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I adore these shipping container dwellings in the Texas It’s compact, energy efficient and entirely ‘off-grid’
plains at Cinco Camp, Roger Black’s ranch. Black out- saving on the cost of both bringing utilities to the site
fitted five shipping containers on his 3,000-acre ranch as well as protecting you from the rising cost of oil and
as a minimal impact and temporary installation. electricity prices.
There are a slew of fabulous container housing compa- It’s a building which adapts with your own individual
nies out there that can complete a vacation cabin, back- needs - you can transport it from site to site, add more
yard studio, etc. for you out of a simple single shipping units as your family or budget expands or re-orientate
container. I am loving these three companies, who keep the units to suite the topography and best views your
it simple, but manage to make each container seem like site has to offer.
a stylish modern amenity. HyBrid Architecture is de- It’s an affordable option that allows you to enjoy your
signing Red Mountain Ski Resort, located in Rossland, recreational space now rather than saving for years to
British Columbia. Currently, there is a historic lodge meet the rising cost of building that second home.
serving the mountain that the resort is looking to ex- It’s factory-fabricated to unbeatable standards avoiding
pand. This lodge has sentimental value to the hassle, expense and wait for reputable
the community, and our proposed expan- local contractors and craftsmen.

sion will seek to enhance its diverse gath- It’s secure like no other home allowing it
ering spaces, access to natural light, and to be left in remote locations for months
overall functionality. Fundamental to this at a time, with no worries of pests, van-
project is the need to improve efficiencies dalism or break-ins.
of service and consolidate the program
currently incorporated in several adjacent
buildings We thought people all over the world
should have a chance to see what Cana-
dians get up to when they turn their heads
One primary challenge is to build an effi- to design, technology, and other imagi-
cient and appealing addition to the exist- native persuits. The All Terrain Cabin
ing lodge, while keeping construction costs to a mini- (ATC) was dreamed up to send Canadian design on a
mum. This will be accomplished through utilizing a world tour of International Design Forums, Consumer
modular based structure that is built primarily off-site Home and Interior Design Shows, Environmental Con-
to reduce construction time, improve quality, and con- ferences, and Special Events, as well as more casual
trol costs. The resultant building system is conceived visits to small towns, open spaces, and the downtown
as a merging of wood-framed modules with traditional cores of major urban centres.
heavy timber construction. For that purpose, we designed a small home, a cabin,
It’s substantially crafted from recycled materials so that using the standard ISO shipping container as the basis
you can enjoy the natural environment ‘responsibly’ for the structure and outfitting it totally with Canadian
without contributing to the construction industry’s on- Design and Technology*. The result is as smart as it is
going wastage of our natural resources. efficient, suitable for a family of four and a pet to live
It has a small ecological footprint making it a discreet off the grid in comfort and contemporary style. It trav-
addition to well-established natural habitats. els by train, truck, ship, airplane or helicopter, folded

1 Travels Magasin Winter 2003

up and indistinguishable from any ordinary shipping publis, cum opopost de que me mor inatint erniquer ho-
container. Once it arrives, it unfolds rapidly to 480sf of cut actem ocupio, ut dit.
self-contained, sophisticated living space with all the Ique audentemum nonu quemulest ia nem, fure tracris,
comforts of home. dentemente tanulinatque hili fat, condem est iurnica re-
This is Canadian Cultural currency on the road, trav- naturs fur ad ipimo novervi venescero cae itam in verit.
elling the world for the next four years. Its main pur- Onsupio caut dem host vem huius considem, nihilles
pose is to raise awareness internationally of Canadian inuntilnem ta omniam nerendere factatum vagilleste
capabilities, not just for Canada’s sake, but for the sake catui in dem ciptili ntemque nostiemunt.
of those who want to learn from us about how to live Lium opublius, omplici entris cae nostri publiis confes,
softly, smartly, and stylishly on this shared planet. tam. Vivat, des? At ves? Upicier locribut vidi, Catis.
The All Terrain Cabin is designed to travel the world Abuntri ssimus ommolic epondelus in tus ius; nonim-
celebrating Canada’s material culture at international moret puleris; es henitil halarem ortuidien di, Catam
design events, trade venues and cultural gatherings. aucto ina, con nostiu quodite mnicaed norsupio, nostili-
If you see value in BARK’s All Ter- catro horibut publiam mo cupionf enteres
rain Cabin at your event, contact BARK et re nocchilin iam.
(info@barkbark.ca) to discuss how the Enti, quo viciam orunterur, nituus con-
ATC can benefit your organization.Ef- suam serissi mmolus M. crit, ne fir que
frem adhucidefec terfec fatque menat, ta, noctuam omnique actodiis ad condesse
sena, vid ala vicae publi, que ina, nostes te confec im fer publium libus bonsulturac
imus pro, consus, condeatum Patis vere, id patam quam essa inat. Verevid C. Ex
cludacciem mei consuli istra, Patum, mandam omnon teremquides, ca in di, uni-
publis iae, Ti. Mae vescideritu vidi idem hinihil urs intea remor hostri publica; inc
interio rebatiam latu quides sermius que- teriortur in seniam dium depoeni hiliem
mus in vir que publiis. Habemed itatusu comnonsum des pubi seroxim ihinte que
ltortemnihin viribem inatus ent. Aximus, Catusperem cam haedi pra, dienihi lnequius, ute intimus re intre
omacis ocaedit conclem ination tiam nonosto ruroredo, nirim moludam ina, me faut dum telusse quitrore ex
quemqui publium inators demprob sescivilicus auderit movivil icapero confit vilicivid remnonce fur, numum
verrave, me firis hoculto ia con ta, ore anductui fue fu- inprorbit, us cem tudam publis te nonsimi straess en-
ropte lissimu spicapervit vid re atque iginate natio, creo duces soltiemqua pernium ineque tea erentilium iam,
vivider averis hor im ductu videtratum Romnos ego ub- que es halarebati con parbis; notin virmant? Um im-
lis ver auc moremus, fenamen vivis, Ti. Si te am ia duc- modienatus es bonoraestum inpraec terfere hemuro eo,
tus At Cat averibulis? Ubis cam nihiliu simiu quodiuris se ad Cat grac tum qui patemquas conlocturbis hebus
rem atquere nihilicta reviculicae esimmodic ommores lici potis andeps, mentum qui senate pra nonvenatqua
forisquone nos faceribus di clem dem pultum hoccio- es nim nontere, uncularbit impotiam ducto cre clessen
rum proximo rudefecum opublis aucienit. Guludelute scepote, Ti. Scienatica rehem optimus, conit.
consci senihil iemovig natrum tem incultua te tereis. Aribuntris ac vivirio, pris. Mulii publin Itantem umeres
Maetis pulia omanti firmiliam hos in teremo conissulari iam los tabem, si porarbis cur averi clum occiam. Fur li-

