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1501 South Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148 Rectory: (630) 629-1717 Fax: (630) 705-0692 Academy: (630) 627-0640 Fax: (630) 705-0139 www.ctklombard.org www.facebook.com/ctklombard



Christ the King Mission Statement
The People of Christ the King in Lombard are a welcoming, vibrant faith community building the kingdom of God through our many ministries. We celebrate our diversity, seeking to realize the gifts of each member of our parish, as we are all joined together under one faith, in a spiritual journey of evangelization, service to others, and a reverence for all life. In the Eucharist, we find new life, and bring this life to others through stewardship, education, and worship.

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

January 26, 2014

Mass Intentions for the Week

SUNDAYJanuary 26 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:00 AM Special Intention 10:00 AM Robert Zelenka Sr. 12:00 PM Ildefonza Gonzalo MONDAY January 27 - St. Angela Merici 8:30 AM Edward Soppi TUESDAY January 28 - St. Thomas Aquinas 8:30 AM Ildefonza Gonzalo WEDNESDAY January 29 - Weekday 8:30 AM Maria Gonzalo THURSDAY January 30 - Weekday 8:30 AM FRIDAY January 31 - St. John Bosco 8:30 AM Alex & Patricia Norkus SATURDAY February 1 - Blessed Virgin Mary 5:00 PM Mary Lang SUNDAY February 2 The Presentation of the Lord 8:00 AM Toni & George Norkus 10:00 AM Robert John Zelenka 12:00 PM Florence Piotrowski

Readings for the Week

Monday: 2 Sm 5:1-7, 10; Ps 89:20-22, 25-26; Mk 3:22-30 Tuesday: 2 Sm 6:12b-15, 17-19; Ps 24:7-10; Mk 3:31-35 Wednesday: 2 Sm 7:4-17; Ps 89:4-5, 27-30; Mk 4:1-20 Thursday: 2 Sm 7:18-19, 24-29; Ps 132:1-5, 11-14; Mk 4:21-25 Friday: 2 Sm 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17; Ps 51:3-7, 10-11; Mk 4:26-34 Saturday: 2 Sm 12:1-7a, 10-17; Ps 51:12-17; Mk 4:35-41 Sunday: Mal 3:1-4; Ps 24:7-10; Heb 2:14-18; Lk 2:22 40 [22-32] January 26-31 Catholic Schools Week February 2nd Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord February 11 at 6:30pm Baptism Preparation Class February 24 @ 6:30 pm Celebration Mass for our Parish Volunteers March 5 Ash Wednesday

Pray for Our Sick

Carmen Giacalone, Tina Orlita, Coletta Novak, Marciano Guminski, Isabel Carey, Joan Danz, Jean Wolff, Fred Henderson, Lydia Sylvia, Gloria DeLaCruz, Gene Doretti, June Sanders, Terri Ciolli, Ken Herman, Helen Gill, Donna Korkowski Cecilia Stawiarski, Al Kennedy, Karen Schumann, Julia Glaser, Janet Sipolt, Jim Golick, Jim Lofendo, Betty Jo Kennedy Pamela Weber, Bobby Wojkovich

Join us for Hospitality the weekend of Feb.1st and 2nd after all the Masses. Hosted by PADS in the PLC.

Rest in Peace
Our condolences to the family and friends of Loretta Peteck, Joseph Was,
and Helen Gill

