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January 11, 2014

Top 10 Filipino Expressions I Wish To Hear Less In 2014

Gone are the days when an expression or a catch phrase is personalized. It is only you or your circle of friends who says it. Lately, the manner of how people talk are the same. They express their thoughts using similar diction and delivery. The influence of television and social media is truly profound. There is no other reason for this phenomenon other than that. Being a nonconformist, here are the top ten Filipino expressions I wish to hear less in 2014: No. 10: teh Ex. Kung umasta kala mo kung sino, ang ganda mo teh! To deride, mock or ridicule a member of the female species, teh is used in place of her name. Aside from the hauteur, anyone who is doing this name calling sounds like a palengkera. So for God's sake, refrain from referring to your object of frustration as teh. No. 9: ansabe, anyare Ex. Ansabe ng bagong gupit ko ngayon? Anyare? Short for anong sabi and anong nangyari respectively. People have become inclined to laziness that they refuse to utter the whole word as it is. As a result, a person who is uttering ansabe or anyare sounds like a retard with speech impediment. No. 8: push mo yan

Ex. Seryoso ka talaga sa pagda-diet. Sige, i-push mo yan. To entice someone to perform a task or reach for a goal, Filipinos now have a strange way of rendering words of encouragement. Yet, saying push mo yan sounds like you're instructing a woman in labor to bear down. No. 7: fren Ex. Fren, paki-xerox naman to. Two copies each. Nothing sounds sweeter than hearing your name. Nothing sounds more obnoxious than hearing someone call everyone fren instead of friend with the d. No. 6: vacay Ex. Bora vacay in one week! Excited na itey! Waley, itey, and the worst, vacay. Pinoys seem to have the habit of pronouncing words by ending them with the long a. This year, put an end to this. Okay? No. 5: peg Ex. Maglinis ng kuwarto. Yan ang peg ko ngayon. It's perplexing, how this once rarely used word became suddenly abused by many. To connote a mood, style or theme, people now say it's their peg. No. 4: yung totoo Ex. Yung totoo? Natrapik ka o tinanghali ng gising? It could be a form of confrontation, mockery or both. Yung totoo is often directed to someone who seems to be lying or pretending. It appears everybody wants to sound sarcastic. No. 3: di ba puedeng... Ex. Porket nakadalawang rice patay gutom agad? Di ba puedeng di lang nag-almusal? Pinoys have acquired a strange way of justifying things these days. If I am not mistaken, this odd and gay manner of reasoning was popularized by Vice Ganda. Noticeably, many are starting to sound like him. It just goes to show people tend to emulate the shit they watch on television. No. 2: boom

Ex. May nagmamalasakit naman sa yo... ako. Boom! For reasons beyond my comprehension, people tend to put an annoying sound effect on what they are saying. The celebration for the new year is over. Enough of this firework crap. No. 1: pag may time Ex. Pasyal pasyal din pag may time. What makes it sound more repulsive is the tendency of the person to utter the word that comes before it twice like a moron (picture picture, tulog tulog, basa basa, etc.) I am unaware of how this came about. What I am sure of, saying pag may time is stupid and frivolous. Hands down, it is the most annoying expression of 2013.

Albert at 1/11/2014

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