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By Kenneth E.

Second Edition Twenty-First Printing 1995 ISBN 0- 9!"#-01$-$ In the %.S. &rite' Kenneth Hagin (inistries P.). Bo* 501!# T+,sa- )K ".150-01!# In /anada write' Kenneth Hagin (inistries P.). Bo* $$5- Station 0 Eto1ico2e- )ntario /anada- (93 .4$

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The Faith Shie,d is a trade9ar2 o: 7HE(3 Bi1,e /h+rch- a2a Kenneth Hagin (inistries- Inc.- registered with the %.S. Patent and Trade9ar2 )::ice and there:ore 9ay not 1e d+5,icated.

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Chapter 1

Follow the Rules To Get Results

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.... >E5hesians #'1

There are di::erent 2inds o: 5rayer- ?+st as there are di::erent ga9es in s5orts- each with its own set o: r+,es. 7+,es that a55,y to 1ase1a,, do not a55,y to :oot1a,,. I: yo+ tried to +se the sa9e r+,es- yo+ wo+,d get con:+sed. Si9i,ar,y- there are r+,es or s5irit+a, ,aws that go8ern certain 2inds o: 5rayer- 1+t do not a55,y to other 2inds o: 5rayer. &e 9a2e a 9ista2e 1y ,+95ing together a,, 2inds o: 5rayer- 1eca+se i: we ta2e the r+,es that go8ern one 2ind o: 5rayer and try to a55,y the9 to another 2ind o: 5rayer- we won=t see the desired res+,ts. 3s we ,oo2 in ;od=s &ord to disco8er the 2ind o: 5rayer that gets res+,ts- notice again o+r te*t- E5hesians #'1 . (o::att=s trans,ation reads- @... 5raying ... with a,, 9anner o: 5rayer. ...@ Sti,, another trans,ation says- @Praying with a,, 2inds o: 5rayer. ...@ For e*a95,e- so9e 5eo5,e thin2 e8ery 5rayer sho+,d end with the words- @I: it 1e Thy wi,,.@ They say this is the way Aes+s 5rayed. B+t Aes+s did not 5ray this way e8ery ti9e. &hen Aes+s 5rayed at BaCar+s= to91- He didn=t 5ray- @I: it 1e Thy wi,,.@ He said- @... Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me" DAohn 11'.1E. He then co99anded BaCar+s to co9e :orth- and BaCar+s ca9e :orth. This 5rayer was one to change circ+9stances. &hen yo+ 5ray to recei8e so9ething or to change circ+9stances- ne8er 5ray @i:.@ I: yo+ do- yo+=re +sing the wrong r+,e and it won=t wor2. The on,y 2ind o: 5rayer in which Aes+s inc,+ded an @i:@ was a 5rayer o: consecration and dedication. In the ;arden o: 5

Praying To Get Results

;ethse9ane He 5rayed- "Father, i thou !e willing, remo"e this cup rom me# ne"ertheless not my will, !ut thine, !e done" DB+2e !!'.!E. Aes+s wasn=t 5raying to change so9ething. He was 5raying a 5rayer o: consecration and dedication. 3nd in this 5rayer- we sho+,d 5+t an @i:@ 1eca+se we want to 1e ready to do what Aes+s wants +s to do. &hen it co9es to 1e,ie8ing ;od :or so9ething- we sho+,d not 5ray- @I: it 1e thy wi,,.@ &e a,ready ha8e ;od=s 5ro9ise in His &ord. It is His wi,, that o+r needs 1e 9et. &e read in (ar2 11'!.- "$hat things soe"er ye desire, when ye pray, !elie"e that ye recei"e them, and ye shall ha"e them.@ &e sho+,d rea,iCe it is ;od=s wi,, that all o+r needs 1e 9et>s5irit+a,- 5hysica,- and 9ateria,. 3,tho+gh we don=t ,i8e +nder the ),d /o8enant- we can 1etter +nderstand the nat+re o: ;od 1y st+dying the ),d Testa9ent. There we :ind that ;od 5ro9ised His 5eo5,e 9ore than s5irit+a, 1,essings. He a,so 5ro9ised they wo+,d 5ros5er :inancia,,y and 9ateria,,y. He 5ro9ised He wo+,d ta2e sic2ness away :ro9 the9- and the n+91er o: their days He wo+,d :+,:i,, DE*od. !$'!5-!#E. In Psa,9 105'$" we read that when the Israe,ites were de,i8ered :ro9 Egy5t- there was not a :ee1,e one a9ong the9> a,tho+gh there were so9e two 9i,,ion 5eo5,eF ;od is interested in e8erything that to+ches o+r ,i8es- and He has 9ade 5ro8ision :or +s. He 5ro9ised the ),d Testa9ent saints i: they wo+,d 2ee5 His co99and9ents- they wo+,d eat the good o: the ,and. This i95,ies we are to 5ros5er 9ateria,,y. The New Testa9ent essentia,,y says the sa9e thing' "%elo"ed, I wish a!o"e all things that thou mayest prosper and !e in health, e"en as thy soul prospereth" D$ Aohn !E. Aes+s said He wo+,d gi8e good gi:ts to His chi,dren 1eca+se He is concerned a1o+t +s. He is ta,2ing a1o+t the desires o: o+r hearts- and He te,,s +s how to get the9. Bet=s go according to the r+,esF

Follow the Rules To Get Results


The Scri5t+re that says- '$hat things soe"er ye desire, when ye pray, !elie"e that ye recei"e them, and ye shall ha"e them" D(ar2 11'!.E is ta,2ing a1o+t the 5rayer o: :aith. This 5ri9ari,y is an indi8id+a, sit+ation. It 5ertains to your desires. It is yo+ 5rayingG not so9eone e,se 5raying with yo+. It=s not so9eone e,se agreeing with yo+. &hen you 5ray- you 1e,ie8e that you recei8e. I: yo+=,, do that- yo+=,, ha8e "what things soe"er ye desire." <o+=,, get res+,tsF I can 9a2e this wor2 :or 9yse,:- 1+t I can=t a,ways 9a2e it wor2 :or yo+. <o+r wi,, is in8o,8ed. (ne person=s un!elie can nulli y another person's prayer o aith. Ba1y /hristians +s+a,,y can 1e carried on a 9at+re /hristian=s :aith- 1+t a:ter a certain 5eriod o: ti9e ;od e*5ects the9 to de8e,o5 their own 5rayer ,i:e and their own :aith. I=8e seen this de9onstrated 9any ti9es d+ring 9y years in the :ie,d 9inistry. In those ch+rch 9eetings- I wo+,d teach 9ain,y on :aith and hea,ing. Toward the end o: the 9eetings- we wo+,d a,,ow ti9e :or H+estions and answers. )ne H+estion as2ed re5eated,y was' @&hy is it when I :irst got sa8ed- I got 9y hea,ing e8ery ti9e I was 5rayed :or- 1+t now I don=t e8er get hea,edI@ I wo+,d answer 1y saying that new /hristians are ,i2e 1a1ies. No one is 1orn a :+,,-grown /hristian. ;od wants +s to grow and to 9at+re. &e :ee, 5ity :or those who are 5hysica,,y de:or9ed and who ne8er ha8e de8e,o5ed :+,,y. &e o+ght to ha8e the sa9e co95assion :or those who do not grow s5irit+a,,y. &hen yo+ were :irst sa8ed- yo+ were a 1a1y. Nat+ra,,y- the 5astor co+,d carry yo+ on his :aith. There were /hristians 5raying :or yo+ who wo+,d carry yo+- and their :aith wo+,d wor2 :or yo+. B+t a:ter a whi,e- ;od 2new that yo+ had had the o55ort+nity to grow- whether yo+ grew or not. He said- @It=s ti9e to 5+t that 1ig 1a1y down and ,et hi9 wa,2.@ &e rea,,y had a cry 1a1y on o+r hands then. 3 ,ot o: 5eo5,e sti,, wo+,d rather 1e carried.

