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Best Video Rental Libraries Database Management Software System

Semester Project COSC 578

Chi Yeung, Akwasi Owusu, Andrew Chrismer, Francois Cressin 12/1/2007




As part of the Best Video rental libraries incs 2007 review on developmental strategies, C.A.A.F software development gro p was assigned to cond ct a feasibilit! st dies on how to e"pand and e"pedite the c rrent transaction processes of Best Video #ental libraries inc. $he st dies revealed that, the development of a relational database of accessible format is important if Best Video #ental libraries inc. is to remain or have a competitive rge over other b sinesses in the video rental ind str!. %atabase &anagement '!stems are increasingl! sed for libraries and catalog es, b t there are some specific iss es relating to the accessible formats that these s!stems do no generall! address. An! s!stem considered for hosting the software will re( ire c stomi)ation to hold the additional information, to provide accessible ser interfaces. $he initial wor* is + st a feasibilit! st d!, hence, f rther f nding will be re( ired to develop the operational re( irements doc ment as well as the migration of the data from the e"isting s!stem to the new one, sho ld Best Video #ental libraries inc. contin e to se o r services. Notes: 1. This report is the results of a feasibility study conducted by C.A.A.F software development group, and does not necessarily contain much detailed and technical information. 2. This document is an internal document developed for est !ideo "ental #ibraries $nc % and is therefore considered confidential. $he remaining sections of this doc ment provide a general description, incl ding ser re( irements of this pro+ect. -eneral description of the pro+ect is disc ssed in section 2 of this doc ment. 'ection 7 gives the f nctional re( irements, data re( irements and constraints and ass mptions made. 'ection . gives the f nctional re( irements of the prod ct. 'pecific re( irements sho ld be s ch that one ma! ob+ectivel! determine whether the! have been f lfilled or not. $he final part shows the s!stem wor*ing in the form of a wal* thro gh.



$his doc ment in a n tshell provides an indication of potential f t re development of Video #ental 'tore %atabase &anagement 'oftware '!stem 0%B&'1 as well as the software architect re re( ired to operate the s!stem. $his software re( irement specification 0'#'1 describes the f nction and performance re( irements allocated to the %atabase Application. $he scope of this doc ment is to identif! the processes that comprise the architect re and provide narratives for their f nctional content. $he f nctional narratives are designed to provide all2incl sive specifications for an entire f nction rather than tr!ing to derive a f nction from a set of individ al re( irements. 3n addition inter2process messaging and derived dependencies shall be identified. $his level of specification is intended to provide eno gh information to properl! review process s!stem level f nctional content and inter2 process messaging and dependencies in preparation for the s bse( ent effort to derive detail process re( irements and design. 'ince this software will b! defa lt become the s!stem f nctional specification, it is important to ens re that this level is as clearl! defined as possible. $he Video 'tore %atabase &anagement 'oftware '!stem shall be designed and developed to provide a clear and eas! to se %atabase &anagement '!stem for o r c stomer, Best Video #ental 4ibraries inc. 5. $he %atabase &anagement 'oftware '!stem shall facilitate and optimi)e emplo!ee management, c stomer interaction, and a virt al video wareho se.



Best Video #ent libraries inc. operates in the highl! competitive video rental ind str! which incl des, the sale and rental of movies on either %V% or V7'. 8otable competitors in the video rental ind str! incl de9 Video store operators, s ch as Bloc*b ster and &ovie -aller!. :nline retailers, s ch as 8etfli", Bloc*b ster and Ama)on.com, :ther retailer, incl ding mass merchant retailer s ch as ;al2&art, Best B ! and $argets. #ecent addition to the video rental ind str! is the <a tomated *ios*= located at some fast food +oints, s ch as &c%onalds and s per mar*ets s ch as 'hoppers. $he ind str!s c rrent practice is se( enced as follows. After the initial release of a movie, movie ma*ers generall! ma*e their movies available to home video retailers for either rental or sale after the movie has made its <r n= thro gh the movie theater. $he rental or sale price is determined b! how c rrent of a release a movie is. $o promote a movie primaril! for rental after its initial release, movie ma*ers price their movies e"tremel! high to disco rage its sales b t promote its rental. As rental demand s bsides, the prices of the movies are red ced to ma*e it affordable to cons mers. 3 PROBLEM STATEMENT