January 26, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Attention all 4th Graders and Older and Families! You and your entire family are invited to serve your parish family as Altar Servers! Next Training Session Saturday, February 1, 2014; 11:00am - 12:30pm in the Church Serving at the Lords Table individually or together as a family is a great way to grow and learn your faith. Give Bill Runge a call, 630-396-6075 or email, bill@ctklombard.org, if you or anyone in your family is interested in serving. Christ the King Pancake Breakfast
During this cold and snowy winter, start your day off with a good breakfast, prepared by someone else. The parish would like to help you get your day off to a good start by inviting you to the parishs annual Pancake breakfast on Sunday, February 16. The knights will be serving breakfast from 7:30 11:30AM. The menu includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, orange juice, coffee, de-caf coffee, and a sweets table. Made-to-order omelets are available at an additional charge of $2.00. Tickets can be purchased in advance, at a $1.00 savings for adults and seniors, and are available after all of the masses on the weekends of Feb. 1 & 2, and Feb. 8 & 9. Prices are: $6.00 for adults, $5.00 for seniors and $4.00 for children under 12. Families of 2 adults and 2 or more children can purchase a family ticket for $20.00. Tickets are also available at the door, with adult tickets priced at $7.00 and seniors priced at $6.00. We hope to see everyone stop by after mass to enjoy a great meal. An initiative of the Knights of Columbus Have You Noticed the New CDs in the Narthex? Week #8 - How to Date Your Soulmate
Most people have only been told what they're not supposed to do while dating. In this powerful presentation, renowned chastity speaker Jason Evert shows us ten strategies for how to practice courtship without compromise. Tested through real-world experience and rooted in God's plan for the human heart, Jason's wise tips are sure to lead you to greater romantic happiness and fulfillment.

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

January 26, 2014

Guide Book Publishing

We have contracted with Guide Book Publishing to publish a Guide Book & Directory for our parish that will be updated and delivered directly to your homes annually. This book will be the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Christ the King Parish. The book is being provided at no cost to the our parish. Local businesses are being solicited to advertise in the book. If you own or manage a business and would like to find out about advertising in our book, please call Eileen Maggiore at 630-396-6076 or email at eileen#@ctklombard.org. Recent survey results by Guide Book Publishing show that 92.1% of families would rather patronize a Guide Book & Directory advertiser over a non-advertiser. It will pay to advertise in our new Guide Book & Directory. REPORTING SEXUAL ABUSE Anyone who has reasonable cause to suspect the sexual abuse of a minor by a member of the clergy or other Church personnel is urged to report the matter immediately. To inform the Diocese of Joliet, call Mrs. Judith Speckman (Victim Assistance Coordinator) at 815-263-6467 or write the Diocese of Joliet, 425 Summit Street, Joliet 60435. Contact DCFS at 1-800-252-2873 or call the office of the local County States Attorney.

Protecting Gods Children Workshop Saturday, February 1, 2014 9:30 am in the PLC
Our parish participates in the Safe Environment for all parishioners. This means that every volunteer must attend a Protecting Gods children, have a background check on file, and an Acknowledgement form for the Standards and Behaviors of Working with minors. The background check does not need a full social security number. Each document is kept in a locked fireproof cabinet. This is to protect all of Gods children. Our next workshop will be on Sat, Feb 1. Please register online at www.virtusonline.org. You may also call Sherry at 630-396-6078 or Eileen at 630-396-6076.

Living the Eucharist by Paulist Evangelization Ministries - Lent 2014

Our third year for Living the Eucharist will be coming up this Lent. This is a parish renewal program that will be offered to all parishioners this Lent season. Small groups will gather weekly for 6 weeks during the Lenten season. There is something for adults, teens and families. The weekly gathering will be 90 minute session reflecting on the Sunday readings and other topics each week. Living the Eucharist has the potential to renew and deepen the Eucharistic spirituality of parishioners in the following ways: Increased knowledge about the centrality of the Eucharist in Catholic life Greater appreciation and understanding of preparing for and participating in Sunday Mass Deeper, more intentional engagement in Sunday Mass, and, by extension, in parish life Keener awareness of living as a disciple of Jesus and building up the Kingdom of God A stronger, more Eucharist-based Catholic identity among participants More frequent attendance at Sunday Mass Opportunities to increase the knowledge, skills, and commitment of the parish liturgical ministers, thereby creating more vibrant Sunday liturgies Parishioners that have attended in 2012 and 2013 reported: A stronger, more Eucharist-based Catholic identity among participants More frequent attendance at Sunday Mass

