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OR Benchmarks Collaborative
Benefits Successful management of the – Assess OR performance by comparing
operating room (OR) is a continual it against a statistically significant
– Helps optimize overall balancing act — shrinking database with approximately
financial, operational and reimbursements with rising costs, 400 subscribers and 4 million active
clinical performance garnering surgeon loyalty while case records
managing expenditures, improving – Uncover actionable insight into
– Provides actionable insight operational efficiency while focusing
into the greatest areas performance improvement
on patient safety. Because the OR opportunities through user-friendly,
of opportunity accounts for as much as 68% of a drill-down analysis
hospital’s revenue, and capacity is a
– Empowers OR directors top priority for most, balance is crucial. – Report and share OR performance
to have meaningful, and operational trends in a three-
fact-based interactions To help hospitals manage capacity dimensional fashion to support
with senior management, demands efficiently and safely, aligning goals and outcomes
caregivers and OR staff McKesson and OR Manager, Inc.
regarding performance and formed The OR Benchmarks® The Power to Measure
improvement opportunities Collaborative (ORBC), an automated Performance
benchmarking service designed The OR Benchmarks Collaborative
– Offers networking specifically for surgery. Utilizing Web- provides monthly trended data on
opportunities to share enabled technology that does not multiple key performance indicators
best practices with a require the purchase or installation (KPIs) focusing on capacity and quality.
very large community of any software, subscribers can: ORBC is vendor neutral. Subscribers
of subscribers

– Minimizes the cost of

collecting and analyzing
throughput and capacity

– Offers an easy to use and

fast to implement solution
at great value

Beyond the scorecard, each KPI is further assessable by 20 additional

data points using the true point-and-click technology.
Fast Facts upload case data from their surgery – Establish evidence-based
– A collaboration between system or simple Mirosoft® Excel® performance goals that are
McKesson and OR Manager, spreadsheet if an information system realistic and achievable through
Inc. created to empower is not used; ORBC standardizes it, statistically significant peer
organizations to improve returning uniform metrics. The online comparison and detailed analysis
OR throughput and capacity dashboard (see front page) offers enabled within the tool
many options for generating and – Participate in routine networking
– The industry’s largest OR sharing data based upon a variety via user conferences, virtual
benchmarking service with of factors (e.g., anesthesia, block quarterly best practice networking
almost 400 subscribers and utilization, procedure, surgeon, forums, continuing education
4 million cases that allows service, etc.). events, design forums and surveys
multiple self-selected peer
comparisons While most surgery information As a subscriber, you can take advantage
systems offer similar reporting of what many others already have. As
– A Web-based service providing capabilities, custom and standard the director of surgery of the facility
timely monthly reporting report queries are often cumbersome receiving the prestigious 2007 Overall
on key surgery performance and time/labor intensive netting Best Performer Award states, “Finally
indicators — with no require- a one-dimensional report, which is having the substantive data necessary
ment that subscribing organiza- limited in its ability to share through to drive change so easily at our
tions have a McKesson or any traditional paper mediums. Any fingertips was the tipping point in
other surgery information ORBC user can develop custom being able to put solutions to work
system reports in a dynamic fashion without that have been embraced by all.”
complicated report writer skills and Participation in the OR Benchmarks
– Standard subscription includes share them across constituents in Collaborative is by annual subscription.
experienced business advisors a multitude of modern techniques,
who expedite the set up including a live database that is – Minimal effort and time commitment
process and provide valuable agile enough to address queries are required from the subscriber side
analytics coaching instantaneously.
– Access to an online, interactive
The Power to Perform dashboard comparing current
performance to historical
One of the largest consortiums of performance and self-selected
OR decision-makers, the ORBC peer groups
allows subscribers to:
– Optional business advisor services
– Drill into their data with minimal by a staff of senior clinical/business
effort or expertise managers who can support facility
efforts ranging from super-user
– Use point-and-click functionality training to coaching and insight
to explore, isolate and address into performance management
OR Manager, Inc root causes of poor performance strategies specific to the organization.
P.O. Box 5303
Santa Fe, NM 87502

http://www.ormanager.com For More Information

1.800.442.9918 For more information on the OR Benchmarks Collaborative solution, go to
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