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The behavior and temperament of dog The dog is a kind of carnivore, while feeding, need to prepare more animal

egg white and fat in the animal feed, assist with the vegetarian food composition to promise a dog of normal develop and healthy physique. The digest way ratio of dog eats a grass animal to have to be short, the meeting content of hydrochloric acid is resided to in the domestic animal in the stomach of dog first, add of the bowel wall thick absorption ability is strong, so is easy with feat digest a carnivorous food. The dog belongs to a wolf section, not and greatly chews while taking a meal and it mays be said "eat voraciously".This reminds we while feeding, little feed Ju of the vegetable of fiber.If wanting to feed had better also cut to pieces vegetable or cook. The dog has a bowel movement axis in enough flourishing, not ability at on the march have a bowel movement, so we give it certain of time for bowel movement. The dog is pleased to chew to bite.This tored to bite the habit that the find leaves while being also the original ecosystem. e one want usually to its some boneses while feeding, with benefit in indulge in arguments to use. !og"s hasing the special ego the defense ability , after eating into poisonous food, can arouse to vomit a glint but vomit poisonous food. #la$ing hot summer, dog big %hang %hu"s mouth, hang a long long tongue, depend the humidity in the saliva evaporate to eliminate heat. hile living together, dog"s"caste system" relates to with the master and servant.#uilding up such an order then can keep the stability of community, the decrease arouses bad !ou because of battling out of food and existence space. !og while lying of time, always turn in the surroundings, probably for lying comfortable, probably loose to stay of what instinct. The head, neck and body of dog likes person"s caress, but bottom and tail touch not get. In addition, "the dog can not change to eat excrement", this is the biggest bad habit of dog, have to rectify.!og not only cannibalism excrement, also eat dog"s dung. The dog action means of meaning The dog is the strong or weak that &udges opponent according to the height of he or she"s view to the stranger"s behavior standard.'nce the stranger close to, the oppression feeling for coming down from above will make it uneasy, if adopt low posture, it then will accept you.If is more lower than the height that its eyes see, will make it has peace of mind more. The weakness of dog on the right side, it will act for protecting the right side but. hen it at be made track for have no one to turn to, will let own right side face the enemy to the left side by the wall.This kind of temperament is a gifted dog instinct. !og"s showing somebody else its belly is to mean amenability to the other party and surrender.There is certain rule in the society of dog, too, they will never attackstone to fall flop the opponent of peeping out the belly. hile lying a sky of belly dynasty to sleep the dog meant it very trust or very trust, would show people or make people touch its belly. The dog likes person more than like to be the same kind, this not only is because the person can look after it and eat for it.(ainer reason is a dog heel artificial companion, built up feelings.The dog has strong protection heart to own host.)ome dogs are from water, catch fire of house inside or car bottom extrication kid.!og will help it to suffer calamities or get hurt of

dog friend companion. The dog has territory temperament, is oneself to occupy certain scope, and add a set protection, don"t make the other animal irruptive.They make use of ass gland the secretion make the excrement have special smell, the toe sweat gland secretes of sweat liquid and use hind legs grasp a painting on the ground, is a territory mark. The dog envies heart very strong, be you to put attention on newly arrived dog, it will cut up rough while neglecting to its care, not obey have been already developed of life habit, become irascible and have a destructiveness. The dog also has vanity and likes that people praise to give public recognition it. hen it does a good matter, or does some small technique activities, you clap hands to laud it and daut it, it will be like to have a flourishing beautiful meal so fully satisfied.!og also harmful abashed heart, do amiss to settle a dispute or be shorn by the hair such as it too short, it will hide a where, etc. feel hungry &ust come out. In the memory, dog with it for once had the person to get along with over the intimacy and seemed to be never to forget his voice, oneself once lives at the same time of the place can also remember.#ut someone thinks that the dog is the sense organs that depends it intelligent, identify the acquaintance"s voice and understanding place. The dog likes to smell smell any thing.)mell smell territory mark, new dog, food, poison, excrement and urine liquid etc..!og while going out to travel extensively, we often see much of it to constantly urinate or squat down under the bowels and chase its excrement cloth )a &ourney.)on"s being long is to depend on these"smelly vestige sign" to run about. The dog likes to pursue and arrest living creature.If pursue and arrest and kill a little animal.*ursue rabbit, cat, and sheep...etc., even make track for to bite mankind, the person makes use of the characteristic of dog, let it drives out flock of sheep, herd of cattle and protection the mankind him+herself. hen the dog gets sick, will by instinct avert from mankind or other dogs, hide in the shadow recover from illness or die, this is a kind of"return a %u phenomenon".The ancestries of dog all live together, in the dogs if have get sick or get hurt of, the another dog will kill it, so as not to all is brought trouble or drop a brigade to suffer mental agony behind.This wants to arouse a dog host or feeding member attention, should invite a vet to make a diagnosis and give treatment in time. The dog doesn"t like alcohol most .,xpress darling when the vet in&ects for dog in hospital, before doing not wipe alcohol.'nce wiping alcohol, the dog smelt flavor, the hair straightens right away and roar discomfort. The dog fears fire, therefore as for thing that is every to emit smoke, it doesn"t like, if strike a match, smoke cigarette etc.. )ource-.inchang egg incubator www.incubatorforegg.com