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This general striking style emphasizes speed, agility and defense. Practitioners block, bob, weave and pick their shots whenever they see their opponents defense falter. The core rulebooks Kung Fu style is a specialized version of this erit. Prerequisites: !trength "", #e$terity "", !tamina "" and %rawl "" &t uses the following maneuver progression' Focused Attack (): Physical conditioning and accuracy allow your character to deliver blows at vulnerable spots on targets. Penalties to hit specific targets are reduced by one. (See Specified Targets, p. 165). (ven when a specific part of an opponent is not targeted, armor penalties to your characters %rawl attacks are reduced by one. Duck and Weave (): )our character is trained to instinctively duck and evade an opponents blows. *se the higher of your characters #e$terity or +its to determine his #efense when dealing with %rawl,based attacks only -not against +eaponry attacks.. &f a combination of %rawl, and +eaponry,based attacks is focused on your character in the same turn, use his normal #efense against both. Defensive Attack (): )our character has mastered the ability to fight defensively. +hen using this maneuver, your character gains /0 to his #efense for the turn, but any attack he makes suffers a ,0 penalty. 1e can move no more than his !peed while performing a #efense 2ttack maneuver in a turn. Whirlwind trike (): )our character can unleash a storm of blows against an opponent. 1e can make a number of e$tra %rawl attacks for each point of #e$terity that he has above 0 in a single action. (ach e$tra attack is made at a cumulative ,3 modifier. Thus, he can perform a total of two attacks at #e$terity 4 -the second of which is at ,3., three attacks at #e$terity 5 -the third of which is at ,0., and four at #e$terity 6 -the fourth of which is at ,4.. 2ll attacks must be on the same target. Destro! Defense (): )our character uses clever combinations, feints, sidesteps and perhaps furtive grabbing -called 7sticking8 or 7trapping8 in some martial arts. to progressively destroy your opponents ability to defend himself. +henever he successfully hits an unarmed target with a %rawl attack, he reduces her #efense by 3 against his ne$t attack. This is cumulative across multiple, successive attacks, up to a ma$imum #efense penalty e9ual to the lower of the attackers +its or #e$terity. 2fter that, the target recovers her full #efense, and the character must try to impose this penalty once again. )our character can use #estroy #efense across multiple rounds as long as he does nothing e$cept deliver successful %rawl attacks. &f he misses or performs any other action, the running penalty imposed by the erit automatically 7resets8 to :. The target retains her full #efense against other attackers; shes only e$traordinarily vulnerable to the maneuver users %rawl attacks. This maneuver does combine with <ombination %lows or +hirlwind !trike. #estroy #efenses penalty is cumulative with the normal #efense penalty against multiple attacks, if it applies. chools: <ommon (vasive !triking arts include %ruce =ees >un Fan Kung Fu -or 7?riginal >eet Kune #o8., 2merican or 1awaiian Kenpo, rapid,fire kung fu styles like wing chun and Filipino panantukan bo$ing. @emember that specific styles may have specialized maneuvers -see p. 3:A..