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Dedicated to Horia Barcsy and Ignatyuk Florin, my two best friends.

Without them there would be no Y project, no 365HoursOfMagic, no craziness, no Biz. Thanks guys.

First of all, I would like to thank Nick Spalding and his book LifeWith No Brakes . It is his book that has given me the inspiration to think about and create this project. Again, I just cant thank Stefan Eriksson enough for designing the website for this project and for being just a great guy. I wouldve been rummaging through garbage without you man. Mark, I love you man. Without all your design, your constant dedication and your great personality, this project wouldve been nothing short of just an average thing. You made it what it is and for that, I cant re pay you enough. They say things are cheaper in Serbia, so Ill buy you 100 beers (or, you know, I could just give you the money. But wheres the fun in that? 100 beers man!) I would like to give a very big thank You to my Mom . Without her understanding and support things would have been a lot harder and unpleasant. To my brother from another mother, Horia, for checking up on me from now and then, ventilating the room and just being a really good friend. To my teacher L whom without I would be less of a magician that I am right now. I dont thank him enough. To my girlfriend for making me happy. (ex-girlfriend now) And, of course, to you reader. Without you, this book would make me look like schizophrenic (I dont deny being one). I mean, you know, it is a conversation between me and you. Without you, itd just be me and, well, I.

Written by Cristian Bizau Proofread by Marko Viner Website by Stefan Eriksson Cover design and Illustrations by Marko Viner First and only Edition

Creative Commons 2013 All Rights Reserved by the artists. Every part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, as long as the artists and people involved in the project are credited. Also, if anyone does print this out, send me a copy.

Table of contents I
Cip Transformation Pop Fly Thread (Gag) Taking things literally Recycling Gum Flamethrower Deck Change Hairy Key Card Spring Threes Marlo Aces Table Shuffle One Card Production Riffle Shuffle Pop Out Table Thumb Pop Instant Coin Switch Coin Crash Change Deck Forest Pregnancy Trick Gun production Fishnet Pressure mouth 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 7 7 7 7 8 8

Square production Coin in Deck Coin Flip Coin in Cellophane Deck Vanish Condom on Card Mercury under your nose Discriminated Pips Sleeve Production Double Spring Change Sleeve Rub Change Court Cards Slow Motion Ambitious Tenkai Elevator Triumph Reversal 13 13 13 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 18 19 19 20

The Families Way of palming Natura Palm Vortex Bottom Reversal Spring Tenkai Spring Classic Riffle Shuffle Palm #1 Riffle Shuffle Palm #2 Lapping Shuffle Tenky Palm (Toolbiz) Spring Bottom Palm Turnover to Classic

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A few words before

Within these pages you will find every idea I have come up with, both good and bad, during the 30 hours of the project (2 tries). I tried to keep the style of how I explained things during the project and also present them in such a way so as to spark and use your creativity. In case you dont like all the ideas presented in the book (though, I think you will), I hope you will at least enjoy laughing with and about me. I know I did after I re-read it. Nevertheless, pick up your deck, get some coins, grab some snacks and lets get this game started! - Biz.

10:00 P.M. - 0 words/0 ideas Sober. Slightly tired.

Hey man (or gal, if you happen to be of the female sex, which, to be honest, is just damn awesome! In this case, I would like you to forgive me, for I will refer to you, my dear, with brother, man, dude or any other derivations I shall happen to come up with) ! You might wonder just how I came around to doing this project. If youre not, well it all happened after I read Nick Spaldings Life with no breaks. The premise of the book is that the author will attempt to write a book in one sitting, no breaks, no getting up to answer Jehovas witnesses knocking at the door, not even getting up to take the shit youve been holding in for 3 DAMN HOURS! After I read the guys book -ok, most of the book OK, I only read the Amazon preview, but that is not important-, I thought to myself, Hey! I could really do that. and that is exactly what I did for 45 minutes, after which I had disappointingly fallen asleep on my desk, only to wake up 30 minutes later sipping my own drool. Fast forward 3 months later, a lot of slacking off, writing poetry, reading, drinking and falling in love and I am at my desk, in my underwear, re-installing my windows with what seems to be a really bad timed headache. My computer had gotten to a point where it would shut down at its own will (like most of my devices), lag for forever and throb like a Jeep engine - basically make my life unnecessarily harder than it should be. So, after deciphering the magic of re-installing ones windows, I arrived to the point where one has to decide what browsing software he wants to use. Of course, I choose the same software I was using before: Google Chrome, that is (somehow I have the impression that Ive led you to believe that this is where the story reaches its clim ax point. Well, it isnt hahaha). Fast forward 1 month again, more slacking off, not so much reading, studying Russian and more writing, when one day Google Chrome decides to start lagging my computer for no apparent reason. It felt like I was waiting for the stuttering mentally ill kid to say a word every time I tried doing something while Chrome was on. So, I decided to install the forever burning fox that stole the better half of a monsters name and mated it with a denying cow: Mozilla Firefox. Upon finishing the installation, the polite fox asked me if I wanted to import my bookmarks from my current official browser. And how could I refuse such a polite fox when at any time he could rape me with his burning dick for not installing him first(fox do have penises, right?). Needless to say, I imported the bookmarks and guess whats the first bookmark on my tab? Young lesbiNICK SPALDINGS Lifewith no breaks. Exactly! And from that point on, one thing led to another and that is how I ended up hatching up my ass zits for 24 hours.

The Cip Transformation

(for a video version of this, check the X Project Teaser video) Open a new bag of chips. While asking the spectator if he wants one, insert your hand in the bag and palm a full chip while grabbing another and eating it. Have the spectator grab a fist of chips from the bag. Pick out crumbs one by one and place them on your tongue. On the 3rd crumb extend your tongue so that it hits the palmed chip, enabling you to drag it inside your mouth. 1

Note: While placing crumbs inside your mouth, instead of chewing them, crush them against the top of your mouth with your tongue. This is easy because of your saliva. At the end slowly push the full chip out and give it to the spectator to examine (or to eat, if hes into that kind of stuff- dude, you never know).

Pop Fly Thread (Gag)

(again, for video version, check the teaser on my YT channel) For those of you who purchased Pop Fly or downloaded it illegally of the internet, first, thanks to all for the support and second, here is a funny thing you can include inside your routine. Idea: Produce an actual string after telling the spectator to imagine that theres one attached to his card. Method: Hold a piece of thread under the deck, inside your left palm, but leave an end of the string hanging out the right side of the deck (just enough so you can grab on it in a second- the spectator wont see it because he isnt looking for it). Come with your right hand and grab the end, then with your left and right fingers draw a string on the table (unite the fingers, then pull them apart in a straight line), the left fingers grabbing onto the thread and sliding towards the left end, creating it in front of the spectators eyes. Immediately throw the thread away and yell to the spectators face, NO! I want you to imagine it, NOT CREATE IT, GODDAMMIT!

