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Attract more money with your root chakra (I'll explain)

By Guest - Posted on 09 October 2008


I asked a healing intuitive i there is any condition in the body!energy syste" that can kee# #eo#le ro" "ani esting "oney in their lives$ %he res#onded& 'es, a closed root chakra$ (s "any o you kno), chakras are the energy centers in our bodies, and the root chakra is the "ost basic one at the botto" o the s#ine$ It is connected to earth, the legs, the eet, #hysical survival o the individual and the tribe, eeling grounded, connected, sa e and secure, and yes, "oney$ I the root chakra is closed, "eans its lo) o energy is restricted, )e eel unsa e, disconnected, and have trouble to attract "aterial abundance$ *ere are +0 )ays to o#en and balance your root chakra$ ,ry any or all o the", and do it on a regular basis$ +$ Get connected to the earth, to gravity$ %to"# your eet, #ress your legs and eet into the loor )hile you are sitting, go bar oot, i"agine roots gro)ing out o your eet into the ground, indulge in a oot "assage - you get the idea$ 2$ %it straight in a chair and let your attention #lunge do)n to your #elvic loor$ -eel the stable heaviness. i"agine )hat your root chakra looks like$ Is it red /it does not have to be0, sha#e, "ove"ent - )hatever co"es to "ind$ 1ake it a habit to be a)are o this #art o your body$ 2$ %tand )ith your eet "ore than shoulder )ide a#art, toes and knees #ointed out in a )ay that is co" ortable$ 3o) bend your knees as dee# as you can and co"e u# again$ 1ove u# and do)n 4 to +0 ti"es$ 5o this several ti"es a day$ 6$ %7uat do)n )ithout shoes and 8ust sit there as long as it is co" ortable$ 5o this o ten /)ell, yeah, you should get out o that tight skirt, too0$ 5. Kegel exercises: 9ontract the "uscles o your #elvic loor or three seconds, then release or three seconds$ Re#eat ten ti"es$ 3obody )ill be a)are o )hat you are doing, so go ahead in the grocery store )hen you are )aiting in line$ ,he "uscles are easy to ind& ,hey are the ones that you use to sto# the lo) o urine$ :egel e;ercises are bene icial or a host o e"ale health #roble"s <do)n there<, too$ =$ >ibrational chakra toning or tuning )ith sound$ ,here are "any )ays to go, ro" chanting, tuning orks, to 1P2 do)nloads$ Google it$

?$ %#ecial chakra lo)er essences$ Google it$ 8$ %it do)n, #ress your inde; ingers and thu"bs slightly together /yoga "udra0, and chant @(1$ 9$ 5ee#, ull body breathing$ Pay s#ecial attention to e;haling$ +0$ Aat oods that eed your root chakra& +$ *ot s#ices 2$ Root vegetables like carrots, #otatoes, #arsni#, onions, garlic, etc$ 2$ ProteinB 'es, red "eat i it eels right to you$ 1any light)orkers shy a)ay ro" these <#ri"itive< oods, a #ractice that can "ake the" highly unbalanced /not to "ention #rone to having "oney #roble"s$$$0$

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