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InterBase Gains Its Own Track Letter from

at BorCon ’98 the President
Helen Kruse Larkin By Jim Weil

BorCon is here! This year InterBase bear on InterBase, contribute to the Dear Partner,
has a new, innovative booth and a focus of the product and the I wanted to take this opportunity to
more than full track lined up for company, and maybe continue the recap our year at InterBase Software
August 8–12 in Denver. Step by step discussion into the evening. Corporation, and let you know what
we’ve been working on all phases of See “InterBase Sessions at BorCon” we’re planning as we move forward.
the event to see that everyone gets a for a detailed schedule of sessions. It’s been an exciting year for
worthwhile and memorable look at Note that there are some time InterBase! Our first step was to roll
some new aspect of periods when more out InterBase 5, the latest version of
InterBase and InterBase than one talk is InterBase. We renewed our
Software Corporation. scheduled, so you’ll commitment to Novell with support
have to miss one or the for NetWare 4.11. We are seeing
Exhibit hall booth other. These are marked amazing popularity for the new
In your copious spare in the table with an Linux port with over 6000 downloads
time between sessions asterisk (*). of the initial release. We have also
and talking to old been busy with the marketing of
friends, check in at the Product Address InterBase, having launched a new
InterBase booth. We can The InterBase advertising campaign, increased our
guarantee you’ll learn Product Address will tradeshow presence, and grown our
something there you be delivered a second PR activities. We have doubled our
didn’t know before and have a good time on Wednesday, August 12, 1–
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time to boot. 2:15 P.M. as a vendor/sponsor
presentation. If you miss hearing
More Technical Sessions Mike Tossy on Monday, take
Our roster of presenters is a good mix advantage of his session on InterBase Gains Its Own Track
of longtime and new InterBase at BorCon ’98 .......................... 1
Wednesday. Check your program
customers and InterBase employees. though; the vendor presentations Letter from the President ............... 1
You’ll be able to meet some of those may be in a separate location from
listserv names or phone voices you the core product sessions. InterBase Sessions at BorCon ......... 2
know from a distance.
Writing UDFs on Linux .................. 3
Our “Meet the Team” session will InterBase in a Day tutorial
feature an extended team with Sunday, August 9 InterBase Meets “The Penguin” ...... 3
representatives from Marketing and In back-to-back sessions Robert
Support as well as Engineering. It’s a Schieck of MER Systems, Inc. New Tools ........................................ 5
prime opportunity for all to bring conducts a two-part tutorial on
Using Digital Documentation
their perceptions and perspectives to with Acrobat Reader ............... 6
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InterBase at BorCon ’98
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InterBase (IB200T and IB201T). Both manuals—useful references after as Matthew Hopkins:
the morning (8–12 a.m.) and the well as during the conference. • Looking Under the Hood: How
afternoon (1–5 p.m.) sessions are InterBase Really Works
based on updated InterBase 5 Even more content
training materials. This is as Also be on the lookout for the Helen Kruse Larkin is Product Manager
compact a way as you’ll ever find following CD-only papers generously in the InterBase Marketing department.
She can be reached at
to introduce a new employee to contributed by two of our speakers:
InterBase or to take the time Dan Ehrmann:
yourself to focus on InterBase 5 • Controlling the InterBase
usage. Attendees will receive their Workgroup Server from Delphi
own copies of the courseware • Up and Running in InterBase

