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A Malabar Rite Eucharistic Pooja

A Malabar Rite Eucharistic Pooja
This liturgy is derived from the Bharatiya Pooja, which is a Eucharistic liturgy of the monks of Kurisumala Ashram, a monastery located near the town of Vagamon, in the Mala ar region of southern !ndia" #hile the monks are Tra$$ists %&istertian 'rder of the (trict ' servance), their $ra*is, their dharma if you will, atte$ts to integrate &atholic worshi$ with the +indu,!ndian culture in which it is $racticed" The Bharatiya Pooja is the liturgy they use on days other than (undays or major feasts, when the (yro,Malankara rite is used" !t is the liturgy of their daily lives, and is most dear to their hearts" The Bharatiya Pooja was develo$ed y and under the direction of the ashram-s $revious a ot, .ather .rancis Mahieu, the Acharya, who died in /anuary, 0110" +e and 2om Bede 3riffiths, of lessed memory, co,founded the ashram" They are luminary figures, so the liturgy was $ro a ly 4uite safe so long as .ather .rancis lived" There was concern, however, that with .ather .rancis- $assing the Bharatiya Pooja might fall into disuse, or even e formally su$$ressed, ecause it lacked the su$$ort of the &hurch-s hierarchy" #e edited the Bharatiya Pooja for 5orth American use, renaming it A Mala ar 6ite Eucharistic Pooja" #e are making it availa le, in $art, ecause we wish to see the s$irit of the Bharatiya Pooja $reserved, $rotected, and used, even if only y a limited readershi$" E*$lanations have een added, ru rics made more clear, and minor editing done to make it more suita le to the needs of a non,!ndian readershi$" #e have added an e*$licit a solution, used the #estern wording of the 7ord-s Prayer, and su stituted a more familiar version of the institution narrative" The original ty$ewritten te*t has een 8word $rocessed8 y com$uter, cleaned u$, and made more attractive, while $reserving the integrity of the original" The lengthy introduction is omitted" #hile it re$resents e*cellent scholarshi$ and $rovides fascinating ackground we felt it was too lengthy for the $resent venue" 2es$ite whatever flaws and defects it may have, we ho$e you will find the $resent version to e a hel$ful and ins$iring resource" !f it assists one soul in coming closer to 3od we will e justified in making it availa le"

E:&+A6!(T!& P''/A 2erived from the Bharatiya Pooja, develo$ed y The Tra$$ist Monks of Kurisumala Ashram, !ndia ;(ym ols< Pr = $resider>$riest? &n = &ongregation? 2n = 2eacon@ P6EPA6AT'6A 7!T:63A #hile a hymn is sung, the cele rants, dressed for the liturgy enter the church in $rocession to the low altar %a out 9B inches high),9 carrying water, a small lit lam$, incense, flowers" The $eo$le stand" The cross is in a $rominent $lace and the Bi le is on the low altar, with the talam %the large rass tray on which are set the $aten and the cu$)" The sacred lam$, the nilavilakku, a tall oil lam$, sits unlit on the floor in front of the low altar" !t is venerated with flowers, the decorations often taking the form of a cross" Hymn Graciously open the oor o! eternity that the "orl may see #our $ri%htness& #ou are the !ullness o! $ri%htness& 'e remain in ar(ness& Be please to remo)e #our )eil& Let us* #our people* see #our truth&

ATMA(A//!KA6A5AM %(P!6!T:A7 P6EPA6AT!'5) When they have reached the altar, looking towards the east, the celebrants stand prayerfully with folded hands for some time !hey make a profound bow to the altar and remain in silence !he celebrant"s# touches hands to lips then to altar !hen$ Pr< AumC (hanti, (hanti, (hantih" ' 7ord of all,True Em odiment of Being, Knowledge, and Bliss All+ Bless us* that "e may o!!er this holy sacri!ice "ith pure min s an sincere hearts& (P6!5K7!53 '. #ATE6 %As$erges) A priest sprinkles holy water around the altar 'C (acchidananda, may this altar, which rings Aou down to us ecome Aour dwelling $lace" May it e made $ure like the altar on highC %prinkling holy water on the people while walking down and the nave$