January 26, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

January 26, 2014

The Lords question echoes through the ages, as a loving invitation to discover that only He has The words to eternal life. And that to receive in faith the gift of the Eucharist is to receive the Lord Himself. Please set aside an hour for time with the Lord Name_______________________________________ Address_____________________________________ ______________________________________ Phone______________________________________ Email_______________________________________ Time at Adoration_______________ Thursdays from 9am - 7pm + First Friday Adoration 7pm-8pm + Second Saturday following 5pm mass8pm Attention Bill Runge.

Why are you here? Where are you going? How will you get there? . . .
These important questions will be answered, your spirit uplifted, and your relationship with God and neighbor will be supercharged if you attend God Is! A One Day Journey Closer to God on Feb 22nd, 2014. During this day of renewal, you hear the Good News proclaimed in a personal and compelling way; you will come to learn more about and better embrace the Sacraments; and you will grower closer to your parish family.

It will begin with a continental breakfast at 9:00 AM and concludes with our regularly scheduled Saturday evening Mass at 5:00 PM
The suggested donation for this day is $20.00. All participants will receive breakfast and lunch and a year of inspirational and informative CDs or downloads from Catholic Lighthouse Media, NFP (a $72.00 value!). Contact Eileen Maggiore at 630-396-6076 or Eileen@ctklombard.org to register or to obtain further information.

God Is! A One Day Journey Closer to God Feb 22nd at Christ the King Parish Registration
Cost: $20.00 * Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City, St, Zip: __________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Email: __________________________________________ * Scholarships are available. Please contact the parish office.

January 26, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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St. Vincent De Paul Society: A Calling to Serve our Brothers and Sisters in Need: from Fr. Peter
The St. Vincent De Paul Conference have formed a board of directors for our SVDP Conference at Christ the King. This will allow SVDP to have a greater input to the process and governing as they proceed into the future with the SVDP Conference of the Joliet Diocese. In March there will be a commissioning service within mass . Thank you to these men and women who will serve in this capacity, for all the parishioners who donate items and our generosity in the SVDP envelope. If you know of a neighbor that needs assistance with food. Please come on Mondays at 12 pm to give the name, address of that person. Let us each day say a prayer for those brothers and sisters in special need. President Derald Fitch Vice President Peggy Wieck Treasurer Ed Schumann Secretary Kate Uhart Spiritual Advisor/Staff Rep. Deacon Frank Lillig Board Of Directors Don Shimkus Al Deathridge Dee Deathridge Rick Uhart Jerry Pizzotti Jill Placey Derald Fitch

Holy Father tells us...

The Free gift of a parents time is so precious. Let us pray for our Holy Father Francis the head of our Family that he continues to be an example to us in meeting the human person one on one. Fr. Peter: Lets be there for one another. Parents encourage your children, children respect your parents, Pastors love your parish family, as Christ has taught us. Let us trust in Gods faithfulness! May our prayer be that the love of a man and woman in marriage will be strengthened and renewed with each passing day. Let us pray for moments of peace this week. Long live, Pope Francis, long live our faith and be proud of our Catholic faith. Fr. Jarosz

Mission Trip to the Philippines

We bring to prayer all our brothers and sisters in the Philippines whose lives were drastically changed because of the typhoon, for all lives that were lost. May God give them peace and courage. Please pray for our Pastor, Fr. Peter, staff member Javier Aguilera who will be serving on the medical/construction Joliet diocesan mission trip to the Philippines from January 31 - February 15th. We also pray for Oscar Manicad, CTK parishioner who is serving on the Chicago Mission trip to the Philippines. Pray especially for all those that we will be privileged to serve after the destruction of their homes and lives. Donations to the Sisters of Oika: The Poor Household of God 546 Whittier Ave. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 www.PoorHouseholdofGod.org

