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Letter of Intent
1hls leLLer of lnLenL (LCl) serves Lo provlde a formal noLlce Lo Lhe Mlsslsslppl CharLer School AuLhorlzer 8oard regardlng 1he !ackson
Medlcal Mall's lnLenLlon Lo submlL a proposal for openlng a charLer school. 1he lnformaLlon presenLed ln Lhls LeLLer of lnLenL ls

Name of Proposed
Jackson Medical Mall Community School
Grade Configuration

Model or Focus
Health focused and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Primary Contact Person
Dr. A. Shirley

601 982-8467 Cell 601 622-8261


Jackson Public School
Proposed Leader (if




Contract with ESP?


Enrollment Projections:
Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
300 300 300 300 250
300 300 300 250

300 300 250
300 250
Total # of
1200 1,000*
*We do expect a 10% attrition leaving us with a stable enrollment of 1,000 high school students.

!"#$"%#& () *+# #,-./*%(0 1$(2$/3 () *+# 4.+((5:
Lvolvlng feaLures of naLlonal healLh care reform are creaLlng an urgenL need for preparlng healLhcare workers lncludlng physlclans, denLlsLs,
reglsLered nurses, communlLy healLh workers, menLal healLh Lechnlclans, emergency medlcal Lechnlclans, publlc healLh professlonals and oLhers.
1he locaLlon of Lhe mall ln Lhe Mlsslsslppl PealLhCare Corrldor, makes lL a prlme slLe for preparlng enrolled sLudenLs Lo Lake full advanLage of
opporLunlLles creaLed by Lhls demand.

6%44%(0 () 7.+((5
1he mlsslon of Lhe !ackson Medlcal Mall CommunlLy School ls Lo creaLe an educaLlonal envlronmenL LhaL susLalns and nurLures academlcs,
.+/$/.*#$8 +#/5*+8 /0, /.*%"# .%*%9#04+%1.
!"#$%&' !)&)#*#+),
We subsciibe to the -%..%..%""% /%0.) Position that:
Lhe efforL Lo make our publlc educaLlon sysLem one of Lhe naLlon's flnesL wlll requlre Lhe adopLlon of several dlfferenL pollcy soluLlons. Lven lf
Mlsslsslppl ls able Lo produce hlgh-quallLy charLer schools, Mlsslsslppl would sLlll need Lo Lransform LradlLlonal publlc educaLlon Lo ensure an
excellenL educaLlon for all sLudenLs. Mlsslsslpplans who sLrongly favor or oppose charLer schools, along wlLh everyone else ln Lhe mlddle, musL
lend Lhelr supporL for re-klndergarLen, college/workforce-ready academlc sLandards, and a hosL of oLher reforms LhaL, ln concerL, can flnally
produce deep and lasLlng lmprovemenLs ln our sLaLe's academlc sLandlng".


Jackson Medical Mall Community High School Governing Board
The Governing Board is the entity legally responsible for holding the charter, entering into the contract with Mississippi
Charter School Authorizer Board and overseeing the operation and academic performance of the charter school.

Board composition

Member Name Occupation Role plus key skills and areas of expertise
Aaion Shiiley Retiieu peuiatiician
Active }PS
Chaiis }ackson Neuical Nall Founuation Boaiu Piomotes incieasing numbei
of minoiities in health piofessions, ieuucing iacial anu geogiaphic health
uispaiities anu impiovement in public euucation.

Nancy Sylvestei Retiieu-Biiectoi of
Nastei scheuuling, testing, counseling, acauemic uevelopment, caieei
uevelopment, socialemotional uevelopment anu paiental engagement

Robeit Foitenbeiiy Retiieu School
Role: Piomoting a cultuie within the }ackson Neuical Nall Community
School in which it is cleaily unueistoou that 1'' 23%'40#+ 2&+ 5#&0+.

Key skills: A nationally recognized education consultant who has been
instrumental in the growth of major educational software companies in the
nation. A past Superintendent of Jackson Public School System in Jackson,
Mississippi. Served in that capacity for over 17 years. Experience ranges from
being the Vice President of the National Parent Teacher Association to holding
the distinction of top educational advisor to major companies.

Piofessoi of Public
I have been a faculty of public health with }ackson State 0niveisity foi ovei
1S yeais. As a meuical anthiopologist, I have woikeu with school chiluien
anu theii health inteinationally. Cultuial competency in global setting is one
of my unique skills. Ny othei skillsexpeitise incluues tiaining community
health woikeis within an integiateu piimaiy health caie system in

Nississippi anu beyonu.

Al Thomas Retiieu Bepaitment
Nanagei foi Allstate
0peiations Centei
-Employeu ovei Su yeai's foi a nationally iankeu Foitune Suu insuiance company.
-Pioficient in uata analysis piocesses.
-Thoiough knowleuge of components of peisonnel files
-0nueistanuing of ieseaich baseu ciiteiia foi quality canuiuate selection
-Expeiience in facilitating anu oiganizing piofessional uevelopment sessions.
-Knowleugeable of appiopiiate benefit packages anu plans.
-Expeitise in evaluation tools to monitoi peisonnel piogiess.

Will seive as an auvisoi foi the puichasing of the following:
Contents coveiage foi the school
Liability coveiage foi the school, teacheis, staff anu boaiu membeis
Retiiement benefits, gioup health anu life insuiance.
Peisonnel iecommenuations

Phil Reeu PiesiuentCE0,voice
of Calvaiy Ninistiies
Non-Piofit management
Community Bevelopment activities Funuiaising
Bacheloi's Begiee in Nathematics fiom Inuiana 0niveisity;Nastei's Begiee
in Nathematics fiom Niami 0niveisity (0xfoiu, 0B)

Piiscilla Steiling Pioject Cooiuinatoi
Secietaiy }S0
Active }PS paient.
0iganizei, Reseaich anu pioviue the necessaiy iesouices foi communities.

Naiietta Caitei Euucation
Ceitifieu Auministiatoi AA 486; Ceitifieu in Elementaiy Euucation A 116
anu A 117 - Expeiience incluues: thiee yeais as a miuule school piincipal;
six yeais as a miuule school assistant piincipal; anu seven yeais as an
elementaiy school teachei. Skilleu in collecting, analyzing, anu using uata to

iuentify school neeus anu planning school-wiue impiovement initiatives

Bazel Shielus 67'#, Boaiu Nembei with uuties to be assigneu
!8%''.9:;"#0)%.#, Beuicateu Leaueiship in School Nanagement anu
Auministiation; Skilleu at ieviewing anu using stuuent uata foi teaching;
Betaileu Piesentei with staff anu public gioups; Notivateu woikei;
Excellent wiitei of evaluations, staff uevelopment plans, evaluations of staff
anu incoipoiates knowleuge of teaching skills in these piesentations;
Reseaichei who is able to wiite anu implement woik stuuy foimat foi staff;
Tiainei who piesents challenging woikshops in house foi staff anu at the
school uistiict level; Excellently iateu teachei at the K-S level; Notable
teachei in the Title I Remeuiation classes; Loyal; Bonest; anu Tiainable.