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Women's Studies 10: Feminist Perspectives on Women and Society Instructor: Dr. Sharon Bays UC !

Fa"" #uarter $00% &''ice: $(0 )insey *a"" &''ice *ours: +onday $,% and Wednesday 11,11:(Course Description: This course is designed to explore the condition of women's lives, in of themselves, in relation to each other and to men. We will assume that these conditions are not the same for all women, that they change historically and oftentimes according to race, class, ethnicity or sexuality. We also want to ask if there are some conditions that women everywhere may share. What are our commonalities? We will want to know: ow can feminist theory help us to understand specific pro!lems critical to women in the ".#.? Through a critical analysis of a diverse selection of texts -theoretical, literary and visual -- !y and a!out women, students will !e encouraged to develop their own ideas a!out the ways that feminist thought and practice $aid in the process of self-recovery$ in ways that $transform self, community and society$ %!ell hooks&. Women's #tudies '( is designed as a course that surveys a num!er of women's studies topics. )ssues we will explore in this class include women, work and the division of la!or, sexuality and health, violence against women, women's social and political activism, the influence of the media, family ideologies and changing gender roles. #tudents will study these topics in and of themselves !ut also explore the theoretical links among them.We will also investigate the relationship of gender, race and sexuality to state policies that effect us all. Two of the central premises of this class are that '& we live in an une*ual society, !ased largely upon the socially constructed categories of race, class, gender and sexuality and that +& to !egin to change these power ine*ualities, we must first examine our own position of relative power and the ways in which we act to uphold forms of oppression that are harmful to us all. .e/uired 0e1ts: ,urchase the -ndersen !ook at the "./- #tore: Text!ook 0ivision. -ndersen, 1argaret / +((2. Thinking -!out Women: #ociological ,erspectives on #ex and 3ender. #ixth 4dition. 5ew 6ork: 1acmillan ,u!lishing .ompany. Women's #tudies '( 7eader. .ompiled !y 0r. #haron 8ays. ,urchase at Westwood .opies, '((' 3ayley %2'( +(9-2+22&. Course 2oa"s: '. 4sta!lish an atmosphere for critical and alternative thinking. +. 7aise our collective consciousness a!out a num!er of negative processes such as sexism, racism, classism and homopho!ia, a num!er of positive actions like the movements against these oppressions and possi!ilities such as collective action, etc. 2. -ssist students in the translation of the concrete conditions of their lives into a theoretical perspective and the reverse. :. To think a!out the integration of race, class, gender and sexuality in the class and in our lives. Course .e/uirements:


'. /ecture: 6ou are expected to attend the lectures and !e responsi!le for your own notes. 1ost of the potential exam *uestions come from lectures and section discussions %see !elow&. ;ideos and films are thoughtfully integrated into course issues and they are entertaining. -ttend, en<oy and take notes. )n most cases, there will !e time for discussion after viewing the film. +. #ection: 6ou are expected to come to your section having completed the readings and prepared to *uestion and discuss the issues raised in the articles. This course has a heavy reading load, including difficult articles and chapters that you may want to read more than once. 7ead actively. 1ake notes, raise *uestions and identify themes and central ideas as you read. These notes can !e a spring!oard for class discussions. .lass attendance, completion of readings, <ournals %see !elow& and participation %2(= of grade&. >ournal: 6ou will keep an ongoing <ournal to sort out your thoughts a!out issues that relate to class materials. The <ournal will not !e a summary of course materials !ut rather an opportunity to reflect on the *uestions they raise in your own life.. ?eel free to write down ideas, images, dialogues or conversations, o!servations and poems. 1ost of the <ournals will !e directed !y the professor. This means she will give you *uestions on which to ponder and expound, as ever, mindful of the readings and your own experience. )n the latter part of the *uarter students will also interview family mem!ers@mentors or friends with specific *uestions in mind. #tudents will also create a model for activism, or a prescription for change, in which they will address a social pro!lem. >ournals must !e typed and dated for credit -- at least one and a half to three pages. 5o credit will !e given when assignments are not completed. >ournals are critical to this course and are due at section %see #ection ?or grade=& all weeks except for week one. 0he 'irst 3ourna" is due on &cto4er 1 in c"ass and 5i"" address these three /uestions: What do you 6no5 a4out 'eminism7 Where did you "earn it and 'rom 5hom7 Why are you ta6, in8 this c"ass7 2. 1id-term 4xam: The mid term will !e a com!ination of term identifications, short essays and a long essay. %2(= of grade&. :. ?inal 4xam: the final exam will !e a com!ination of term identifications, short essays and long essays. %%:(= of grade& Considerations 'or C"ass Discussions and Conversation: .ritical thinking %a re*uirement& often involves self-examination and *uestioning. )n this class, you will incorporate a significant new component in this effort: you will also consider your classmatesA location@situation in the process of thinking a!out your own. This involves the art of active listening. ,lease work on this skill. 4ngaging in critical thinking means that we will often ru! against the grain of our own expectations and assumptions. This could !e a good thing. )t may !e more productive to formulate good *uestions and to explore the possi!ilities than to think we have to come up with hard and fast solutions.

