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Hello! My name is Julie and I am from England, but at the moment I am living in Spain because my father is working in a bank in Madrid and my mother is teaching English in a bilingual school in the capital of Spain. I have got a lot of new friends. they are Spanish, so I am learning this language very quickly. I have got a brother, he is still very little because he is only three. He is not studying Spanish but he is learning a lot of new words. My family and I are living in a very big flat. It is near the centre of the town. Now we are in the living room. It is raining. My father is working on his laptop, my mother is checking some exercises, and my brother and I are watching a Harry Potters film on television. We are very happy. Put the following sentences in order 1. not / they / to / are / listening / now / me. .. 2. present /at / working / are / they / where? 3. girl / riding / her / the / is / bike. 4. am / the / moment / I / not / at / running. .. 5. your / is / today /his /father/ car/driving? .

Answer the questions about the text 1. What is Julies nationality? .. 2. Why is she living in Madrid at present? 3. Is she learning Spanish quickly? Why? .. 4. What are Julies parents doing now? .. 5. What is she doing now? .

Fill in the gaps with the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Its 9:30 and we are in the class now. The teacher ..(read) a story and we .. (listen ) to her, but some pupils .(do) other things. Tom and Paul .......... (whisper) something and Tom .(laugh). Mary (look) out of the window. She .(not look) at the clouds, she .(watch) two birds. They (sit) on a branch of a tree, but they (not sing). Outside, It .. (not rain) but the sun ..(not shine) because there are a lot of clouds in the sky. The clouds(move) because the wind . ( blow). There are some children in the playground, they (do) exercise but they .. .(not run).

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