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Technical Assessment Form

Full Name

Candidate Contact Number

Fill in the form accurately and in as much detail as you are able. When listing the amount of experience you have in a particular technology, include experience on the job and at home, do NOT include training, course or! or computer operator experience. If your only experience is through a course (e.g. you have recently graduated) please include this experience but state clearly that this has not been commercial work experience. "ou are not expected to have !no ledge in all areas of technology listed, so if you have no experience in a particular area, leave the fields blank ou will be assessed on the I! skills in which you have stated expertise on this form" and rated against the information you provide. #t is in your interests, therefore, to detail your experience accurately.

$%O&%A''#N& (AN&)A&*+ AN, TOO(+

(ersion(s) -ava . .// .0 -1** platform .N*T 2'( 3T'( Others 4(ist5 Commercial experience (in months) #ast $sed %latform and &evelopment 'nvironment

O$*%AT#N& +"+T*'+
#evel of 'xperience and )rief &escription

$age 6 of 7

*ystem Win 1888 Windo s 2$ (#N)2 )N#2 Others 4(ist5


+igh (e.g. device drivers etc)

,edium (e.g. shell programming)

#ow (e.g. programming)

Commercial 'xperience (in months)

#evel of 'xperience and )rief &escription +igh ,edium #ow (e.g. fine tuning (e.g. stored (e.g. *.# indexing" procedures) programming) normali-ation etc) Commercial 'xperience (in months)

&atabase Oracle +ybase +:( +erver ,91 ;ersant Others 4(ist5


T*(*.O'')N#.AT#ON+ AN, N*TWO%<+

#evel of 'xperience (&esign/%rogramming)
+igh ,edium #ow

Commercial 'xperience (in months)

9roadband Wireless =Fixed Wireless ='obile Optical Technologies > Net or!s O++ > Net or! 'anagement + itching, +ignalling > Net or! #ntelligence Other 4(ist5

'*T3O,+? $%O.*++*+
#evel of 'xperience
+igh ,edium #ow

Commercial 'xperience (in months)

2$ %)$

.entury(in! #ndia

$age 1 of 7

%A, .'' #+O Others 4(ist5

#evel of 'xperience (as a user0 &esign/%rogramming) +igh ,edium #ow Web(ogic Web+phere Netscape *nterprise +erver A$A.3* ##+ $<# ,igital .ertificates Fire alls Others 4(ist5 Commercial 'xperience (in months) #evel of 'xperience (*pecialised/Internal 1nowledge) +igh ,ediu #ow m Commercial 'xperience (in months)

&*N*%A( T*.3N#.A( #NFO%'AT#ON

Is there any other technical information that you have not included either on the form above or on your resume that you wish us to take into account before considering you for permanent employment at Century#ink India 2 If so" please detail.

# confirm that the information regarding my technical experience contained in this document is correct to the best of my !no ledge

+#&NAT)%*@ .AN,#,AT* NA'*@ ,AT*?$(A.*@


.entury(in! #ndia

$age 7 of 7