Try not to interrupt while another person is speaking. 4veryone who wants to speak will have a chance to speak !efore anyone can speak twice. While personal experiences of racism, sexism, classism and homopho!ism are highly valued, keep in mind that we are trying to understand these intersecting oppressions as not <ust personally experienced !ut as fundamentally rooted in the exercise of political and economic power that shapes our social formation. C"ass 2atherin8s 4y date: ,,Septem4er $9: Introduction : description and expectations of course@ introductions@ readings, reader, how to read@ assignments, paper, weekly <ournals@ thoughts on class discussions, dialogues, conversations, *uestions. --&cto4er 1: Introduction to Feminist 0hin6in8: 7eadings: .hapter ' in Thinking -!out Women %hereafter referred to as Thinking&. B/etAs 3et 7eal -!out ?eminism: The 8acklash, the myths, the movement.C 1s. #ept.AD2. )n 7eader. B#elections from 1anifesta: 6oung Women, ?eminism and the ?uture. >ennifer 8aumgardner and -my 7ichards. )n 7eader. B1s. 3oes to .ollege.C 1s. -ug@#ept. +(('. )n 7eader. $.ommonalities and 0ifferences$ >ohnnetta 8. .ole. )n 7eader. B0esigning an )nclusive .urriculum: 8ringing -ll Women )nto the .ore.C 4liEi!eth iggen!otham. )n 7eader. Fi"m: +y Feminism. :ourna" due. The first <ournal is due on Fcto!er ' in class and will address these three *uestions: What do you know a!out feminism? Where did you learn it and from whom? Why are you taking this class? -- &cto4er ;,<: Socia" Construction o' 2ender= .ace and C"ass: *istorica" Underpinnin8s and Contemporary Identities: 7eadings: .hapter + in Thinking. $White ,rivilege and 1ale ,rivilege: - ,ersonal -ccount of .oming to #ee .orrespon dences Through Work in Women's #tudies$ ,eggy 1c)ntosh. )n 7eader. $)s 1ultiracial #tatus "ni*ue: The ,ersonal and #ocial 4xperience.$ 1ichael Thornton. )n 7eader. B#chool #egregation is 3rowing, 7eport ?inds.C /.-. Times. G@DD. )n 7eader. BThe 0evelopment of .hicana ?eminist 0iscourse,C 'DH(-'D9(.C -lma 3arcia. )n 7eader. B#ome ome Truths on the .ontemporary 8lack ?eminist 1ovement.C 8y 8ar!ara #mith. ?rom Words of Fire. )n 7eader. BTo 8e 8lack, 1ale and ?eminist: 1aking Womanist #pace for 8lack 1en on the 4ven of a 5ew 1illennium.C 3ary /emons. )n 7eader. ,,&cto4er 1%: Ima8es o' Women in the +edia. 7eadings: .hapter 2 in Thinking. > ow .an 1edia .overage of Women !e )mproved?C 1aurine 8easley. 7eader. 2

B5o 5ews )s WomenAs 5ews.C >unior 8ridge. )n 7eader. B1iss ,hysically ?it -merica.C /.-. Times. 7eader. >-n )dentity 7educed to a 8urka.C )n 7eader. B5o .ommentC and 3allery of FffenderC -ds in 7eader. B1aterial 3irl: The 4ffacement of ,ostmodern .ulture.C #usan 8ordo. )n The 3ender@#exuality 7eader. 4dited !y 7oger /ancaster and 1acaela di /eonardo. 7outledge. 'DDH. )n 7eader. Fi"ms: )i""in8 Us So't"y %. Bar4ie ?ation --&cto4er 1-: Se1ua" Po"itics I: Women= *ea"th and .eproduction: 7eadings: .hapter H in Thinking. B >udge Frders .overage of 8irth .ontrol.C /.-. Times G@'2@('. )n 7eader. B .atholics /ose .ase Fn .ontraception.C /.