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Black Hollywood - A Movie Review

Patricia Denning stars in a sad movie about ambition and heartbreak. When Cecilia leaves college in Texas, she has everything: a wonderful boyfriend, Carl, an interesting ob and an ex!ensive house in a !retty town. "er life is !erfect. #ven her black $abrador dog, Perky, is a star: he wins the local dog com!etition and "ollywood wants to !ut him in a movie. Cecilia goes to "ollywood with him and leaves her boyfriend alone back home. When the studio fires Perky, Cecilia decides to stay in "ollywood and tries to get other movie roles for her beautiful dog. Carl gives Cecilia an ultimatum: come home and sto! behaving cra%ily, or stay there forever. Cecilia decides to stay in "ollywood and wants to become an actress herself. &he sends Perky back to Texas and starts an acting course. 'fter six months, Cecilia reali%es she can(t act and she misses home, but it(s too late. Carl has found another girlfriend. Cecilia tries to win him back, and also discovers a lot about herself on her long ourney. This is a very sad movie, which makes you think about what we want from life. Patricia Denning is very convincing as Cecilia, but the star of the movie is gorgeous Perky, the black $abrador who steals our hearts. )lack "ollywood is in cinemas from next week.

Movie Review - Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension

'nswer the following *uestions by choosing the best answer. +. What does Cecilia not have, a. ' !et b. ' great ob c. ' wonderful husband d. ' house she loves -. When does her wonderful adventure begin, a. When her dog wins a com!etition b. When she goes on vacation to "ollywood c. When she marries her boyfriend, Carl d. When she buys the house in a !retty town .. What ha!!ens to Perky in "ollywood, a. "e becomes a star b. "e makes two movies and retires c. "e isn(t very successful d. "e(s too nervous to work

/. What is Carl(s reaction to Cecilia living in "ollywood, a. "e(s su!!ortive b. "e(s angry c. "e doesn(t care d. "e doesn(t know she went 0. Why does Cecilia stay in "ollywood, a. &he has no money b. &he hates Carl c. &he wants to become an actress d. &he is too busy making movies

Movie Review Vocabulary Worksheet

1atch words from the reading text with these definitions: +. famous, a celebrity -. without anyone, solitary .. a final demand or set of conditions /. to sack, dismiss from ob 0. a !rogram of educational instruction, often at a college or university 2. a !eriod of travel, travel from one !lace to another 3. !ersuasive and assuring, believable 4. beautiful, very !retty, !hysically attractive