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From: Legal Administrator [mailto:administrator-131@legalnotification.com] Sent: 11 September 2013 19:32 To: hostmaster@ukplc.

net Subject: Unauthorized use of Deloitte (English) at https://www.lifeinthemix.info/dwp/deloitte-ceo-deanjames/ [IFID:429RG1]

September 11 2013 Dear Administrative Contact:

I am contacting you on behalf of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ("DTT"), owner of the world-famous trademarks (i) DELOITTE, (ii) DELOITTE TOUCHE, (iii) DELOITTE & TOUCHE TOHMATSU, (iv) TOHMATSU, (v) TECHNOLOGY FAST 50, and (vi) TECHNOLOGY FAST 500 (the "Marks"). We manage DTT's domain name monitoring activity for brand identity issues on the Internet. DTT and its member firms are one of the world's leading accounting, auditing, management consulting, and tax advisory services organizations, employing over 150,000 people in nearly 140 countries, with aggregate global revenues of over $20 billion. DTT and its member firms have been identified as the second largest professional services organization in the world, serving over 80% of the world's largest companies. The brand name "DELOITTE" has the longest continuous existence of any firm name in the accounting profession. DTT is the owner of all rights in the Marks in connection with a wide variety of goods and services. DTT and its members firms also maintain an extensive Internet presence through numerous web sites, including, without limitation, www.deloitte.com. In sum, the Marks are highly valuable assets to DTT. It has come to our attention that one or more of the Marks appear on your web site located at:https://www.lifeinthemix.info/dwp/deloitte-ceo-dean-james/, without having obtained prior written authorization from DTT. As owner, DTT has the exclusive right to reproduce and use its Marks and authorize such reproduction and use. DTT does not recognize this site as an authorized vendor and your use of

the Marks constitutes an infringement of the exclusive intellectual property rights of DTT. DTT requests that you immediately cease and desist from using the Marks and immediately remove all references to the Marks presently appearing on your site. If you do not do so, DTT is prepared to take appropriate legal action to enforce its valuable rights. This letter is without waiver of or prejudice to any of DTT's rights, claims and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved. We will continue to monitor your web site in order to verify your compliance with this letter demand. This is the second cease and desist notification letter that you are receiving concerning this matter. Please address these issues immediately. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us using the information provided below. Sincerely,

Legal Notification Legal Administrator <administrator-131@legal-notification.com> [IFID:429RG1]