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The dog feeds in response to"two grasp a to take care of" in spring A, grasp to go together with a kind in spring

1, be in heat a characteristics:The dog is a seasonal to be in heat, general Be each to be in heat once for 9~11 months of 3~5 months and a t mn in spring! ", the best go together with a kind of age:#og of the best go together with a kind of age is medi m the small scaled dog is a large 1$%ear$old half dog at " %ears old later! 3, the best go together with a kind of season:#og&s going together with the most ideal season of kind is a spring and generall% Be on the "~3th da% carr% on going together with a kind after the bitch is in heat!'o together with a kind of n mber of times with " times is good!(epl% again to go together with for partition ")~)* ho rs once after going together with to grow for the first time, go together with to grow an impregnation rate b% e+altation, keep bitch from getting empt% for wrong , arter a bosom! ), go together with a kind of method:The dog goes together with a kind of method to regard nat ral mating as principle, if mates a diffic lt% nat rall%, cans assist to go together with a kind b% artificial assistance! Two, grasp gestation to e+pect to feed 1, the food of dog:The dog is carni-oro s animal, sho ld take gro nd miscellaneo s meat, big rice, and corn!!!etc! as staple food! ", the gestation e+pect feeding:The dog gestation increase to feed protein, mineral animal feed after a month and increase to feed some meat:The gestation e+pects and increases .i with the calci m animal feed to feed , antit% behind! 3, the gestation e+pect a no rishment re, est:(i /iang re, ests no rishment o-erall, feed to sweep in response to the .i, fresh, be eas% to the animal feed of digesting the absorption!The animal feed wants to carr% on processing a processing before the .i feeds and wants to carr% on rinse and c ts to pieces s ch as the meat -egetables!The meat after wanting to cook the .i feeds, the -egetables sho ld not cook lead lo s%! ), the in fi+ed time metered .i feed:'eneral ad lthood dog earl% e-er% da%, late each .i feed a %o ng dog e-er% da% the .i feed 3 times, earl%, noon, late each .i feed once!The .i feeds e-er% da% , antit% to anticipate a calc lation b% stem and press the dog each kilogram weight 0!05 kilogram .is to feed!To fi+ tableware the fi+ed .i feeds position!1eed to anticipate temperat re to ha-e to be appropriate, general take )0 as had better! 5, notice an obser-ation:To notice the beha-ior performance of obser-ing the dog if r n abo t, lie 2i, sleeping post re, breath, and appetite!!!etc!, don&t as s al disco-er to e+press and find o t reason in time, processing in time or make a diagnosis and gi-e treatment! Three, strengthen in spring a management 1, gi-e p .i tools and implements disinfection:The dog gi-es p to want to in fi+ed time clean p e-er% da% and disinfects monthl% and keep a dog to gi-e p good of well -entilated and onl% shine on a condition!The dog gi-es p temperat re to ha-e to be feat, the relati-e h midit% can not be more than 304!1eeding .i and drinking tools and implements has to boil to disinfect once weekl%! ", e+ercise management:5eacetime earl% e-er% da%, late each e+ercise aro nd 30 min tes!The bitch pregnanc% period sho ld e+ercise appropriatel%, b t don&t carr% on -iolent mo-e, in order to pre-ent ha-e a miscarriage!

3, manage in spring:The spring is a dog to is in heat, mate, breed and molt season, strengthen male dog and be in heat the management of bitch, pre-ent6from r nning to lose, pre-ent6from going together with indiscriminatel%!The dog wo ld aro se skin .ao 7ang and grasp, bit open a skin while molting, occ rrence infection!Therefore, molting a dog to the spring sho ld carr% on be combed b% the hair, keep a skin to sweep and be been going smoothl% b% the hair, in order to pre-ent dog occ rrence skin disease! .o rce:8inchang egg inc bator www!inc batorforegg!com