InterBase Sessions at BorCon

Sunday, August 9
8:00–12:00 p.m. IB200T A101 InterBase in a Day: Part 1 Rob Schieck MER Systems
1:00–5:00 p.m. IB201T InterBase in a Day: Part 2 www.mers.com
Monday, August 10
8:00–9:15 A.M. IB002 A101 PRODUCT ADDRESS: InterBase Mike Tossy InterBase Software Corp
9:30–10:45 A.M. IB014 A101 InterBase 5.0 on NT Success Story and Loren French Colorado Mtn. Express
Setup Guide
1:30–2:45 P.M. IB100 A101 Introducing InterBase Procedure and Dan Ehrmann USWeb Corp.
Trigger Language www.usweb.com
3:00–4:15 P.M. IB202 A101 UDFs Updated for InterBase 5 Greg Deatz InterBase Software Corp.
7:30–8:45 P.M. IB004 A101 PANEL: Meet the InterBase Team InterBase Staff InterBase Software Corp.
9:00–10:15 P.M. IB200 A101 InterClient: by the InterClient R&D People Paul Ostler InterBase Software Corp.
5:45–7:00 P.M. EXHIBIT HALL BorCon Reception Sponsored by InterBase
Tuesday, August 11
8:00–9:15 A.M. IB102 A101 Introduction to InterBase Markus Kemper InterBase Software Corp.
9:30–10:45 A.M. IB206 A101 SQL Roles: Users and Security in InterBase Brett Bandy InterBase Software Corp.
1:30–2:45 P.M. IB300 A101 Database Replication: InterBase with Delphi Matthew Hopkins Dunstan Thomas Ltd.
3:00–4:15 P.M. IB208* A101 Direct InterBase Access from Delphi Ravi Kumar InterBase Software Corp.
3:00–4:15 P.M. IB006* A105 Year 2000: InterBase is Ready, are You? Charles Miedzinski Inprise Corp.
4:30–5:45 P.M. IB204 A101 Writing to the InterBase API using Delphi Greg Deatz Hoagland, Longo, Moran
Dunst & Doukas
Wednesday, August 12
8:00–9:15 A.M. IB010* A105 Upsizing from Paradox to InterBase James Arias-La Rheir InterBase Software Corp.
8:00–9:15 A.M. IB008* A101 Upsizing from dBASE to InterBase Alan Katz InterBase Software Corp.
9:30–10:45 A.M. IB008 A101 InterBase 6 New Feature Preview Mike Tossy InterBase Software Corp.
1:00–2:15 P.M. IB210* A101 Native Client Server goes RAD with Jason Wharton Computer Programming
InterBase Objects Solutions
1:00–2:15 P.M. IB002* A214 The Vendor Showcase: InterBase is the Database Mike Tossy InterBase Software Corp.
2:30–3:45 P.M. IB012 A101 10 Things You Can Do to Make InterBase Scream Bill Karwin InterBase Software Corp.

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InterBase Meets “The␣ Penguin”
InterBase Goes to
LinuxExpo ’98
Amelia Arnett

Interbase Software Corp. attended

LinuxExpo ‘98 to officially announce
and exhibit its newest port, InterBase
4.0 for Red Hat Linux 4.2. As we
provided iced tea and lemonade to
ward off the North Carolina heat, the
Linux community was keeping us
busy with questions and requests for
demos. We had many well attended
presentations thoughout the day, and Product Manager Helen Larkin (far right) chats with developers at LinuxExpo ’98
we were impressed and gratified by
the amount of interest in the product.
The LinuxExpo attendees were “Well done on a superb product for Linux – I’m now a
especially interested to hear that this convert for future development!”
special release of InterBase 4.2 for – Allen O’Neill, vorteXtechnologieslimited, Dublin,Ireland
Linux is free.
The level of interest in the product
is illustrated by the number of
downloads of InterBase since the Writing UDFs on Linux
software became available on April Bill Karwin
29th of this year. To date, there have
been over 6000 downloads of User-defined functions (UDFs) in InterBase provide a powerful mechanism for
InterBase worldwide. Visit the Linux extending the database server technology with dynamically-loaded functions. You
download section on our web site: can compile C or C++ functions, create a shared library, and install the library on the
http://www.interbase.com/ database server. There is a data definition command to make the functions in your
download/linux library available as part of the SQL language supported by the InterBase server.
Compiling shared libraries is highly operating system-dependant, and
The commercial release of therefore it is a matter for platform-specific documentation to show how to
InterBase 5.1.1 for Linux is well make UDF libraries. In the case of the free release of InterBase 4.0 for Linux,
under way, and its release is the instructions for compiling UDF libraries were omitted from the platform-
scheduled for the third quarter of specific release notes.
1998. The commercial release will be Here are compiling and linking instructions for making a dynamically
priced similarly to the Windows NT, linkable library of InterBase4.0 UDFs on the Linux platform.
NetWare, and SCO OpenServer 1. Compile your code containing UDFs:
versions of InterBase, and it will be cc -c -O -fpic -fwritable-strings udf.c
sold worldwide by the same Inprise 2. Link your code object file into a dynamically linkable shared library:
Corp. sales representatives who sell ld -G udf.o -lm -lc -o udflib.so
other InterBase products. ■
3. Declare UDF entry points in your database (see the Language Reference for
Amelia Arnett is Associate Marketing full syntax of the DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION statement):
Manager for InterBase Software Corp. isql mydatabase.gdb
She can be reached at continued on page five