Praying To Get Results

3s a 5astor- I noticed there were 5eo5,e who wo+,d get hea,ed 5ri9ari,y on 9y :aith. It was the easiest thing in the wor,d :or new con8erts or 5eo5,e who were 1a1ies on the s+1?ect o: di8ine hea,ing to get hea,ed. Those who had !een *hristians the longest were the hardest ones to get healed. 3:ter &or,d &ar II- there was a re8i8a, o: di8ine hea,ing in 39erica. It 1egan a1o+t 19." and ,asted 10 years. I ta,2ed to 8ario+s e8ange,ists who were in the hea,ing 9inistry- and e8ery one o: the9 said the sa9e thing' <o+ ne8er wo+,d get 5eo5,e hea,ed +nti, yo+ got 5ast the F+,, ;os5e, /hristians in the 5rayer ,ineF 31o+t si* wee2s a:ter a 9eeting cond+cted 1y a ,eading e8ange,ist in the ear,y 1950s- a s+r8ey was sent to se8era, tho+sand 5ersons as2ing two H+estions' 0id yo+ recei8e hea,ing when this 9an ,aid hands on yo+ and 5rayedI 3re yo+ sti,, hea,edI 355ro*i9ate,y #-000 cards were ret+rned- and o+t o: that n+91er on,y $ 5ercent o: the F+,, ;os5e, 5eo5,e said they got hea,ed. B+t "0 5ercent o: the deno9inationa, 5eo5,e were hea,ed- and "0 5ercent said they sti,, had their hea,ing si* wee2s ,ater. &hat 9ade the di::erenceI God e+pected more rom those who had !een taught. ;od e*5ects 5eo5,e who 2now the :+,, ;os5e, to o5erate their own :aith. <et 9any ti9es they want to re9ain 1a1ies. In one ch+rch 9y wi:e and I 5astored- we had a hea,ing ser8ice e8ery Sat+rday night. )ne o: o+r 9e91ers was a wo9an who had arthritis. Her 1ody was sti:: as a 1oard. I: yo+ too2 her o+t o: the whee,chair and stood her on the :,oor- it wo+,d ,oo2 ,i2e she was sitting downG her 1ody was that sti::. 3,tho+gh she was con:ined to a whee,chair- she was a1,e to coo2 her 9ea,s and do her ho+sewor2. I: she ca+ght the :,+ or had any 9inor ai,9ent- we co+,d 5ray :or her- and she wo+,d get hea,ed.

Follow the Rules To Get Results

Fina,,y- one day we went to her ho+se to 5ray- determined to see her de,i8ered :ro9 that whee,chair. 3s we 5rayed- the 5ower o: ;od ca9e on her and ,i:ted her o+t o: that chair>into the air >o+t in :ront o: the chairF @)h- oh- oh@ she 1egan to say as she reached 1ac2 with those ,itt,e- cri55,ed hands and 5+,,ed that chair +5 +nder her. She :e,, down in the chair. I 5ointed 9y :inger at her and said- @Sister- yo+ don=t ha8e an o+nce o: :aith- do yo+I@ DShe was sa8ed and 1a5tiCed with the Ho,y S5irit- 1+t I 9eant she didn=t ha8e :aith :or her hea,ing.E &itho+t thin2ing- she 1,+rted o+t- @No- Brother Hagin- I don=tF I don=t 1e,ie8e I=,, e8er 1e hea,ed. I=,, go to 9y gra8e :ro9 this chair.@ She said it- and she did it. &e weren=t to 1,a9e. &e had 5rayed the hea,ing 5ower o: ;od down on that wo9an. I: she had !elie"ed and recei"ed that 5ower- it wo+,d ha8e ,oosed her and hea,ed e8ery ?oint in her 1ody. That=s the reason we ha8e se9inars and other 9eetings> to teach 5eo5,e so they can grow in :aith. <ears ago- I ,earned that 9y sister had cancer. I went to the Bord in 5rayer on her 1eha,:. I 1att,ed with the de8i, :or her ,i:e. The Bord to,d 9e she wo+,d ,i8e and not die. The cancer was c+rtai,ed- and she had no 9ore sy95to9s. Fi8e years 5assedand then she de8e,o5ed an entire,y di::erent :or9 o: cancer in another 5art o: her 1ody. There was no re,ation to the :irst cancerG it was o: a di::erent ty5e. (y sister got down to "9 5o+nds. The Bord 2e5t te,,ing 9e that she was going to die. I 2e5t as2ing the Bord why I co+,dn=t change the o+tco9e. He to,d 9e she had had :i8e years in which she co+,d ha8e st+died the &ord and 1+i,t +5 her :aith Dshe was sa8edE- 1+t she hadn=t done it. He to,d 9e she was going to die- and she did. This is a sad e*a95,e- 1+t it=s so tr+e. I: the ch+rch is growing- there wi,, contin+e to 1e new 1a1ies in /hrist. B+t i: e8ery1ody in the ch+rch stayed 1a1ies-


Praying To Get Results

who wo+,d care :or these new onesI 3n e8ange,ist 5ri9ari,y is interested in winning the ,ost. B+t i: e8eryone were an e8ange,ist- the 5eo5,e who get sa8ed a,ways wo+,d 1e 1a1ies. ;od saw these 1a1ies needed a she5herd and He set 5astors in the ch+rch. He wanted the shee5 to 1e :ed. He a,so 5+t teachers in the ch+rch to he,5 5eo5,e grow in :aith and the 2now,edge o: the &ord. (y son- who is 9ore than .0 years o,d- is an ordained 9inister. For the :irst 15 years o: his ,i:e- I carried hi9 on 9y :aith and did his 5raying :or hi9. He a,ways recei8ed his hea,ing. B+t when Ken was 15 years o,d- He got a se8ere ear in:ection. His ear was rea,,y h+rting hi9 and he wanted to go to the doctor. The doctor said he had an inc+ra1,e :+ng+s condition in one ear which he 5ro1a1,y got :ro9 swi99ing. Ken 2e5t ha8ing to go 1ac2 to the doctor to ha8e his ear c,eaned. The doctor said he 5ro1a1,y wo+,d ,ose his hearing in that ear- and it wo+,d ca+se hi9 tro+1,e a,, his ,i:e. The Bord to,d 9e that He e*5ected 9y 1oy to wa,2 in the ,ight o: what he 2new 1eca+se he 2new the way. The Bord said 9y 5raying wo+,dn=t wor2 :or hi9 any9ore. 3t /hrist9as ti9e- I had to ta2e Ken 1ac2 to the doctor to ha8e the :+ng+s c,eaned o+t o: his ear again. The doctors said he co+,dn=t go swi99ing any9ore 1eca+se the 9ore he was aro+nd water- the :aster the :+ng+s wo+,d grow. I to,d 9y son what the Bord had to,d 9e. I to,d hi9 he wo+,d ha8e to 1e,ie8e ;od :or hi9se,:. Ken ,oo2ed at 9e- sti,, wanting to +se 9y :aith :or his hea,ing. I to,d hi9 that whi,e I wo+,d 2nee, with hi9 when he 5rayed- I wasn=t going to 5ray at a,,G he had to 5ray :or hi9se,:. He 5rayed and got his hea,ing. <ears ha8e 5assed and the :+ng+s ne8er rea55eared. I: 5eo5,e :o,,ow their nat+ra, inc,inations- they want to re9ain 1a1ies and ,et so9eone e,se carry the9. B+t yo+ can 5ray the 5rayer o: :aith :or yo+rse,:G H+it saying yo+ can=t.

Follow the Rules To Get Results


E8erywhere it says @yo+@ in the :o,,owing Scri5t+re- insert yo+r na9e' @There:ore- I say +nto <)%- what things soe8er <)% desire- when you 5ray- 1e,ie8e that <)% recei8e the9- and <)% sha,, ha8e the9@ D(ar2 11'!.E. That=s what 9y son did when he 5rayed. &hen we got +5 o:: o+r 2nees- he didn=t ha8e any e8idence o: hea,ing. B+t when I as2ed hi9 i: he was hea,ed- he said- =<esF@ He said he was hea,ed 1eca+se the Bi1,e said so. <o+ ha8e to 5ro:ess and 1e,ie8e ;od e8en tho+gh the things yo+ desire in 5rayer ha8en=t 9ani:ested yet. <o+ ha8e to stand yo+r gro+nd. I: so9eone H+estions yo+- say yo+ 1e,ie8e ;od heard yo+. Te,, the9 yo+ don=t care what the de8i, says- 1eca+se yo+ 1e,ie8e ;od and His &ord. Then yo+=,, see res+,tsF