11:10 P.M. - 879 words/2 ideas Sober. A tad tired.

Main object of the project was to see how much magic I can create with a deck of cards. First effect I come up with uses chips. Nice Biz. Nice. If you have something against me talking to myself, then you really dont know just how entertaining I can be when Im alone. This reminds me of that joke Schizophrenia Forever Alone Meme: At least we have each other.. Someone else said that if you can entertain yourself, youll never live a boring life (or something along those lines). So, think twice before calling me crazy (We showed him, right man? Right Biz.). Wont write so much during the project because it leaves less time to create stuff(Hahaha, the irony.), but Ill write the basic idea of what I want to write in the final product and edit it later. Ill probably end up pulling tons of all nighters just so I can write in the same state as when I was doing the project(FM: Mentalist, right here.). You wont even be able to tell the difference.

Taking things literally

One thing you can do guys, if you want to get a giggle or two from the spectators, is to take things that we, magicians, usually say, and take them literally (that, made no sense, right? Just skip to the examples). Have a spectator select a card and tell him, Here, choose any card. and Classic Force a blank card on which is written Any Card (hehe, get it?). Put it back in the deck and repeat the feat, but this time tell him, in a casual manner, Im really sorry about that. Here, you can choose anyone. And, yes, you got it, he will then choose a blank card on which the word Anyone is written. 2

I might expand on this idea of taking things literally later. Hmmm now that I take a second look over it, it sounds kinda lame. Ohh, fuck it. Its my idea, so whether its bad or good, I have to give it a shot and then I can take the board down and see where the bullet hit.

Recycling Gum
Have a folded piece of gum in your pocket, with the wrapper all messed up. While youre eating a gum, tell the spectator that youre going to show him how to recycle chewing gum. Go in your pocket for the gums wrapper (the actual, empty one) and palm in between your fingers the folded one. Take the gum out of your mouth and lay it on the empty wrapper, then spread it so it resembles its original state. Fold the wrapper around the gum, switch the two... I just realized this resembles perfectly the classic Torn & Restored napkin. Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck.

Flamethrower Deck Change

This is another in the category of Taking things literally.. Have a red deck with two blue cards on top of it. Force the top card to the spectator then place the selection in the middle. Hand over the deck to the spectator and tell him that youre going to use heat to find their selection, by turning every card red except their selection (you can tell them that you are only able to do this because they have a cold heart and when they touched their card, it became cold as well- no joke, use this pattern. Especially for business men, or for Jay Sankey). While saying that, rub your hands together for a little while, then turn around, grab a spray can and a lighter from your suitcase, and burn the deck. Burn it to HELL!! Quick Tips: 1- Dont do this in the spectators hands. Apparently, the sensitive fuckers cant handle a little fire. So, make sure to place the deck on a table or something. 2- Use an actual flamethrower. You know, just to spice things up a little bit. The top card that is blue will get burnt the most, so the spectator wont be able to tell its color. Or you can just palm it when you put the flames out (Smoking Palm). If you want to take it a step further, moist the top card in gasoline and then it will really not be recognizable after you burn it. Show that the deck has changed and give the spectator his selection, then switch the deck with a blue one (that has been sprinkled with gasoline- hahaha, sounds funny), burn it with a lighter (make sure no one sees you do this), so it looks like the fire has come back. Panic and throw the deck on the floor, go behind the curtains and bring back an extinguisher with which you then put the fire out. To top it off, you can now reveal that the deck has changed back to its original color (due to the extinguisher). If youre a nut job like myself, youll probably think about actually doing this. If you do, please e -mail me a video. Ill laugh my ass off watching the reactions.

Hairy Key Card

If you happen to have long hair like myself, then you must have noticed that if you go with your hand through your hair youll always get a few strings of hair in your hand. I think you already know where Im knocking at. Theres no need for me to provide you with a long explanation. You use the hair as a key card. Note: If you want to eliminate all doubt, before using this as a key card, in one of your effects, pretend to blow some hair away from the deck. This way the next time youll do it, itll seem nothing short of natural.

12:00 A.M. 1,834 words/6 ideas Still sober. Feeling more tired.
Great. Camera stopped because of lack of memory. Noticed a minute later when I promptly turned on my webcam (the program counts down from 3 until it starts recording actually takes 15 seconds) to capture the time in which I empty my recorder and toast some bread (you read that right - a man has neeeeeds). Plugged the toaster under my computer. Entire room smells like bread toasted in hell. Delicious. Haha, Ive come up with some really funny stuff. A Gun Production where one holds his hand like a gun and when he pulls the trigger a card shoots out (or you can say its a slingshot, or a bow and use the AS as a bullet ,rock, arrow- Why do I flourish? video). I keep getting these ideas of patters in my head, but theyre like water drops on a car window; I cant seem to put my finger on them. I know what I would like to do with them, and with what effect I could combine them with, but I just cant seem to expand on the rough idea. The seed has been planted in my head, but it seems I have to wait until the water of sleep pours over for it to grow. I keep wondering why did I start at such a late hour? Wouldnt it be more logical to start fresh, in the morning, instead of beginning at 10 FUCKING P.M. ?! Dont you agree? Of course you agree. Youre smart, not like me. Goddammit. I can already feel the sleepiness crawling up my spine and its been almost 3 hours only. I can already see myself falling asleep on the desk. (a mentalist right here people).

Spring Threes
Have the 4 threes on top of the deck. Palm 3 so that the far right corner of the cards sink into the tip of your little finger and the inner left corner hits the bone of your thumb (like a normal Classical palm, but the card isnt so deep into the hand). Cut the deck and in your way to the table apply the same action as you would when you waterfall the deck- that is, creating spaces in between the cards. This will help you drop them one by one a lot easier. Level a packet with your left thumb then naturally come to take the packet with your right hand and drop one of the 3s on top (this is done by slightly relaxing your pinky finger- oww, just do it and youll see. youre a smart guy). Do this 3times. Practice. (why did I call this Spring Threes?)

