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Needs Assessment Tips

Creating the appropriate training program for an organization or business is a big responsibility. Your clients time and money are at stake and they are relying on you, the training provider, to determine what they need. A great way to do that is through surveys. But how do you create a good survey to generate the results you are looking for 1. Dont write a book. !oday, management and staff have limited time to waste so when writing a survey, dont go on and on and on".keep it brief. Brainstorm and write and down all the #uestions you might want to ask, then review the list and go with only the absolutely most important. 2. Avoid two part questions. $hen creating a #uestion, include only one topic at a time and split the #uestion into two separate #uestions if necessary. As the surveyor, you can be sure which #uestion they are answering and will avoid the risk of your surveyee skipping one of the #uestions. Poor Format: % &ave you had computer training and if so, what courses have you completed Better Format: 'uestion () &ave you had computer training 'uestion *) $hat courses have you completed 3. Keep each question as brief as possib e. +ong sentences run the risk of losing your participants, attention and create a bigger chance of causing confusion. Poor Format: -or your position, do you focus more on paperwork, hands%on activities, technical duties, customer service, or management responsibilities Better Format: -or your position, what type of skills do you focus on !. Avoid eadin" questions. $rite the #uestion in such a way that your client will be free to answer what they truly -..+ rather than forcing them to provide what you !&/01 they need. Poor Format: $ill the staff benefit from 2icrosoft Access computer training Better Format: $hat types of computer training will your staff benefit from #. $rovide c ear% to the point% instructions at the top of the surve&. !o net good results, dont 3ust assume the person filling out the survey knows what you are looking for. !hey may perceive things incorrectly or may try to fill out your survey based on the format of other surveys theyve taken. 2ake it clear from the beginning

otherwise your results may not be accurate. Poor Format: 4lease circle the numbers ( through 5. Better Format: 4lease circle the numbers ( through 5 with ( being the least likely and 5 being the most likely. .ffective !raining 0eeds Assessment 'uestions '. Do not imit &ourse f to one t&pe of question throu"hout the entire surve&. 6tilize varying formats to e7tract the appropriate information. !ypes of popular survey #uestions include) a( )ate the topic on a sca e of 1 to # with 1 bein" the east ike & and # bein" the most ike &. .7ample) As a manager, 4ower4oint training would benefit me during my presentations ( * 8 9 5 b( *heck a that app & .7ample) As a manager, / could use the following computer software training) ::::: 2icrosoft $ord ::::: 2icrosoft .7cel ::::: 2icrosoft 4ower4oint ::::: 2icrosoft Access ::::: 2icrosoft 4ublisher ::::: .mail;/nternet 6sage c( *hoose one of the fo owin" .7ample) As a manager, / supervise a team of) ::::: (%*< ::::: *(%5< ::::: 5(%(<< ::::: (<<=

d( +pen,ended questions that a ow the participants to fi in one to two sentences. .7ample) As a manager, what training would help you most effectively do your 3ob e( -ssa& questions .7ample) /n one page or less, describe your duties as a manager. .. $rovide the surve& in a wa& that is most convenient to &our c ient. !here are several ways to have a survey completed. You can go to your clients location and distribute it to them or have the client come to your location to ensure theyll have the #uiet time theyll need to focus on providing accurate answers. Additionally, you can mail them hard copies or attach them in an email for them to download and print out at their convenience. /. *onsider bui din" on ine surve&s. !here are many survey sites on the web that help you easily create surveys. -or a small fee, you can set up an account, create the survey and send a link to your client inviting them to fill out the survey online from whatever location they choose. !his creates freedom to do it from their work office or even their home if theyd like. 2any survey companies even tally up results, allowing you to analyze and e7port various types of data. >idgecrest ?urveys @ www.ridgecrestsurveys.comA and ?urvey 2onkey @ www.surveymonkey.comA are great places to start.