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New Tools from the InterBase Community
Bill Karwin

The InterBase community regularly platforms. Download UDFlib from the NT and requires the BDE (32-bit).
releases tools and develop-ment following location: Download it from the Dunstan
components on the Internet. www.mers.com/dludfliblinux.html Thomas site.
Many of these are available from the
InterBase Download area at the IBPerl Beta 0.5 InterBase Observer SQL
Dunstan Thomas Ltd. web site: Bill Karwin Profiler
www.interbase.dthomas.co.uk/ This is a Perl 5 module that Fleet River Software
ibdownloads.htm provides an object-oriented interface A useful tool for InterBase
to the InterBase API. The latest developers, this tool unlocks the info
Marathon 1.1 release (beta 0.5) adds support for about table hits that is revealed by
Gimbal Software Services Windows and Linux. You can the isc_database_info( ) call. It does a
Marathon is a commercial SQL Tool download it for free from: few other things too, like return a
that allows you to create and manage www.interbase.com/download/ breakdown of timings for prepare,
SQL Database metadata. It is a execute and fetch. It is simple to use,
sophisticated replacement for the building on the WISQL style of
“Notepad and ISQL” develop-ment application, and allows you to save
Computer Programming Solutions
methods. This release in-cludes many performance results.
IBObjects, the Delphi component
enhancements over 1.0b, including a Download an evaluation version
set for direct InterBase programming,
script executive, full transaction from the Dunstan Thomas site listed
has been revised with new features
control, a Visual Query Builder and above, or from the following
and enhance-ments. Download an
full perfor-mance statistics gathering location:
evaluation copy or purchase the
and display. Download a free evalu- www.fleetriver.demon.co.uk
software at the location:
ation copy from the Dunstan Thomas
site or from: InterBase Differencing Finder
www.gimbal.com.au/marathon.html Free IB Components Alex Malinin
Gregory H. Deatz IB Difference finder contains both a
Stored Procedure Debugger Free IB Components, a set of Delphi 16-bit and a 32-bit Windows utility
Gimbal Software Services for comparing two databases.
components that conforms to the
GSS has released an alpha version of a Download it from the Dunstan
Delphi3 custom dataset architecture,
fully interactive client side stored Thomas site.
has been revised with new features
procedure debugger for InterBase. You
and enhancements. Download it
can download it from: SQL ScriptWriter
www.gimbal.com.au/ Neil Butterworth
proddown.html SQLScriptWriter is an intelligent SQL
IB*Doc editing tool for users of Windows 95/
UDFlib for InterBase␣ 4.0 NT that allows you to edit, test and
Dunstan Thomas, Ltd.
for␣ Linux execute your SQL from within a single,
This is a freeware InterBase
MER Systems integrated environment. Among its
database documentation tool. The
Robert Schieck of MER Systems has many productivity features are point-
reports from this product include:
released a port of his library of over and-click access to data and metadata,
Domains, Exceptions, Generators,
60 user-defined functions, compiled macros and SQL-92 keyword
Stored Procedures, Tables, Triggers,
for the Linux operating system. The completion. Download version 2.0b
Views, UDFs, Users, and privileges
Linux version of UDFlib is from the Dunstan Thomas site.
IB*Doc runs on Windows 95 and
compatible with UDFlib for other
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Letter from the President
continued from page one