Pr< May we, who offer this sacrifice, e lessed y the holy water of Aour graceC Cn+ May "e $e per!ecte $y the $oons an %i!ts o! #our Holy spirit& 7!3+T!53 T+E 7AMP &olding up the small lit lamp towards the East, as if he were receiving it from there, the celebrant prays$ Pr< ' 7ord &hrist, Mediator etween the Eternal &reator and us creatures, +eavenly Ever urning (ource of 7ove, we offer Aou our hearts" While the priest lights the lamp$ &n< ' eternal light, source of revelation, illumine us While the following hymn is sung, the celebrant lights the tall nilavilakku lamp and venerates it by e'tending both palms over the flame, bringing them to the eyes Each one of the assembly does the same from their places in the congregation After this all sit down Hymn ,er!ect* Eternal* True Li%ht* -esus* #ou are my re!u%e& O)er a "orl !ull o! ar(ness Hea)enly Li%ht sprea s its rays&

-esus* #ou are my re!u%e& VA52A5A K!6T+A5A %&anticle of Praise and Adoration) Priest AumC Adoration to Aou, &reator, #ord, and +oly ($irit" Adoration to the ($lendor of the Eternal (acchidananda Adoration to Aou, 3od of Truth and 7ove" All Aum& Lor o! the Uni)erse. E)er/Conscious/One. Lor o! the Uni)erse. A oration to #ou. Aum& Most A ora$le One& 0el!/1ar/an /Near* 2 A oration to #ou al"ays. 34 times5 %ilent adoration (P!6!T:A7 &7EA5(!53 Fendash? &onfiteor A moment of silence to contemplate errors made since the last celebration of the Eucharist or Reconciliation At the end of this time the priest touches the altar with

both hands and brings them to his eyes as a sign of purification Pr< 7et us $ray that the 7ord will look favora ly u$on this sacrifice" May the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, our Mother, and of the A$ostle Thomas $lead for us" Cn+ Let us remem$er the prophets* apostles* martyrs* sa%es an mystics "ho ha)e attaine pure $liss& May their protection $e "ith us at this altar. Pr< ' Merciful 7ord of all, we stand in awe of you" Aou are health to the sick, strength to the weak, and the forgiver of all" #e seek refuge in Aour mercy" +eal us, and hel$ us cele rate this service with $ure minds and hearts" Cn+ May the Lor $e merci!ul* !or%i)e our errors* an %i)e us Grace& Pr< ' 3od, forgive us for our wrong doings, and ring us all, in $eace, to eternal s$iritual life" May 3od less, $reserve and sanctify you? the 7ord in his loving kindness look down u$on you and e gracious unto you" !n the 5ame of the &reator, #ord, and +oly ($irit, the 7ord H a solve you and free you from the urdens of your wrong doings and grant you the grace and comfort of the +oly ($irit"

R+ Amen& Pr< Beloved, in accordance with the teaching of &hrist our 7ord, let us offer $eace to one another efore we offer the sacrifice" As a sign of mutual love, all offer $eace to one another" The !ndian form of $lacing one-s hands etween the hands of the other is most a$$ro$riate" Pr< ' 7ord of all, Aou are the 7i erator and the way Cn+ #ou opene the path o! lo)e to us& #ou ha)e cleanse the stains on our souls an ma e them $eauti!ul a%ain* as the !lo"ers o! the !iel & 'e than( #ou !or #our Grace an the many %i!ts #ou ha)e sho"ere on us& 7!T:63A '. T+E #'62 A52 :PA(A5A %ME2!TAT!'5) Pr< ' 7ord of all, Aou reveal, Aourself in different ways to us creatures who live in e*$ectation of Aour vision" Enlighten our minds that we may hear and understand the eternal truths you ($eak to us" Cn+ May "e $e prophets o! the Eternal 'or * the inspiration o! the sa%es& !he readers(lectors bow to the priest asking his blessing before reading the word of )od, while he e'tends his right hand towards them, saying$

