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The concepts of general vs.

specific are taught in this listening skills game Subject(s): Language Arts, Other Title The Detailed Detective Materials: Index cards with varying degrees ! descri"tive "hrases n each card # cards descri$ing each ite%. &$'ectives:

By Erin E.

Grade Level Grades 3-6

T increase ex"ressive(written lang)age s*ills T ex"and v ca$)lary s*ills T stay n-t "ic and )nderstand relevant cl)es T learn the di!!erence $etween general vs. s"eci!ic T $e % re s"eci!ic when listening t cl)es(in! r%ati n T ex"and listening(reading c %"rehensi n s*ills T ! ster a""r "riate +ga%e-"laying, s*ills

-r ced)re: .t)dents are all "resented with the !irst index card / )t ! series ! #0 that has a si%"le !act n it. .t)dent then write d wn their g)ess a$ )t what the $'ect is1 $ased n the cl)e given. They are then "resented with index card n)%$er tw 1 which has % re s"eci!ic in! r%ati n n it. They are re2)ired t write d wn their revised answer. The sa%e is d ne ! r index card n)%$er three and index card n)%$er ! )r. Each st)dent h lds )" their index card with their answer written n the $ac* a!ter each card is "resented t see i! all the st)dents g t the sa%e answer. 3s the details $ec %e % re s"eci!ic1 the st)dents4 res" nses sh )ld /$y card n)%$er #0 all %atch. G al: By the ! )rth index card1 3LL st)dents sh )ld have the .3ME answer1 $eca)se the details "r vided were very s"eci!ic. The st)dent wh receives the % st " ints ! r each a""r "riate res" nse wins a rein! rcer ! their ch ice. Exa%"le ! index cards: 5. Exa%"le 65: 7ard 5 8a%e an ani%al /%any di!!erent answers-general0

7ard 9 8a%e an ani%al that lives in a : general0

/%any di!!erent answers-

7ard 3 8a%e an ani%al that lives in a : di!!erent answers-% re s"eci!ic0

that eats leaves /a !ew

7ard # 8a%e an ani%al that lives in a : that eats leaves with a l ng nec* and s" ts / nly ne-tw a""r "riate res" nses-very s"eci!ic0

9. Exa%"le 69:

7ard 5 8a%e a drin* /%any di!!erent answers-general0 7ard 9 8a%e a drin* that is c ld /%any di!!erent answers-general0 7ard 3 8a%e a drin* that is c ld and is %ade !r % a !r)it /a !ew di!!erent answers-% re s"eci!ic0 7ard # 8a%e a drin* that is c ld and is %ade !r % a !r)it that is s )r and yell w and y ) drin* in the s)%%erti%e / nly ne a""r "riate res" nse-very s"eci!ic0

This less n "lan has a catchy title - ;8ic*y 8 )n and <ict r <er$; Subject(s): Language Arts Title 8ic*y 8 )n = <ict r <er$ By Bar$ara >. -endlet n Grade Level 9-?

&$'ective: T teach n )ns and ver$s in an interesting and %e% ra$le way. The class will la$el h)%an c)t- )ts with n )ns na%ing $ dy "arts and ver$s na%ing acti ns that can $e %ade with th se $ dy "arts. Materials: Large sheet ! white "a"er /large en )gh ! r tw h)%an )tlines01 sciss rs1 %ar*er. -r ced)re: Trace a child4s $ dy r draw a h)%an sha"e !reehand. @ ) will need tw $ dy c)t- )ts. /T save ti%e1 I drew ne $ dy1 then I ! lded the "a"er and c)t $ th )t at the sa%e ti%e0. La$el ne +8ic*y 8 )n, and the ther +<ict r <er$., /@ ) c )ld have the class v te n na%es i! y ) w )ld li*e0. Begin with 8ic*y 8 )n. 3s the class c %es )" with ideas ! n )ns1 write the% in the a""r "riate "laces. A r instance1 i! a child says +n se, write the w rd n se n the !ace where the n se w )ld $e l cated. I! the class $egins t r)n )t ! ideas1 " int at di!!erent "arts1 s)ch as the sh )lders1 enc )raging % re res" nses. 8ext1 la$el <ict r <er$ with ver$s. Each ver$ sh )ld $e "laced in an area where it w )ld $e a""r "riate. A r instance1 +tal*1 chew1 and sing, w )ld all $e ")t where the % )th is l cated. A ll w-)": -lace 8ic*y 8 )n and <ict r <er$ in a "r %inent "lace n the wall. Bave the

class write a st ry )sing n )ns and ver$s !r % the c)t- )ts. 7 %%ent: M st ! %y 9nd grade class d es n t en' y writing. They were very excited a$ )t this activity1 h wever. I was very "leasantly s)r"rised at h w %any ver$s they ca%e )" with. The $ ys even incl)ded +tac*le, and +$l c*, ! r the sh )ldersC

B t D g .entences Subject(s): Language Arts Grades(s): Grades 2-3 Title B t D g .entences By 3ndrea -ri%ary .)$'ect Lang)age 3rts .ec ndary .)$'ects Grade Level 9-3 This less n is g d ! r w r*ing n 8<8 sentences. @ ) can draw "ict)res ! h t d gs1 r c)t )t c nstr)cti n "a"er t %a*e h t d gs. The $)ns are the n )ns and the ver$ is the h t d g. I had %y st)dents write a l t ! these and then we c %$ined the% int a "aragra"h. De added detail later. @ ) can add ad'ectives and adver$s $y having st)dents write the% n +*etch)", r +%)stard, etc.

7hrist%as 7ard 8 )ns and 3d'ectives Title 7hrist%as 7ard 8 )ns and 3d'ectives -ri%ary .)$'ect Lang)age 3rts Materials:

By Eathleen .ennett Grade Level 5-9

7hrist%as cards1 gl)e1 white "a"er1 "ens1 "encils r %ar*ers

-r ced)re:

&n the !irst day1 each child gets t ch se a 7hrist%as "ict)re that is act)ally the !r nt ! an ld 7hrist%as card. /I save the cards I get each year and go through them in early ecember! cutting o"" the "ronts to #re#are "or this lesson .0 Each child als receives a "iece ! white "a"er. They gl)e the card t the "a"er in the %iddle near the t ".

&n the right side ! the "a"er )nder the "ict)re1 the child writes d wn n )ns that are in the "ict)re. That a!tern n I then draw h ri: ntal lines acr ss the "a"er se"arating each n )n. The sec nd day1 the child writes d wn ad'ectives n the le!t side ! the "a"er that descri$e the n )ns they wr te d wn the "revi )s day. I li%it the% t ne c l r w rd and ne n)%$er w rd as ad'ectives. The third day1 they )se the ad'ectives and n )ns t write sentences r a st ry a$ )t their "ict)re.

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