revenues year over year and we have exciting announcements about year. For those of you who cannot
made significant strides in InterBase 5.5 and 6.0, replication, make it, please feel free to call or
establishing ourselves as a stand- new VAR support, new marketing drop us an email at
alone company. activities, and InterClient—all aimed prodinfo@interbase.com, and let us
Moving forward we are working at making InterBase your database know what you’re doing with
on several new and on-going of choice! InterBase and how things are going
projects. We are of course already One of our most exciting recent for you. As I said in my letter last
planning new versions of InterBase, developments is the InterBase year to you all—we cannot and will
and we are continuing to build our presence at BorCon ’98. InterBase will not achieve any measure of success
Partner Program. Our website is host its own track for developers this without you!
being renovated to make it easier to year. We will have a booth at the
use and a more useful tool for our show with exciting demos, and a Best Regards,
developers. We are also working on unique giveaway item. Be sure to James B. Weil
revamping our infrastructure to come by the booth to find out what it President
better support sales, licensing, is! We will also host one of the
customer service and technical events at the show.
support so that we can improve our We look forward to seeing as many
service to all of you. Look for some of you as possible at BorCon this

New Tools CREDITS Writing UDFs on Linux

continued from page four continued from page three
InterCom is a quarterly publication
MemProof of InterBase Software Corporation. It SQL> DECLARE EXTERNAL
MemProof is a Delphi utility for is mailed to members of the
tracking memory and resource leaks, InterBase VAR Program, and also CON> INTEGER
validating api calls and stressing published on the world-wide web. CON> RETURNS INTEGER BY VALUE
applications. Includes hooks to over InterBase Software Corp. CON> ENTRY_POINT “myfunction”
30 Interbase API calls. Download 100 Enterprise Way, Suite B2 MODULE_NAME “udflib.so”;
version from the Dunstan Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3249
The location of the UDF dynamic
Thomas site. Email: intercom@interbase.com
shared library is in /usr/lib by default,
Contributing authors and editors: but may be elsewhere, determined by
IB Logger Amelia Arnett Bill Karwin the colon-separated list of directories
This utilty can be used to “watch” Helen Kruse Larkin Jim Weil
in environment variables
an interbase database and log InterBase® is a registered trademark of LD_ELF_LIBRARY_PATH or
activity over a period of time. InterBase Software Corporation. LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The
Monitors number of fetches, marks, InterClient™ and InterServer™ are environment variables must be
reads and writes. Download it from trademarks of InterBase Software
defined in the process scope of the
the Dunstan Thomas site. ■ Corporation. All other trademarks are
property of their respective owners. application that accesses the
InterBase engine; for remote
Bill Karwin is Manager of Technical © 1998 InterBase Software
Publications for InterBase Software Corp. connections, this is the InterBase
Corporation. All rights reserved.
He can be reached at server process gds_inet_server. Refer
bkarwin@interbase.com to the main page for dlopen(3) for
details. ■

■ PAGE 5 ■
Using Digital Documentation
with Acrobat Reader
Bill Karwin

You can now download the digital Here are some other general forward in your history of views. Use
documentation for InterBase 5 from Acrobat Reader tips that help you the arrow buttons on the toolbar, or
the InterBase Software Corp. web site. navigate PDF documents. Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, Ctrl-3, Ctrl-4, or under
This documentation is also available Acrobat Reader can display the the View menu choose “First page,”
on InterBase 5.1.1 product media. document page with a bookmarks “Previous page,” “Next page,” or
This documentation is in PDF window pane on the left. This “Last page,” respectively.
format, and includes a full-text bookmarks window is a treeview of “Go To Page...” is under the View
search index. To use it, get Adobe the table of contents of the book. menu, or is Ctrl-5.
Acrobat Reader with the Search plug- Clicking on bookmark entries causes You can use “Find…” from the
in from the following location: a jump to the corresponding page. toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl-F, or
www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/ This helps you to find SQL reference under the Tools menu; repeat the last
readstep.html entries more easily. To display the search with Ctrl-G.
The InterBase PDF files are enabled bookmarks, click the second button In future releases of InterBase, we
with hypertext links in the following on the toolbar, press Ctrl-7, or use the will increase the quality and quantity
instances. menu item ”Bookmarks and Page” of hypertext features in our online
• The table of contents is clickable. under the View menu. documentation, to make it an
• The index at the back of each Acrobat Reader maintains a effective reference tool for database
book is hypertext; click on the navigation history of views, like a development. ■
page numbers. web browser or the WinHelp viewer;
• Most phrases like “see page n” are as you jump from page to page, there
hyperlinks. is a history, so you can back up or go

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