Marlo Aces
(unnecessarily hard- just like Marlo sometimes) Have the 4 Aces on top of the deck with one X card in between each other. Execute the Marlo Tenkai Deal (which you can find in one of his magazines) and palm the aces while inserting the X cards in the middle one by one. Ditch the 4 aces on top while fanning the deck to show how fair it is (hahaha, in their FACE! the Aces arent even there). Now put the tremendous amount of practice needed to get this to look natural and then brag to other magicians by showing them that youve mastered a method so unnecessarily complicated it makes dwarves not believe in magic.

Table Shuffle One Card Production

(featuring worst preparation ever) The spectators card is in-jogged in the middle of the deck. Break the deck into 2 packets so the card ends up in the bottom 5 cards on the right packet. Faro the two together (doesnt have to be perfect) and move the card so it sits where the packets meet. With your thumbs at each side of the selection, bridge the deck and press up with your right thumb on the face of the selection. The card will escape in a vertical fashion (covered by the bridge shuffle) and it will wait until the shuffle is finished, so he can then rest naked on top of the deck.

Table Shuffle Pop Out

Cards are faroed on the table and the spectators selection is protruding diagonally out the right packet. Bridge the deck and push with the back of your pinky finger on the corner of the card. Due to the pressure created, the card will pop out when the shuffle arrives at it. Just like sperm when orgasm hits (unnecessary?). The better the faro is, the more pressure is created. Play with it and see where you have to apply pressure and how much.

1:10 A.M. 2,604 words/ 10 ideas Tipsy tired.

Are you guys seated well? Have you eaten? Drank? Slept? Goodgoodgood. Good. Good for you. Im happy for you. Good. Youve slept. Thats good. Its good to sleep. Sometimes. Like, from now and then. And only a couple of hours. But its good. Those couple of hours are good. Im seeing a future where sleep is like heroin or some kind of drug. A future where scientist have realized how to deprive people of sleep and not make them need it. But of course, therell be sleep addicts, and sleeping pills will be like weed, heroin or meth today. What the fuck am I talking about? What am I actually writing? Im supposed to write a magic book, right? Well, arent we all supposed to do that (what?)? Ive suddenly paid attention to the music I am listening and I shit you not, it sounds so much like some sort of satanic ritual thing; or opera. Its either one or the other. 5

So, what shall we talk about next guys? No. Here. I have an idea. Lets go fast through all the typical subjects people discuss so we can get rid of those and move on to more interesting stuff. What do you say? You like it? Great. Lets start. School: Hate the teaching. Love my colleagues. Not going to college. (dropped out of HS.) Sex: Still a virgin. Still straight. (not anymore. You decide which one Im referring to.) Kids: Love kids. Wanna have 3 or 5(any odd number is good, except 1). Marriage: Hate the idea of big weddings. Youre the one whos supposed to feel good, not the guests. So why bother planning such a big damn wedding, if youre going to stress yourself to exhaustion and lose the happiness that the idea brought you along the way. (FM: these are definitely not typical subjects people go through) Family: Have one. Future: Going to hit the road. Write, create, trave, spread the magicl. Live my dream. Music: Already told you, so Ill just name some bands/artists(in no particular order): Ray Charles, IAMDYNAMITE, Eprom, Flume, Shlohmo, Hanni El Khatib, ASAP Rocky, LOrange, Asher Roth, John Lee Hooker and Jai Paul. These are the ones that come to mind now. (Duke Ellington, Chet Baker, Parov Stelar, Nerub, Nicolas Jaar,) Movies: Shawshank Redemption and Fight Club are some of the best movies ever, from my point of view. Didnt like Django Unchained (dont really like most of Tarantinos movies, if were still at it) though, Oldboy was a masterpiece. Cried at Titanic (shut up! I was little, Okok, I cried when I was 16 as well. So what?!), really liked Following (Nolans first movie, if my memory doesnt deceive me) and thought American Psycho was a piece of must -see, disturbing art. Books: Went from romance novels to thrillers, to philosophy, traveling, science, poetry and finally arrived at reading anything except romantic novels(still enjoy Mike Gayle, though- FM: Not anymore. Read Bukowski people. Paul Auster, Celine. I could keep on going, but you dont give a rats ass about me. About future me. The guy that never published the project. Im gonna shut up now.). Favorite color: Grey (dont you fucking dare say its not a color) and red. Favorite drink: Whiskey. And if Im still on alcoholic drinks, I must confess that I have never drank a beer in my life. I have no idea how it tastes like, just how it smells. Just never liked the idea of drinking beer. (FM: Not valid anymore. Had my first beer in June.) Hobbies: I paint from now and then on my walls, draw the occasional free minded drawing(where you just let the pencil flow as it wants) or abstract art, play basketball, read, write poetry and stories and also play the guitar (left out jerking off for the obvious reasons which youll have to conjure yourself). I think that pretty much settles is, dont you think? Your turn now. Cmon, dont be shy. I wont bite, that hard. I like biting.

Table Thumb Pop

(More than Pop on YT) Deck is placed on the table horizontally. Deck is held at the ends by left hand: middle and index finger on the front side, thumb on the back. Get a break beneath the top card with your right thumb.

Break the deck in the middle using your left index finger and at the same time move your right hand forward, bringing the card along with you. This will cause the card to spin around your index finger and fly in the air (in the direction that your hand moves) making it look like the card comes from the middle (because of the cut, doh). You can tell the spectator that theres a card that acts like your protective ghost, followin g wherever you go (or maybe hes a stalker or a peep or something. get creative.)

Instant Coin Switch

One coin rests on your palm (silver), the other one is held between your right thumb, first and second finger (Chinese). Hit the silver coin once, then on the second hit, throw the coin up towards the right hand while at the same time release the Chinese coin (letting it fall flat faced on your hand) and grab the other coin. Everything happens in a split second. You are literally just switching their paces at a really fast speed and as complicated as it may sound, its actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Once you get it down, youll definitely think of plenty applications for it. The change happens just so fast I get amazed every time I perform it.

Coin Crash Change

One coin is clipped behind your index and middle finger (silver). The other one is resting on top, covering the clipped coin (opal). Under the cover of throwing the coin in the air, with your thumb, insert the opal coin in between your middle and ring finger while at the same time you throw the silver coin in the air. Same thing can be accomplished by moving the hand in a drifting motion, and after inserting the opal coin in between the fingers, you pull the silver coin out with your thumb, covering the palmed coin. Another way would be to drop the hand and release the clipped coin, while at the same time inserting the other one behind the hand. Due to the motion, the coin will hit your index finger, rotate, then fall flat on your hand (it is said that many coins have suffered head injuries due to this method) .

Deck Forest
The deck is a forest and every time you cut the deck, you cut a tree. Tell this to the spectator before having him shuffle the deck, then stand back and watch the cruelty that unfolds.

