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ThIrd 7oluntary FeplenIshment (2011201J), FIrst meetIng

The Hague, Netherlands, 2425 |arch 2010

ProvIsIonaI Agenda
(as of 18 |arch 2010)

FIrst meetIng, 24-25 harch 2010, The Hague

Tuesday 23 harch 2010

Venue: Kurhaus HoteI, The Hague

0h30 - 17h00 PegIstratIon

17h00 - 1h00 0onor rIefIng by the VIce ChaIr
Room: Koos Seenhoj

1h00 - 21h00 Heads of 0eIegatIon 0Inner
Room: Cor Ruys
Hosted by the Clobal Fund

Wednesday 24 harch 2010

Venue: Kurhaus HoteI, The Hague
Room: Jacob Pronk

08h00 - 08h30 PegIstratIon

08h30 - 0h30 DpenIng sessIon

Welcome by |s Yoka 8randt, 0utch 0Irector Ceneral for nternatIonal
CooperatIon (5 mIn)
7Ideo statement by |r 8an KImoon, UnIted NatIons Secretary Ceneral and
ChaIr of the Clobal Fund ThIrd 7oluntary FeplenIshment (5 mIn)
Statement by |r Tedros Adhanom Chebreyesus, ChaIr of the 8oard (5 mIn)
Statement by Prof. |Ichel KazatchkIne, CF ExecutIve 0Irector (5 mIn)
Statement and FevIew of the Agenda, |r FIchard |annIng, 7IceChaIr of
FeplenIshment (5 mIn)

0h30 - 10h 15 SessIon 1: Update on resuIts

The Clobal Fund Fesults Feport 2010 (mpact on A0S, T8 and |alarIa,
Health Systems, and |aternal and ChIld Health)

10h15 - 10h35 Coffee reak

10h35 - 12h35 SessIon 2: Update on resuIts (dIscussIon contInued)

12h35 - 14h00 Lunch reak

14h00 - 15h30 SessIon 3: Long-term perspectIve on fInancIng CF-supported programs

Longterm fundIng ImplIcatIons of current and future programmatIc
AssessIng progress towards the Abuja 0eclaratIon and counterpart fundIng of
|Iddle ncome CountrIes
Progress on PrIvate Sector Fesource |obIlIzatIon and nnovatIve FInance

15h30 - 16h00 Coffee reak

16h00 - 18h00 SessIon 4: Pesource ScenarIos 2011 - 2013

PresentatIon of scenarIos

Venue: huseum eeIden aan Zee

1h00 PeceptIon hosted by the 0utch Covernment

Thursday 25 harch 2010

Venue: Kurhaus HoteI, The Hague
Room: Jacob Pronk

08h00 - 08h30 WeIcome Coffee

08h30 - 10h30 ContInuatIon SessIon 4: resource scenarIos 2011 - 2013

QuestIons and Answers

10h30 - 10h50 Coffee reak

10h50 - 12h20 FoIIow up from Cceres: 0IscussIons

Follow up on the recommendatIons of the 5 year EvaluatIon
mplementatIon of Cender and SDC Strategy
7alue for |oney

12h20 - 13h15 VIce ChaIr summary presentatIon and dIscussIon (15-20 mIn)

13h15 - 15h00 Lunch reak

15h00 - 17h00 JoInt SessIon wIth CAVI
Room: Jacob Pronk

Health Systems FundIng Platform (CF, CA7, W8, WHD)
AId effectIveness

17h15 - 18h30 InformaI A SessIon on HeaIth Systems FundIng PIatform ()
Room: Adama Zlstra