Pr< May &hrist our 7ord strengthen and ins$ire you who read the (cri$tures" !he readers(lectors read the holy words After each reading there should be a few moments for reflection and meditation &ymn before the )ospel, during which the gospel reader "a priest or deacon *endash+ if a deacon reads he receives a blessing from priest# incenses the ,ible, then venerates it by applying both hands first to the book, then to his eyes All O Lor Christ* 0at%uru o! the "hole "orl . lea us !rom the unreal to the real* !rom ar(ness to the li%ht* an !rom eath to immortality& ,lessing the people with the ,ible in the form of a cross Pr< The $eace of &hrist e with you" Cn+ No" an !or e)er& Pr< The 3os$el of our 7ord /esus &hrist according to the a$ostle """ the evangelist """

!he priest or deacon reads the )ospel After reading he venerates the ,ible by touching it with the palms of his hands+ then he brings them to his eyes After an appropriate period of reflection there is a homily, followed by a moment of silence MA5A(A P''/A %!nner 'ffering Fendash? 'ffertory) Hymn O -esus* Go * praise to #ou al"ays. O -esus* Go * %lory to #ou al"ays. O -esus* Go * praise to #ou al"ays. Hymns o! praise to Go * al"ays. 2uring this hymn the cele rant s$rinkles water around the offerings, a sign of $urification and sanctification" +e can also si$ some water as a sign of inner cleansing" Pr< 7et us offer ourselves and these gifts to a merciful and loving 3od" !he priest raises the bread and the wine while the following hymn is sung Hymn An o!!erin% o! li%ht on the tray o! the s(y&

An o!!erin% o! !lo"ers on the tray o! the earth& An o!!erin% o! lo)e on the tray o! li!e An o!!erin% o! li!e on the tray o! Gol%otha& Here on this altar* the hill o! Gol%otha an the "oo en Cross& The lan o! Tya%a an the place o! #o%a& The cup o! the $loo * The cup o! the $loo & The o!!erin% o! the li!e o! li!e& An o!!erin% o! li%ht on the tray o! the s(y An o!!erin% o! !lo"ers on the tray o! the earth& An o!!erin% o! lo)e on the tray o! li!e An o!!erin% o! li!e on the tray o! Gol%otha& Pr< .ather,Mother 3od, All+ Graciously accept these %i!ts as a memorial o! #our sel!/%i!t to us* consummate $y the passion* eath an resurrection o! your i)ine son* an as a sym$ol o! our o"n o!!erin%& VE5E6AT!'5 '. T+E '..E6!53( %2o*ology) The $riest and $eo$le together venerate the offerings of read and wine on the talam< Aum& A oration to the Lor Aum& A oration to the Lor an Bliss& Aum& A oration to the Lor Aum& A oration to the Lor Aum& A oration to the Lor * Eternal Go & * Bein%* 6no"le %e * ,ath o! Truth& * Li!e Eternal& * 0on o! the 7ir%in&


Aum& A oration to the Lor * 1ullness o! the Go hea & Aum& A oration to the Lor * True Man& Aum& A oration to the Lor * True Em$o iment o! 0acri!ice& The $riest incensing the offerings on the talam circlewise, $rays< Pr< May this altar e sanctified y the fragrance of Aour holiness, like the first sacrificial altar, source of the origins and order of the whole creation, like the tent of meeting with the ark of the covenant covered y the cloud" May it e sanctified like 3olgotha when the rocks s$lit and the tom s o$ened, when the eternal sacrifice was consumated" :23!TA,AVA+A5AM %Ana$hora ) &reation and (alvation +istory Pr< !n commemoration of the economy of salvation, let us sing in $raise of the everlasting mercy of 3od, who out of +is eternal love for us revealed +imself and o$ened to us the $ath of li eration" Hymn


O 1ullness o! Eternal Bein%* O 1ullness o! Incompara$le 'is om* O 1ullness o! Ine!!a$le Beauty* To #ou "e $o"* %i)e us #our Grace& O 1ullness o! Eternal Bein%& %ilent Adoration Pr< .ather,Mother 3od, without eginning or end, im$erisha le, you called the universe into e*istence and Aou $reserve it through your love, that you might give it a share in your life, everlastingly" your glory $ervades the whole creation" Every atom, every s$here of life is filled with your $resence" Cn+ Eternal source o! all* "e praise your %lory* "e a ore your a"esome po"er& Pr< The whole universe $raises your 3reat 3lory, who in the eginning started the work of creation, when there was only a formless void shrouded in darkness" But with your ($irit hovering over the a yss, and y your $owerful #ord, you called the universe into e*istence, out of nothingness into eing, and you created the light out of darkness" Cn+ 'e praise you* silent an hi en* in)isi$le One* the !ormless* "ho %a)e name an !orm to all creatures& #e offer our thanksgiving to you who created us in your image and likeness"D9 Aou gave us eternal life

