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A Book for Google Adsense tutorial

Published by-Hackers market place Written & edited by- Jyotishman Saikia


Google AdSense Tutorial

Google AdSense is the most popular online advertisement service. It is provided by Google, but it is not related to its search engine. By using Google AdSense you can generate revenue from third-party ads on your website. There are many tric s and different approaches that will help you utili!e the best revenue from Google AdSense. "ere we will try to cover the basics in order to provide you with a successful start in Google AdSense.
In our Google AdSense Tutorial we will cover the following topics:

Google AdSense Introduction

Google AdSense is probably the most popular advertisement service on the web. By including a specific #avascript code in your web site, it allows you to generate revenue though different advertisements related to your web site content. The amount of generated income is based on the type of advertisements and the number of clic s on them. $our income is generated both from clic s on ads and from impressions %number of times the advertisement is shown on your web site&. Besides the clic s and the impressions, you can earn money by including a Google search bo' in your web site code. If your web site visitors use it you will get a percent of the profit relevant to their search terms. AdSense for (eeds and AdSense for )omains are also available . The first one places ads in the feeds managed by Google for your web site. The second one allows advertisements to be included for domains that do not open a web site with content. All AdSense options are described at* https*++www.google.com+adsense+support+bin+topic.py,topic-./00 Bear in mind that ma ing money with Google AdSense re1uires a popular site with popular eywords on it and attractive positions for the ad placements. Generally, the software is administered by Google and you can monitor your balance through your Google profile. The service is freely accessible for everyone who complies with the corresponding Terms of 2se. $ou can chec the Terms of 2se here* https*++www.google.com+adsense+support+bin+answer.py,answer-/.3.4

Google AdSense Integration

In order to start using Google AdSense you need to create an account first. This can be done at: https://www.google.com/adsense/

Clic on the Sign !p button to proceed. "ill in all re#uired details and be sure to read the Google AdSense policy before completing the sign$up procedure. %nce the sign$up procedure is completed& you will get a welcome e$mail with instructions on how to use the Google AdSense tool. 'og in the Google AdSense panel and using the included wi(ard generate the Google AdSense code according to your preferences. It will be similar to the following one:
<script type="text/javascript"> <!-- google_ad_client = "pub-UNI U!_NU"#!$"% /& '((x)*(+ created ),/('/-( &/ google_ad_slot = "--------"% google_ad_.idt/ = '((% google_ad_/eig/t = )*(% //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/ttp0//pagead)1googlesyndication1 co2/pagead/s/o._ads1js"> </script>

Instead of the )!*I+!,-*!./,0) string you will see a number which is generated by Google and is uni#ue for your account. In the Google AdSense panel you can chec the reports regarding the Google AdSense activity on your web sites. Also& from there you can generate code for advertisement bloc s with different shapes and formatting and tune your AdSense setup. %nce you have the Google AdSense unit code you should include it in your web site. If you have an 1T.' web site& you can include it directly in the source code. If you wonder which is the best position for your Google Adsense advertisements& you can chec this article: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py2hl3en4answer356789 /asically& the way to include the code depends on your web site technology and personal preferences. .ost of the popular php scripts come with additional e:tensions which allow you to insert the Google AdSense code without editing your files. 1ere we will show different ways to include the code in open$source ;1; pro<ects. =e will start with >oomla 5.8& which is probably the most popular open source C.S


