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Course Objectives The aim of this course is to help students develop a strong conceptual foundation for managing technological innovation. It introduces concepts and frameworks for analyzing how firms can create, commercialize and capture value from technologybased products and services. Unit I: Introduction& Technology Policy Definition of Technology, Classifications of technology, Definition of management, Management of technology(MOT), The conceptual framework for(MOT), Driver of MOT Significance and Scope of MOT Role of Chief Technology Officer RespondingtoTechnologychallengesTechnologyPolicyDeterminantsofNations CapabilityRoleofGovernmentScienceandTechnologypolicyStatusofTechnolog in India, Future of India. Unit II Technology Planning and Strategy Tools, Technology Acquisition, Technology planning and analysis, Tools for industry Technology Analysis Trajectories of Technology ,Alliances :Formal versus Informal Alliances, Duration of an Alliance ,Location :Domestic versus International Alliances Concerns in Alliance Mergers and Acquisitions of Technology, Strategic Reasons for Mergers And Acquisitions, Types of Mergers and Acquisitions, Technology Acquisition Methods of Acquisition Internal Development External acquisition Sources, Acquisition decisions Unit III Innovation Management, Technology Transfer Definition of Innovation, Definition of Management of Innovation, The Process of Managing Innovation, Making Decisions for Managing Innovation, Tools for Managing Innovation, Process Innovations Concept and types of process , Process Management Concerns Types of Process innovations Process improvement techniques Organizing For improvements , Technology Transfer Definition, Classification and Significance. Elements of transfer process. Types of Technology transfer.

Unit 4 Value Chains and Organization Technology and Competition Technology Intelligence Deployment in New Products Deployment of Technology in the Value Chain Organizing for Innovation Unit 5 Intellectual Property Strategy Project Valuation and Financig Recommended Books: 1.Management of Technology Track Khalil TMH 2. Narayanan, V. K. (2007). Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Edge; New Delhi: Prentice Hall Additional Reading 1. Gaynor, Gerard H. (1991). Handbook of Technology Management; New York: McGraw-Hill Additional Reading 1. Gaynor, Gerard H. (1991). Handbook of Technology Management; New York: McGraw-Hill 2. Betz, Fredric (1995). Strategic Technology Management; New York: McGraw-