Chapter 2

Exchange Petition for Praise

/s they ministered to the 0ord, and asted, the 1oly Ghost said, Separate me %arna!as and Saul or the work whereunto I ha"e called them. >3cts 1$'!
):ten it see9s the on,y 2ind o: 5rayer we are :a9i,iar with is the 5etition 5rayer. &e=re a,ways 5etitioning Dor as2ingE ;od to do so9ething- and o: co+rse that=s scri5t+ra,. B+t in the Scri5t+re H+oted a1o8e- those /hristians were not 5etitioning ;od to do anything. They "ministered to the 0ord, and asted....@ (ost o: o+r ch+rch ser8ices are designed so we co9e together and 9inister to one another. &e sing- 1+t in 8ery :ew songs do we 9inister to the Bord. Instead- we 9inister to one another. &e ha8e s5ecia, singing- 1+t sti,, we=re not 9inistering to the BordG we=re 9inistering to one another. &hen we 5ray- o+r 5raying is 5ri9ari,y a 5etition. &e=re 5etitioning the Bord to 9o8e in o+r 9idst- to 9ani:est Hi9se,: a9ong +s- to 9eet o+r needs. &hen the 9inister s5ea2s- he=s not 9inistering to the BordG he=s 9inistering to the congregation. 3nd when the ser8ice is o8er- i: we ha8e a ti9e o: waiting on ;od- +s+a,,y these 5rayers are sti,, 5etitions. &e 2now ;od is concerned a1o+t +s and wants to 9eet o+r needs. Aes+s said o+r hea8en,y Father 2nows what we need- and we sho+,d as2 Hi9 to s+55,y these needs. B+t- too 9+ch o: the ti9e we=re ,i2e the ,itt,e 1oy who said- @(y na9e=s Ai99y- and I=,, ta2e a,, yo+=,, gi99eF@ &e need ti9es o: waiting on ;od and 9inistering to the BordG ti9es when we=re not as2ing :or anything>not 5etitioning >1+t 9inistering to Hi9. Perha5s we are a,ready ta2ing ti9e :or this in o+r indi8id+a, 5rayer ,i8es- 1+t we need this 2ind o: 5rayer as a gro+5 or a ch+rch. ;od can 9o8e in this 2ind o: 1$


Praying To Get Results

at9os5here. 3s they 9inistered to the Bord- and :asted- o+r te*t says- the Ho,y ;host 9ani:ested Hi9se,:. ;od 9ade 9an to :e,,owshi5 with Hi9. He is o+r Father1eca+se we are 1orn o: ;od. I=9 s+re o: this' There are no earth,y 5arents who en?oy the :e,,owshi5 o: their chi,dren 9ore than ;od en?oys the :e,,owshi5 o: His chi,dren. In one 9eeting I he,d- I said to the 5eo5,e a:ter the si*th wee2- @Bet=s ha8e so9e di::erent 2inds o: ser8ices. I want +s to co9e to 9inister to the Bord. I 9ay read a ,itt,e 1it o: Scri5t+reor 9a2e a :ew co99ents- 1+t I=9 not going to 5reach or teach a ,ot. &e=re not going to co9e to 5etition ;odG we=re going to wait on the Bord and 9inister to Hi9. @I don=t want +s to co9e and wait 10 9in+tes. I want +s to co9e with the tho+ght that we=re going to wait at ,east one ho+r. &e=,, 9inister to the Bord>te,, Hi9 how 9+ch we ,o8e Hi9 and than2 Hi9 :or His goodness and 9ercy.@ The 5eo5,e ca9e and 5raised the Bord. I :o+nd they wanted to wait on ;od. In that 2ind o: at9os5here- ;od 9inistered to +s in 8ery +n+s+a, ways. 3,tho+gh that was years ago- there sti,, are things ha55ening today as a res+,t o: what the Bord did in those ser8ices. I=9 s+re o: this' $e miss a lot o what God has or us !ecause we don't take time to get into an attitude o worship and minister to the 0ord. 3 Bi1,e e*a95,e o: this is :o+nd in the 1#th cha5ter o: 3cts. Pa+, and Si,as were arrested in Phi,i55i- where they had gone to 5reach the ;os5e,. They were 1eaten with 9any stri5es and cast into 5rison. The ?ai,er was charged to 2ee5 the9 sa:e,y- "$ho, ha"ing recei"ed such a charge, thrust them into the inner prison, and made their eet ast in the stock @ D8. !.E. Notice 5artic+,ar,y the !5th 8erse- "/nd at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God# and the prisoners heard them.@ They certain,y co+,dn=t ha8e 1een singing so9e o: the songs

3+change Petition or Praise


we sing- 1eca+se 9any o: o+r songs don=t 5raise ;od. Too o:ten o+r songs are 9ore o: a co95,aint than a 5raise. The songs see9 to ha8e the @5oor o,d 9e@ attit+de>we=re wandering thro+gh ,i:e destit+te- downtrodden- and in dar2 8a,,eys. Too 9+ch o: the ti9e the songs are a1o+t us5what we=re doing and how ro+gh ,i:e is. I: we do sing anything a1o+t hea8en- it=s a1o+t when we a,, get there. That sti,, doesn=t gi8e ;od any 5raise. B+t Pa+, and Si,as sang 5raises to ;od. Notice- too- the 5risoners heard the9. They weren=t H+iet a1o+t thisF I: Pa+, and Si,as had 1een ,i2e a ,ot o: 5eo5,e today- instead o: 5raying and singing 5raises at 9idnight- they wo+,d=8e 1een gri5ing and co95,aining. 3nd the Scri5t+re 9ight ha8e read so9ething ,i2e this' 31o+t 9idnight Pa+, and Si,as gri5ed and co95,ained and Si,as n+dged Pa+, and said- @Pa+,- are yo+ sti,, thereI@ It=s 8ery dar2- so Pa+, says- @&here e,se co+,d I 1eI@ Si,as wo+,d ha8e said- @<o+ 2now- Pa+,- yo+ rea,,y 9issed ;od- didn=t yo+I@ &hi,e Pa+, is trying to :ig+re o+t where he 9issed it- Si,as says- @I=,, te,, yo+ one thing- when I was ser8ing the de8i,- I ne8er got thrown in ?ai,. I don=t 2now why ;od ,et this ha55en to +s. &hy- i: I e8er get o+t o: here>and I do+1t I wi,,>I=,, 1e asha9ed to go ho9e- 1eca+se they=,, ca,, 9e an o,d ?ai,1ird. I te,, yo+- Pa+,- I got hoo2ed +5 with the wrong :e,,ow>that=s a,, there is to it.@ @<eah>we 9issed it so9ewhere-@ Pa+, says. @3nd I te,, yo+- 9y 5oor 1ac2 is rea,,y h+rting 9e 1ad. <o+ 2now- I rea,,y tho+ght ;od was s5ea2ing to 9e in that 8ision- 1+t i: ;od were in it- we=d ha8e 1een a s+ccess.@ 0+ring the 1! years I 5astored- I heard 9e91ers o: 9y ch+rch say si9i,ar things. @I ne8er had it this ro+gh when I was ser8ing the de8i,-@ so9e wo+,d say when a tria, ca9e their way. How do yo+ he,5 5eo5,e ,i2e thatI &e,,- I wo+,d s9i,e and say- @;od wi,, :orgi8e yo+ o: that-


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too- i: yo+=,, re5ent.@ Pa+, and Si,as rea,,y were in tro+1,e- weren=t theyI They were thr+st into the inner 5rison. They had 1een whi55ed with 9any stri5es +nti, their 1ac2s were 1,eeding. Their :eet were in stoc2s. I=9 s+re they were in great 5hysica, 5ain. It was a dark hour or them, !ut although Paul and Silas were in 6ail, they didn't let the 6ail get in them. That=s the reason a ,ot o: 5eo5,e are de:eated. E8eryone has tro+1,e o: one 2ind or another. &e=8e a,, 1een ,ashed 1y the stor9s o: ,i:e. B+t o+r attit+de>how we ,oo2 at a sit+ation and how we acce5t it>9a2es the di::erence in how we co9e o+t- or whether we get o+t at a,,. In o+r 9idnight ho+r- when we don=t +nderstand why things ha8e ha55ened- e8en tho+gh we=8e tried o+r 1est- ,et +s ,oo2 at Pa+, and Si,as. 3:ter a,,- they didn=t go to Phi,i55i on a 5,eas+re tri5. They were there to do the Bord=s wor2. They were not out o the will o God. So9eti9es when things don=t go right- 5eo5,e thin2- @I 9+st 1e o+t o: the wi,, o: ;od.@ )r they as2- @&hat aw:+, sin ha8e I co99itted to ca+se ;od to send this on 9eI@ ;od didn=t send the tro+1,eG the de8i, did. It wasn=t ;od who whi55ed Pa+, and Si,asG it was +ngod,y 9en. ;od didn=t stir +5 those +ngod,y :e,,owsG it was the de8i,. In s5ite o: 5ersec+tion- ad8ersity- and de5ressing s+rro+ndings- "/t midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God, and the prisoners heard them.@ They weren=t H+iet a1o+t itF They were 5raising ;od at 9idnight right o+t ,o+d in ?ai,. 3 characteristic o: the ear,y disci5,es was their contin+a, 5raises to ;od. &e read in B+2e !.'50-5$'
LUKE 24:50-53 50 And he led them out as far as to Bethany, and he lifted up his hands, and lessed them! 5" And it #ame to pass, $hile he lessed them, he $as

3+change Petition or Praise parted from them, and #arried up into hea%en! 52 And they $orshipped him, and returned to &erusalem $ith 'reat (oy: 53 And $ere #ontinually in the temple, praisin' and lessin' )od!


