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Village Communic Bureau

Objective: The objective is to develop a system through which a group of volunteers can communicate and access information about a village or town development. VCB is a charity group of professionals those want to voluntarily contribute in their village/town’s development. Issues li e !rimary education" people’s health" government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure are on main focus among others. Through the website group want to help their members collaborate" to plan" assess and implement different activities and learn with others e#perience /feedbac s /suggestions. $roup also wants to encourage others to join their initiatives and recogni%e their contributions. Existing System: In present systems it is difficult to coordinate the activities of all involved users. &ften the details of facilities and amenities available in a village are not properly organi%ed and stored. This results in mismanaged activities. 'onors and others could not interact with other active members. Proposed System: The proposed system maintains a centrali%ed database to store information related to all activities. The system maintains details of all group members and their activities. The system also maintains information regarding donors. (ystem allows one to access the necessary information about the facilities available in a village. Users of t e system: )nonymous $roup members *eb )dministrator !odules: The system is proposed to have the following modules along with functional re+uirements. "dministrator !odule: )dministrator ta es care of secure registration and profile management for the group members. )dministrator trac s member’s activities and progress. )dministrator facilitates communication through discussion forums" chat and mail. )dministrator provides online information about activities. )dministrator creates case studies and shares with others to motivate them. )dministrator handles basic facilities such as add and update members" bac up and recovery of data and generation of reports. !ember !odule: ,ember assesses the situation with the help of online +uestionnaires. ,embers need to access the needs of primary education" health facilities etc.

onitor .B 86$B 98 /< 46> (tandard &ptical 45’’ Color .ouse . .5 I-/.and based on the assessment need to categori%e and chal out a plan of actions. #onor !odule: 'onors can contribute the development of a village. $eports !odule:% )dministrator can generate various reports li e view villages" view activities" view ban details" village volunteer details" village donation +ueries" view case study details" view activity progress details and view response details. /T. .o%illa (ard&are $e'uirements )minimum*:% • • • • • • • !entium processor =). .0" C(( 2ava(cript 2ava (ervlets" 2(! 2'BC 2'34. . 899 . . . Soft&are $e'uirements:% • • • • • • • • • • *eb !resentation Client 1 side (cripting !rogramming 0anguage *eb based Technologies 'atabase Connectivity 2ava Version Bac end 'atabase &perating (ystem *eb (erver Browser . .embers are advised to develop a volunteers group in the village.onitor . 'onors can also send their feedbac and suggestions. These activities may be e#ecuted in many phases. . . -ach plan of action would be shared with other members before e#ecution so that they can share their e#periences" feedbac s and suggestions. . 'rive 3eyboard . ./< 48>. . Capacity /ard 'is C'?=&.5 &racle 46g *indows 7!/8669" 0I:. . . .7 Tomcat 5. . 'onors can access information and share the data with others.