Pregnancy Trick
I am not even gonna say anything. Original text. Read it. Take it in. React. Oww, yeah. Enjoy hahaha. Color change from month one(Ace) to month three(3), (or just use the 4 queens with different moods, or use doubles) fire and wine. (I dont know) You can have drawings of the belly to show how it grows. You can also draw a dick (King) and a vagina (Queen) on the couple that are having a baby (can even reenact the sex scene). If you wanna go all the way with it, have a double to the King, one with an erection and one with a normal one. 7

String attached to the female (umbilical cord) and to the baby (the card that will pop out of the vagina Queen). To pop the kid use a small card and bend in half the 9 month Queen with it inside (kid on the bottom of deck, mom on top, drag mom on top of bottom card, then bend the Queen so the kid gets inside). Ok, this is getting weird. If you like the idea, you can take it from here." (hahahaha just too good.)

2:30 A.M. 3,936/15 ideas Tired.

Have drank my first energy drink. Took me less than one hour before I almost fell asleep on the chair. Im getting tired again- at least my body is. Mind is still sharp though. My senses have improved and the music is starting to sound a lot better. Im wondering why that is? If youre wondering what kind of music Im listening to then youre in for some weird taste in music: rock, dubstep, electronic, guitar, experimental, blues and rap. Those are the contents of my playlist. Im constantly swinging from one mood to the other. This way theres no way Ill get sleepy enough to fall asleep, right? Right? Sometimes I regret playing the guitar. Why? No, not because I get too much pussy, but because of these god damned nails. One time, after performing to a group of people several nights in a row, the last night, during the performance, this guy stops me and asks politely if my nails have anything to do with my magic, since they are so god damn big (I had forgotten to cut them for 3 weeks). When I told him I play the guitar, it made all of them laugh. I am still wondering to this day why that was so funny. Maybe I dont look like a guitar player, who knows. I have gotten to a point where I dont even know what the fuck I am talking about, or what I am referring to. My notes are so sketchy and rough, a big part of me prays Ill understand everything after the project is over (yeaaaah, fuck me). You know things are taking a weird turn when you are talking about a Pregnancy Effect/Story. What have I turned into?

The Gun Production

(Note: real gun not used) Have card palmed. Slightly close your right hand fingers (except the index finger) and insert another card at the far left corner, in between the palm and card (making the hand resemble a gun). To be noted: right thumb is extended. Pull on the thumb (loading the gun) and then, in a shooting motion, (with recoil. please, for the name of God, dont hold your hand still) close the 3 fingers suddenly, shooting the palmed card out of the hand (you can have this card be the spectators selection.

Note: Just for the fun of it, I will transcribe for you word for word what I originally wrote during the project. Draw some fish food on your left hand and tell the spectator that your hand is the fishnet that will be used to catch ze fishy. Then tell a story about how your father (or whoever) used to fish and what technique he used. The fish would all attack the food (spring), but he would wait for the big fish (the selection) to come and grab the bait. 1st method: Spit on card -> selection is the last card. (I am not shitting you, this is what I wrote). 8

2nd method: in-jog previous card, close net (left hand) and grab selection from middle (apparently, past me knew how to do this good for him. good for him.). Note: Draw BIG fish on selection (have spectator draw it). Well, you heard the guy. Piece of cake. Just spit on it and youre good to go. But, now, seriously. Just spring the deck towards your hand,the continuous train of cards keeping the bottom card on your hand while the rest crumble to pieces (fall on the table). At one point during the spring, just bring your hand up and grab the card, making it look like it came from the middle.

3 A.M. 4,550 words/17 ideas 1 energy drink. Tired.

Yeah, fuck it, Im going for the second energy drink. You too think I shouldnt? Shit. Why do we have to think alike? Well, too late anyway. Already opened it. What? Sorry. I cant hear you. Im gulping down this delicious Burn. Hmm, hmm, its almost as if I cant feel the puke forming in my stomach. Well, as long as it stays there, were on good grounds. When my friend told me I should have gotten a pee bottle with a bigger opening, I should have gotten a pee bottle with a bigger opening. Aiming is not something you want to do when you have to sit a day in the same place. Nevertheless, I succeeded in getting no drops on my pants and evading the humiliation of having peed my pants at 18. Just saying, guys. I dodged a bullet tonight. Was worried that the food wont last me throughout the project. Yeah, hahaha, what a joke. Just looking at food makes my stomach sick. Theres something about food and energy drinks that just doesnt get along. And if youre also combining a lot of different types of food (junk, chocolate, meat, gum) then youre really screwed. Im really screwed, arent I? Well, might as well enjoy my puke-free moments as long as I can. Friend is sleeping over. Had him stay down in the basement until a few moments ago. He said its too dark and cold so he came up. Took him a good couple of hours until he realized that. What did he do until then? (If Horias reading this, sorry man. Should have given you some food before locking you there. I kid, I kid. I dont. You know I love you, man.) Just to clarify things, this basement Im talking about is actually my familys first floor apartment (the apartment I am filming this in is on the 4th floor) which hasnt been heated up in a while. Gets pretty cold down there when the rats arent scared away by the heat.

Pressure Mouth
(Fan Bamboozaling on YT) Selection is slightly in-jogged (enough for you to notice it when you fan the deck). Fan deck then take the top card. Tell the spectator youre going to throw the card and catch it in the fan where their card lies at. Throw card and when it comes down, catch it with your mouth by inhaling fast and sucking the card to your lips. Proceed to insert the card above or below the selection. Funny and amazing. Youll definitely get her number. 9

Or his. Or its. ... People are weird.

4:0 A.M. - 4,993 words/ 18 ideas 2 energy drinks. Tiredtired.

Creating is going well, I suppose. Im 6 hours in and the material is showing promise. Dont know how long the entire thing will be, somewhere around 5-100 pages probably. Theres no bowl movement until now, so thats good, and its not showing any signs of possible turbulences in the future. Ill be lying if I told you guys that I was not sleepy. Wait, let me rephrase that. Ill be lying to you if I told you guys that I was not SLEEPY. I feel disappointed in myself. I thought I was tougher than this. Let me just lie for a little while. Ill just place my head on my arm like this and close my eyes for a little while. Its just gonna be a little while. Look. I ll tap my fingers on the table so that I wont fall asleep. Theres no way Ill fall asleep if I tap with my fingers on the table. Right?