Then notice the second cha5ter o: 3cts- 8erses .# and ."'

A*+, 2:4-,4. 4- And they, #ontinuin' daily $ith one a##ord in the temple, and rea/in' read from house to house, did eat $ith 'ladness and sin'leness of heart, 4. 0raisin' )od, and ha%in' fa%our $ith all the people! And the Lord added to the #hur#h daily su#h as should e sa%ed!

Notice the e*5ression- "with gladness and singleness o heart, praising God.@ )ne reason the 9inistry o: the ear,y /hristians was so e::ecti8e was their contin+a, g,adness o: heart and 5raising ;od. &orshi5 and 5raise to ;od were a 5art o: the dai,y ,i8es o: the ear,y /hristians. It wasn=t so9ething they did occasiona,,y. Too 9any ti9es today we see 5eo5,e who 5ray thro+gh a1o+t once e8ery si* 9onths. <o+=d ha8e to write o: the9 that they 5raised ;od @occasiona,,y@ or 5erha5s @se9i-ann+a,,y@ rather than @dai,y@ or @contin+a,,y-@ as did the New Testa9ent 1e,ie8ers. The ,ate S9ith &igg,esworth once said- @First thing e8ery 9orning- when I get o+t o: 1ed- I ?+95 o+t. I don=t ?+st drag o+t1+t I ?+95 o+tF 3nd when 9y :eet hit the :,oor I say- =Praise the BordF= 3nd I 5raise ;od e8ery 9orning.@ That=s a good way to start the dayF &hen Pa+, and Si,as were thrown in ?ai, at Phi,i55i- it was on,y nat+ra, they sho+,d 5ray and sing 5raises to ;od. Not on,y did the 5risoners hear the9- 1+t ;od heard the9. S+dden,y there was s+ch a great earthH+a2e that the :o+ndations o: the 5rison shoo2F 3,, the doors s5r+ng o5en. E8eryone=s 1onds were


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,oosed. 7eli"erance came while they were praising God8 3n ),d Testa9ent co+nter5art is :o+nd in Second /hronic,es !0- when Aehosha5hat went o+t against the ene9y. Three ar9ies>the 399onites- the (oa1ites- and the inha1itants o: (o+nt Seir>had 1anded together against Aehosha5hat. He didn=t ha8e the 9an5ower to stand against the9so he ca,,ed a 5rayer 9eeting. The 5eo5,e :asted and 5rayed. The S5irit o: ;od 9o8ed +5on a yo+ng 9an in the congregation- and he stood and 5ro5hesied. The Bord to,d the9 not to :ear. He to,d the9 where the ene9y was and said to go against the9 1eca+se the 1att,e was the Bord=s. The ne*t 9orning they 9arched against the ene9y- and the Bi1,e says they 5+t the 5raisers +5 :ront. Pict+re these 9en going against three ar9ies o: trained so,diers who had swords- ?a8e,insand s5ears. 7ight +5 :ront to ,ead the 5arade o: ;od=s ar9y were the 5raisers. They weren=t ,ed 1y a 9an with a sword or a s5ear. They were led !y men singing and praising the 0ord. They 9inistered to the Bord. 3s they 9arched a,ong- they sho+ted- "Praise the 0ord9 or 1is mercy endureth or e"er" D! /hron. !0'!1E. &e see in the ne*t 8erse what ha55ened as a res+,t' "/nd when they !egan to sing and to praise, the 0ord set am!ushments against the children o /mmon, :oa!, and mount Seir, which were come against ;udah9 and they were smitten.@ &hen they 1egan to sing and 5raise- ;od did so9ething :or His 5eo5,e. They saw a 9ani:estation o: His 5ower. They didn=t ha8e to draw a sword or throw a ?a8e,in. The ene9y ran o:: and ,e:t a,, their goods. There was so 9+ch s5oi, it too2 three days to gather it +5 and carry it ho9eF Pa+, and Si,as had their :eet in stoc2s. Their 1ac2s were 1,eeding. Fro9 the nat+ra, stand5oint- they had e8ery reason to 1e downcast. B+t at 9idnight- as they 9inistered to ;od- there ca9e a 9ani:estation o: ;od=s 5ower. There are 9any today who ha8e 1een 5raying and

3+change Petition or Praise


5etitioning ;od to 9o8e in their 1eha,:. I: they wo+,d H+it 5raying and 1egin 5raising- ;od wo+,d gi8e the9 so 9+ch they co+,dn=t carry it a,, ho9e at one ti9eF &e need to ha8e 5raise ser8ices where we gather to 5raise ;od and to 9inister to the Bord>not to 9inister to one another >not to 1rag on one another>not to te,, what I ha8e and yo+ don=t>or what I=9 trying to get. &e need ser8ices where we 9inister to the Bord and sing 5raises to Hi9. Then we wo+,d see 9ighty 9ani:estations o: ;od=s 5resence in o+r day.

Chapter 3

You Don't

a!e To "orr#

%e care ul or nothing9 !ut in e"ery thing !y prayer and supplication with thanksgi"ing let your re<uests !e made known unto God. 5Phi,i55ians .'# *asting all your care upon him9 or he careth or you. 51 Peter 5'" *asting the whole o your care5all your an+ieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and or all5on 1im9 or 1e cares or you a ectionately, and cares a!out you watch ully. >1 Peter 5'" D/:P0IFI37=
)ne e8ening a:ter a ser8ice- a wo9an ca9e to 9e and said@I want yo+ to agree with 9e in 5rayer a1o+t so9ething. The 1+rdens o: ,i:e>the cares- the worries o: ,i:e>are ?+st so hea8y I can=t 1ear the9.@ She 1egan to cry. &ith sincerity she said- @I want yo+ to 5ray ;od wi,, either gi8e 9e grace to 1ear these 1+rdens or e,se ta2e a1o+t ha,: o: the9 away. I can carry a1o+t ha,: o: the9>I ?+st can=t carry a,, o: the9.@ @0ear Sister-@ I re5,ied- @we don=t ha8e to 5ray a1o+t that> we=8e a,ready heard :ro9 hea8en. ;od=s &ord is o+r 9essage :ro9 hea8en. His &ord co+,dn=t 1e 9ore s+re i: an ange, s+dden,y ca9e down here and wrote with his :inger on a granite 1,oc2' ;)0=S &)70 IS ETE7N3B.@ She ,oo2ed start,ed. I o5ened 9y Bi1,e to First Peter 5'" and as2ed her to read o+t ,o+d. She read- "*asting all your care upon him9 or he careth or you.@ !1


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Then I said- @I can=t 5ray ;od wo+,d gi8e yo+ grace to 1ear yo+r cares and worries. He doesn=t want yo+ to 1ear the9. 3nd I can=t 5ray ;od wo+,d ta2e away ha,: o: the9- 1eca+se He doesn=t want yo+ to carry e8en ha,: o: the9. He wants yo+ to cast all o: the9 on Hi9.@ @I can=t do itF@ she said. I said- @Sister- ;od is not te,,ing yo+ to do so9ething yo+ can=t do. He wo+,d 1e an +n?+st ;od to do that. <o+=8e 1een 5raying a1o+t this :or years and ha8e ne8er gotten an answer. That=s not the way to so,8e this 5ro1,e9. <o+ so,8e this 1y doing what ;od said to do.@ @<eah-@ she re5,ied- "!ut you don't know what I'"e got to worry a!out8" @B+t ;od does-@ I said. @He 2nows and +nderstands. 3nd He said to cast a,, yo+r cares +5on Hi9.@ It see9ed to 9e a 5erson wo+,d 1e g,ad to :ind that 8erse in the Bi1,e and wo+,d 1e thri,,ed to act +5on it. B+t she t+rnedwa,2ed away- and said- @I co+,dn=t gi8e +5 worrying.@ So9e 5eo5,e are content in the 2now,edge that ;od 2nows and +nderstands their 5ro1,e9s. B+t sti,, they ho,d on to their cares- so they don=t get de,i8erance. It=s not eno+gh that ;od cares and +nderstands. &e 9+st go on and do what He said to do >cast a,, o: o+r cares on Hi9- :or He cares :or +s. This is the 5rayer o: co99it9ent- o: casting or ro,,ing o+r cares and 1+rdens on Hi9. Psa,9 $"'5 says- "*ommit thy way unto the 0ord9 trust also in him9 and he shall !ring it to pass.@ Aes+s had this to say'
1A++2E3 -:25-2. 25 +a/e no thou'ht for your life, $hat ye shall eat, or $hat ye shall drin/4 nor yet for your ody, $hat ye shall put on! 5s not the life more than meat, and the ody than raiment6 2- Behold the fo$ls of the air: for they so$ not,