and, like a $arent, you took us under your $rovidence, and lessed us y giving us the gift of reason to gras$ the truth, and the will to love what is good" True em odiment of Being, Knowledge and Bliss, you are our father and mother" Aou alone are our salvation" !t is you who give us $eace" Pr< Because humankind diso eyed you, who are goodness itself, we lost eternal life and the dharma declined, ignorance surrounded us with s$iritual darkness" 5evertheless, in the indescri a le tenderness of your love, you remem ered us and you $romised us salvation" Through the $ro$hets and teachers of dharma, you revealed the message of salvation" Those who sought the truth with a $ure mind ecame witnesses to the mysteries of salvation through their s$iritual and moral charisms" Cn+ O Li%ht o! the nations* your "is om is inscruta$le an #our uni)ersal pro)i ence "on er!ul& Pr< #hen the fullness of time came, remem ering the covenants you made with our fathers 5oah, with A raham and Moses, you the invisi le one ecame visi le" Aou the eternal (on ecame a man, orn of a virgin" By your e*am$le and $rece$ts, you taught us the way to li eration and revealed the Kingdom of +eaven y signs and wonders" By your $assion, death and resurrection, you redeemed us for ever" Aou united us as the new $eo$le of 3od, to e rooted in

faith and love" Aou sent your +oly ($irit that we might realiLe your $resence in our hearts" Cn+ Lor -esus the Christ* eternal praise to you !or your ine8pressi$le sel!/%i!t to us& May the mystery o! sal)ation $e per!ecte in us "ho li)e in e8pectation o! the )ision o! your !orm in the uni)erse& Pr< Aou instituted the one sacrifice and sacrament to e offered until you return, and you a$$ointed us your ministers, to offer this sacrifice in a community" Therefore, in accordance with your teachings, in your &hurch assem led here, we commemorate and accom$lish your saving mystery" EP!&7ET!& +AM5 E*tending the hands a ove the holy offerings< Pr< 3iver of devotionC Essential wisdomC All Em$o iment o! lo)e an Lor o! $eauty. Besto"er o! peace. Gi)er o! sal)ation an all $oons. Holy 0pirit* come o"n* my Lor . A oration to you. A moment of silent adoration

!5(T!T:T!'5 5A66AT!VE Priest< And now we remem er /esus and what +e did, #ho, in the night in which +e was etrayed, took read into +is holy and innocent hands, and with +is eyes lifted u$ towards heaven, +e gave thanks to Aou, Almighty 3od and +e lessed !t" "!he following traditional &ebrew blessing may be said at the option of the celebrant$ ,aruch ata Adonai, Elohaynu melech ha-olom, ha-mot.i lechem min ha/arets *endash+ ,lessed be you, 0 1ord our )od, Who brings forth bread from the earth# +e roke !t, and gave !t to +is disci$les saying< 8All of you, take and eat of this for This is my Body which was roken for you" 2o this in remem rance of me"8 "!he &ost is elevated# Priest< !n like manner, after +e had su$$ed, +e took the cu$, and when +e had given thanks +e lessed it" "!he following traditional &ebrew blessing may be said at the option of the celebrant$ ,aruch ata