10:00 A.M. 0 words/0 ideas Fresher than a lemon pie and pissed off.
Wrong. You guys do not know the anger I have felt when I woke up this morning realizing that Ive slept 2 hours faceplanted on my arm in one of the most awkward, but comfortable, positions ever. Camera stopped filming because it was full and it takes up to an hour to empty it of all the videos, so there was no point in continuing the project and plus, I was feeling sick from the energy drinks (theyre still crawling in my stomach as I write this). So, I thought I should start from scratch. Im fresh, Im motivated and Im pissed. Theres no way Im failing this one.

Square Production
(this is a circle) I have spared you the painful experience of reading the explanation of this production. I must have really liked it if I made two pretty eligible drawings, wrote 2 pages and even featured it in the trailer. God damn. Not only is it fucking (and I cant f that long enough) difficult, I dont see a reason for anyone to learn this. Youre welcome. You owe me a beer.

Coin in Deck
(passing through B.A. on YT) Hold card case face down with the flap towards you. Place coin on top. Slightly raise deck so the coin can slide in your palm. Cover the slide of the coin with your right hand by making a rubbing motion (youre gonna melt the coin through the case, so at least act like it). Make sure the coin falls in such a way that it rests vertically on the side of the case. Squeeze the case until a gap is created where the flap is. Raise the case slightly (lower the front side of the case), causing the coin to fall in the gap. Turn your hand so the coin slides inside and start shaking the card case to reveal the melt (DOWN!). Or you can insert the coin inside by gripping the ends with your right hand. Note: Using this gap you can also vanish a coin, by resting the case on the palm, squeezing it and lifting the front slightly, causing the coin to run to your palm. Extra Note: I seem to have re-invented one of my old ideas. Dont know how I hadnt noticed back then. Nevertheless, I decided to leave it in, thinking that you guys might enjoy it.

Coin Flip Change

Have platinum coin clipped in between your index and middle finger. Your two fingers are slightly curled and on top theres a bronze coin tanning (from the front it looks like youre about to flip one coin, but from the back, you can see all the dirty stuff). 13

Flip the coin in the air, but do it slightly further away from you and to the left (so the spectators eyes qwill follow the coin, distracting them from your right hand). While the coin is in the air, move the platinum coin on top of the index finger. Catch coin and make eye contact with spectator. While talking, place bronze coin in clipped position then flip the other coin. The spectator wont notice due to the misdirection.

Coin Appearance in Cellophane

(feat. description as title) Rip cellophane slightly above the middle of the deck. Place face down card inside cellophane (do I need to state that the card case needs to a have a similar back?). Insert coin in between card case and face down card. Hold deck between your thumb, index finger on top side of card case and the rest of your fingers on the back (dont start taking your socks of yet boy. Im talking only about the hand). In an up and down motion, use your thumb to level the card until its above the coin, then insert it underneath it (all done in a split second). Due to the motion, the moving of the card wont be noticed. Note: Play around with it. This has a lot of potential if you give it a shot. It could be used as an appearance, a vanish or a color change. Works both with small coins and with big coins (she can handle the big fellows as well. The sleight, that is.) Second Note: You can see a performance of this in the old trailer. Third Note: HAHAHA, theres no third note! Jokes on you! ... Jokes are actually on me, right?

11:10 A.M. - 745 words/3 ideas Same state.

Well, its ironic. I mocked a thing in the past and now I miss it. Yeah, youre right (I know you didnt think anything; just play along): I forgot my pissing bottle in another room One has to wonder , How can you forget the most vital thing to a project like this?. Now I have to decide which bottle to sacrifice from the 4 that I have with me. Ive already settled on the natural juice one, because it has a bigger opening (not something you would usually want, if you know what I mean). Asking my mom to empty the bottle was a very interesting conversation. She got it after I said: Can you please empty this bottle. Is the juice over? No. I just need the bottle. Wh- Ok. Her expression of Ill-just-do-it-and-wont-ask-any-more-questions-because-I-dont-want-you-to-saywhat-I-think-you-were-going-to-say was priceless. 14

Deck Vanish
Cut the barcode part from another deck and place it inside the cellophane on top of the other barcode. Hold the deck in mechanics grip, with the barcode facing the spectator. Grab the upper side of the deck with your right fingers and move it closer to the spectator (the fingers are placed in such a way so they can only see the barcode, and maybe a bit of the cellophane). Retain the card case while your right hand moves the cellophane then lap it when youre telling the spectator to look at the barcode (find a reason). Proceed to crumble the deck to pieces and place it in your pocket, then perform some coin magic and act like nothing happened.

Condom on Card
(not featuring sex) Ill be honest: this is not something that Ive created now, but Ive taken the opportunity to fix the method of the effect, so, in one way, you know...ohh just read the damn thing cause its a good effect. Effect: Rubber band vanishes and appears around spectators selection. Preparation: Have a card second from the top with a rubber band tied twice around it. Stretch the rubber band before so another card can enter without difficulty. Have a bunch of rubber bands around your wrist and one that is tied twice (so it appears like two). Method: Spread the deck and have the spectator select a card. Rubber band is covered by left thumb placed lengthwise on top of it and then by right thumb while spreading. Get pinky break beneath top card. Perform the Tilt and insert the spectators selection under the prepared card, inside the rubber band (so the card showing is their selection.) Tell spectator to hold out their hands, cut deck and place it in between his palms. Im gonna use 2 rubber bands to find your selection. while talking, naturally grab the one that is tied twice and pull it off your wrist (you wouldnt be stressing the fact that youre taking 2 if you wouldnt be doing something sneaky about it. You sneaky sneaky beaver) but, getting back, you pull it off your wrist and as soon as it comes off, stretch the rubber between your left pinky and index finger and with your right middle and ring finger pull on both sides. It now looks like you are holding two condoms and not just one (you can never be too safe, aye?) Actually, Im gonna make it harder for me. Im gonna use just one. Have spectator select one. Vanish the side by releasing the rubber band and hitting their hand with the rubber, making it look like it vanished, passed through their hand and wrapped itself around their card (they will think this in the future. you gotta lay the pieces for the image to form itself). Take deck from spectator, spread it and cut deck at their selection. While they flip out, casually take the rubber band of the two cards and hand both the selection and the rubber to the spectator for later use (people get creative when lonely). Patterns: Can easily be turned into a burglar-rogue cop-thing, or you can give life to the rubber band like Behr does, but please, for the name of God (what does everyone have with this guys name?), do something more than just a trick. You dont have a personality for nothing.


