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)*+, -./012. 3.4,.567. '87..2.9: ;9 $1<:= $<>49? ".455672
@=.67 31226:2.9: @1 A./B '// !1B</4:619, ;9 )..> +5

!uba, SouLh Sudan, 23
!anuary 2014

llfLy-flve ma[or humanlLarlan non-governmenLal organlzaLlons (nCCs) ln SouLh Sudan have expressed Lhelr deep
concern abouL Lhe currenL humanlLarlan slLuaLlon ln Lhe counLry and reafflrmed Lhelr commlLmenL Lo help all clvlllan
populaLlons ln need of asslsLance.

1he flfLy-flve nCCs have been deeply alarmed aL Lhe scale of human sufferlng seen ln Lhe counLry ln Lhe pasL slx
weeks, and so welcome Lhe recenL slgnlng ln Addls Ababa of a cessaLlon of hosLlllLles agreemenL beLween Lhe
CovernmenL of SouLh Sudan and Lhe opposlLlon forces, and LrusL LhaL lL wlll lead Lo a swlfL reducLlon ln Lhe sufferlng
of clvlllans. ln Lhls regards, Lhe agencles conLlnue Lo call upon all parLles Lo Lhe confllcL Lo proLecL clvlllans, Lo refraln
from LargeLlng aLLacks on clvlllan areas, and Lo dlsLlngulsh beLween clvlllans and combaLanLs.

1he nCCs Lhemselves operaLe ln accordance wlLh Lhe four key humanlLarlan prlnclples of:
@=. A<2496:47649 ;2B.74:6C.( nCCs seek Lo allevlaLe human sufferlng, wherever lL ls found.
;2B47:64/6:D( ald ls glven regardless of Lhe race, creed or naLlonallLy of Lhe reclplenLs and wlLhouL adverse
dlsLlncLlon of any klnd. Ald prlorlLles are calculaLed on Lhe basls of need alone.
).<:74/6:D( ald ls noL used Lo furLher a parLlcular pollLlcal or rellglous sLandpolnL, and nCCs do noL Lake sldes ln a
;9>.B.9>.90.( nCCs formulaLe Lhelr own pollcles and lmplemenLaLlon sLraLegles and do noL seek Lo lmplemenL
Lhe forelgn pollcy of any governmenL.

1he humanlLarlan lmperaLlve means LhaL we seek Lo provlde asslsLance Lo any clvlllans who may need lL", explalned
Wendy 1aeuber, CounLry ulrecLor of Lhe lnLernaLlonal 8escue CommlLLee. CollecLlvely, we wanL Lo be able Lo help
all people ln need, wherever Lhey may be locaLed ln SouLh Sudan and regardless of who ls conLrolllng LhaL area".

Powever, Lhe nCCs emphaslzed LhaL ln order Lo be able Lo provlde asslsLance Lo Lhose who need lL, lL ls essenLlal
LhaL all acLors recognlze Lhe lndependence of nCCs, and ensure respecL and proLecLlon for Lhelr sLaff, asseLs,
faclllLles and humanlLarlan acLlvlLles. We call upon all parLles Lo Lhe confllcL Lo allow unlmpeded humanlLarlan
access, and Lo ensure Lhe safeLy and freedom of movemenL of our sLaff" sald Carollne 8oyd, Medalr's CounLry

vlolence agalnsL ald-workers ls always unaccepLable" added Alan aul, CounLry ulrecLor of Save Lhe Chlldren, and
any resLrlcLlons on Lhe movemenLs or acLlvlLles of nCCs slmply hlnder us from provldlng vlLal asslsLance Lo Lhose
SouLh Sudanese who need lL mosL". Sadly, aL leasL 3 ald-workers, all SouLh Sudanese naLlonals, have been kllled
slnce 13

Access ls urgenLly needed", noLed Mercy Corps' CounLry ulrecLor MaLhleu 8ouqueLLe, as Lhe ralny season wlll be
sLarLlng ln [usL a few monLhs, whlch wlll make lL dlfflculL Lo LransporL supplles and leave some locaLlons enLlrely cuL-

