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Mythology is a collection of myths belonging to a particular religion or cultural tradition. Different countries believe in different things.

I researched four different countries and in the process I became connected with their background stories. Dua is the goddess of worship, praise, and respect. Apollo is the god of music, healing, sun and poetry. Dionysus is the god of wine, parties and festival madness. Isis goddess of nature mostly reminds me of me.

Dua, the goddess of worship, praise, and respect reminds me of me on many levels. As a child I was raised in a single parent home where respect was instilled in me since young. My mom took me to church on the regular where I was thought to not only respect my family but anyone who is older then me. Like Dua religion was always a big part of my life. At a young age I was introduced to praise dancing. Praise dancing allowed me to drift to a different world and become calm with myself. Watching my moms struggle made me realize that God is the only one who can help you when you have no one to turn to. As a Christian, respect was also strongly enforced. Respect is really important to me because I also believe that you must treat others the way you want to be treated. Growing up in church, I was on a praise choir and a praise dancer. I was able to connect myself and worship the god I believe in.

I choose Isis the goddess of nature because it traces back to my background. I was born in Costa Rica, which is really big because of its natural jungles, volcanoes

and rain forest. Growing up in Costa Rica, I was able to walk in m backyard and pick fruits. I felt a connection to Isis because I love nature. When I first came to New York it was during the fall season. When I seen the leaves turn red and yellow I was amazed. Every fall I would go to central park and bring along my camera so that I could capture these memories. These photographs/memories consist of leaves, tress and ponds. Another reason why I feel attached to Isis is because of natures swift change. One day a tree will be filled with greens leaves and then changed to brown and red leaves.

Apollo the god of music relates to me because I absolutely love music. I feel that music is a way of expressing exactly how I feel without actually saying it. Music and poetry go hand in hand because the rhymes is what catches your attention, but the actual message is what makes you fall in love. Apollo also traces back to my roots because music was instilled in me as a form of expression and truth. I started performing in church and as I got older performing what I love in front of others has allowed me to connect with them in different way.

The last Greek god I choose is Dionysus. Although I dont use drugs, I am one who loves to party and have a good time. Usually I surround myself with big crowds. I am a lover of music and dancing. I also believe that since I am young I should have all the fun I can now because when I get older and have a family things will have to change.

In conclusion I can relate to all four mythologies because of my beliefs in life wisdom and faith. My favorite goddess is Dua because of how her life displays everything that I was raised around. The next god that I really felt connected to was Apollo. I connect to Apollo through my love of music and poetry. Researching these mythologies gave me an insight into a world that I didnt know before.

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