?ou 7on't 1a"e To $orry neither do they reap, nor 'ather into arns4 yet your hea%enly 7ather feedeth them! Are ye not mu#h etter than they6 2. 3hi#h of you y ta/in' thou'ht #an add one #u it unto his stature6


Aes+s is as2ing which o: yo+ 1y worrying is going to change anything. B+2e records- "There ore, I say unto you, Take no thought or your li e....@ DB+2e 1!'!!E. Pa+, said in Phi,i55ians .'#- "%e care ul or nothing....@ The /mpli ied %i!le reads- @0o not :ret or ha8e any an*iety a1o+t anything ....@ Too 9any ti9es 5eo5,e want to 5ray and get ;od to do so9ething a1o+t their an*ieties. B+t ;od te,,s you to do so9ething a1o+t the9. He said- "%e care ul or nothing.@ )r@0on=t you :ret or ha8e an*iety a1o+t anything.@ 3s ,ong as yo+ do not ta2e this :irst ste5>as ,ong as yo+ :ret and ha8e an*iety>yo+ are n+,,i:ying the e::ects o: yo+r 5rayer. <o+ ha8en=t cast yo+r 1+rden on the Bord. <o+ sti,, ha8e it. 3nd i: yo+ ha8e it- ;od doesn=t. /asting a,, yo+r care on Hi9 isn=t so9ething yo+ do e8ery day. It=s a once-and-:or-a,, 5ro5osition. This 5+ts yo+r sit+ation in His hands. The Bord co+,d do a ,ot :or +s- 1+t o:ten we don=t ,et Hi9 1eca+se we don=t :o,,ow His r+,es that go8ern the o5eration o: 5rayer. &e don=t do what He te,,s +s to do. Then we wonder why things don=t wor2 o+t. I: yo+ cast yo+r 1+rden on the Bord- He has it. <o+ don=t. <o+ cannot go aro+nd ta,2ing a1o+t yo+r worries any9ore. / lot o people don't want to get rid o their worries. They c,ai9 they do- 1+t they rea,,y don=t. I: they got rid o: the9- they wo+,dn=t ha8e any reason :or 5eo5,e to sy95athiCe with the9. They wo+,dn=t ha8e anything to ta,2 a1o+t. They wo+,d ha8e to cease con8ersation entire,y. <ears ago- when I was on the 1ed o: sic2ness- this was the :irst thing ;od 1egan to dea, with 9e a1o+t. I had to H+it worrying 1e:ore I co+,d recei8e hea,ing :or 9y 1ody. This is the


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reason a ,ot o: 5eo5,e are not hea,ed. So9eti9es worry is what is 2ee5ing the9 sic2. 3ny disa55earance o: the sy95to9s wo+,d on,y 1e te95orary- 1eca+se the ca+se o: the sic2ness is sti,, there. <o+ 9ay thin2 a 15-year-o,d 1oy co+,dn=t worry. B+t chi,dren are re5,icas o: their 5arents- and 9y grand9other and 9other were worldAchampion worriers. 3s a chi,d- I 2new they were a,ways worrying. I had a heart condition- and I co+,dn=t go o+t to r+n and 5,ay ,i2e other chi,dren. I had to stay in with 9y 9other and grand9other. Hearing the9 co95,ain and worry- I ,earned to worry at a 8ery ear,y age. &hi,e on the 1ed o: sic2ness- I got sa8ed- and I 5ro9ised ;od I wo+,d ne8er do+1t anything I read in His &ord. I :+rther said- @3s I read the &ord and 1etter +nderstand it- I 5ro9ise to 5+t it into 5ractice.@ I read the !#th 8erse in (atthew #- "Take no thought or your li e....@ The Bi1,e I was reading had a :ootnote that to,d 9e the ;ree2 read- @0o not 1e an*io+s a1o+t to9orrow.@ 3nother re:erence said- @0o not worry- do not 1e :i,,ed with an*iety.@ I was :+,, o: an*iety- worry- and :ear. Not on,y was I near,y dead1+t a,so I was a1o+t to worry 9yse,: the rest o: the way to 9y gra8eF (y conscience 1othered 9e 1eca+se I was not 5racticing the &ord. 3s the Bord dea,t with 9e- the words see9ed to ,ea5 :ro9 the 5ages o: the Bi1,e. <et I didn=t thin2 I co+,d ,i8e witho+t worrying>witho+t 1eing an*io+s>so I c,osed 9y Bi1,e. &hen I did- I got in dar2ness. I o5ened the &ord again and tried to read- 1y5assing that Scri5t+re. %nti, then- e8erything I=d read had 1een a,, ,ight and 1,essing- 1+t now it was a,, dar2 and :+CCy to 9e. <o+=re not going to get 9ore ,ight Dor +nderstandingE +nti, yo+ wa,2 in the ,ight yo+ a,ready ha8e. 0on=t 1e concerned a1o+t the things yo+ don=t +nderstand in ;od=s &ordG 9a2e s+re yo+ 5ractice what yo+ do 2now. The rest wi,, ta2e care o: itse,:.

?ou 7on't 1a"e To $orry


I read on. I e8en st+died a1o+t the 3ntichrist. DThat certain,y was not what was 1othering 9e.E B+t I :e,t g+i,ty 1eca+se I was not 5racticing the &ord. Fina,,y- I 9ade a co99it9ent to ;od. I said- @Bord- :orgi8e 9e :or worrying and :or 1eing :+,, o: an*iety. Forgi8e 9e :or :retting and :or 1eing disco+raged. Forgi8e 9e :or ha8ing the 1,+es and :ee,ing sorry :or 9yse,:. Forgi8e 9e :or ha8ing a =5oor o,d 9e= attit+de. I 2now <o+=,, :orgi8e 9e- 1eca+se <o+ said <o+ wo+,d i: I wo+,d con:ess it. Fro9 this day on- 1eca+se <o+=8e :orgi8en 9e- I 5ro9ise I=,, ne8er worry again. I=,, ne8er 1e :i,,ed with an*iety again. I=,, ne8er 1e 1,+e again. I=,, ne8er :ret again. I=,, ne8er 1e disco+raged again.@ (any years ha8e 5assed since I 9ade that co99it9ent. 3,tho+gh I=,, con:ess I=8e 1een sore,y te95ted- ?+st ,i2e yo+ ha8e- I ha8e not worried. I ha8en=t 1een :i,,ed with an*iety at any ti9e or 1eco9e o8er,y an*io+s. I ha8en=t had the 1,+es in a,, these yearsF God's $ord works. I wo+,dn=t enco+rage yo+ to do anything I wo+,dn=t do- or ha8en=t done. &hen I was !1 years o,d- I was 5astor o: a ch+rch which was !$ years o,d. There were 5eo5,e in that ch+rch who had had the 1a5tis9 o: the Ho,y S5irit two years ,onger than I had ,i8ed. <o+ can +nderstand why I wo+,d :ee, ins+::icient. The ch+rch had 5ro1,e9s- and I 2new so9ething sho+,d 1e said- 1+t I didn=t 2now what to say. I 2new i: I said anything- I wo+,d say the wrong thing. I 5rayed- @Bord- there are 5ro1,e9s here. I don=t 2now what to do. I :ee, so inadeH+ate.@ I co+,d sense the S5irit o: ;od re9inding 9e o: the Scri5t+re- "*asting all your cares upon him9 or he careth or you" D1 Peter 5'"E. I said- @Bord- I 2now I ha8e res5onsi1i,ities as 5astor- 1+t I=9 going to t+rn this o8er to <o+. I=9 not going to worry. I=9 going to 5reach the &ord and ,ea8e e8erything e,se to <o+.@ (y 1+rden ,i:ted and I went singing on 9y way to ch+rch. ;od 9et +s and 9ar8e,o+s things ha55ened.


