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Matthew Coley

2010-Current 2012 & 2013 2013-Current Summer 2013

48 Old Farm Road Darien, CT 06820 H 203-554-2720 B mattcoley@optonline.net

High School Diploma, Darien High School, GPA: 3.85/4.0, 4.17/4.5.

AP Scores: Computer Science 5, Physics C: Mechanics 5, Chemistry 5, BC Calculus 5, US History 5, Microeconomics 4 Notable Classes: Advanced Computer Programming, Authentic Science Research, Independent Studies in Linear Algebra and Dierential Equations SAT Scores: Math 800 Reading 690 Writing 720 SAT II Scores: Math II 800, Chemistry 800, Biology Molecular 750, US History 760 Multivariable Calculus: A, Building Mobile Applications: A-, Biochemistry B Bioinformatics, Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

Harvard University, Accredited Summer Classes. Coursera and EdX, Online Classes.

Medical Research Intern, Molecular Neurotherapy & Imaging Lab, Mass Gen Hosp.
2013-Current Collaborated with postdoc for 10 weeks on developing and testing the ecacy of new stem cell delivered therapeutic to treat glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive cancer. Conducted experiments including in vitro assays with tissue cultures, in vivo tests with mice, transduction of stem cells, and presenting results to other researchers. Employed by local business aiming to further develop an online startup website. Currently maintaining the database of items sold in the websites shop, reaching out to new vendors to add products, and contacting potential advertisers.

Online Shop Manager, VentureMom.

Java, Procient Experience.
Regular use over the past four years for programming assignments and personal projects: Implemented a modied A* path-nding algorithm to solve mazes with keys and doors for a GE computer science competition. Wrote program that mined movie data from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, stored the data in a MySQL database, and analyzed the database for correlations. Coded algorithms for an online bioinformatics course that included cyclopeptide sequencing, genome reconstruction, locating oriCs, and searching for genetic motifs.

Objective-C, Intermediate Experience.

Developed multiple apps for iOS devices: Coded an app that is a combination of a platformer and a puzzle game where the user needs to place Tetris-like blocks to form a path to the exit. Implemented a modication of hangman where the word changes based on which characters the user has already guessed to increase diculty. Currently working on an app that utilizes a movie database to give suggestions based on the users previous ratings of other movies.

HTML/CSS/Javascript, Intermediate Experience.

Designed multiple webpages and scripts: Wrote a Script for high school website that tells students which day and period it is in my schools 8-day schedule rotation and automatically accounts for holidays. Built a mobile web app using jQuery Mobile that queries Yahoos and Googles servers to display weather and news to the user based on that users location.

High School Clubs & Aliations

National Honors Society, Computer Club President, iGEM Team Founder, JETS Team Captain, Debate Team, Math Team, Model United Nations, Football, Lacrosse