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Save World Step 1 - Know 911 Truth and Viral Dont be afraid there is a simple way out but

ut we need amassed oherent fo us Sanity in the !a"in# $ %orn a#ain $ Without the need of dyin# &efusin# to believe what is not widely publi i'ed is what has brou#ht us here to the ed#e of (T (nd Time These Truths the brin" of S(T $ Satani (nd Time

Ignorance our albatross Truth our Ammo their Alamo

Truth vanishes before an opportunity to "now it Video )one http*++video,#oo#le, om+videoplay-do id./110//121/3/92923945 Video &epla ed http*++www,youtube, om+wat h-v.s67f#mu83ns
In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists". hrou!h meticulous research, he has uncovered a military" intelli!ence ploy behind the #eptember 11 attacks, and the cover"up and complicity o$ key members o$ the %ush Administration. Accordin! to Chossudovsky, the "war on terrorism" is a complete $abrication based on the illusion that one man, &sama bin 'aden, outwitted the ()* billion"a"year American intelli!ence apparatus. he "war on terrorism" is a war o$ con+uest. ,lobalisation is the $inal march to the "-ew .orld &rder", dominated by .all #treet and the /.#. military"industrial comple0. #eptember 11, 1**1 provides a 2usti$ication $or wa!in! a war without borders. .ashin!ton3s a!enda consists in e0tendin! the $rontiers o$ the American 4mpire to $acilitate complete /.#. corporate control, while installin! within America the institutions o$ the 5omeland #ecurity #tate.

http*++www,youtube, om+wat h-v.bvay21l9i:; Truth Kills

http*++www,youtube, om+wat h-v.yow<=2n#:l3 The whole truth about the 7ra< war
he .ar on Ira+, $ilmmaker 6obert ,reenwald chronicles the %ush Administration3s determined +uest to invade Ira+ $ollowin! the events o$ #eptember 11, 1**1. he $ilm deconstructs the administration3s case $or war throu!h interviews with /.# intelli!ence and de$ense o$$icials, $orei!n service e0perts, and /.-. weapons inspectors "" includin! a $ormer CIA director, a $ormer ambassador to #audi Arabia and even 7resident %ush3s #ecretary o$ the Army. heir analyses and conclusions are soberin!, and o$ten disturbin!, re!ardless o$ one3s political a$$iliations.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0x sb!b"#$ A%ter overcoming the willing suspension o% &isbelie% 'igh (an)ing #! *a+or ,eneral $xposes !eptember -http*++www,youtube, om+wat h-v.>1?;:a@-AlB C7B Whistleblower Susan ?indauer (=6AS(S (verythin#D E(Ftreme 6reGudi eE
The eviden e is insurmountable overwhelmin# most ompellin# but for now the pre edin# enou#h for Save World Step 1

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