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Hello, the purpose of this interview is to gain knowledge about cultural differences in terms of university behaviour and learning

preferences of international students. Your answers will be kept anonym. However they will be used to write an essay for my home university. Please do not just answer in one short sentence, however I don`t want you to write an essay either

1. This question is about the way of teaching in seminars and lectures at you home university. How would you describe the way of teaching in seminars? Is it one way communication (the professor speaks and you listen or a discussion (interaction from both sides, opinions get exchanged)? Answer: in our school were using two way communication and the lecturer builds the lecture around the response from the classes. but this depends on the professors and they got some free hands on how they can do our lectures.

2.Is it in any kind different to what you have experienced here in Hamburg? Answer: Found a lot of similarities with some diffrancies in the act of how many in the class who interacted during the class. (in hamburg a lot less).

3. When you are preparing for an exam or a test for university, how do you think you are able to learn most effective and efficient? When you are learning alone or when you a preparing for an exam in a group? If in a group, what do you think is the perfect number of group/team members? Answer: Reed and evaluate what I've read. Prefer to do this in a group with group discussion and conclusions of our tasks. When I'm studying for an exam i think three is most efficient (I cant concentrate with to many)

4. Imagine you are given an assignment, which is going to have a significant impact on your final degree result. Would you prefer it to be a group-assignment or would you prefer it to be individual work/assignment? (Please explain why?) Answer: I prefer to work in a group, I'm more of an group persons and have no problems of assigning each member a task. in this way it gets more effective and efficient (with the right people).

5. During this first Erasmus semester you have met people from all over Europe and even other continents. You have experienced cultural differences and might have gained knowledge of your fellow students, which will influence your life from now on. Do you think your opinion on question 1-4 has changed during this time? Did studying abroad affect your views on individual or group work? Answer: This has changed of course, in the terms of doing things efficient and getting to know your group to preform better. Since we made mostly group work, I think this has improved mostly. Thanks you so much for your patience! Joschka