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What to keep in mind during recruitment

-Keep an open mind about the

sororities during the events you will be attending. - Make sure you attend all the events you are invited to. Declining an invitation might hurt your chances of getting a bid. -If you cannot attend an event due to a time conflict, make sure you alert your Rho Gamma Recruitment Counselor.

Important Contact Information

PanHellenic President: Emily Mandel (ebm2) PanHellenic Recruitment: Helen Gregorek (hmg5) PanHellenic Recruitment: Olivia Hrycko (omh2) Advisor: Wendi Kinney (kinney@geneseo.edu)

What NOT to expect

-Coffee dates, lunches, any extra events not listed on the NPC schedule. -Being able to attend parties. Recruitment is strictly dry. -Emailing and/or texting members from any of the NPC sororities. -Gifts of any kind. -No bid promising.

Rho Gammas
Olivia Hrycko Helen Gregorek Emily Mandel Erin Fitzgerald Christine Piccione Raphaella D'Alonzo Jacqueline Maggio Sarah Lenhard Lorna Brooks Janet Adeola Molly Vierhile

Spring Recruitment 2014

What is PanHellenic?
PanHellenic is a Greek word meaning All (pan) Greeks (Hellenic), or all Greek women. At Geneseo, our PanHellenic council is made up of the four national sororities: Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, Sigma Delta Tau and Sigma Kappa. The goal of the National PanHellenic Council (NPC) is for the PanHellenic sororities to work together to promote, education, leadership, friendships, cooperation, and citizenship.

Helpful Terms
Bid: A formal invitation to join a Greek organization.
Bid Day: the last day of formal recruitment in which each sorority celebrates their new member class for the semester. Local: An organization that is not part of an incorporated Greek organization such as the NPC. Potential New Member: a college woman who participates in recruitment.

New Member: someone who has accepted a bid to join a Greek organization, but has not yet been initiated.
Recruitment: a series of events offering members and potential members the opportunity to get to know each other. Rush: older term for recruitment. Legacy: a woman whose sister, mother, or grandmother is an active member or alumna of a particular sorority.

MRABA: Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. Rho Gamma: A Recruitment Counselor, or Rho Gamma is a Greek woman who guides potential new members through the recruitment process and disaffiliates herself from her sorority in order to provide unbiased support or advice. These women are here to help you with any questions you may have during this process!