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Perspectives Objectives
Stakeholder S1 Intensify Appraisal and Assessment of Real Properties

No. of real property units appraise/assess

2013Accomplishment/ Assessment Report

1200 RPUs

Increased Assessed Value through appraisal and Assessment of Real Properties Improved Delivery of Service through Frontliners Services Increased Number of Declared Real Property Units through discovery and conduct of ocular inspection Increased Assessment Value through reclassification of land for taxation purposes Improved Work Efficiency through collaboration with the CTO, LAM and different concerned agencies and Bgy. Officials Increased Assessed Value through Updating of Real Property Valuation Enhanced Efficiency through Enhancing,



S2 Enhance Service Delivery

Costumers satisfaction to the delivery of service No. of undeclared real property and idle land

Customers/clients feedback

100% of needs

Internal Process

IP1.a Discovery of undeclared Real Properties and listing of idle lands

2013Accomplishment/ Assessment Report

4 Urban Barangays

IP1.b Update classification and actual use of land

100% accurate

Zoning ordinance

100% of needs

IP1.c Coordinate/collaborate with the CTO and other c oncerned (LAM agencies ) and Bgy. Officials.

100% of needs 100% effective Meetings

IP1.d Update Real Property Valuation

100% accurate/updated

Deed of Sale and Sworn statement of property owners

100% approved

IP2.a Enhance, Updated and maintain computerization

100% Efficient

Existing system

100% Updated

syste (Revenue generating system ETRACs) IP2.b Issuance of accurate assessment records No. of assessment records issued Computerized assessment record/accomplishment report Existing System/Records

And maintained 100% of needs

Updating, Maintaining the System Improved Customers Satisfaction by providing accurate assessment records Improved Customers Satisfaction through Online processing of transactions. Increased Assessed Value by amending the Existing SMV of 1998 Increased Value through providing funds for the Special Project Increased Work Production through request of funds for additional positions and staff development Increased System Efficiency through providing funds for computerization project Increased Work Production by providing funds for capital outlay Increased Work Production through providing funds for additional positions and filling up vacant

IP2.c Online process of assessment Transaction

100% accurate

100% of needs


F1.a Propose amendments of SMV

100% value updated/ accurate

Section 219 of Local Govt Code of 1991

100% approved

F1.b Funding for special Project: Discovery of undeclared real property F1.c Funding for additional regular position/staff development

100% fund requirement provided

Existing Project

100% of needs

100% fund requirement provided

Request for Creation For addition position

100% of needs

F2.a Funding for computerization system ( Revenue generating system ETRACS) F2.b Allotment for capital outlay

100% fund requirement provided

Existing System

100% of needs

100% fund requirement provided

Existing Project

100% of needs

Learning & Growth

LG1.a Additional skilled staff/fill up vacant position

100% proposed creation /existing vacant positions filled

Letter request for Creation/filling of existing vacant position

100% of needs

posiitions LG1.b Staff Development 100% effective HRMO training needs 100% of needs Improved Work Efficiency through providing funds for staff development Improved Customers Satisfaction through providing funds for GAD and frontliners

LG2.a Enhance GAD sensitive information Mgnt (Equipped front liners)

100% customers satisfaction

Customers/Client feedback

100% of needs