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Republic of the Philippines) Quezon City


AFFIDAVIT COMPLAINT I, NOEL M. LUZUNG, of legal age, Filipino, and a resident of Brgy. San gustin, City of San Fernando Pa!panga after ha"ing been duly s#orn to in accordance #ith la#, hereby depose and states that$ %. I a! presently an e!ployee and authorized representati"e of %&' Bus (ine, Inc., #ho has been duly authorized to file this co!plaint for FALSIFICATION OF PRIVATE DOCUMENT on behalf of %&' Bus (ine, Inc. )hereafter, *bus co!pany+), a corporation duly organized under Philippine la#s and #ith business address at Barangay ,olores, City of San Fernando, Pa!panga against a certain -I . C/ ., of legal age and a resident of Brgy. ,agat dagatan, 0ondo, 1anila and a certain F 2- 1 .I3IS, of legal age, Filipino, and a resident of 45 har"ard St., 6. Rodriguez, Cubao, Quezon City, as e"idenced by a Secretary7s Certificate, a copy of #hich is attached as Annex A8 &. s part of standard operational procedures, e!ployees of the bus co!pany are issued identification cards )hereafter, *I,s+) #hich bear the authenticated signature of our President and 6eneral 1anager Bernardo Bernarda, 9r. -!ployees are re:uired to use and e;hibit their I,s during #or< hours8 '. =n ugust %>, &??%, the bus co!pany filed a cri!inal co!plaint against -I . C/ . for estafa through !isappropriation of co!pany. 0he =ffice of the City Prosecutor of Quezon City found probable cause to charge hi! for -stafa under rticle '%@, paragraph % )b) of the Re"ised Penal Code. -I . C/ . #as ter!inated fro! his e!ploy!ent for the said offense8 A. /o#e"er, it has co!e to our collecti"e <no#ledge that -I . C/ . and his cohort F 2- 1 .I3IS continue to loiter around the bus ter!inal infront of li 1all at raneta Center, Cubao, as bar<ers for se"eral bus co!panies there8 @. I also learned that C/ . and 1 .I3IS #ere able to procure the production of their o#n %&' Bus (ine co!pany I,s despite the fact that they are not presently e!ployed by the bus co!pany8 B. I learned that they procure the fabrication of their falsified I,s fro! a ser"ice I, !a<er so!e#here in Cubao. Corse, they ha"e e"en induced and enticed e!ployees of %&' Bus (ines, Inc. to order fro! the! unauthorized PDCEtype, ) 01 loo<ing) I,s for profit. ttached as Annex B, C and D are affida"it of Fust so!e of e!ployees #ho can attest that Ragas and 0oledo are engaged in the said illegal acti"ity8 :uic< so!e cardE those

B. Recently, C/ . and 1 .I3IS e"en used the said falsified I,s in the baseless, unfounded and unsubstantiated illegal dis!issal case #hich they filed against the bus co!pany. ttached as Annex E is a copy of the Position Paper #hich they filed in the *-I . C/ . and F 2- 1 .I3IS "s %&' Bus (ines, Inc. and Bernardo Bernarda, 9r.+, doc<eted as .(RC R B .o. .CR Case .o. .CRE%&E'A@B5E?>, #ith the .ational (abor Relations Co!!ission. ttached as part of the anne;es are photocopies of their falsified I,s8 5. In their Reply to the said Position Paper, a copy of #hich is attached as Annex F, the respondents therein asserted that the %&' Bus (ine I,s #hich #ere e;hibited as proof of e!ploy!ent of C/ . and 1 .I3IS are actually fabricated and falsified8 >. Quoted hereunder are the allegations of the respondents in the said Reply, #hich are also rele"ant for purposes of the present cri!inal co!plaint$