Adonai, Elohaynu melech ha-olom, boray peri ha/gafen *endash+ ,lessed be you, 0 1ord our )od, Who brings forth the fruit of the vine # and +e gave !t to +is disci$les saying< All of you, drink of this, for This is my Blood 'f the 5ew and Everlasting &ovenant, which is shed for you and for many for the remission of sins" 2o this as often as you drink it in remem rance of me" A5:(MA6A5A %Anamnesis) Raising the hands and looking upwards Pr< Eternal .ather,Mother, having received this e*am$le from holy tradition, we commemorate and cele rate the $assion, death and resurrection of Aour 2ivine (on until +is glorious return" AVA+A5AM %E$iclesis) Priest "2luttering his right hand over the bread and the left over the 2eacon +ow awesome is this moment, when the +oly and 7ife,giving ($irit is

chalice, he prays silently# +ave mercy on me, 7ordC (end Aour +oly ($irit u$on me and u$on this offering that +e may descend on it and make it the life, giving ody, who, y +is hovering, $erfects all the mysteries of the &hurch"

moved to descend from the heights of heaven a ove, and hovers over this Eucharist here set efore us, and rests on it and hallows it" #e trem le with awe and wonder" #ith joined hands, let us ow our heads in su$$lication to the 7ord"

Cn+ May peace an %oo hope $e "ith us all& Pr< +ear us, ' 7ordC +ear us, ' 7ordC +ear us, ' 7ord, and e gracious to allC Cn+ Lor * ha)e mercy on us& Waving his hand three times over the bread and making the sign of the cross three times, he prays$ Pr< May the +oly ($irit, coming down and a iding here, make this read the life,giving ody, the very ody of our 3od and (avior /esus &hrist" Cn+ Amen& Waving his right hand over the chalice and making the sign of the cross three times, he prays$

Pr< And make this chalice into the lood of the 5ew &ovenant, the redeeming lood, the very lood of our 3od and (avior /esus &hrist" Cn+ Amen& Raising the hands Pr< May these Mysteries of which we $artake make us $artakers of Aour joy, 7ord, and we will offer $raise and thanksgiving to Aou, and Aour :ni4uely Beloved (on and Aour +oly ($irit, now and always and for ever" Cn+ Amen& A6T+A5A %!ntercessions) Pr< ' 7ord of all, (ource and Esta lisher and Preserver of eternal dharma we $ray that $eace and tran4uillity may descend on the whole world and on us who offer Aour eternal sacrifice" !t was this sacrifice that restored the cosmic order and reesta lished dharma" May all men grow in the eternal life which Aou give them" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& 2n< #e $ray for our leaders" ;!ndividual leaders mentioned, as well as all isho$s, $riests, and ministers of the &hurch" May also include all s$iritual leaders everywhere"@

Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& 2n< #e $ray for the unity of the &hurches and the $eace and serenity of all communities of love and service" Aou were the servant of the $eo$le and of the whole world, and the (on of Mary, who offered herself to Aour .ather as the 7ord-s servant, $rom$t us to e servant,&hurches in the world today" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& 2n< 7ord, Aou are the 6esurrection and the 7ife who raise the dead and lead them to dwell in Aour .ather-s house" Bless all the living and the dead and all those in need, es$ecially those who asked $rayers from us" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& 2n< #e $ray that justice with love may reign all over the world and harmony e restored among all nations and races, and $reserved in this our country, its neigh ors, and in the whole of creation" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& 2n< #e $ray for our $lanet Fendash? for the air, for the rains and the dews and the fruits of the earth, for the seasons of growth and of harvesting? we $ray for all living eings, that all who control the oceans and the earth, and s$ace may res$ect nature and share its treasures with the millions who are in want" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer&


2n< #e $ray for our land, that Aou may give to her leaders a s$irit of dedication and service, for uilding u$ our $eo$le into an integrated and dee$ly united and $ros$erous nation" Cn+ Lor * hear our prayer& P6A(A55A P'#A %' lation and Elevation) Pr< .ather,Mother 3od, we worshi$ Aou and we thank Aou for having made us to come near the ody and lood of Aour 2ivine (on through Aour +oly ($irit" Raising the talam with both hands$ !riple arati, or !rivitharati with light, incense and flowers All+ This is the i)ine !oo that comes o"n !rom hea)en& This is the i)ine presence that %i)es the immortal nectar9: to the soul& May this sacre presence ta(e possession o! us an may "e $e one "ith the Lor & !he priest places the talam with the consecrated bread and wine on the altar for a moment of silent adoration for all 5!2+A5AM %&ommunion) Hymn