-. Times H@2@('. )n 7eader. $.alifornia: - ,olitical /andscape for .hoice and .onflict.$ 1ichael 7usso. )n 7eader. ,olitical .artoon in /.-. Times. )n 7eader. B#tate )ssues -pology for ,olicy of #teriliEation.C 8y .arl )ngram. )n 7eader. B#trategies %for reproductive control& in colonial -merica.C >anet ?arrell 8rodie. )n 7eader. B/a #ufrida: .ontradictions of -cculturation and 3ender in /atina ealth.C 0enise #egura and -dela 0e /a Torre. )n 7eader. B4rgonomics - WomanAs )ssue? They #uffer 1ore )n<uries Targeted in 0efeated #afety 7ules.C /.-. Times 2@''@('. )n 7eader. ,,&cto4er $0: Body Consciousness: .ethin6in8 the Po"itics o' 0hinness 7eadings: $8eing Thin is 5ow ?ashion to 0ie ?or.$ 4llen 3oodman. )n 7eader B3allery of FffenderC -ds. )n 7eader. $- Way Futa 5o Way$: 4ating ,ro!lems -mong -frican -merican, /atina and White Women.$ 8ecky Thompson. )n 7eader. Fi"m. 0he Pi"". ,,&cto4er $$,$@: Se1ua" Po"itics 11: Se1ua"ity= Po5er and Aio"ence 7eadings: .hapter : in Thinking. B#exual ;iolence in the ,olitics and ,olicies of .on*uest: -merindian Women and the #panish .on*uest of -lta .alifornia.C -ntonia .astaneda. )n 7eader. B-sian ,acific -merican Women and 7acialiEed #exual arassment.C #umi I. .ho. )n 7eader. B,overty, 7ape, -dult@Teen #ex: Why ,regnancy ,revention ,rograms 0onAt Work.C 1ike 1ales. )n 7eader. B,roducing the 8attered Woman: #helter ,olitics and the ,ower of the ?eminist ;oice.C !y Iaren Iendrick. )n 7eader. B ard .hoices: Teen 1others ?ear 7eturning to "nsta!le omes to 7etain ?ederal 8enefits.C !y /isa 7ichardson. )n 7eader. BThe ,ro!lem of 7ape on .ampus.C ,ro<ect on the #tatus and 4ducation of Women. )n 7eader. -ppendix - from the "./- .atalog on 0efinitions@)nformation: 7ape and #exual arassment@-ssault. )n 7eader. B ealing the 8ody and #pirit.C /.-. Times '@'J@J'. 7eader. :

B?act sheet: What to do if it happens to you. )n 7eader. BJ'= of rape victims are girls under '9.C )n 7eader. B alf of Women in ,rison #ystem were ;ictims of -!use, 7eport #ays.C )n 7eader. $ omopho!ia: Why 8ring it up?$ 8ar!ara #mith. in 7eader. BWomen, 1en and -ggression in an 4galitarian #ociety.C 1aria /epowsky. )n 7eader. Fi"m:0ou8h 2uise and revie5 'or the mid,term e1am on the $@th. ,,&cto4er $9,+id term. Brin8 a 4"ue 4oo6. ,,?o 3ourna" due midterm e1am 5ee6 ,,?ovem4er %,-: Women and Wor6. 7eadings: .hapter J in Thinking. B"neven 0evelopment: .lass, 7ace and 3ender in the "# 8efore 'D((.C /eith 1ullings. )n 7eader. /.-. Times articles on Women and Work, The 3lass .eiling and -ffirmative -ction in 7eader. B"ne*ual ,ay is Targented !y Tougher ".#. 4nforcement.C /.-. Times. '@2(@DD. 7eader. BWage 3ap .ontinues to ;ex Women.C /.-. Times. +@''@+(('. 7eader. B?emale -nchors on /ocal T; ,aid +9= /ess.C /.-. Times G@'@+(((. 7eader. B unger #talks the Working ,oor.C )n 7eader. B-mericaAs Torrent of 5eed.C /.-. Times 9@J@+(('. 7eader. B ?ood #tamp ,rogram is ?ailing in .alifornia.C /.-. Times :@+9@+(('. 7eader. B7edirect the 7e!ate.C /.-. Times. H@9@+(('. 