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ANB 35, you serve who?

We seem to all know very little of what Heaven will be like. I have heard of several people
claiming to have been there, and they may really have been, but the accounts are so sporadic
there we can say no one really knows for sure. Let us look at one quick attribute of Heaven, who
will be there.

“After this manner pray, ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:9).

Right there we see that Our God is in Heaven. What do we know about God? God is perfect.
The book of Peter said “(Jesus) did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth.” (I Peter 2:22).
This fact of God’s perfection determines the entire Heaven guest list.

Now remember, in the old days before Jesus Christ God dwelt in a physical building. And
everyone remembers that only the priests could go into the Holy of Holies, where the presence of
the Lord was. We remember this because we remember they tied bells and a rope around the
priest and if the bells stopped or the priest died they could just drag his unclean carcass out.
Now the priest would die if He was defiled in any way.

”And they shall be upon Aaron, and upon his sons, when they come in unto the
tabernacle of the congregation, or when they come near unto the altar to minister in the
holy place; that they bear not iniquity, and die: it shall be a statute for ever unto him and
his seed after him.” (Exodus 28:43)

That passage means that if the priests bore any sin on them when they entered the presence of
God, they would die. The very presence of God would so conflict with their imperfection that
they could not live.

So do you think that you can enter Heaven imperfect today? Do you think you can enter the very
presence of God, the Holy of Holies, if you have some imperfection in you? Absolutely not.

So how will you enter Heaven? You can’t. Not unless you are purified. So your next
questions? How am I purified, and I thought the Bible says that all sin and fall short of the Glory
of God (It does in Romans 3:23). Well, here is where we should begin. What we must
understand is just what Jesus did for us, because He is Our Purifier. He is Jehovah M’Kaddesh,
“The Lord Who Sanctifies (Leviticus 20:8).”

When you were saved by Jesus Christ two things happened. First of all your Spirit was reborn.
That mark of original sin that was on your inner being, that mark is now gone. That mark of
original sin alone was imperfection enough to keep you from Heaven (The Jewish Temple was
not a full presence of God manifested, as we’ll experience in Heaven, let’s not get hung up on
this). Nothing you could do, no matter how good you were, could ever take this mark off of your
spirit. You could never get to Heaven of your own works for this reason. Only Jesus could do
this for you, it is a gift to you. No one can be saved by their works, “lest any man should boast.”
(Romans 2:9). So, when you accepted Jesus you followed Him (Spiritually from death back to a
resurrected life, you were immediately born again Spiritually, though your body felt nothing.
This is why the Bible speaks of you dying to sin and being raised to righteousness (I Peter 2:24).
So you are reborn to righteousness, now you should live like this.

The second thing that happened is the blood of Jesus was given to you. Just as the old Jews had
to sacrifice animals to cover over their sin, Jesus blood was spilt so it could cover over our sins.
For this reason our heaven tickets are not immediately revoked the second we sin post-salvation.
Jesus’ perfect blood will cover all your sins, past, present and future. Praise the Lord.

So, when you are accepted in Jesus Christ your Spirit is sanctified and made perfect before God.
The Works of the flesh which your soul (thinker, feeler and chooser) and body do, these are
covered by Jesus’ blood. Without Jesus, you are not made perfect inwardly and you are not
protected by a perfect blood covering. You are not going to Heaven. I encourage you to ask
people if they are going to Heaven and see if they understand this. If they begin to talk about
how good they are, listen with love, then tell them their works have nothing to do with it. Think
of a well known non-Christian who does many great works. One who died several years ago (I
won’t name names) comes to mind. Chances are he’s in hell now, unfortunately, having rejected
Jesus Christ long ago and professing some other disgusting lie of a religion. (All false religions
are, in one way or another, lies made of the devil and designed to keep people from the true God,
in case you are wondering). So to recap, Jesus Christ is the only way to God. He is the only way
to the Holy place, Heaven.

Now let me briefly speak about Christians who proclaim Jesus Christ but don’t line their life up
with His teachings. Truthfully, I don’t study this much. This is not my area, I don’t believe.
But I have come to one major thought that I would like you to hear, if you haven’t heard this
from me already.

On the advice of a good Christian friend I watched a show that had Christians interviewing some
sort of satan worshiper, really an official in the church of satan. this sadly deceived, yet still
loved by God, individual said that the church of satan’s central belief structure is that you should
do whatever you want whenever you want. Now think about this (this will blow your mind if
you hadn’t realized this), even satan and all his demons believe that Jesus is the son of God.
They even have some understanding that He is the only way to the Father for the people. Let me
show you.

“And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of
God. And He (Jesus) rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that He
was Christ.” Luke 4:41.

Do not doubt for one second satan knows exactly who Jesus is. He knows better than most
Christians. satan has no doubts. satan knows for sure.

Here is my point. What does it say for a Christian who proclaims Jesus Christ, who even
believes in Jesus Christ, but still does exactly what the church of satan teaches, whatever they
want whenever they want. How do you do this? When you knowingly sin again and again and
never repent before God.
Now let me share why I would share on a subject that is not regularly for me to speak, although I
do feel anointed in this and strong in my spirit that you should hear this message.

You have to put down the ways of the world, and pick up the ways of Jesus Christ. What we see,
I feel comfortable to say, is there are two definitions of the word ‘belief.’ Some people believe,
and they are saved. They then “work out their salvation with fear and trembling. (Philippians
2:12)” But other people say they believe and then do exactly what they want whenever they
want. What is different between them and the demons? (Wow, that is a harsh sentence, but
logically, and more importantly Biblically, it makes sense). Rest assured, you won’t see any
demons in Heaven.

Look what Jesus Himself said, ”And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things
which I say?” (Luke 6:46)

You evidence your belief by your actions, that is what Jesus said right there plainly. Let me be
clear on this. I am not the judge and I am not the jury, Jesus Christ is ALL IN ALL, praise the
Lord. He decides. And when He does He will look right at the heart, not at the actions. But,
don’t be deceived, what does that latter heart say to God? Does it say, ‘I love you Lord and want
to spend eternity with you.” Does it really even say, “I believe you are GOD.”? This latter
sentence is the question Jesus was really asking in Luke 6:46.

I desire that all men might be saved. Aside from my prayers and efforts for your lives, whether
you line up with God’s will for your lives doesn’t make any difference to my life. I’ve seen the
light. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. The world can wallow in its filth, I will live
unto righteousness and experience the abundant life that Jesus Christ purchased for me with His
blood. As for you. I only want you to be with me in eternity. After that is assured, I only want
you to walk out all that God has for you.

When you begin seeking to give your life to the Lord, and line your life up with the Word, you
are working out your own salvation. Here is a statement rightly said, I believe. If I could never
have made it to God, if Jesus Christ had not died and I was still under the Jewish law, (having to
earn a relationship with God through many a stringent command), I still would have served God.
I would have tried to earn it, for this life in God is All there is. One serving the Lord actively is a
king, conqueror and giant on this earth compared to those deceived who disregard Him entirely.
(just so you don’t forget, many deceived make a million a year and get all the girls). This is the
life to live. Begin serving the Lord, and begin truly living. Whose commands do you follow,
God’s, or your own? Check your life, who do you serve?

May the Lord richly bless you this week. Byron