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OBJECTIVE To contribute value in challenging working environment that gives valuable and excellent career opportunity with global network. PROFILE Name Sex Place / Birth Date Nationality Marital Status Religion Address Mobile Phone Email FORMAL EDUCATION

: Gede Siddiarta. : Male. : Bali, September 04, 1990. : Indonesia. : Single. : Hindu. : Gedung Menara Kadin lt 26 Suite E, jl. HR. Rasuna Said kav 2-3 Jakarta : 085702389956. : siddiarta@indospec.com

Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran", Yogyakarta - Indonesia. GPA : 3.49 (4.00Scale).


Petroleum Engineer PT. INDOSPEC ( 2012 Now ) Reservoir Simulation, preparation data, update reservoir data. Production Data Analysis EOR Project : Chemical Selection and Coreflood analysis for Melibur Chemical EOR Screening Radial Coreflood Analysis Remaining Reserve Calculation and Production Forecasting WP & B Preparation Data Analyzes ( PVT, Routine & Special Core, and Production ) Reservoir Simulation ( Reservoir characterization, build dynamic model, initialization, history matching, and forecasting ) Review AFE and POFD Petroleum Engineer PT. INDOSPEC ENERGY ( 2010 2012 ) Create Plan of Futher Development (POFD) for Chemical (ASP) Flooding Project in Limau PQ Filed based on PTK-POD. Create Work Plan and Budget (WP&B) for ASP Flooding Pilot phase and Full Scale phasa. Analyze the suspended wells to select wich well should be run/reopened as candidate wells to maintain baseline productoion. Forecasting the candidate production well to maintain baseline using CMG IMEX (Black Oil Simulator) Working in team to estimate injection rate and operation plan that will be applicable.

Reservoir Simulation Modelling Department at Lemigas ( June 2012 December 2012 ) o Build Dinamic Model of Sungai Gelam field Using Eclipse Reservoir Simulation Software. o Analysis and report Production Data of Sungai Gelam field . o Analysis and report Well Logging Data. o Analysis and report Well Test Data. o Report Coordinator Assistant of Petrophysicist and Well Logging at Petroleum Engineer UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta (2011-2012) o Coordinated and improved laboratory activities. o Handle laboratory of Well Logging at Petroleum Engineering UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta. o Support Lectures to teach about Logging activities, (Resistivity tool, Acoustic Tool, Radioactive Tool and Planimeter Tool). Coordinator Assistant of Well Test at Petroleum Engineer UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta (2011-2012) o Support Lecture to teach about Well Testing activities, (Pressure Build Up test, Pressure Draw Down test, Multiple Rate Test and Shapir Software). Assistant of Drilling Mud at Petroleum Engineer UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta (2010- 2011) o Teach about Rheology of Drilling Mud ( Gel Strength, Viscosity, Filltration Loss, Yield Point, Mud Cake, and Mud Logging ). Assistant of Drilling Tools at Petroleum Engineer UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta (2010- 2011) o Learn and Teach about Drilling Tool ( Engine, Drill string, Bit, Chain, Connection, Supporting Unit). Practical Work Student in Area Engineering Departement and Drilling Departement at CHEVRON INDONESIA COMPANY (September 2011October 2011) o Learn about history of CHEVRON INDONESIA COMPANY. o Learn about Drilling activities ( Drill String Desaign ). o Learn about Design ESP, Sucker Rood, Jet Pump. o Learn about Mud Logging activities. o Report and Presentation . Field Trip PT. HALIBURTON INDONESIA, by SPE (May 2010) o Learn about Mud and Cementing Analysis. o Learn about Development and Implementation of a Mud and Cementing Analysis. Field Trip PT. WELLTEKINDO NUSANTARA, by IATM( November 2009) o Learn about Wireline and Slickline.

ORGANIZATION EXPERIENCE & POSITION Coordinator of Sie Hindu Religion HMJ-TM (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan-Teknik Perminyakan) at Petroleum Engineering UPN VETERAN Yogyakarta (2011-2012). Staff of Library SPE (Society Petroleum Engineer) at Petroleum Engineering UPNVETERAN Yogyakarta (2010-2012). Staff of LITBANG of HMJ-TM (Penelitian dan Pengembangan) at Petroleum Engineering UPNVETERAN Yogyakarta (2010-2011).


Computer Skills Simulation Reservoir Software o Eclipse (Very Well) o Petrel RE (Good) o CMG (Very Well) Production Software o Prosper (Good) o OFM (Vey Well) Well Testing Software o Saphir (Very Well) Language Proficiency o Fluent level for spoken, written and reading in English. o Fluent knowledge level for spoken, written and reading in Bahasa Indonesia.


Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Course by IATMI & SURTEK Inc, Ambarrukmo Hotel, October 2013 OFM 2005, by SCHLUMBERGER GEOSCIENCE PETROLEUM CENTRE UPN "VETERAN" YOGYAKARTA, May - June 2012. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Contracts, by TOTAL Professeurs Associes (TPA), June-July 2011. Gas Lift: Operation, Best Practice and Performance, by TOTAL E&P INDONESIE, June 2011. Reservoir Modelling and Simulation, by AAPG & IATMI, May 2010. CMG by Medco Indonesia, May 2011

ACHIEVEMENT UPN Veteran Yogyakarta SCHOLARSHIP, by UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, 2011 and 2012. SPE Java section SCHOLARSHIP 2011.

PAPERS & PUBLICATION Final Assignment " Plan of F u r t h e r Developmnet Reservoir Gas A Using Eclipse and Economic Analysis, February 2013. Practical Working Report " Analysis and Evaluation Production data Reservoir X Field Y" Chevron Indonesia Company , September 2011. Comprehension Literature Study "Analysis Well Logging and Well Test Data to Estimate Reservoir Behaviour ", January 2012.

Jakarta, January 2014

(Gede Siddiarta)