7eader. Fi"m on ?ovem4er -th: 0he i'e and 0imes o' .osie the .iviter. --?ovem4er 10: Women a4orin8: Case Studies BThink /ike a 1an, Work /ike a 0og, -ct /ike a /ady: Fccupational 0ilemmas of ,olicewomen.C #usan 1artin. )n 7eader. BWhy We 5eed 1ore Women .ops.C /.-. Times. 2@+'@D:. )n 7eader. B ,itts!urgh is #howcase for Women )n ,olicing.C 56 Times G@+'@D9. )n 7eader. BWhy Women 1ake 8etter .ops.C 3lamour D@DJ. B#ex arassment hard to 7oot Fut in #heriffAs 0ept.C )n 7eader. B>ury -wards 2 3lendale Ffficers K2.J 1illion in arassment #uit.C )n 7eader. ?ovem4er 1$: Women= Community and !ctivism: In 0heir &5n Aoices Women &r8aniBers. BTo the Women of the /eft.C #0# Women )n 7eader. B1ountain 1overs.C #usie /ing. )n 7eader. B - /ife of their Fwn.C /.-. Times. )n 7eader. Women of the 6ear -ctivists. 1s. 1agaEine. )n 7eader. B,laying ard!allC 1s. 1agaEine. >une@>uly 'DDD. )n 7eader. B.ommittee /ooks at Title 'L 7esults.C "./- 8ruin. )n 7eader. Fi"m: +ade in 0hai"and. ,,?ovem4er 1@: Women andCin Po"itics : .ethin6in8 the Po"itica" 7eadings: .hapter '( in Thinking.

B7unning as a Woman: 3ender #tereotyping in ,olitical .ampaigns.C !y #. )nyengar, 5. ;alentino, # -nsola!ehere and -. #imon. )n 7eader. B.ommunities, 7esistance and WomenAs -ctivism: #ome )mplications for a 0emocratic ,olity. 1artha -ckles!erg. )n 7eader. BWhatAs .ulture 3ot to do With )t? .ultural ,reservation and mong WomenAs -ctivism in .entral .alifornia.C 8y #haron 8ays. )n 7eader. B.reating .ommunity: 1exican -merican Women in 4astside /os -ngeles.C 8y 1ary ,ardo. )n 7eader. --?ovem4er 19,$(:Women= +en= Fami"y and *ouseho"ds: 0he Chan8in8 Fami"y 7eadings: .hapter G in Thinking. $3ender and the ?amily.C 3lenn. )n 7eader. B-t ome 1oms 7isk /ater )mpoverishment.C )n 7eader. $Fvercoming ,atriarchal .onstraints: The 7econstruction of 3ender 7elations -mong 1exican )mmigrant Women and 1en.$ ,ierrette ondagneu-#otelo. )n 7eader. B5ew 0efinitions of 1asculinity.C )n 7eader. B/.-. .ountyAs -nswer for 7acial Tensions: )ntermarriage.C )n 7eader. >"nwed ,artners "p H+= in ".#. /.-. Times 9@+(@+(('. )n 7eader. -,?ovem4er $;: Women and .e"i8ion 7eadings: .hapter 9 in Thinking. #elections from B#piritual 1arketplace: 8a!y 8oomers and the 7emaking of -merican 7eligion. Wade 7oof. )n 7eader. B4piscopalians 8olster /aw on Frdaining Women. /.-. Times. )n 7eader. B7eligions 0ivided on #tem .ell )ssue.C /.-. Times. H@+'@+(('. )n 7eader. B8lack Theology and the 8lack Woman. !y >ac*uelyn 3rant. )n 7eader. B#eeing #ex 4ducation as a #acred 0uty.C /.-. Times. H@G@+(('. )n 7eader. B.hicano /i!eration Theology.C !y /. 1illan. )n 7eader. ,- Decem4er 1: !rt= Criticism and the Feminist +use. 7eadings: ,oetry@#hort stories@ /iterary criticisms. $Women -rtists: The .reative ,rocess.$ !ell hooks. )n 7eader. B.inemaya.C 7enee Ta<ima-,ena. )n 7eader. B8rass .eiling.C %Women in >aEE in /.-.&. )n 7eader. BThe /ast 0ays of /ilith.C #teiner. )n 7eader. BThe 0ixie .hicks .ome .lean.C The .over of 4ntertainment Weekly. )n 7eader. Fi"m: .i8hteous Ba4es. ,,Decem4er %: Continue discussions= "ecture= and revie5 'or 'ina" e1am. -- Fina" D1am= 0hursday Decem4er 11= <,11 am. P"ease 4rin8 a 4"ue 4oo6.