1he nCCs relLeraLed LhaL Lhelr neuLrallLy means Lhey are separaLe from any mlllLary acLor or parLy Lo Lhe confllcL,
and Lhey malnLaln lmparLlallLy by provldlng asslsLance on Lhe basls of need alone. AlLhough some nCCs are
currenLly provldlng asslsLance Lo dlsplaced people seeklng shelLer wlLhln unMlSS bases, we are malnLalnlng our
lndependence and respecLlng humanlLarlan prlnclples as separaLe enLlLles from unMlSS" explalned Lmllle olsson,
CounLry ulrecLor of AC1Lu.

SouLh Sudan
SouLh Sudan galned lndependence on 9
!uly 2011, and ls Lhe world's newesL counLry. CuL of a populaLlon of abouL
12 mllllon, lL ls esLlmaLed LhaL more Lhan half a mllllon people have been dlsplaced slnce flghLlng broke ouL [usL over
one monLh ago.

PumanlLarlan rlnclples
lurLher deLalls on humanlLarlan prlnclples are glven ln Lhe Code of ConducL for 1he lnLernaLlonal 8ed Cross and 8ed
CrescenL MovemenL and nCCs ln ulsasLer 8ellef, avallable aL www.lfrc.org/en/publlcaLlons-and-reporLs/code-of-

1he llfLy-llve nCCs
1he ma[orlLy of Lhe flfLy-flve nCCs have been worklng ln SouLh Sudan for aL leasL Len years, and several have been
presenL for more Lhan 30 years. ln 2013, Lhe agencles collecLlvely spenL over one-quarLer of a bllllon uS dollars on
humanlLarlan and developmenL programmes Lo asslsL Lhe people of SouLh Sudan.

Lach nCC ls reglsLered ln SouLh Sudan wlLh Lhe MlnlsLry of !usLlce and Lhe 8ellef and 8ehablllLaLlon Commlsslon
(88C), and every nCC ls obllged Lo respecL Lhe 1ranslLlonal ConsLlLuLlon of SouLh Sudan, and ablde by Lhe counLry's

ueLalls of Lhe flve nCCs speclflcally quoLed above are as follows:

'3@#G has worked ln SouLh Sudan slnce 2007, and ln response Lo Lhe currenL crlsls has been acLlng as slLe manager
(lncludlng coordlnaLlon, slLe plannlng and communlLy moblllzaLlon) for locaLlons hosLlng lnLernally dlsplaced persons
(lus) ln !uba, Awerlal and 8or, as well as provldlng waLer, sanlLaLlon and hyglene (WASP) servlces for lus ln !uba.

1he ;9:.794:6194/ ".,0<. 31226::.. has worked ln SouLh Sudan slnce 1989, and ls addresslng Cender-8ased
vlolence (C8v) and provldlng proLecLlon responses for lus shelLerlng aL unMlSS bases ln !uba. lL ls also preparlng
healLh, WASP, C8v and proLecLlon responses for people affecLed by confllcL ln Awerlal CounLy and 8enLlu, and ls
plannlng a healLh and WASP response for lus aL Lhe unMlSS base ln 8or, as and when Lhe securlLy slLuaLlon

H.>467 flrsL worked ln SouLh Sudan ln 1992, and has had a conLlnuous presence slnce 1993. ln response Lo Lhe
currenL crlsls, lLs experlenced emergency response Leams are asslsLlng dlsplaced populaLlons wlLh WASP, healLh,
nuLrlLlon and non-food lLems and emergency shelLer (nll/LS) servlces, ln four locaLlons ln !uba, wlLh oLher locaLlons
ln !onglel planned once sulLable assessmenLs have been compleLed.

H.70D 317B, has been presenL ln SouLh Sudan slnce 2003. 1o address Lhe currenL presslng humanlLarlan needs, lL ls
provldlng nll/LS asslsLance ln Lwo locaLlons ln !uba, ls provldlng a WASP response for lus ln unlLy SLaLe, and ls
conducLlng assessmenLs Lo deLermlne Lhe lmpacL of Lhe currenL crlsls on markeLs and supply chalns ln Warrap.