Mercury under your nose

$ - You Mercury Fold their selection while it is Classic palmed in your right hand (or just use the classic method. Its better). Close your hand, folding the card in half, and press with your ring finger in the middle to crease it. Then using your thumb bend it once more to finish the process. Everything is hidden by the hand and covered by pattern and motion. $$ - Perform a Cardini Change, but dont complete the square up. Together with your pinky and the side of the deck, your palm folds the card in half while the pinky finger pushes upward on the middle, making it easy for you to fold it once again while closing the hand. Cover the entire action by spreading the deck after the change. The closing of the hand will thus be motivated and the fold will be covered. Card is now palmed and folded. You can use this for a transposition, or for a switch. If you like it, play with it and see where it takes you. The possibilities are as far as you take them, not as far as they take you.

12:35 P.M. 1,657 words/5 ideas Excited.

Things are actually going better than I expected them to. I can clearly see the difference compared to last night when I was tired as hell. Im just really curious how this night is going to go. I usually smoke a rolled cigarette on the window and can keep going for a couple more hours, but I wont be able to do that tonight. Why? Well, I think its pretty obvious why I cant do it. . Its not? Seriously? I have to spell it out? Ok. Here. Its because if I smoke, the dog from across the street will dry hump that cars window until it realizes that hes not actual ly a dog, but a sponge being used by a human to clean a window. That human will then wipe that window until he realizes that hes not actually a human, but a window shield going up and down, down and up, throwing the water from one side to the other. Those wind shields will then go up and down, down and up those windows until they realize that theyre not actually wipers but eye lids cleaning human eyes. Those eyes will then see until they realize that theyre not actually eyes, but camera lenses taking photographs, being controlled by an individual, by society, by the system (Illuminati music breaks out in the background)- TADADADAAAA! . Its because my MOMs here, stupid! Its not rocket science. Dammit.

Discriminated Pips
Heres something interesting, though, I have not yet thought of how to use this. Lets take for example the 6C. The obvious part of the card is that its black, then that it is a club and finally you see that there are 6 pips, thus making it the 6 of Clubs. Right? 16

BUT, actually, if you take a closer look at the card you will see that there arent only 6 pips on it, but 8. There is one under each of the 6s. So, what you actually have here is a card inside a card (cardception!). You can say that the 8C is wearing a 6C suit, or that the 8C is an undercover spy and this is how he passes by unnoticed (even though he is in plain view). This could be used in a prediction effect or you could create some really interesting storyline around it. Just think about the possibilities. Hahaha, I was so enthusiastic when I discovered this!

Sleeve Production
Have a card palmed. Sleeves are rolled up. Under the action of producing a card from the pocket, insert the palmed card inside the gap leading to our sleeve. You now have a card in your sleeve. Proceed as you like. Note: This works better with a suit. If you cant afford one, make it.

1:00 P.M. 2,126 words/ 7 ideas Still here.

I think I understand for the first time how gamers feel. I feel like the chair I am sitting on has somehow become an extension of myself. Have you ever known a chair feel the need to shit? Exactly my point. I keep wondering why I restricted myself from moving from oh yeah. Its because if I move Ill end up lying for a little bit in bed and eventually falling asleep. Well, it seems I didnt need the bed this morning to rest my eyes for a little while. . Im still really pissed about that, but also grateful. Who knows what kind of material I would have come up with if I wouldnt have slept for 3 hours and a half. I would have probably kept talking about pregnancy. Still dont think its such a bad idea for a routine. Maybe I should come up with a pattern for an abortion storyline as well. That would really kick it with the ladies.

Back and Front Spring Change

Hold a double like you would spring them of the thumb. You are going to do 2 springs: one of the thumb, the other off the fingers. The one off the thumb will go I your lap and the other towards the spectator. Everything is done in one back and front motion.

Sleeve Rub Change

Selection is in-jogged in the upper quarter of the deck. Turn top card face up. 17

Grab the corner of the selection with your index and middle finger and pull the top card with your thumb, aligning the two. Move your hands towards your biceps and turn your wrist (changing the face of the card). Everything is done in one natural sequence.

2:31 P.M. 2,419 words/9 ideas Still fresh as fuck.

I agree with the fact that being a creative is a really great talent. I mean, I would have definitely not been here talking to you if I wouldnt have been creative. I would have probably continued playing soccer, get drafted in the national team then go on earning a lot of money, women and recognition. Thank you Lord for placing magic in my hands and not in my feet(that just sounds wrong). But theres also a fucked up side to it(like to any other talent). The other day I was preparing some food for my friend who came over at my place and while I was coming with the food to the room where he was sitting, I saw him and the first thing that popped into my head was an image of me stabbing him to death and his reaction to that. Then I kept wondering how would my life change if I would do that. What would I do with the body? Would I call an ambulance and tell it was an accident? If I would, will my friend still talk to me afterward? What if - Heres your food man. Thanks. He replies lively. And thats what happens in a span of 3 seconds inside my head. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. I really dont feel comfortable going into a lot of details about it and to be frank, I dont even know why Im telling you this. Maybe because youre such a good listener. You havent interrupted me not even once ever since I started talking. You dont find people like that anymore. I think thats why I trust you so much. I know, I know. I love you too. (If by any chance my girlfriend has gone through the trouble of reading up until now, I want you to know darling that I love you. Now stop reading and come and kiss me. It will make my day, Im sure).

Court Cards
(prepare yourself) For the following, while reading, take the respective cards out and examine them if you want to check whether what Im saying makes any sense or not. Im really tired and really bored, and when these two come into combination, only something like this can come out of my head. JC - gay guy holding a dildo. JS - a musician. JD - is that a snake going for his mouth or a dick? KD - a dwarf. KS - just what the fuck are those things from his chin. You better not say its a beard. They look like extra nipples. KC - looks like a man that rides a horse. KH - the gay, youngest son of a family (I mean, look at his right hand). Or maybe a head massager. Either the one or the other, just saying. QH - tired, fat, probably pregnant. Looks like a women that either carries the name of Helga or Margaret. QS - fierce, powerful, smart; young, beautiful, dangerous. QC - OMG! ITS HELGA! She wants us to eat her flowers!!! 18

QD - the little sister of the family, cute, pure, kind. AS - have you guys seen the eye from above her head? Or the snake? around her umbrella? Are those grapes in her left hand and is that a fur coat next to her neck? Is she in space? If not, whats with the stars? Who the fuck made the drawing? I want to know then call his dealer.

Slow Motion Ambitious

(without method) This is just an idea. I havent yet come up with an actual method to accomplish this. A card is placed face down at the end of the spread. The magicians waves his hand (Cardini Change), vanishing the card, and then spread the deck, revealing that the card has traveled into the spread. The action is repeated until the card arrives to the top. The only way I thought of how to do this is by having cards side-jogged and hidden under the spread, but it is unnatural and difficult to retain some in that position while inserting one in the deck. But maybe some of you would like to work on it. If you come up with something, shoot me a message.