#igoro s competition in the video rental ind str! d e to price red ction from retailer, in partic lar from mass merchant retailers, have affected cons mer rental and p rchasing behavior. $he trend of the mar*et indicate that, other than prices, most cons mers base their decision to either rent or b ! on how convenient, eas! and simple the renting process is, as compared to p rchasing. Best video rental libraries inc. low n mber of clientele has been attrib ted to slow and c mbersome process one has to go thro gh to rent a movie. : r st dies indicate that, the compan!s inabilit! to generate efficient database ( eries and capt re critical information in a central location is giving competitors the advantage, hence the low n mber of c stomers and loss in profit. >

$he comple" nat re of the e"isting rental process can be attrib ted to a n mber of factors9 a. &ost of the operations were done man all! 0a new c stomer will have to man all! fill o t an application form before a cler* enters the information into the s!stem1 this res lts in a lot of mista*es being made. b. $he man al movement and distrib tion of paper2based transactions res lted in s bstantial dela!s within the process and significantl! limited the compan!s abilit! to prioriti)e and improve performance c. ?rocesses re( iring precise coordination between gro ps in different departments tend o t to be ver! challenging. d. $here is no centrali)ed repositor!, hence change in data b! one department ma! not reflect in another department. e. C stomer transactions 0i.e. re( ests for statements, incorrect information, address changes, etc.1 were fre( entl! lost d e to the mobilit! of information from one department to the other. f. $rac*ing and eval ating the rental process b! management to determine areas that need improvement is almost impossible. 4 BUSINESS PROCESS FLOW

$he c rrent flow process to enroll a new c stomer is as follows9 a. A new c stomer enters the store and is received b! a cler*. $he c stomer is then given a form to provide all the necessar! information b. $he cler* the files the form to be processed at the end of the b siness da! c. $he c stomer is then notified later via mail or phone on the stat s of his@her application 0accepted or denied1. d. 3f accepted, the c stomer is then provide with a card to se for s bse( ent rentals e. $o view c stomer records, the manager will have to man all! ( er! the database.


-U)*+-F+,*-./,-*)): 2$he s!stem sho ld provide confirmation messages for the ser when the database is s ccessf ll! pdated. 2;hen the database cannot be s ccessf ll! pdated, an error message containing a brief e"planation of wh! the pdate was ns ccessf l sho ld be sent to the ser. -E0)* 12 U)*: 2Bmplo!ees and managers with limited technical *nowledge sho ld be able to view and pdate the data. 24earning to se the s!stem sho ld be eas! for all sers. 2An! person with basic e"perience with comp ters sho ld be able to learn to se the s!stem in a reasonable amo nt of time and with little help or t telage. 2A ser man al and@or help director! sho ld be s pplied for sers. 'lightl! different versions will be available for each t!pe of ser. -A.03405,/,46 2$he database sho ld not have to ndergo serio s changes when new technolog! emerges 0e.g., new cop! formats1 2$he code sho ld be well2doc mented so that an! problems or feat res needing an! modification can be easil! recogni)ed. -S*78+,46 2different t!pes of sers shall have different access privileges 2the privac! of certain information needs to be protected and ens red 2$here sho ld be protection from vir ses, sp!ware, etc. 2$here sho ld be validation messages when data is pdated. 2Attempts to enter invalid data sho ld not be allowed, and sho ld be accompanied b! error messages. -S6)4*9 +*:8,+*9*-4): 2;indows 2000 or higher 23nternet B"plorer >.0 or higher

7." USER REQUIREMENTS Notation: &The terms 'copy( and 'movie copy( will hereafter denote an individual copy, such as a )!) or video tape that a customer can rent &The word 'movie( will mean the actual content of a copy, whether it is a film, live event, etc. CUSTOMER: Bach c stomer will have a first name, middle initial, last name, and title 0&r., &rs., %r., etc.1. Bach c stomer has ni( e 3% n mber provided b! the store 0. digits total, first 2 digits will be store id1. Bach c stomer will have an address comprising of ho se n mber, street, cit!, state, and )ip code. Bach c stomers date of registration will be stored Bach c stomer ma! has a phone n mber Bach c stomer has a date of birth Bach c stomer m st have at least one credit card that he@she ses to pa!