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

January 26, 2014

The 2014 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal begins with a mailing that many of our parishioners have received or will soon receive. This is a mailing from Bishop Conlon asking for a pledge to the 2014 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal. The Appeal not only funds many of the operations of the diocese, it funds services that are of great help to the ministries here in our parish. For example, God Is Retreat, Youth Ministry, Confirmation Retreat, Catholic Youth Bibles, Living the Eucharist, and Foundations of Faith Formation for Adults. This year, the theme of the Appeal is Trust in the Fathers Care. God does provide for us. He never forgets us. His love sustains each of us. He is always giving to us. His grace is always there for us. Do we trust in the Fathers care? Christ tells us that we cannot serve two masters. Do we acknowledge Gods gifts and show him our gratitude for them? One way that we can show our gratitude is by offering our generous financial support to our parish and to our diocese and to the Church throughout the world. The gifts we give enable ministries, education, and services that touch thousands of lives. Our parish goal is $ $55,236.00. With your support, we can reach and exceed this goal. When we exceed our goal in paid pledges, we will receive 60% of the amount over goal for use in our parish. Please answer Bishop Conlons request and make a generous pledge. All pledges can be paid in 10 installments. Thank you in advance for your support.

MEET A SEMINARIAN Rev. Mr. Maciej Stelmach Rev. Mr. Maciej Stelmach, ordained a transitional deacon by Bishop Daniel Conlon this year, was born in Krakow, Poland, Deacon Maciej grew up without a father since his father died when Maciej was one year old , but he received deep faith from his mother and grandmother. He began to be an altar server when he was seven years old. After studying material engineering at Krakow University, Maciej enrolled at St Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Krakow. In 2010, he came to the United States, enrolled in another St Cyril and Methodius Seminary this one in Orchard Lake , Michigan. He applied to and was accepted into the Diocese of Joliet as a seminarian. After his ordination as a transitional deacon last spring, Deacon Maciej did a summer internship at St Andrew the Apostle Parish in Romeoville. He is to be ordained to the priesthood in 2014

SpeakOut Illinois 2014

You are invited to an outstanding pro-life conference, SpeakOut Illinois 2014. The theme this year isEmpowered for Life: Putting Truth into Action. It will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2014, from 8:30 a.m.to 3:30 p.m., at the Crown Plaza OHare Hotel, 5440 N. River Road, Rosemont. The Keynote Speaker will be Shawn Carney, Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life. The day will also feature breakout sessions on Politics, Obamacare, Abortion in the the "Hard Cases", and Religious Freedom. Featured speakers include Rep. Tom Morrision, Joe Walsh, Eric Scheidler and more. The price before January 24th is $55 or $25 for students for the concurrent TeenSpeak Conference (includes lunch). To register online go to www.SpeakOutIllinois.org or call the Pro-Life Action League at 773-777-2900.


Thursday, February 13 @ 7pm

Will Freedom of Religion Continue in the 21st Century?

Our "First Freedom" at the Breaking Point:
What Christians Need to Know! Join us for conversation with guest speaker Peter Breen in the PLC, followed with light refreshments. Find out what we believe as Catholic Christians and where we stand in todays world of conflicting values. Please call Sherry Rochford with any questions.

January 26, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Jan 11 & 12
# Registered Families Account Weekly Offering Non Env/Loose This weeks total Weekly Budget Thank You! Debt Reduction Month to Date Difference Christmas Collection 34 1400 No. 333 Households Amount $12,153.00 $3,173.99 $15,337.99 $14,000.00 + $1,337.99 $1,397.00 $3,563.00 - $4,770.00 $40,626.65

Request for 2013 Year-End Contribution Statement

Drop in collection or email request to Elaine at elaine@ctklombard.org or mail. Statements will be mailed after February 16, 2014. Questions call Elaine at 630-396-6073 Thank You!