#ou are the Celestial 1oo "ellin% in Hea)en& The Immortal Nectar that has come o"n upon earth& The 0al)ation o! the 'orl * The Ine8hausti$le 0piritual Treasure o! Man(in #ou are the ,o"er o! Li!e* the Li%ht o! the 'orl * The 0upreme Lor o! the Uni)erse* The Most Re)ere 6in% o! 6in%s& #ou are the Great 0oul an Goo Master The Remission o! sins* The Holy ,lace o! pil%rlms& #ou are the Almi%hty* 6no"le %e an Bliss* The 1rien o! the poor The Ocean o! Lo)e& #ou are the Lor o! my soul& !he priest breaks the bread of life and signs it with the precious blood Pr< May the Body of our 7ord and +is Precious Blood e mingled together and $erfected for ever" The $article of +is Body is dro$$ed in the chalice with +is Blood May it e unto the $ardon of our sins and for the ho$e of eternal life" 1raction Hymn O Gracious an Merci!ul Lor * %i)e us #our %race& Lor -esus* "e $o" to #our !eet* "e #our e)otees& Gi)e us #our %race&

O Gracious an Merci!ul Lor * %i)e us #our %race& Lo)in% Lor * %i)e us #our %race* a simple %lance !ull o! mercy& O Gracious an Merci!ul Lor * %i)e us #our %race& Pr< ' &hrist, son of the 7iving 3od All+ May "e $e $earers o! immortality& Lor o! plenty* "ell "ithin us& #ou are our re!u%e* #ou are the sole %oal o! our li!e& Pr< Brethren, ehold the heavenly an4uet that is $re$ared for us y &hrist our 7ord" Cn+ Lor * "e are un"orthy; %raciously ma(e us "orthy to recei)e #ou& Pr< ' 7ord of all, Aou have said< Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall e o$ened to you receive our $etitions and grant us the a undance of Aour lessings" 7et us say the $rayer taught y &hrist our 7ord, and eg our loving .ather,Mother to give us the life,giving read" All+ Our 1ather "hich art in hea)en* hallo"e $e thy name& Thy (in% om come* thy "ill $e one on earth as it is in hea)en& Gi)e us this ay our aily $rea * an !or%i)e our trespasses as "e !or%i)e those "ho trespass a%ainst us& Lea us not into temptation* $ut eli)er us !rom e)il& 1or thine is


the (in% om* an the po"er* an the %lory !ore)er& Amen& &'MM:5!'5 3istributed under both species, while appropriate hymns are sung #hile the $riest washes the sacred vessels< Pr< ' 7ord of all, our &reator and 7ord, Cn+ May #our 0pirit "ell in us "ho ha)e recei)e #our $o y an $loo & May "e "ho ha)e recei)e the !oo o! peace $ecome "orthy o! the eternal $an<uet& O Lor o! all* Eternal 1ullness* an Center o! Li%ht* "e o!!er #ou than(s !or #our $oun less (in ness& #ou ha)e ma e us "ho are "ea(* "orthy to en=oy the s"eetness o! #our "or s an to share in the i)ine mysteries& Eternal praise to #ou !or #our %i!ts $eyon measure& Hymn o! ,raise Cn+ Holy* Holy* Holy are #ou* Myria s o! hea)enly $ein%s sin%& Gathere to%ether e)en on earth "e praise #our %lories al"ays& :2VA(A5A %B7E((!53 A52 7EAVE TAK!53)

Pr< Beloved, let us ear witness to &hrist in our various s$heres of life" Cn+ Bless us an sen us into #our har)est& Pr< May &hrist our 7ord give us the grace to continue our lives in the s$irit of this sacrifice which we have offered, overcoming evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatered with love, let us e witnesses to &hrist in the actions of our lives" May our ho$e in &hrist strengthen us in our sorrows and y our mutual love may the world come to know us as disci$les of &hrist" By seeing our good works, may others also come to glorify 3od" Raising his hand over the congregation in blessing$ Pr< May the grace of the 7ord /esus who ecame incarnate in the world, the love of 3od, and the fellowshi$ of the +oly ($irit e with us allC Cn+ No" an !or e)er& Priest AumC Adoration to the (elf,e*istent" AumC Adoration to the 3od,man" AumC Adoration to the +oly ($irit" All Aum. ,eace* peace* peace& or

Aum. 0hanti* shanti* shantih.