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The 9inisters in o+r area had a :e,,owshi5 9eeting on the :irst (onday o: e8ery 9onth. The 5reachers ta,2ed a1o+t their 1+rdens- cares- res5onsi1i,ities- and an*ieties. ):ten they wo+,d as2 9e- @How goes the 1att,eI@ DThey were a,, in a 1att,e- 1+t I didn=t ha8e any 1att,e. I had the 8ictoryF (en in 1att,e ha8en=t won the 8ictory yet. The 1att,e is the Bord=sG the 8ictory is o+rs.E Here were these 5reachers with ,ong :aces ta,2ing a1o+t their 1+rdens- cares- and 5ro1,e9s in their ch+rches. )ne o: the9 said to 9e ,ater- @<o+r :aith conde9ned +s when yo+=d wa8e yo+r hand and say- =(en- I don=t ha8e a careF Things co+,dn=t 1e 1etterF=@ So9e wo+,d sha2e their heads and say- @The 5oor 1oy>he doesn=t ha8e eno+gh sense to worry.@ The tr+th is- I had too much sense5too much %i!le sense5to worry8 I: I had cast 9y cares on the Bord- then I didn=t ha8e the9. He did. I didn=t say no cares e*isted. I said- @I don=t ha8e a care.@ )ne 5astor wo+,d say- @He=s ,ying. I=9 his neigh1oring 5astor- and I 2now hi9 1etter than the rest o: yo+. I 2now a1o+t the 5ro1,e9s in his ch+rch.@ B+t I=d 1reeCe 1y and say- @(en- I don=t ha8e a careF@ I didn=t. I had cast the9 on the Bord once and :or a,,. ?ou can, too8

Chapter $

%nite& Pra#er Gets Results

/nd !eing let go, T13? $3BT T( T13IR ($B *(:P/B?, and reported all that the chie priests and elders had said unto them. /nd when they heard that, they li ted up their "oice to God with one accord, and said, 0ord, thou art God, which hast made hea"en, and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is... /nd now, 0ord, !ehold their threatenings# and grant unto thy ser"ants, that with all !oldness they may speak thy word, %y stretching orth thine hand to heal9 and that signs and wonders may !e done !y the name o thy holy child ;esus. >3cts .'!$-!.-!9-$0
It=s good to 1e a9ong :riends when yo+=re in tro+1,e. It=s good to 1e with 5eo5,e who 2now how to 5ray. Peter and Aohn :o+nd this to 1e tr+e. )ne day- as Peter and Aohn 5assed thro+gh the ;ate Bea+ti:+, on their way to the Te95,e- they saw a 9an who sat there dai,y to 1eg a,9s. Peter to,d the 9an- "0ook on us." The 1eggar ,oo2ed +5- e*5ecting to recei8e so9e coins. Peter said- @. . . Sil"er and gold ha"e I none9 !ut such as I ha"e gi"e I thee# In the name o ;esus *hrist o BaCareth rise up and walk" D3cts $'#E. Peter too2 the 1eggar 1y the hand and ,i:ted hi9 +5. The 9an 1egan to wa,2 and went into the Te95,e @. . . walking and leaping, and praising God." Peter and Aohn were arrestedthreatened- and co99anded to 5reach and teach no 9ore in the Na9e o: Aes+s. &e read in 3cts .'!$-$0 what ha55ened when they were !"


Praying To Get Results

re,eased. "/nd !eing let go, they went to their own company, and reported all that the chie priests and elders had said unto them...." It was good to 1e a9ong :riends who 2new how to 5rayF I: this co95any o: 1e,ie8ers had 1een ,i2e so9e 5eo5,e in ch+rches today- they wo+,d ha8e a55ointed a co99ittee to 9a2e so9e 2ind o: dea, where1y they co+,d get a,ong together. 3:ter a,,- these chie: 5riests and e,ders were re,igio+s 5eo5,e- too. 3,tho+gh they didn=t acce5t Aes+s as (essiah- they 1e,ie8ed in the sa9e ;od- in 5rayer- and in going to the Te95,e. B+t this co95any o: 1e,ie8ers didn=t a55oint any co99itteeG they didn=t 9a2e any dea,s. They "li ted up their "oice to God with one accord.@ There's power in united prayer. /o9ing :ro9 di::erent ch+rch 1ac2gro+nds- so9eti9es we=re +sed to doing things a certain way. So9eti9es we thin2 the way we=8e a,ways done the9 is the way they ought to 1e done. I was raised in a So+thern Ba5tist ch+rch and was not acc+sto9ed to hearing 5eo5,e 5ray o+t ,o+d in +nited 5rayer. %s+a,,y in o+r ch+rch- an indi8id+a, ,ed in 5rayer- 1+t we ne8er ,i:ted o+r 8oices as a congregation. (y grand9other- howe8er- had 1een sa8ed 9any years 1e:ore in an o,d-:ashioned (ethodist /a959eeting- so she was acc+sto9ed to hearing 5eo5,e 5ray o+t ,o+d. Bater- when so9e F+,, ;os5e, 5eo5,e ca9e to o+r town and 5+t +5 a tent- 9y grand9other went to their 9eetings. She to,d 9e I sho+,d go- too. I a,ready had 1een sa8ed and hea,eda,tho+gh I ne8er had heard the na9e @F+,, ;os5e,@ 1e:ore. I sto55ed 1y one night and stood o+tside the tent ,istening to the 9essage. The ne*t wee2 I went 1y and went inside the tent :or the who,e ser8ice. 3:ter the 9inister had 5reached- he ca9e 1ac2 thro+gh the crowd- sha2ing hands with 5eo5,e and as2ing i: they were /hristians. Practica,,y e8eryone he ta,2ed to went to the a,tar. He as2ed 9e i: I were a /hristian. I to,d hi9 I was a 9inister. He to,d 9e to go to the a,tar and 5ray 1eca+se it

Dnited Prayer Gets Results


wo+,dn=t h+rt 9e. Then he went on. &e didn=t do things that way in o+r ch+rch. For a 9o9ent- I :e,t a 1it ins+,ted. I ne8er had heard o: 5rayer h+rting any1odyso I went down and 5rayed. B+t I was 1othered 1eca+se they did a,, their 5raying o+t ,o+d and I did 9ine H+iet,y. 3 ch+rch was 1+i,t :ro9 this re8i8a,- and I went to the ser8ices 1eca+se they sti9+,ated 9y :aith. B+t when I wo+,d go down to the a,tar to 5ray- I wo+,d 9o8e :ar away :ro9 the others. )ne ti9e I 8ent+red to te,, the9 ;od wasn=t hard o: hearing. They re5,ied He wasn=t ner8o+s- eitherF 3s I got to thin2ing- I re9e91ered that these 5eo5,e 2new a1o+t di8ine hea,ing and 9y ch+rch didn=t. 3nd they were right a1o+t di8ine hea,ing. They 9ight 2now so9e other things I didn=t 2now. I decided to read thro+gh the Boo2 o: 3cts and +nder,ine with red 5enci, e8erywhere two or 9ore 5rayed in a gro+5. I was going to see how they did it 1ac2 then. 3s I read thro+gh 3cts +nder,ining these Scri5t+res- I co+,dn=t :ind a sing,e 5,ace where there was a gro+5 and one 5erson was ca,,ed on to ,ead in 5rayer. I a,so co+,dn=t :ind sentence 5rayers or anything ,i2e that. I :o+nd the Bi1,e said they ,i:ted their 8oices. They a,, 5rayed at once- and they a,, 5rayed o+t ,o+dF The ne*t ti9e I went to the F+,, ;os5e, ser8ices- I got right in the 9idd,e o: the9 when they 5rayed.