Contribution Statement Request Form

Please Print Clearly Name: ____________________________________ Street Address:______________________________ City: ______________________________________ Envelope No._____________ Questions, call Elaine at 630-396-6073or email at Elaine@ctklombard.org.

Thank you to all parishioners for your very generous Christmas contributions!

Jan 18 & 19
# Registered Families Account Weekly Offering Non Env/Loose This weeks total Weekly Budget Deficit Debt Reduction Month to Date Difference Snow Removal Cost to Date 10 1400 No. 312 Households Amount $8,923.00 $2,120.07 $11,043.07 $14,000.00 -$2,956.93 $364.00 $3,927.00 - $4,406.00 $2,002.00 $20,000.00

A STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE 2013 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal Report through 1/3/2014

Thank you to all parishioners for your very generous Snow Removal contributions!

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

January 26, 2014


Collect Baby Bottles RE Classes *Mass Liturgy of the Word for Children Baptism Brunch RCIA Mass Open House Spirit of Life Recording Session

All Day 8:45 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 3:00 pm ELA Church Church PLC Church Church ELA/Gym PLC

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament Break Open the Word Cursillo Formation God Is retreat planning Meeting

9:00 am 10:00 am 7:00 pm 7:00 pm Church ER ELA ELA

Prayer Group

7:00 pm ER

*Interpreted Mass for the Deaf MONDAY

Spaghetti dinner ticket sales Protecting Gods Children New Altar Server Training Confessions Mass Hospitality New Parishioner Registration

All Day 9:30 am 11:00 am 4:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm Narthex PLC Ch/Nx Narthex Church PLC Narthex

12:00 pm 7:00 pm ER PLC

St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry Catechist Workshop

Staff Meeting Rosary AA Meeting

11:00 am 5:30 pm 7:00 pm DR Church ER

Spaghetti dinner ticket sales New Parishioner Registration Hospitality RE Classes Confirmation Retreat #2 *Mass Liturgy of the Word for Children Baptism Brunch RCIA Mass* *Interpreted Mass for the Deaf

All Day After Masses After Masses 8:45 am 8:45 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm Narthex Narthex PLC ELA ER Church Church PLC Church Church

Prayer Shawl Meeting Cursillo Group Meeting Childrens Choir Rehearsal RE Classes Kings Choir Rehearsal

1:00 pm 1:00 pm 5:15 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm ER CR Ch/PLC ELA Church

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament Thursdays 9:00am-8:00pm First Fridays 7:00-8:00pm Second Saturdays 6:00-8:00pm

Daily Mass 8:30 am Confessions 9:00 am

Rosary Tuesdays 5:30 pm Daily 9:00 am

Ministry Schedule for Saturday, February 1, and Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mass Time Lector Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Commnion Altar Server Presider Ministers of Care

Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday 8:00 AM Sunday 10:00 AM Sunday 12:00 PM

R. Clish

D. Beyer, M. Gonzalo D. Hernandez, I. Olson J. Sipolt E. & R. Caselli, C. Clishem G. Marola, L. Redor F. Harris, J. Iapichino C. Pilar, H. Sokalski E. Sweeney M. & J. Marten S. McDaniel, B. Robinson L. Torralba

H. Krause T. Wheeler L. Grunert C. Triplett S. Dauz K. & M. Sweeney J. Martinez A. Sandei

Fr. Bob Schoenstene Fr. Bob Schoenstene Fr. Ray Corkery Fr. Ray Corkery

D. Morrissey

E. Illes

J. Martinez

D. & A. Alzona M. Campbell M. Iwinski E. Mears L. Michalik C. Paulsen P. Robinson F. Rossi J. Seyller A. Staron K. Vibar

January 26, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Christ the King Directory

