0ut the! are deepl! in error and den!ing the 2ower thereo(B The! ha.e also 0uilt their own towel o( Ba0el and houses o( pra!er and places o( worship 0! which the! intend on their own strength and dead wor=s to reach Hea.en, 0ut the! will NOT succeed 0ut are 0ut cha(( which the $ind 0lows awa!, Cand please note

4 O +O34( m) &tren1th and m) fortress( m) 3efu1e in the 4a) of affliction( Nations%5o)im shall come to You from the ends of the earth and sa)( "&urel) our fathers ha'e inherited +I2&( worthlessness and un$rofitable thin1s6" 7eremiah ,-.,8 And that certainl! includes the ?GO7 'adosh?/ the ?Hol! Nation? o( Israel and all the )ews scattered throughout the nations o( toda! (ro- the ends o( the earth who ha.e inherited -an! "I&S, especiall! lies a0out our "I6ING %&IGNING ,ASHIA+H* "In those da)s and in that time(" sa)s YHVH( "the children

a wa) that seems ri1ht unto a man( but the end thereof DareE the wa)s of death6" -i "The heart is deceitful abo'e all thin1s( and des$eratel) wic ed9 who can now it? I( YHVH( search the heart( I test the mind( e'en to 1i'e e'er) man accordin1 to his wa)s( accordin1 to the fruit of his doin1s6" 7eremiah ,?.,> "3!*#H *4ON*I YHVH *+*I%The <reath%&$irit of *donai YHVH is u$on Me( <ecause the *NOINTIN5 of YHVH is with Me or YHVH has *nointed Me% Y**N M*&H*#H YHVH OTI9 to brin1 5ood News to the $oor( He has sent Me to heal the bro enhearted( to "roclaim +ibert) to the #a$ti'es( and the O$enin1 of the "rison to those who are bound9 to "roclaim the *cce$table Year of YHVH( and the 4a) of Ven1eance of our 5od9 to #omfort all who mourn( to console those who mourn in :ion( to 1i'e them <eaut) for *shes( the Oil of 7OY for mournin1( the 5arment of "raise for the s$irit of hea'iness9 that TH2Y M*Y <2 #*++24 T322& OB 3I5HT2O!&N2&&( the "lantin1 of YHVH( that He ma) be 5+O3IBI24!" Yesha)ahu%Isaiah -,.,/A $e 5O NOT get to 0e T%&&S O# %IGHT&OUSN&SS without &,B%A+ING the T%&&/Tsla./+ross o( ,ASHIA+H B&N 7OS&# B&N 5A6I54 the $A7, the T%UTH, and the "I#& o( 7&SHUA HA,ASHIA+H 7H6H* There are NO SHO%T +UTS to and NO SUBSTITUTION (or ,ASHIA+H 7&SHUA* S&&' HI, $ITH A"" 7OU% H&A%T AN5 7H6H $I"" %&6&A" HI,** "Those who &OW in tears shall 32*" in 7OY6 He who continuall) 1oes forth wee$in1( bearin1 seed for sowin1( shall doubtless come a1ain with 327OI#IN5( brin1in1 his shea'es with him!; Tehilim%"salm ,2-.=/"Our soul waits for YHVH9 He is our Hel$ and &hield6 Bor our heart shall 327OI#2 in HIM( because we ha'e trusted in His Hol) Name6 +et Your Merc)( YHVH( be u$on us( Fust as we ho$e in YO!!" Tehilim%"salm AA. 2>/22 "Bor He Gthe T3!2 M*&HI*#HH is comin1( for He is comin1 to 7!452 the earth! He shall 7!452 the WO3+4 with 3I5HT2O!&N2&& and the $eo$les with His T3!TH!" Tehilim%"salm 8-.,A "How lon1( )ou sim$le ones( will )ou lo'e sim$licit)? Bor scorners deli1ht in their scornin1( and fools hate nowled1e6 Turn at m) rebu e9 surel) I WI++ "O!3 out M)

&$irit%3!*#H on )ou9 I will ma e M) Words nown to )ou6" Mishle)%"ro'erbs 2.22/2A

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666Bindin1 The Mashiach of Israel66

2'er)one seems to be eIcited about Mashiach in one wa)( form or another( 7ew and #hristian ali e and e'en the Muslim is ea1erl) waitin1 for the ,2th Imam or Mahdi! It;s 5OO4 and awesome to want Mashiach 3I5HT NOW J to desire the 5eulah%3edem$tion that He brin1s alon1 with Him ri1ht this instant( but honestl)( let;s as oursel'es. Fust how badl) do we reall) want HIM? Or better )et how badl) do we want to now the Truth about HIM?