Chapter '

Paul at Pra#er

/nd this I pray, that your lo"e may a!ound yet more and more in knowledge and in all 6udgment. 5Phi,i55ians 1'9
(any ti9es when 5raying :or /hristians we say- @;od 1,ess Sister So-and-so@ and @;od 1,ess Brother So-and-so-@ yet we don=t :ind where Pa+, e8er 5rayed that way. That 2ind o: 5raying rea,,y doesn=t do 9+ch goodG it on,y sa,8es o+r conscience and 9a2es +s :ee, we=8e 5rayed. Pa+, was s5eci:ic when he said- "I pray, that your lo"e may a!ound more and more.@ That=s a good way to 5ray :or /hristians- isn=t itI Pa+, is 5raying :or 1e,ie8ers. Notice /o,ossians 1'9'
*8L8,,5A9, ":: : 7or this #ause $e also, sin#e the day $e heard it, do not #ease to pray for you, and to desire that ye mi'ht e filled $ith the /no$led'e of his $ill in all $isdom and spiritual understandin'!

This is Pa+,=s 5rayer :or the /h+rch at /o,osse. I: yo+ are :i,,ed with the 2now,edge o: His &i,,- then yo+=re going to 2now what a,, these 1,essings are with which the Father has 1,essed yo+. In E5hesians 1'$- Pa+, 5rayed'
E02E,5A9, ":3 3 Blessed e the )od and 7ather of our Lord &esus *hrist, $ho hath lessed us $ith all spiritual lessin's in hea%enly pla#es in *hrist!

That 9eans He a,ready has 5ro8ided e8erything we need> a,, the 1,essings we wi,, e8er need. They are all wrapped up in ;esus. $1


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To 5ray- @;od 1,ess So-and-so@ wo+,d ca+se ;od to say- @I can=t answer that 5rayer. I=8e a,ready done that- 1+t they don=t 2now it.@ Instead o: Pa+,=s saying- @;od 1,ess the9-@ he said"E:yF desire EisF that ye might !e illed with the knowledge o his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.@ That wo+,d 1e a good way to 5ray :or /hristians. That=s what 9ost /hristians need- isn=t itI Pa+, wrote this 5rayer +nder the ins5iration o: the Ho,y S5irit. Since it=s S5irit gi8en- it wo+,d 1e a good 5rayer :or yo+ to 5ray :or yo+rse,:. <o+ can say- @Bord- I=9 going to 5ray this 5rayer :or 9yse,:. It=s 9y desire and 5rayer that I 9ight 1e :i,,ed with the 2now,edge o: yo+r wi,, in a,, wisdo9 and s5irit+a, +nderstanding.@ I thin2 these 5rayers Pa+, 5rayed :or the /hristian /h+rch wi,, gi8e +s insight on how to 5ray :or other 1e,ie8ers as we,,. For e*a95,e- Pa+, wrote in Second Thessa,onians 1'11'
2 +2E,,AL895A9, ":"" "" 3herefore also $e pray al$ays for you, that our )od $ould #ount you $orthy of this #allin', and fulfil all the 'ood pleasure of his 'oodness, and the $or/ of faith $ith po$er: that the name of our Lord &esus *hrist may e 'lorified in you, and ye in him, a##ordin' to the 'ra#e of our )od and the Lord &esus *hrist!

I 5artic+,ar,y ,i2e where Pa+, said- " ul il all the good pleasure o his goodness, and the work o aith with power.@ DThat=s what ;od wants :+,:i,,ed in +s.E I a,so ,i2e the 5hrase"that the Bame o the 0ord ;esus *hrist may !e glori ied in you. @ &hoe8er tho+ght o: 5raying :or a who,e ch+rch that the Na9e o: the Bord Aes+s /hrist 9ight 1e g,ori:ied in the9I 3re yo+ 5raying that wayI This is a c,+e :or +s. I=9 con8inced we need to 1e s5eci:ic in o+r 5raying one :or another. Pa+, was 8ery s5eci:ic and 8ery de:inite in his 5raying. Bet=s ,oo2 at 9ore Scri5t+re where Pa+, said so9ething a1o+t 5rayer.

Paul at Prayer


Second /orinthians 1'11 isn=t e*act,y his 5rayer :or the /orinthians- 1+t Pa+, is as2ing their he,5 in 5rayer' "?e also helping together !y prayer or us....@ Pa+, a,ready had said in the 10th 8erse- concerning his di::ic+,ties- "$ho deli"ered us rom so great a death, and doth deli"er# in whom we trust that he will deli"er us.@ 3nd then he said- "?e also helping together !y prayer or us, that or the gi t !estowed upon us !y the means o many persons thanks may !e gi"en !y many on our !ehal " D8. 11E. He is ta,2ing here a1o+t the 5rayer o: the ch+rch @he,5ing together.@ The ch+rch had 5rayed :or hi9- hadn=t theyI The Bi1,e says- "The e ectual er"ent prayer o a righteous man a"aileth much" DAa9es 5'1#E. &e are enco+raged to 5ray one :or another. &hen 5eo5,e are in tro+1,e- or i: their ,i8es are in danger>,i2e Pa+,=s was>we need to re9e91er to 5ray. In Second /orinthians 9'1.- Pa+, said- "/nd !y their prayer or you, which long a ter you or the e+ceeding grace o God in you.@ Here he is ta,2ing a1o+t other 5eo5,e in his co95any who a,so had 5rayed :or the /orinthians. They 5rayed one :or anotherG they were concerned one :or another. $e are sel ish many times in our praying. 7ea,,y- we sho+,d 5+t others :irst in o+r 5rayer ,i:e. (ost o: the ti9e- a,, we do is 5ray :or o+rse,8es and o+r own ,itt,e gro+5 or :a9i,y>o+r own needs. &e are 9+ch ,i2e the :ar9er who said- @;od 1,ess 9e and 9y wi:e- 9y son Aohn and his wi:e- +s :o+r and no 9ore.@ &e wo+,dn=t say it that way- 1+t i: yo+ ana,yCe it- that=s a1o+t the e*tent o: 9any o: o+r 5rayersF For an indi"idual to grow spiritually, he=s going to ha"e to reach out and help others. ?ou can't put yoursel irst. For a church to grow and de"elop, it's going to ha"e to do the same thing. In Phi,i55ians- Pa+, 9a2es 9ention o: 5raying :or the /h+rch at Phi,i55i- "I thank my God upon e"ery remem!rance o


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you" DPhi,. 1'$E. This is H+ite a state9ent- isn=t itI 0o yo+ re9e91er what ha55ened at Phi,i55iI 0o yo+ re9e91er when Pa+, :irst went down thereI In a night 8ision- a 9an stood +5 and said- "*ome o"er to :acedonia, and help us @ D3cts 1#'9E. Pa+, had decided to go into 3sia (inor- 1+t said he was :or1idden to go 1y the S5irit. So Pa+, and Si,as went o8er into (acedoniaand th+s the :irst ti9e the ;os5e, was 5reached on the E+ro5ean continent was in Phi,i55i. This is what ha55ened'
A*+, "-:"3,"4 "3 And on the sa ath $e $ent out of the #ity y a ri%er side, $here prayer $as $ont to e made4 and $e sat do$n, and spa/e unto the $omen $hi#h resorted thither! "4 And a #ertain $oman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the #ity of +hyatira, $hi#h $orshipped )od, heard us: $hose heart the Lord opened, that she attended unto the thin's $hi#h $ere spo/en of 0aul!

Bydia was con8erted to /hristianity and in8ited Pa+, and Si,as to stay in her ho9e. &hi,e in that city- Pa+, wo+,d o:ten go into the synagog+e and disc+ss the Scri5t+res. )n the streets o: Phi,i55i- a ,itt,e 9aiden with a s5irit o: di8ination- or :ort+ne-te,,ing- wo+,d :o,,ow a,ong 1ehind Pa+, and Si,as and say- "These men are ser"ants o the most high God, which shew unto us the way o sal"ation" D3cts 1#'1"E. She 2new who they were 1eca+se the e8i, s5irit in her 2new. DB+t who wants the de8i, testi:ying :or hi9IE Fina,,y- one day Pa+, t+rned aro+nd on the street and cast the de8i, o+t o: her>9a2ing it i95ossi1,e :or her to te,, :ort+nes any 9ore. Her 9asters 1eca9e angry and had Pa+, and Si,as arrested. They were stri55ed- 1eaten- and thrown in ?ai,. 3t 9idnight they 5rayed and sang 5raises to ;od- as we st+died ear,ier. This /h+rch at Phi,i55i was 1orn in 5ersec+tion- yet Pa+, says- "I thank my God upon e"ery remem!rance o you" DPhi,.

