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Sadgurus Discourse.

My salutations to all pious souls. It is only due to the wishes of Gurushaktis that the 8th Deep Meditation has commenced. The pledge that I had taken for creating 8 statues will be fulfilled after this Anushthan is completed. During this deep meditation a ritual of consecration of life (Pran Pratishtha) will be done to the Murti that is destined for the Guru Shakti Dham in Melbourne, Australia. The process involves gradually reducing the sense of the physical body in a systematic manner and to split this sense on eight different levels to reach a state of zero, to be completely free from the sense of the physical body. This was the main reason for deep meditations (Anushthan) and with the completion of this 8th Anushthan this motive behind it will also be complete. I will reach that state of freedom which is the ultimate goal of each and every soul. This is the reason why this deep meditation is of more significance. Sadhaks who are in complete surrender, when they are one with the medium and no longer have their own identity, they too will receive the same state effortlessly. Sadhaks who have surrendered have experienced a systematic change within themselves during every deep meditation Anushthan. If this has not happened to you then you need to sit in isolation and contemplate. You need to ask yourself: Do I meditate regularly? Am I connected to collectivity? Is my collectivity of pure souls? The Ganga of Samarpan has both pious river banks and murky river banks. The river Ganga has to flow with all of them. But you can choose the pious bank and take a bath there. Always be in the company of good sadhaks. It is easy and straightforward to recognise good sadhaks. They do not focus on faults of other people and also do not discuss them. They also do not speak about the gurukarya that they have done. Deep meditation program is that pious period when maximum numbers of people meditate regularly. Those who do not meditate regularly also do so in these 45 days.

This deep meditation program is the final step to attain the state of freedom from the physical body. Hence in order to bring Samarpan family to the next generation, I am declaring Shri Anuragji, Shri Ambareeshji and Kumari Shashwati as my successors. Shri Anuragji and Shri Ambareeshji will look after Spiritual progress and administrative work. Kumari Shashwati will look after education and social work. Now it is high time that if we want this Gurukarya to reach the future generations then we need to hand over the reins to the next generation. The entire world has indeed changed in the last 10 years. Todays youth has the knowledge of technology, has new enthusiasm and new energy. For the Gurus who will arrive in the future, only these youth can create a way for them. We all need to stay in the background and allow them to lead the way. That is why I am making a beginning with my own family. The entire foundation of spirituality is based on the word Designate. The moment I declared them as my successors, immediately the flow of Guru Shakti started flowing towards them. Recently a photograph of these two brothers was taken with a Jain muni (sage). In this photograph there is a clear image of the flow of energy (Chaitanya). After handing the future of Samarpan in their hands I have now become completely free of any worries and responsibilities. After they have been designated and announced by Guru energies, now to criticise or comment on this decision would be to mistrust Guru energies. You now need to be cautious as Guru energies will act through them as a medium. If you can walk at their pace then do so or else stay at home and pray for Samarpan. It has become necessary to make this clear as it is possible that this might be the final deep meditation program. This is because I had pledged to establish eight statues and no matter what the circumstances were I have completed them. During each deep meditation program bad circumstances are created and there is a feeling of not coming out of this deep meditation. Even this time a similar situation has been created. In olden times when sages and saints performed the fire ceremony, devils and demons during the fire ceremony would throw flesh and bones into the fire to disrupt the ceremony. These demons are present even today but now along with OM, the Trishul is also manifested/appears. Demons are not of any different shape or form, it is an attitude that flows through the medium of negative thoughts. People of such demonic nature are present around us who always speak negative and

also propagate negative thoughts. Beware of such people with negative thoughts even if they come in the form of fellow sadhaks. During this Anushthan attempt to take your chitta deeper within, which will enable you to see the faults inside you and also stop you from seeing faults in other people. During these days continuously chant the mantra I am a holy soul, I am a pure soul. By doing so, at one end your inner (soul) sense will increase and the sense of the physical body will decrease. When the inner (soul) sense will increase then all your problems in life will be over, all the disease of your body will go away by itself. Make use of this deep meditation to surrender. When your surrender is towards a medium that has been an accepted path by millions of souls then you too by accepting this medium will reach that state which is called Moksha. At this moment a collective energy of pious surrendered souls is proactive to attain Moksha. You have to join in this collectivity. On your own you have not been able to achieve this nor will you ever be able to do so. Everyday around the world thousands of souls are joining in this collectivity. This is a collection of holy souls. One can join in it by only being a holy soul. We have to become a holy soul. When our body gets hurt and when we pay extra attention to it than our pain increases. Similarly when we focus more on the addictions of our body our addictions too increase. If we focus too much on our thoughts then our thoughts increase. If we increase our attention on illnesses then our illness increases. I am older in age and that is why I have more knowledge, this too is ego. Please get rid of this ego. This is because this 25 year old knowledge is of no good for todays generation. Times have changed; the knowledge of todays generation is of relevance today. Allow the young sadhaks of today to come forward in all different areas. You connect with them through prayers and allow them to work. Infact the aim of Kaivalya Kumbh Yogi is to create good parents so we have to give them an opportunity to come forward. But until we do not vacate the chair how will they occupy the chair? No matter how good we are if our children do not turn out good then indeed this is not our progress but our regress. That is why encourage the young generation and allow them to progress.

When I declared my children as my successors I told them that I am handing over to them the invaluable throne which is created after a lifelong penance and meditation. Maintain its holiness and purity. If you attempt to dirty it then I will oppose even you and if someone else will try to stain it then I will oppose that person too. This is because you have to hand it over to the next generation in its original form. This is my Gurus legacy. The fact that you have taken birth in my family is a divine indication for me. It is my request to you that the way you have supported me till now, similarly support me in my attempt to bring forward the entire youth energy. Lots of blessings to all of you.

Yours Baba Swami. 16/01/14

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