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1.STRUCTURE RCC Framed structure in proposal only Outer 9Thick wall all partitions 4.5wall Basement height !" #rom the natural ground le$el 2.PARAPET WALLS %arapet wall !" height #rom the Roo# sla& with 4'() thick wall with 9 Brick pillars at *!" e+ual inter$als. 3. PLASTERING %lastering with cm ',4 in walls with '5mm thick and plastering with cm', in ceiling wit '"mm thick. 4. PAINTING Total inner plinth area smooth #inish with -mulsion ./01/2 TR/CTOR -34501O26 Outer walls7 two coat o# /ce o$er one coat o# cem 8oor two coat o# enamel paint o$er primer coat ./01/2 %/12T06

5. JOINERY DETAILS 3ain 8oor Teak 9ood Frame with Teak 8oor .or6 e+ui$alent #ancy door. Teak wood Frames and shutters will &e pro$ided in all windows. 8oor will &e pro$ided with #lush door. :entilators grilled with lou$ers Bathroom door is pro$ided as synta; door .3ultipanel6

6. NECESSARY FITTINGS FOR JOINERIES /ldrop7 Tower &olt and handle < /luminum #ittings =inges and hooks < o;idi>ed 1ron #ittings. %ad lock < ?othi Brand < Rs. )5"(@ #or each. 3ain door lock < AodreB Brad Rs. ''""(@

7.PLUMBING: Taps C mi;ture #itting <2ick 101 &randed 0anitation #itting < %arry ware .white6.

. ELECTRICAL: 0witches < CO5OR0 101 Branded Ca&les < ORB1T 101 Branded

ROOMS ! HALL '. 0mooth #inished plastering ). :itri#ied tiles with re+uired colors )4; )4 D 45(s+.#t .1nclusi$e o# laying6 . 9hite washing and color washing to walls and paint wash #or grills doors 4. 1# re+uired one Eadappa 0how Case o# si>e 4!" ; F! . DINNING '. 9ell and smooth #inished plastering ). Flooring same as =all . One =and wash &asin with tap.

BED ROOM '. One Eadappa sla& cu& &oard o# si>e .4!;F!6 with one lo#t o# width '!9 D shorter span. "ITCHEN '. ). . 4. Eitchen sla& %ro$ided with ?et Black Aranite top One stainless steel 0ink with necessary tap and drain out connection One tap connection to sink. One Eadappa cu& &oard pro$ided with sla&

5. The gla>ed tiles o# 4!" height #or the length o# kitchen plat#orm G. 5o#t sla& #or re+uired length7 '* wide

BATH ROOMS AND TOILET '. One tap connection ). Two in one mi;er $al$e will &e pro$ided with shower and #itting . Flooring ceramic tiles pro$ided and wall tiles #or gla>ing tiles pro$ided up to F! =eight. .Rs.)F(@ s+.#t 1nclusi$e o# laying6 E#TRA WOR" '. ). . 4. 5. G. F. *. 9. -;tra &asement height !" 9eathering Coarse Compound wall. ./ll sides Brickwork with %lastering without Arill gate and lights6 -lectrical 0er$ice line Bore .or6 9ell and '=% motor .-lectrical connection and water line connection6 0eptic Tank 9ater Tank and Connection 0ide #illing. 043%

Best type o# -le$ation work is done &y as per /rchitect %erspecti$e :iew