5:00 P.M. 3,186words/11 ideas Im good. Chill and good.

It seems I didnt write or come up with anything during this period. Must have eaten, watched stand-up comedy or listened to music. Or, you know, maybe I just didnt come up with anything (hahaha, lets be realistic).

8:00 P.M. 3,231 words/11 ideas Relaxed.

It has been almost 10 hours now since I have not moved my ass off this chair. 14 more hours to go. Its funny how at the beginning of the project I thought that 24 hours will not be enough and that I should go for 30 or 48 hours. Hahahaha! Its so funny now that I think about it. 48 hours?! Maybe 72, then I MIGHT think about it. Forget your imagination and youll become very courageous (or something like that). I remember when I was little and I had just begun magic I would go and show magic to anyone. Didnt matter when or where, didnt matter if they were talking on the phone, if they were with their lover making out or if they were clearly hurrying somewhere. I never thought about the fact that I might disturb them. Who doesnt wanna see magic?! I never thought that they might say no. And they did. Almost every time. But I just went to the next person, and to the next person, and so on, and so forth, until someone said Yes.. And someone did say Yes. eventually. It was when I started being a little good that I started using my imagination. Both in the magic field and in the fear field.

Tenkai Elevator
They say you cant have good ideas without bad ones. This is a really bad one. Here, decide for yourself. 19

Have a double inserted half-way through the deck towards the lower half of the packet. Tenkai palm the top card while spinning the double. Insert palmed card at a higher position and spin it while Tenkai palming the bottom card (this is done with the help of your middle and ring finger). Repeat the process until their selection rests on top. Blow your brains out for practicing such a thing.

Triumph Reversal
Deck is held in Mechanics Grip and right hand grips the deck from above. Break the deck using your thumb and let the packet fall down in your hand (like in preparation to execute a Classic pass). Using your left thumb, drag the top card to the left on the bottom of the deck (the packet is reversed in this motion and the selection covers the face up card). Done in an off-beat moment, it will go unnoticed (you dont need to have the spectator burn the deck. and why would you give him a flamethrower in the first place?). This puts you in a perfect position to perform a triumph (hence the name).

1:00 A.M. 3,615 words/ 13 ideas O.K.

My back has officially started a revolt. The pain is numbing my muscles and its making me sleepy. My ass REALLY hurts. Still have not felt the need to shit (VICTORY!). Im afraid I might fall asleep again and Im 11 hours away from the goal. Creating is going ok, I suppose. No. It is going ok. I have to start writing anything. Im starting to feel tired and Ive already closed my eyes for a couple of seconds while having my head relaxed on the table (AGAIN!!!!). Im really contemplating whether or not I should drink the last energy drink. What do you think? What? I know you told me yesterday as well, but what about today? Well, again, while we were discussing whether to drink it or not, I already opened and started drinking it. I think the project chart would be something like this: trying not to fall asleep 20%; eating and drinking 5%; writing 15%, creating magic 40%, searching for music/surfing the Internet 20%. My best effects were when I believed in myself and in Magic. Were when I didnt think an effect through, I just did it. And to my surprise, I almost never failed. I want to mention that I was under the influence of alcohol when I tried any of these stuff (the only reason I turned all diplomatic and didnt use the word drunk is because drunk is on another level than I-had-a-few-glasses-of-wine/whisky and I felt good). But, yeah, my point is: be bold. Not all of the times, but from now and then. Its fun and magical for both the spectator and you (just dont show youre amazed when you pull certain things out apparently, its not your job to be amazed at your own stuff). First thing I do after I get off this chair? Go and take a shower. No - go and walk around the house. No - burn the chair. Yeah, thats it. A bit too harsh, you think? Hang it? JUST PUT IT ASIDE?? Whats this, Canada? Jokes aside, I will really try to sit down as little as possible for a couple of days (First thing I did was kiss my legs. Didnt see that coming hahaha). Best reaction I have ever received from a magic effect happened around 2 years ago. I was performing magic to a crowd of 15-20 people, when in the middle of the performance this guy (he was in his 40s) grabs me firmly 20

by the hand and asks me: Boy. What youre doing, is it magic, or not? I could tell by his eyes that he was genuinely curios. I didnt smile. I just looked directly into his eyes and replied, Yes.. As soon as my words left my mouth he released his grip from my hand, clapped once really hard and followed up with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen, saying -no , yelling- : I KNEW IT!!. It was so beautiful. His eyes shone like those of a 5 year old seeing Santas gift under the Christmas tree. Moments like this are why we started doing magic in the first place. Of course, the guy asked me to make his mistress vanish so that his wife wouldnt find out, but thats another story. Almost fell asleep because I didnt realize that my eyes were shut off. Finally came around when I was just sitting too well with my eyes closed. My hearts dancing to the bass of the songs Im listening to.

The Families
Heres a story to which you can add an effect/routine. The performer tells the spectator that each suit represents important human needs. Diamonds - love; Spade - significance/importance/fame; Clubs - power; Hearts - money; To further demonstrate his point of view, the magician pulls out of his pocket 4 piles of cards. 1st pile/spade pile: - all the people portrayed on the court cards are beautiful; - the Q is the only one that has something else besides a flower in her hand (I dont know what if this means something, but it has to). She is also the prettiest from all the Queens. - they are the only ones looking to the right (along with the JC, who is a spy). 2nd pile/diamond pile: - theyre the most simple dressed; - lady looks tired; - king extends hand to offer help; - the Jack has the eyes of a merciful person. 3rd pile/club pile: - you can see just how evil they are by their face (the fuckers). They look not too kind, and not ok. (FM: what the fuck am I talking about?) 4th pile/heart pile: - they are dressed the prettiest from all of the piles; - the Jack has a leaf in his hand (you can associate it with the color green -> money); - they all have the most green on themselves; - the King commits suicide, something typical of people that are very rich. Note from FM: And then, this is what I wrote. - the JS and the QS are married. The JC is fucking the QS; - the JH and the KD are best friends (I watch your back, you watch mine, right?); - the KS and the KH are a gay couple; - the KC and the QC are married and have 3 kids: the QH(oldest), JD(middle) and QD(youngest).


Right Way of Palming

Just by lowering the palmed card in the hand, you are able to hold and move the hand in a more natural way then you would if you would palm the card in the usual manner. Regard drawing to see what I mean.

07:00 A.M. 4,567 words/ 15 ideas Lost all motivation.