BISHOP of JOLIET: Most Rev. J. Daniel Conlon

PASTOR: Rev. Fr. Peter Jarosz 630.396.6079; frpeter@ctklombard.org WEEKEND Associate Rev. Fr. Robert Schoenstene 630.629.1717 DEACONS: Rev. Mr. Wayne Storrs 630.629.1717 Rev. Mr. Frank Lillig 630.629.1717 frank@ctklombard.org Rev. Mr. Peter Robinson 630.629.1717 deaconpeter@ctklombard.org PASTORAL ASSOC./ ADULT FAITH FORMATION: Eileen Maggiore 630.396.6076 eileen@ctklombard.org BUSINESS ACCOUNTS MANAGER: Elaine Colpo-Ward 630.396.6073; elaine@ctklombard.org DIRECTOR of CHILDRENS FAITH FORMATION/ YOUTH SERVICE OUTREACH: Sherry Rochford 630.396.6078; sherry@ctklombard.org DIRECTOR OF MUSIC AND LITURGY: Bill Runge 630.396.6075; bill@ctklombard.org PARISH ADMINISTRATION: Javier Aguilera 630.629.1717 ext 4 Javier@ctklombard.org PASTORS/PARISH OFFICE SECRETARY: Carol Clishem 630.629.1717 carol@ctklombard.org BULLETIN EDITOR: Gina Gallo bulletin@ctklombard.org ACADEMY PRINCIPAL/KINDERGARTEN TEACHER: Jill Placey 630.627.0640; jplacey@ctklombard.org KINDERGARTEN AIDE: Michelle Iwinski PRE-SCHOOL TEACHERS: Karen Hanish, Louise Sinibaldi PRE-SCHOOL AIDES: Christine Leslie, Jan Waas ACADEMY SECRETARY/ ASSISTANT TO PRINCIPAL Lori Bhardwaj 630.627.0640; academy@ctklombard.org BUILDING & GROUNDS: Tony Azzolin, Joe Iapichino Victor Mandin
Saturday: 5:00 pm Sunday: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 12:00 Noon


Saturdays: 4:00 pm-4:45 pm M-F 9am; And by appointment


Second Saturdays at 11:00 am


Weekdays at 9:00 am, morning prayer 8:10 am Tuesdays 5:30 pm

Thursdays 9:00 am-8:00 pm, Second Saturday 7:00 pm & First Saturday 7:00 pm

Mon 10:00 am-3:00 pm Tues-Thurs: 9:00 am-3:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am 12:00 pm After Hours By Appointment Main Office closed: 12-12:30 pm REGISTRATION: We welcome you as a family member of Christ the King Parish. It is our hope and prayer that you feel at home with us at weekend masses, prayer times, and parish activities. Registration is on the first Sunday of the month in the narthex, after each Mass or come to the parish office during business hours. SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM:
Will be on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Arrangements for baptisms are made by attending a preparation meeting. Parish registration is a pre-requisite for attending the meeting. 630.629.1717 x4

SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Please allow eight months of preparation time. Date arrangements are made after the initial meeting with pastor or a representative before any other commitments are made. Contact 630.396.6076 ANOINTING OF THE SICK: If you or one of your loved ones are in need of the Sacrament contact the rectory or see the priest after Mass. In case of an emergency of illness or death, please contact the rectory, ext 1. SACRAMENT PREPARATION FOR CHILDREN: A child must be registered in Religious Education classes for two years prior to receiving the Sacraments of Initiation. Contact 630.396.6078 RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR ADULTS: Individuals who are interested in becoming in full communion with the Catholic Church ought to contact the parish rectory for an appointment.Contact 630.369.6076

CHURCH NAME & NUMBER Christ The King #512918 ADDRESS 1501 South Main Street Lombard, IL 60148 PHONE 630.629.1717 CONTACT PERSON Gina Gallo 630.290.6367 or Eileen Maggiore 630.308.1127 SOFTWARE Microsoft Publisher 2007 E-Mail from bulletin@ctklombard.org Adobe Acrobat NUMBER OF PAGES SENT 1 through 12