The identification cards are fabricated and falsified. To underscore t e!r "al!c!ous sc e"e# co"pla!nants a$e resorted to procur!n% t e product!on o& t e!r o'n !dent!&!cat!on cards desp!te t e &act t at t ey are not e"ployees and are not aut or!(ed to secure !dent!&!cat!on cards &or t e"sel$es) Co"pla!nants a$e apparently ordered t e &a*r!cat!on o& t e!r !dent!&!cat!on cards &ro" a +u!c,-ser$!ce ID "a,er so"e' ere !n Cu*ao) In &act# t ey a$e e$en ent!ced so"e e"ployees o& PP .us L!nes# Inc) t at t ey can %et ne' IDs &ro t e") Attac ed as Anne/es A# .# C# and D are a&&!da$!ts o& t ese e"ployees ' o can attest t at t e IDs o& t e co"pla!nants are not %enu!ne and t at t e co"pla!nant Ra%as e$en $olunteered to so"e e"ployees t at e can %et &or t e" "odern-loo,!n% IDs &or P012)22# apparently at a pro&!t o& P12 per ID) It 'as a "oney-"a,!n% sc e"e &or co"pla!nant Ra%as) A co"par!son o& t e co"pla!nants3 !dent!&!cat!on cards and t e !dent!&!cat!on cards o& &!$e 415 %enu!ne e"ployees o& t e 067 .us L!ne# Inc) 'ould !nstantly re$eal t e &ollo'!n% %lar!n% d!&&erences8 a) T e co"pla!nants3 IDs apparently are o& t e "odern# PVC type ' !le t e %enu!ne 067 .us L!ne# Inc) e"ployees3 IDs are o& t e old-&as !oned# la"!nated plast!c type9 *) T e co"pla!nants3 IDs a$e a d!&&erent &or"at t at t e %enu!ne 067 .us L!ne# Inc) e"ployees3 IDs# as &ollo's8 0) T e co"pla!nants3 IDs d!splay t e!r s!%natures at t e *ac, port!on ' !le t e %enu!ne e"ployees3 IDs d!splay t e!r s!%nature at t e &ront port!on) 6) T e co"pla!nants3 IDs s o' t at t e!r na"es and pos!t!on are not type'r!tten *ut neatly pr!nted ' !le t e %enu!ne e"ployees3 IDs s o' t at t e!r na"es and pos!t!ons are type'r!tten and s,e'ed) 7) T e co"pla!nants3 IDs s o' t at t e personal !n&or"at!on are not type'r!tten *ut neatly pr!nted ' !le t e %enu!ne e"ployees3 IDs s o' t at t e!r personal !n&or"at!on are type'r!tten and s,e'ed) :) T e &onts and s!(es o& t e te/t o& C;AN and MANI<I3s IDs and %enu!ne e"ployees3 IDs are re"ar,a*ly d!&&erent) c) C;AN and MANI<IS used t e *us!ness na"e 067 .US LINE= !n t e!r IDs) On t e ot er and# t e %enu!ne e"ployees3 IDs clearly sport t e correct *us!ness or corporate na"e o& t e *us co"pany# 067 .US LINE# INC)= Attac ed as Anne/es E# F# ># and ; are p otocop!es o& %enu!ne co"pany IDs) Respondents are ready to present t e or!%!nal &or co"par!son '!t t e or!%!nal o& t e co"pla!nants3 IDs)= 4underscor!n% ours5 4. It #as also pointed out in the said Reply that C/ . and 1 .I3IS li<e#ise

presented a fabricated and falsified cash "oucher, to #it$ The cash voucher is like ise fabricated and falsified. A%a!n# t e co"pla!nants3 "al!c!ous 'ays are s o'n ' en t ey presented a &a*r!cated and &als!&!ed cas $ouc er ?ust to esta*l!s t at t ey are e"ployees o& t e *us co"pany) Un&ortunately &or t e co"pla!nants# t e!r atte"pt at &als!&!cat!on !s +u!te %lar!n%) A%a!n# a co"par!son o& co"pla!nants3 cas $ouc er $!s-a-$!s t e %enu!ne co"pany cas $ouc er 'ould re$eal t at t ere are a not!cea*le d!ss!"!lar!t!es and d!&&erences *et'een t e t'o) For !nstance8 a) T e co"pla!nants3 cas $ouc er does not d!splay t e *us co"pany na"e# o&&!ce address and telep one ' !le t e %enu!ne co"pany cas $ouc er d!splay suc $!tal !n&or"at!on) *) T e &onts and t e s!(es o& t e te/t used &or *ot d!&&erent) cas $ouc ers are