$4C. :=. 3=6/>7.9 has been worklng ln SouLh Sudan for over 20 years. ln response Lo Lhe currenL crlsls lL ls provldlng
chlld proLecLlon supporL Lo dlsplaced communlLles ln !uba, Awerlal and nlmule, lncludlng worklng Lo reunlfy chlldren
separaLed durlng Lhe confllcL and provldlng psychosoclal and educaLlon supporL servlces Lo chlldren affecLed by
confllcL and dlsplacemenL. lL ls plannlng Lo provlde chlld proLecLlon, educaLlon and nuLrlLlon servlces ln 8or and
Malakal as soon as Lhe securlLy slLuaLlon permlLs.

lurLher lnformaLlon regardlng each slgnaLory nCC ls avallable on each agency's webslLe:

AA8 !apan www.aar[apan.gr.[p/engllsh
AC1Lu www.acLed.org
AcLlon AgalnsL Punger www.acLlonagalnsLhunger.org
Afrlca LducaLlonal 1rusL www.afrlcaeducaLlonalLrusL.org
Afrlcan Medlcal and 8esearch loundaLlon www.amref.org
CAlCu www.cafod.org.uk
Care www.care.org
CarlLas SwlLzerland www.carlLas.ch
ChrlsLlan Agenda for uevelopmenL www.cad-nl.org
ChrlsLlan Ald www.chrlsLlanald.org.uk
Concern Worldwlde www.concern.neL
Cordald www.cordald.nl
CCSv www.cosv.org/en
ulakonle Lmergency Ald www.dlakonle-kaLasLrophenhllfe.de
larm Afrlca www.farmafrlca.org
lorum for CommunlLy Change and uevelopmenL
lood for Lhe Pungry www.fh.org
Pandlcap lnLernaLlonal www.handlcap-lnLernaLlonal.org
PealLhneL 1C www.healLhneLLpo.org
PLL www.help-ev.de/en/
lCCC www.lcco-lnLernaLlonal.com
lnLernaLlonal Ald Servlces www.las-lnLl.org
lnLernaLlonal Medlcal Corps www.lnLernaLlonalmedlcalcorps.org
lnLernaLlonal 8escue CommlLLee www.rescue.org
ln1L8SCS www.lnLersos.org
!ohannlLer lnLernaLlonal AsslsLance www.Lhe[ohannlLer.org
!olnL Ald ManagemenL www.[amlnL.com
Medalr www.medalr.org
MLn1C8 lnlLlaLlve www.LhemenLorlnlLlaLlve.org
Mercy Corps www.mercycorps.org
Mlsslon AvlaLlon lellowshlp www.maflnL.org
naLlonal 8ellef and uevelopmenL Corps www.nrdc-souLhsudan.org
norweglan 8efugee Councll www.nrc.no
Cxfam www.oxfam.org.uk
eople ln need www.clovekvLlsnl.cz/en
lan lnLernaLlonal www.plan-lnLernaLlonal.org
ro[ecL LducaLlon SouLh Sudan www.pro[ecLeducaLlonsouLhsudan.org
8ellef lnLernaLlonal www.rl.org
Save 1he Chlldren www.saveLhechlldren.org
Skllls for SouLh Sudan www.skllls-souLhsudan.org
Snv neLherlands uevelopmenL CrganlsaLlon www.snvworld.org
SolldarlLes lnLernaLlonal www.solldarlLes.org
SouLh Sudanese uevelopmenL CrganlzaLlon www.ssdoprog.org
SLM (Sudan Lvangellcal Mlsslon)
1earfund www.Learfund.org
1erre des Pommes www.Ldh.ch
unkLA www.unkea.neL
veLerlnalres Sans lronLleres Sulsse www.vsf-sulsse.ch
War Chlld Polland www.warchlldholland.org
WelLhungerhllfe www.welLhungerhllfe.de
Wlndle 1rusL www.wlndle.org.uk
World 8ellef www.worldrellef.org
World 8enew www.worldrenew.neL
World vlslon www.wvl.org
ress ConLacLs
lor furLher lnformaLlon and lnLervlew requesLs, please conLacL:

