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Virtualization of a Touristic-Archeological Site on the Web

Prepared by ABI FARRAJ Saiid Inf 1426 OTR

Dr. CHBEIR Richard


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Intoduction 1.1 What is virtualization ? 1.2 What is EXIF and GOOGLE street view ? Problematic State of art 3.1 GOOGLE Street view Expirimentations 4.1 Schematic 4.2 EXIF 4.3 mini Program Conclusion 5.1 General view 5.2 Limitations References

Our goal is to generate promotional photo about the touristique places on the earth using the virtualization.

Most end user terminal now use the EXIF format that will have many features like the location service.

View and present an application that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world (Google Street).

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State of art
Google Street View is a technology that let us explore places around the world and provides panoramic views from positions through 360-degree street-level imagery

Help protect the privacy and anonymity of individuals when images are collected for Street View, including blurring faces and license plates

Street View Images are not real time and also u can report a problem About something suspicious in photo

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Panoramic view
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Enables users to explore places near and far

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Structure of an image
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Tags relating to EXIF :

ImageUniqueID UserComment DateTimeOriginal CodingMethod CodingProcess Comment ImageWidth ImageLength GPSInfo

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Mini program

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Initial folder

After running our code

The contain of the new folder created

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General view :

combining many picture to have a panoramic view

Google street Use material to capture images Non automatic generated Our program Our material is a not professional users Automatic generated

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Social media

Bad informations The absence of a certain picture

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