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Artysta : Eminem Album : The Slim Shedy LP Piosneka : My Name is..

Chorus: repeat 2X i! My name is.. "#hat$% My name is.. "#ho$% My name is.. Slim Shady i! My name is.. "huh$% My name is.. "#hat$% My name is.. Slim Shady Ahem.. e&'use me! Can ( ha)e the attention o* the 'lass *or one se'ond$ +Eminem, i kids! -o you like Primus$ ".eah yeah!% /anna see me sti'k Nine (n'h Nails throu0h ea'h one o* my eyelids$ "1h2 huh!% /anna 'opy me and do e&a'tly like ( did$ Try 34'id5 and 0et messed up #orse that my li*e is$ My brain4s dead #ei0ht6 (4m tryin to 0et my head strai0ht but ( 'an4t *i0ure out #hi'h Spi'e 7irl ( #ant to 3impre0nate5 And -r. -re said6 8Slim Shady you a basehead!8 1h2uhhh! 8So #hy4s your *a'e red$ Man you #asted!8 /ell sin'e a0e t#el)e6 (4)e *elt like a 'a0ed el* #ho stayed to himsel*6 in one spa'e6 'hasin his tail "blalblalblabla% 7ot ti'ked o** and ripped Pamela Lee4s lips o** 9issed em and said6 8( ain4t kno# sili'one #as 4sposed to be this so*t8 (4m bout to pass out and 'rash6 and *all in the 0rass *aster than a *at man #ho sat do#n too *ast C4mere lady! "Shady6 #ait a minute6 that4s my 0irl do0!% ( don4t 0i)e a damn6 -re sent me to ti'k the #orld o**! Chorus +Eminem, My En0lish tea'her #anted to *lunk me in :unior hi0h "-amn!% Thanks a lot.. ne&t semester6 (4ll be thirty2*i)e ( sma'ked him in his *a'e #ith an eraser6 'hased him #ith a stapler and told him to 'han0e the 0rade on the paper "No#!% /alked in the strip 'lub6 had my :a'ket ;ipped up Ser)ed the bartender6 then #alked out #ith a tip 'up E&traterrestrial6 runnin o)er pedestrians in a spa'eship #hile they4re s'reamin at me: 8LET4S <1ST =E >?(EN-S!8 Ninety2nine per'ent o* my li*e ( #as lied to ( :ust *ound out my mom does more 3dope5 than ( do ( told her (4d 0ro# up to be a *amous rapper Make a re'ord about doin 3dru0s5 and name it a*ter her " ere mom!% .ou kno# you ble# up #hen the #omen rush your stands and try to tou'h your hands like some s'reamin 1sher *ans "Aaahhhhhh!% This 0uy at /hite Castle asked *or my auto0raph "-ude6 'an ( 0et your auto0raph$% So ( si0ned it: 4-ear -a)e6 thanks *or the support6 3ASS @LE!54 Chorus +Eminem,

Stop the tape! This kid needs to be lo'ked a#ay! "7et him!% -r. -re6 don4t :ust stand there6 @PE?ATE! (4m not ready to lea)e6 it4s too s'ary to die (4ll ha)e to be 'arried inside the 'emetery and buried ali)e Am ( 'omin or 0oin$ ( 'an barely de'ide ( :ust drank a *i*th o* 9ool2Aid 22 dare me to dri)e$ "7o ahead% All my li*e ( #as )ery depri)ed ( ain4t had a #oman in years6 and my palms are too hairy to hide Clothes ripped like the (n'redible ulk "ha'hhh2too% ( spit #hen ( talk6 (4ll 3*u'k5 anythin0 that #alks "C4mere% /hen ( #as little ( used to 0et so hun0ry ( #ould thro# *its @/ .@1 7@NNA =?EAST >EE- ME M@M$ "/A !% .@1 A(N4T 7@T N@ 3T(TS!5 "/A !% ( lay a#ake and strap mysel* in the bed Put a bulleproo* )est on and tap mysel* in the head "=AN7!% (4m steamin mad "Arrr000hhh!% And by the #ay #hen you see my dad$ ".eah$% Ask him i* he bou0ht a porno ma0 and seen my ad Chorus