Google AdSense Tips and Tric s

The Google AdSense solution is used by millions of web masters around the world. Some of them have great success and good income& while others get only a few dollars. 1ere we will share some basic tips which are nown to help increase the revenue generated through Google AdSense. "irst& you should choose the advertisement bloc format which best suits your web site visual style. The e:perience shows that the ??@:ABC 'arge 0ectangle& the ?CC:A8C .edium 0ectangle& and the 5@C:@CC =ide S yscraper are the most effective shapes. Still& you should mind the visual appearance of your web pages when you insert the AdSense code. If you have a little space for ads& the best solution will be the lin unit format. Additionally& you should pic the most suitable color palette for your ads bloc . If you have a light bac ground on your web site& it is better to use a similar light palette for the AdSense bo:. The contrast choice for an ads bo: palette is good only for web sites with dar bac ground. Still& it is better to pic a color which already e:ists in your web site. It is better to create an ads unit which includes both te:t and images. In this way both will be displayed and this will increase the chance to get a clic on an advertisement by a web site visitor. *e:t& you should consider the location of the ads on your web pages. ;robably the best position of the advertisements is in the top / header of your site. 1owever& this can brea the consistency of your content& so you should be careful using such a solution. %ther good locations are <ust below the navigation bar& above the footer and in the left menu area. Dou should always put yourself in the visitorsE shoes and loo to the web site from their point of view. If the ads bloc ma es you feel uncomfortable while browsing the web site& you should consider a different position or formatting. Additionally& you should define the number of the advertisement units per page. There are some restrictions about it. Dou are allowed to have up to three advertisement units per page Fin addition to three lin units and three referral unitsG. If you have a web site with a lot of content& which re#uires the visitors to scroll down the pages or you manage a forum or a blog& it is wise to put more AdSense bloc s. 1owever& always ma e sure that the main unit which will generate the ma<or part of the revenue is loaded first in the web site source code. In case you wonder& if you place more than ? ads units on a page only the first ? will appear. Hetailed instructions on how to improve the efficiency of your AdSense bloc s can be found in the Google AdSense resources section: https://www.google.com/adsense/adsense$resources

Google AdSense Alternatives

According to popular mar eting analysis from the beginning of AC5C& one from every two online ads comes from Google Adsense. This shows how powerful Google Adsense is but also that there are still other alternatives. There are reasons to choose an alternative to the almighty Google service either when you are a publisher or advertiser. Such reasons include: 1igher revenue for publishers / 'ower costs for advertisers It is common for larger sites to manage their own advertisement campaigns& find advertisers / publishers directly and negotiate better deals. *aturally& with such larger sites Google Adsense has the least ads mar et share. An alternative for higher revenues are the so called affiliate programs which is suitable even for less popular sites as long as they are strictly speciali(ed in one area. In this case it is feasible to find relevant subscriptions in which your visitors might be interested in and get a share of the subscription fees. =e should mention here the popular service from the leader on the affiliate mar eting $ Commission >unction FC>G. It manages a huge number of affiliate programs for third parties. =ith C> publishers have unmatched choice to find the best offers which may interest their visitors. *aturally& publishersE revenues rely on real sales generated from their site and not on impressions and clic s. A great feature is that publishers have the option to choose the advertisers& their offers and even the e:act banners which will show on their sites. They also now what revenue Fshare in IG to e:pect per sale. These are very profitable features which Google Adsense lac s but it is not for every publisher. It re#uires mar eting s ills and nowledge about what visitors might be interested in purchasing. C> has also great benefits for advertisers. "irst& it manages entirely their affiliate programs which is not an easy tas . Second& the number of attracted publishers depends on the competitiveness of the ads. ThatEs why if you are a publisher and believe your offers are competitive this is definitely the choice for you. *oncompliance with Google Adsense policies $ important for both publishers and advertisers This point should not be underestimated because Google has very strict policies which e:clude publishers / advertisers with sites with violent and/or illegal contJnt& gambling& sales of alcohol& tobacco$related products& and last but not least adult content. "or more information please chec this lin . %nce web site owners find their sites are not complying with Google Adsense policies they have the option to use similar pay$per$clic and pay$per$view alternatives such as: Adbrite $ while they lac some of Google ads restrictions they also have some uni#ue features such as full page ads& /rite;ic Fshow sads over your picturesG and others. Clic sor $ much less restrictive policies which are suitable even for adult sites. In conclusion& we believe that Google will remain the leading online ads provider in future because of its competitive advantages. Though if you are not satisfied with its effectiveness or you canEt comply with its policies there are very good alternatives.