Paul at Prayer


1'$E. &hen yo+ ha8e the right 5ers5ecti8e- yo+ can than2 ;od :or e8ery test. I a,ways than2 ;od :or the9. I than2 ;od when I a9 in the 9idst o: the9- and I than2 ;od when they=re o8erG not !ecause they are o"er, 1+t 1eca+se I had the pri"ilege o: 5ro8ing Hi9 :aith:+,. Be,ie8ers sho+,d 1e :+,, o: ?oy and ,o8e- ,i2e a s5onge is :+,, o: water. Then when the de8i, 5+ts 5ress+re on yo+- a,, that ooCes o+t is ?oy and ,o8e instead o: gri5ing and co95,ainingF @.. .:aking re<uest with 6oy, For your ellowship in the gospel rom the irst day until now @ DPhi,. 1'.-5E. &hen Pa+, and Si,as were in ?ai, at Phi,i55i- they 5rayed and sang 5raises to ;od. /nyone can sing praises to God a ter he has !een deli"ered9 it doesn=t take aith to do that. B+t Pa+, and Si,as sang 5raises to ;od at 9idnight whi,e they were in the 9idst o: tro+1,e. That=s the way it sho+,d 1eF Pa+, says se8era, things that gi8e +s a c,+e a1o+t how to 5ray :or others and a1o+t o+r attit+de in 5rayer. This is what he wrote to the 7o9ans'
;81A9, "::-"2 : 7or )od is my $itness, $hom 5 ser%e $ith my spirit in the 'ospel of his ,on, that $ithout #easin' 5 ma/e mention of you al$ays in my prayers4 "0 1a/in' re<uest, if y any means no$ at len'th 5 mi'ht ha%e a prosperous (ourney y the $ill of )od to #ome unto you! "" 7or 5 lon' to see you, that 5 may impart unto you some spiritual 'ift, to the end ye may e esta lished4 "2 +hat is, that 5 may e #omforted to'ether $ith you y the mutual faith oth of you and me!

Fro9 8erse 9 we see that Pa+, ne8er :orgot to 5ray :or the 7o9ans. DIt is so easy to :orget- isn=t itIE &hen he 5rayed :or the9- he 9entioned one o: his reH+ests was that @I might ha"e a prosperous 6ourney !y the will o God to come unto you.@ He wanted to 1e 9ade a 1,essing to the9G he wanted to i95art


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s5irit+a, things to the9. Then again- we ha8e Pa+,=s 5rayers in E5hesians. These are the ,ongest 5rayers Pa+, 5rayedG they are 9ore detai,ed than 5rayers in his other ,etters.
E02E,5A9, ":"--23 "- =5> #ease not to 'i%e than/s for you, ma/in' mention of you in my prayers, ". +hat the )od of our Lord &esus *hrist, the 7ather of 'lory, may 'i%e unto you the spirit of $isdom and re%elation in the /no$led'e of him: "? +he eyes of your understandin' ein' enli'htened4 that ye may /no$ $hat is the hope of his #allin', and $hat the ri#hes of the 'lory of his inheritan#e in the saints, ": And $hat is the e@#eedin' 'reatness of his po$er to us$ard $ho elie%e, a##ordin' to the $or/in' of his mi'hty po$er! 20 3hi#h he $rou'ht in *hrist, $hen he raised him from the dead, and set him at his o$n ri'ht hand in the hea%enly pla#es, 2" 7ar a o%e all prin#ipality, and po$er, and mi'ht, and dominion, and e%ery name that is named, not only in this $orld, ut also in that $hi#h is to #ome: 22 And hath put all thin's under his feet, and 'a%e him to e the head o%er all thin's to the #hur#h, 23 3hi#h is his ody, the fullness of him that filleth all in all!

Pa+, 5rayed that the E5hesians 9ight recei8e a re8e,ation o: the 2now,edge o: ;od in their hearts9 in other words- that the inner 9an 9ight 1e en,ightened. )ne trans,ation says- @The eyes o: yo+r heart- or yo+r s5irit....@ DE5h. 1'1 E. Pa+, didn=t 5ray :or their mental +nderstanding- 1eca+se we 2now it=s 1eyond h+9an D9enta,E co95rehension to gras5 the 9eaning o: what Pa+, said here +nder the ins5iration o: the Ho,y S5irit. &e 2now the &ord

Paul at Prayer


9eans what it says- 1+t we need to get the re8e,ation o: it in o+r hearts. I 9ade giant strides in 9y s5irit+a, ,i:e when I 1egan to 5ray this E5hesian 5rayer :or 9yse,:. 3t 9y ,ast 5astorate in Te*as- I sh+t 9yse,: +5 in 9y ch+rch d+ring the winter o: 19."-. :or ho+rs and e8en days- ne8er co9ing o+t. I ,e:t 9y Bi1,e o5en to this cha5ter on the a,tar- and near,y e8ery ti9e I went in- I got on 9y 2nees and 5rayed this 5rayer :or 9yse,:. I wo+,d say- @Now- Bord- Pa+, was ins5ired 1y the S5irit o: ;od to 5ray this 5rayer- and he was ins5ired 1y the S5irit o: ;od to write it. I a9 5raying it :or 9yse,:.@ E8ery 5,ace Pa+, said your, I wo+,d insert I. &here he said- @I 5ray that the eyes o: your +nderstanding ....@ I wo+,d say- @I 5ray that the eyes o: my +nderstanding ... .@ Then I wo+,d t+rn to the ne*t 5rayer- in E5hesians $'1.-!1and I wo+,d 5ray :or 9yse,: again. Since I wo+,d 1e there :or ho+rs at a ti9e- I wo+,d 5ray those 5rayers e8ery two or three ho+rs>5erha5s ha,: a doCen ti9es a day. The Bord s5o2e to 9e one day whi,e I was at the a,tar 5raying. He said- @I a9 going to ta2e yo+ on to re8e,ations and 8isions.@ I99ediate,y a:ter that- re8e,ations in ,ine with the &ord 1egan to co9e. In :act- they ca9e so :ast I said to 9y wi:e- @&hat in the wor,d ha8e I 1een 5reaching the ,ast 15 yearsI@ I ,earned so 9+ch and got so 9+ch new 2now,edge :ro9 the Bi1,e- 5raying these 5rayers on 9y 2nees 1e:ore ;od- it see9ed as i: I didn=t 2now anything 1e:ore.

&hen the eyes o: yo+r +nderstanding>yo+r s5irit>are en,ightened- yo+ can 9a2e 9ore s5irit+a, 5rogress in a :ew days or wee2s than yo+ can in 15 years o: st+dying the Bi1,e and 5reaching. That doesn=t 9ean we sho+,dn=t st+dyG I sti,, st+dyF B+t I=9 saying these are good 5rayers to 5ray :or yo+rse,:.

&ith 9i,,ions o: Faith Bi1rary 1oo2s in circ+,ation- the 5rinted 5age contin+es to 1e a 9a?or o+treach o: Kenneth Hagin (inistries. The 8oice o: Kenneth Hagin (inistries is :+rther a95,i:ied aro+nd the wor,d thro+gh the :o,,owing 9edia' 3 !.-5age :ree 9onth,y 9agaCine- The $ord o Faith9 an internationa, radio 1roadcast- @Faith Se9inar o: the 3ir@G nationwide 3,, Faiths= /r+sadesG Faith Bi1rary ta5esG and 7HE(3 /orres5ondence Bi1,e Schoo,. These o+t-reaches are 8ita, to the 5art Kenneth Hagin (inistries shares in :+,:i,,ing the ;reat /o99ission>yet- there is 9ore . . . 7HE(3 Bi1,e Training /enter is another dyna9ic o+treach o: Kenneth Hagin (inistries. Fo+nded in 19".- 7HE(3 o::ers a high H+a,ity o: 9inisteria, st+dies designed to train and eH+i5 9en and wo9en to enter the E8ange,istic- Pastora,- Teaching- (issions- He,5s- <o+th- and /hi,dren=s 9inistries. Today tho+sands o: grad+ates o: 7HE(3 ha8e 8ent+red into e8ery inha1ited continent o: the earth- carrying the ;ood News o: the ;os5e, o: Aes+s /hrist>with signs :o,,owing. To recei8e a :ree- :+,,-co,or 1roch+re on 7HE(3 Bi1,e Training /enter- a :ree 9onth,y 9agaCine- The $ord o Faith, or to recei8e o+r Faith Bi1rary /ata,og with a co95,ete ,isting o: Kenneth Hagin (inistries= 1oo2s and ta5es- write' Kenneth 2a'in 1inistries P.). Bo* 501!# T+,sa- )K ".150-01!#
In *anada write#

P.). Bo* $$5- Station 0- Eto1ico2e DTorontoE- )ntario /anada- (93 .4$