c) T e co"pla!nants3 cas $ouc er does not s o' any s!%nature !n t e space reser$ed &or appro$ed= ' !le t e %enu!ne co"pany cas $ouc er s o's t e s!%nature o& t e *us co"pany pres!dent) d) T e co"pla!nants3 cas $ouc er re&ers to PP .us L!ne= ' !le t e %enu!ne cas $ouc er re&ers to PP .us L!ne# Inc)=) Attac ed as Annexes ! and " are p otocop!es o& %enu!ne co"pany cas $ouc ers) Respondents are also ready to present t e or!%!nals t ereo& &or co"par!son '!t t e or!%!nal o& t e alle%ed cas $ouc er !n t e possess!on o& t e co"pla!nants)= 4underscor!n% ours5 %?. By reason of the said unla#ful acts of 6audencio Ragas and Rolando 0oledo, they ha"e co!!itted Falsification of Pri"ate ,ocu!ents punishable under rticle %5& of the Re"ised Penal Code, to #it$ Article #$%. Fals!&!cat!on *y pr!$ate !nd!$!duals and use o& &als!&!ed docu"ents) - T e penalty o& pr!s!on correcc!onal !n !ts "ed!u" and "a/!"u" per!ods and a &!ne o& not "ore t an 1#222 pesos s all *e !"posed upon8 0) Any pr!$ate !nd!$!dual ' o s all co""!t any o& t e &als!&!cat!ons enu"erated !n t e ne/t preced!n% art!cle !n any pu*l!c or o&&!c!al docu"ent or letter o& e/c an%e or any ot er ,!nd o& co""erc!al docu"ent9 and 6) Any person ' o# to t e da"a%e o& a t !rd party# or '!t t e !ntent to cause suc da"a%e# s all !n any pr!$ate docu"ent co""!t any o& t e acts o& &als!&!cat!on enu"erated !n t e ne/t preced!n% art!cle) Any person ' o s all ,no'!n%ly !ntroduce !n e$!dence !n any ?ud!c!al

proceed!n% or to t e da"a%e o& anot er or ' o# '!t t e !ntent to cause suc da"a%e# s all use any o& t e &alse docu"ents e"*raced !n t e ne/t preced!n% art!cle# or !n any o& t e &ore%o!n% su*d!$!s!ons o& t !s art!cle# s all *e pun!s ed *y t e penalty ne/t lo'er !n de%ree) 4underscor!n% ours5 0he ele!ents of the cri!e of falsification of pri"ate docu!ent ) rt. %5& )&)) are$ %. 0hat the offender co!!itted any of the acts of falsification, e;cept those in paragraph 5, enu!erated in rt. %5%. &. 0hat the falsification #as co!!itted in any pri"ate docu!ent. '. 0hat the falsification caused da!age to a third party or at least the falsification #as co!!itted #ith intent to cause such da!age. %%. It is clear that CHAN and MANI I! ha"e falsified the co!pany I,s and the cash "oucher to falsely establish e!ploy!ent #ith the bus co!pany and to falsely clai! bac<#ages, da!ages and attorney7s fees fro! the bus co!pany. s a result, the bus co!pany incurred litigation e;penses and attorney7s fees to defend itself fro! the unfounded illegal dis!issal co!plaint8 and %&. I a! e;ecuting this Co!plaintE ffida"it to pro"e the truth and "eracity of the aforecited facts for the purpose of filing a cri!inal co!plaint for Falsification of Pri"ate ,ocu!ents against EIAN CHAN, 9r. and FA"E MANI I!. I. CI0.-SS C/-R-=F, I ha"e hereunto set !y hand this GGGth day of ,ece!ber, &??> at Quezon City.


!U#!C$IPTION%CE$TIFICATION SHBSCRIB-, ., SC=R. to before !e this GGGGth day of ,ece!ber &??> at Quezon City. I hereby certify that I ha"e personally e;a!ined the affiant and that I a! satisfied that she has "oluntarily e;ecuted and has fully understood the contents of her affida"itE co!plaint.