Theres nothing to write about. Go somewhere else.

9:00 A.M. 4,584 words/ 15 ideas Bored. Like, really bored.

Well, I can honestly say I have ran dry of ideas for this day. I still have 3 hours until the end of the project and Im thinking what I should do with this time. Well, Ill hang out with you guys. Im currently listening to Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Schaarup Edit) and its one of the most beautiful songs I have listened to this year (right next to iamforest - Escape). Both songs found on musigh.com (credits go to Tobias for introducing me to this website 2 years ago - Thanks man!) Well,shit. I honestly thought I could actually come up with more stuff, but, nothing. My mind has lost all interest for creating. My hands are calmly numbing around the cards and my spirit is falling asleep. It would be just tragic to fall asleep now, but I dont feel sleepy, so that wont happen. Pfff, its been a long ride guys, just a little more. Hope you had fun up until now.

11:00 A.M. 4,753 words/ 15 ideas Super fucking motivated

Reading: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON FACEBOOK? THIS IS NO TIME TO FUCK AROUND. GET OFF FB AND START INVENTING SOME PALMS! Well, shit. Zach has motivated the fuck out of me with that comment of his on my FB page. Hes right, I should seriously stop staying on the computer. So, guys, none of the following would have existed without Zach. If you feel like thanking someone, drop him a line. He deserves it. Thanks man.


Natura Palm
Spread the cards on the table and make sure the last card -the card you want to palm- is slightly separated from the rest of the cards. Hold your right hand naturally at the right end of the spread, in preparation to catch the cards, and with your left hand lift the left end and reverse the spread (this is done by pushing the last card to the right, making all the cards to turn around in one beautiful motion). Because of how the card was positioned, when the right end of the spread will land on your palm, the top card will basically be Classic Palmed. All you have to do is push backwards on the top edge of the card with your ring finger and the card is palmed. Now, theres no point for you to hold the spread in display for more than a second, so as soon as the spread is reversed, palm the card while you move your right hand towards yourself and close the spread while you adjust the card in your palm. Note: If you want to palm the card in your left hand (Classic Bottom Palm) invert everything. Spread the cards from right to left with your left hand and from that point on proceed like before.

(feat. another dimension) Deck is spread on the table. With your left hand reverse the spread, but instead of using your fingers to accomplish this, use the middle of your palm. In a smooth circular motion, reverse the deck (hand moves clockwise to the right) then continue the motion (clockwise to the left) and palm the card (its more like you hide it under your palm). From here, I arrange the cards in a circle (thus motivating the hand moving to the left. As soon as I cover the card, I continue the motion and arrange the cards), all while holding both hands to the table. After finishing, due to the heat of the palm, if you press slightly on the card, it will stick to your palm, allowing you to lift off your hand and move it inside the circle. Raise your hand slightly and using your right fingers pull their selection out of the portal youre created. From here, you can continue using the gate for other things as well (vanishes, transportations, ...).

Bottom Reversal
Deck is spread on the table. Close spread with left hand and upon returning to your usual position (motion is from right to left) your right hand grabs the deck from above and your left 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger pull on the bottom card and reverse it (like the Asher Twist only reversed). Note: You can also bottom palm the card if you want. The reverse is covered by the deck and the natural motion of the hands. Proceed by producing the card from the spectators ear. Wash in applause.


Spring Tenkai
Spring the deck from the thumb and close your fingers when you get to the last card, palming the card in Tenkai. Theres literally nothing else to say. Thats it. I like to motivate the closing of the fingers by tapping with the back of my hand on the bottom side of the deck, after the spring is finished.

Spring Classic
Youre gonna hate me for these blunt explanations. Truth is, you just have to give it a couple of tries and then youll know what I mean. Spring the deck of the fingers and retain the top card. Buckle your thumb. This will send the card directly into Classical Palm (because the corner snaps of the finger). Once you get the hang of this you will be able not only to palm the top card, but also to reverse it or the card beneath it. This provides you with even more applications. Note: If you spring the cards on the table you will be able to accomplish color changes, vanishes and productions. This requires playtime.

Riffle Shuffle Palm

(on the table) The card that is palmed is the top card. Riffle shuffle the cards, having only one card on the top of the right packet. Under the cover of bridging the cards, grab on the side of the card with your right index finger and palm the card in one of the most weird but angle-proof palms ever (this is done by buckling the index). The card is buckled vertically by the joint of your thumb and the tip of your ring finger. Due to the way youre holding the deck (by the sides), the hand provides a natural cover for the card and you can go away and give the spectator the deck for shuffle.

Riffle Shuffle Palm

(in the hands) Riffle shuffle the cards. While your left hand re-grips the deck at the point where the packets meet, your right fingers pull on the bottom card and rotate it into the hand (the left hand moves clockwise and the right hand in the opposite direction). Once the card is in the palm and the packets have been gripped by the middle, use your left pinky finger to hold the card against the palm of your hand. This enables you to palm the card and use your fingers to complete the Bridge shuffle. Everything is done in one smooth motion. Have the spectator take the deck and shuffle it himself, while you place the card in your mouth and start eating it. 24

Lapping Shuffle
Riffle from the right packet as many cards as you want to lap (well take as an example 1) and then riff le from the left packet before continuing the shuffle. Slightly in-jog the card using your 3 right fingers and bridge the cards. Release the bridge, causing the card to shoot into the lap while the rest of the cards are shuffled.

Tenky Palm (Toolbiz)

This ended up being featured in Toolbiz. Contrary to what people seem to think, there are quite a few sleights in there that are really useful and can be applied in quite a lot of ways. So, if you guys would like to learn this palm along with a couple more ((C)alm Palm and Boxing Palm), support me by buying the release, or add me on Skype and session with me haha.

Spring Bottom Palm

Close left pinky finger and spring the deck on top of it. While springing the cards extend the finger. This will bring the bottom card in a horizontal position. Palm the card. Produce a dragon.

Turnover to Classic
Grab 2 cards- thumb on the lower side, index curled on top, middle and ring finger on the upper side- and turn them face up as one. Leave the double slightly side-jogged. Palm the two cards (literally) then, mimicking the exact motion, reach inside the palm with your thumb and pull the bottom card out. The card will rotate around your index finger and end up face down.


So, thats it. Hope you enjoyed the ride guys. A lot of work and passion has been put into the making of this project, both from my side and from the designers, so if you guys would like to show your appreciation and support, you can purchase the e-book for $1 by visiting this link: Once again, thanks for being with me till the end and Ill see you really soon (Im always making another project haha)! - Biz 12/17/13