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A New Birth

Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 13th of January 2012.

.."A camel loaded with coal baskets passed through the sieve". How? Flour hardly passes through a sieve. It says "even a camel, although loaded with coal, passed through the sieve". Allah Allah..Meaning, there are things no one can think of, can hope for in this world - things that happen to people. He is making us get accustomed to the life, and then man is becoming accustomed to the eternal life of akhirat, in here. We don't have the news of what was before this life. When we came here, that news has stopped. To receive these news again, prophets came. When the prophets came, only then man knew about life & death. He realized the worth of life because death breathes down his neck. Death is teaching people the life, it is teaching the value of life. There is death in dunya but there is no death in hereafter-akhirat. There is death in dunya, but there is no death in akhirat. Death is written only in dunya. Beyond this, there is no death. Mawlana (Rumi) says "There is dying here & there is rebirth in hereafter - comes rebirth, a new world arises. Nothing remains unchanged, as they are - always new ones come &outreach that one. New one comes & outreaches that one... Everyday is a reborn-rebirth. Allahu Akbar! Man here awaits his death everyday. There, he awaits a rebirth - transition to a new world. He doesn't emerge out like a newborn baby, here. He emerges out with power, powerful. Allahu Akbarul Akbar! Fatiha. How is this? It is an important point. People are not aware of it. What is it that they all await here, in dunya? They all await their death! There he awaits a newbirth, a new tajalli-manifestation everday - new joys, new pleasures, new paradises... Allahu Akbarul Akbar! Allahu Akbarul Akbar! O foolish people, for what do you work here? Your death runs after you. All of them wait for their death. Why don't you look for a newbirth, rising up to a new world everyday in akhirat? Allahu Akbarul Akbar! Allahu Akbarul Akbar! O our Lord, may You forgive us. Fatiha. Everyday we are getting decrepit, getting wrinkled here. We are changing, getting older. There, they are rising up with a new manifestation in every new day. Masha Allah! Masha Allah, Masha Allah. Whoever looks for (here) is from here & whoever looks for (there) is from there. Does not need neither Bashkortostan nor Ural (Federal District), or Kazan - capital of Tatarstan. This is the heedlessness of people. Prophets -peace be upon them, came to awake people from this ghaflat-heedlessness. They were sent to declare: "I have an invitation for My servants. It is My invitation. They may ask for Me, not for dunya! They may ask for Me! Allahu Akbar! Tawba Astaghfirullah. Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. Allahu Akbar. Fatiha. Aman ya Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi.


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Iran will hit US. US will hit Iran. Turks will hit Kurds. Kurds will hit Turks. Sham... they will fight among themselves. Egypt will fight among themselves. For what? For what Turks hit Kurds, Americans hit Russians, China...Look, the president of (North) Korea is just gone.. They put him in a glass coffin, cried & mourned in front of him. Why? What is this? Is this the purpose of this life? Here we are awaiting death. There we are awaiting rebirth. Allahu Akbarul Akbar! Fatiha. This is enough, enough. Mawlana (Rumi) Hz also stated like this; man awaits death in dunya & rebirth in akhirat. He awaits rising up to a new world with a new manifestation. Allahu Akbar. Ilal abad, abadil abad -he goes on for forever, never gets fed up. With the manifestation of the new life, one never gets tired, or fed up. There is no fedding up! No boredom. The next day, a new world rises up.. The next day, another one.. And, they add to one another. He does not lose the first manifestation when the second one comes. Allahu Akbarul Akbar. You are Subhan, Sultan, Qadir al Mutlaq- the Absolute All Powerful! Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. (dua for food) O our Lord, may You accept us, may You accept us. May You forgive us, forgive us O our Lord. For the honour of Your Beloved (sas). Fatiha. Is this one from the government? How are you, o government? Is it raining there? (joking) "Certainly the home of the afterlife that is the Life"- "Wa 'Inna Ad-Dara Al-'Akhirata Lahiya AlHayawanu" (29:64). What does this mean -"hayawan-animal"? We (Turks)don't know, there is also something called hayawan,astonishing! (Hayawan can mean both animal and life) We should ask Arab scholars about this. When it is said "hayawan", our understanding from it is donkeys, etc..hasha! How do Arabs understand this? Who should we ask to? We may ask the Azhar Shaykh. What is it that He refers to as "hayawan"? Why don't you explain, saying "it is such & such"? Hayawan... "Allama Al-'Insana Ma Lam Ya`lam" (96:5) "Has taught man that which he knew not" Such a blessing, to be thankful for.. Here, you eat two spoons of food & get full. And for that you run. "Nurun `Ala Nur - Light Upon Light!" (24:35). And, this one doesn't know any other verse to recite in the prayer (joke). "Allah is the Light of the heavens & the earth. The parable of His Light is as (if there were) a niche & within it a lamp, the lamp is in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east nor of the west" (24:35). Allahu Akbar! So deep, how can you get out of this? Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbarul Akbar. Allah Allah.. Allah Allah.. Allah Allah.. The beauty, the appearances, the flying of angels cannot be described, nor characterized. "Neither of the east nor of the west" (24:35). "Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light whom He wills" (24:35). "Wa Allahu Dhu Fadlin `Azimin -And Allah is the Owner of Great Bounty" (3:174). Is it not so? S.N. You know better. M. "Dhu Fadlin `Azimin - Owner of Great Bounty". Allah... Allah is not in need of anything! Hasha! Hasha! There is no end or limit to His Dominions. This is with the barakat of Shaykh Ali. He understands. Anyway, may Allah who feeds us, grant us health & power of faith-iman. May He send to this mankind, to all of us, from His servants who will show


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us His ways. May our life be the "sweet life". Fatiha. How many times we said Fatiha? It has been 7 times? Enough, you are dismissed! (joke). Video Link: http://www.saltanat.org/Blog/tabid/271/PostID/550/Yeniden-Do-u-A-New-Birthtr.aspx


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