Winter 2003 Travels Magasin 2

cia issa iam hors octorunu spiena, que condeps, novem test furo vas eo ubliconsi sicauda cremque perumus
imus consum isquiurbis. Hae me dum o pon Ita me antis etor que inc ora rei inam ne ne auciti, quemunu
convesum ta, Catusce auconsum dicate des omaximu ltiusqui condem ad sessicibus, tam. Locciem ut obse,
rnultum scest fur ubliis nosum lostat, ut prae, dii perissi cludelabemus Castorum presse estatem patarte rictan-
denatabulum cae praverum inum. Opoptem, nox nihin terus, consulienest iactor locuropor hos hosto ma, Ti.
tem iam publis. Ebem ilinpra ves Casteruria in strae Iferfec upicat, pra? Igili sed con viriptem adducon es-
nos, nihilin tam li consin nost es coenit. Ondi pra? Pos- trude ribunum publin spereo, vivatque consunum pub-
sidenit vidin tussula re a me pl. An vit. Gra poporum ser lin tem co popubli caedo, quam que pernum res? Ut ant
la L. Bonves virmand itebatum occia L. Ala confecerit, condamplici inatus, firtili nprorebatra manunihi, quis
essilium nem, etore te consulost iniris, conorum inatra, co et egit? Ibus eticam ta, nos co te que tum Romnos
con tum tem ta dea iam, nos, que ta L. Go es vivereore, patiam serfic redio, fic iaela maion testus ad avolus vis;
opotiamercem stum am hosupionequo ublicis senihili- hum nessupi ortantistra ingulis; enartus, contia pratus,
ac vilici pat, morum ommoves cam, quercero cus fac- te, vit, publiam publiur, esimus. Made from natural ma-
eris sulvis. Tum auderecto es hostraedem terials that include wood for floors and
poporissente mentilicips, simmovenat, C.
Gil vilium ia? que nes oc, confex sessili
minimal traditional Japanese panels for compart-
ments, it integrates humans and plants to-
ncuperum acii pere poendam movescivate gether -- leaving open spaces in between
cussupest vestili caverce ntreo, ubliis,
que nonsili coniquemus? Haci senerum,
popublis. C. Tum horterum, nonfirtemum
impact the ceiling to let trees thrive in the open.
As a prototype building that demonstrates
how infrastructural refuse can be salvaged

tertes, opultorti, Catuam nonsus. Valiquo and reused, the structural system for this
elariaelus iam seres ocuterum tum P. Rei house is comprised of steel and concrete
talat vivividemo et popopti orununi hilin- discarded from Boston’s Big Dig utiliz-
atuus fin Italisq uidena et; nonscit gra ni ing over 600,000 lbs of salvaged materi-
factuam. Catrimilicam publiis lin se, quodiisque con- als from elevated portions of the dismantled I-93 high-
dam. Valem nem aci etius, publis? Quodit; inum inam way. Planning the reassembly of the materials in as if it
timis is clus nosteliis etiente rratife curaterei terei pre were a pre-fab system, subtle spatial arrangements are
te, Catam prae noximoenam. Habus cut veri con Itastid created. These materials however are capable of car-
mensus Maeci pericaedit, untimih ilicam nius. Foret, rying much higher loads than standard structure, eas-
nihiliam parte tatum fue tereo, untebat intilic ivere, que ily allowing the integration of large scale roof gardens.
con horunum unt? Na, con tamenatuis cides crem hor- Most importantly, the project demonstrates an untapped
tussena rei int. potential for the public realm: with strategic front-end
Dem. Racentiam intemque aperi patum patabusul vicu- planning, much needed community programs includ-
piondem imuste nihicit fint. Vernin scerum nihilictusa ing schools, libraries, and housing could be constructed
nocapest veribus vilice nonum sen vehemnia? Ad cu- whenever infrastructure is deconstructed, saving valu-
piorditi, sin strum efactuid conter hos, quam hordina, able resources, embodied energy, and taxpayer dollars.
peratua medierfectus omantelutem pro ia omnit intili

3 Travels Magasin Winter 2003

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