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Farhan Raza (1276991)



240200 SE Affective Globalization: On the Politics and Economies of Emotions in the Global era

Globalization and Religious Nationalism: Self, Identity and the Search for Ontological Security: War of Emotions. Nationalism and Religion or Identity Signifierto rally people for Ontological Security and Stability, minimizing Stress. Globalized world is destitute of certainity and of knowing what tomorrow holds and challenges the definations of who we are and where we come from.. Globalizaion a growing and ongoing Threat to Self, Identity, Culture and Ethnic Diversity..stimulating feelings of Fear, Anxiety and Isolation.

Globalizationnot a new Phenomenon, involved changes in terms of scale, speed and cognition ( Kinvall, 2002 ). A destroyer to Language, Culture, Heritage and Sovereignty with reference to Cultural Imperialism. A Creater of incentives for resolution and prevention of conflicts by integration.

Religious Nationalism:
Nationalism.a reference to the feelings of attachment and pride that a nation has in itself ( Kacowicz, 1998 ). Religion and Nationalism engender growth of new local identities in response to destabilizing effects of globalization. Construction of Self and Other, a way to define Superior ( inside home or religion or nation) and Inferior ( outsider or familiar Stranger or Enemy ).

Emotions and Self, Other, Nation, Religion and the Globalized world:
Aftermath of 9/11 accelerate feelings of insecurity, loss, trauma, rootlessness and homelessness with reference to forced or self-migration. State as Welfare provider underminded through neoliberal policies, creating a vacuuum of authority, uncertainity, inequality and disintegration. Analyzing security as a Thick Signifier explains our relations to nature, to other humans and to the Self on our structural basis of power. Individual and collective identities.and in the recognition of the Other as like. (Norton, 1988, p. 7) *Horrendous activities during the disintegration of British India in 1947 into the creation of India and Pakistan.

Choosen Traumas bring the feelings of loss, humiliation, regression, vengeance, hatred and refusal while in opposition to this the Choosen Glories arouse the emotions of home, integrity, contnuity, success and conquest. Ancient hatred to give a reinterpretation of history and archeological sites into stereotyping, negative imaging, denying creativity and sacredness i.e. the historical landscape of Eretz Yisrael, Israel-Palestine conflict and Babri Mosque, Ayodhia, India. The recent tendency to link Islam to terrorism and Judism as root of all evils in Nazi Germany before the World War-II, a good example of how different groups become homogenized in religious and racist terms. Instutionalization of minorities and women as Other, Inferior, Poweless and Weak and also those males who cannot Protect their women in times of war or conflict. Globalizaion is anti-thesis of nationalism, generates right wing radicalism or religious fundamentalism to certain aspects of growing immigration and restructuring of traditional economy ( Sassen, 1998 ).