Adrlen 1omarchlo, ulrecLor of CommunlcaLlon, '3@#G, lrance: adrlen.Lomarchlo[acLed.org, +33 6 83 91 28 62

LllsabeLh Anderson 8apporL, Senlor CommunlcaLlon Cfflcer, '0:619 '8469,: A<98.7, uSA:

llse Wermlnk, rogramme CoordlnaLor, '57604 #><04:6194/ @7<,:, uk: l.wermlnk[afrlcaeducaLlonalLrusL.org

8ernd Serway, CounLry 8epresenLaLlve, 3476:4, $I6:J.7/49>, SouLh Sudan: bserway[carlLas.ch, +211 913 114 617

Amos nderl, CounLry Manager, 3=76,:649 '6>, SouLh Sudan: Anderl[chrlsLlan-ald.org, +211 936 933 103

!os de voogd, ress offlcer, 317>46>, neLherlands: [dv[cordald.nl

Alex Mwaura, Medla Cfflcer, K11> 517 :=. A<987D, SouLh Afrlca: amwaura[fh.org

Panan nhass, CommunlcaLlons Cfflcer, ;33+, neLherlands: Panan.nhass[lcco-cooperaLlon.org, +31 30 692 79 73

uanlel ZeLLerlund, PumanlLarlan CoordlnaLor, ;'$, Sweden: danlel.zeLLerlund[las-lnLl.org, +46 707 777 378

MargareL Agulrre, ulrecLor of Clobal CommunlcaLlons, ;9:.794:6194/ H.>604/ 317B,, uSA:
magulrre[lnLernaLlonalmedlcalcorps.org, +1 310 826 7800

Sophla !ones-Mwangl, 8eglonal Medla/lnformaLlon Manager, ;9:.794:6194/ ".,0<. 31226::.., kenya:
sophla.[ones-mwangl[rescue.org, +234 7310 44422,

Ablgall Woodcock, ress 8elaLlons Cfflcer, H.>467, SwlLzerland: Ablgall.Woodcock[medalr.org, +41 78 633 30 93

Llndsay Murphy, CommunlcaLlons Cfflcer, H.70D 317B,, uSA: lmurphy[mercycorps.org, +1 303 896 3700

8olf A. vesLvlk, ulrecLor LxLernal 8elaLlons, )17I.8649 ".5<8.. 31<906/, norway: rolf.vesLvlk[nrc.no,
+47 48 89 33 13

Crace Cahlll, PumanlLarlan ress Cfflcer, +L542, SouLh Sudan: CCahlll[oxfam.org.uk, +211 936 708 278

8egls nyamakanga, Pead of CommunlcaLlon, !/49 ;9:.794:6194/, kenya: regls.nyamakanga[plan-lnLernaLlonal.org,
+234 712 203 860

Pelen Mould, lnformaLlon & CommunlcaLlons Manager, $4C. :=. 3=6/>7.9, SouLh Sudan:
helen.mould[saveLhechlldren.org, +211922407211

leL van Cmmeren, CounLry ulrecLor, $)M, neLherlands: pvanommeren[snvworld.org, +31 6 31267397

8enaud uoucl, ulrecLor of CommunlcaLlon, $1/6>476:., ;9:.794:6194/, lrance: rdoucl[solldarlLes.org,
+33 6 98 96 38 33

Abby klng or Sarah Creenwood, Medla 1eam, @.475<9>, uk: Leam.medla[Learfund.org, + 44 208 943 7936

Abraham nhlal, CommunlcaLlons & 8 Manager, -17/> M6,619, SouLh Sudan: nhlal_wel[wvl.org, +211 929 167 028

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