CREDIT;CARD Bach credit card is ni( el! identified b! the credit card n mber $he credit cards n mber, secret n mber, e"piration date, and t!pe will be stored BRANC$ Bach branch is identified b! a ni( e 3% n mber Bach branch has an address comprising of street n mber, cit!, state, and )ip code Bach branch has a phone n mber . Bach credit card ma! belong to e"actl! one c stomer

Bach branch has a Fa" n mber A branch ma! or ma! not have an! movie cop!, and ma! have an! n mber of movie copies. A branch has at least one emplo!ee, and can have an! n mber of emplo!ees

EMPLOYEE Bach emplo!ee has a ni( e 'ocial 'ec rit! 8 mber Bach emplo!ee can wor* in onl! one branch at an! given time Bach emplo!ee has a name comprising of first name, last name, title 0&r., &rs., %r., etc.1, and, if applicable, middle initial. Bach emplo!ee started has a start date Bach emplo!ee has a +ob title and ma! have an ho rl! pa! rate Bach emplo!ee has a phone n mber Bach emplo!ee has a wor* sched le comprising of a start and end time for each of the seven da!s in a wee*. $his sched le indicates the times when the emplo!ee is s pposed to wor*, regardless of the ho rs that the emplo!ee act all! wor*s. Bach emplo!ee ma! or ma! not have a s pervisor. An emplo!ee will not have more than one s pervisor at an! partic lar time. An emplo!ee ma! or ma! not be a s pervisor. A s pervisor can s pervise an! n mber of emplo!ees. A s pervisor has a salar! An emplo!ee can fill one time card per da!. 7e@she ma! have filled an! n mber of time cards. MOVIE Bach movie has a ni( e 3% n mber Bach movie has a title, a rating 0-, ?-, ?-2C/, #, etc.1, d ration, categor! 0Comed!, Action, etc.1, and a released date. D A s pervisor does not fill a time card


An! n mber 0incl ding )ero1 copies of a movie ma! e"ist

Bach movie 7136 has a own ni( e 3% n mber Bach cop! has a format 0e.g., %V%, V7'1 Bach cop! has a rent d ration Bach movie cop! is a cop! of e"actl! one movie At an! given time, a cop! belongs to one and onl! one branch A movie cop! does not e"ist if the corresponding movie does not e"ist

A +*-40/ is a ni( e transaction occ rring an! partic lar time a c stomer chec*s o t a movie ;hen a c stomer ma*es a rental, he@she is renting at least one cop!, and ma! rent p to C0 copies. Bach rental is made b! e"actl! one c stomer A c stomer can rent the same cop! an! n mber of times


$he 4,9* and date that a c stomer rents a movie cop! will be stored $he time and date that a c stomer rents a movie cop! will be ni( e for ever! rental

TIME;CARD Bach emplo!ee will have one 4,9* 70+. at an! given time Bach time card is filled b! e"actl! one emplo!ee. :nl! one time card can be filled at an! given time $he start time and end time will be ni( e for ever! time card cloc*ed $he time card is filled once at the beginning of an emplo!ees da! and once at the end. C0

Assumptions9 A combination of start time and end time is ni( e at an! shift change. 7.&: ERD9





$3$4B AC$:#CE F8A&B

#A$38AC$:#CE 48A&B

%F#A$3:8 AC$:#2E F8A&B

CA$B-:#G AC$:#2E 48A&B

#B4BA'BE %A$B ?#:%FCB#E F8A&B

%3#BC$:#E F8A&B ?#:%FCB#E 48A&B









$3$4B ?7:8BH 'BC#B$H

F8A&B '$#BB$H

&383$ '$#BB$ $G?B

48A&B C3$G

%:B I3? CF'$E3%


$3$4B K:BE$3$4 B $B 'A'

F8A&B 7:F#4GE#A$B ;' 'AB

&383$ 'A4A#G ;B 'F'

48A&B 'F?B#E''8 $7' 'FB

?7:8BH &' $7B

B#A8C7E3% &B F'

WOR';LO( '$A#$E%A$B








SYSTEM DESCRIPTION AND FUNCTIONALITIES $he s!stem will be a database with a ser interface that will allow the video stores data to be viewed, stored, and pdated via ( eries to the database. $his will allow the store to maintain and have eas! and efficient access to acc rate records relevant compan! information. $he s!stem will facilitate the rental of movie copies b! pdating database tables. 3t will handle an! acco nting information a tomaticall!. 3t will also facilitate the emplo!ment records of emplo!ees, *eeping a log of their ho rs. $he s!stem will appl! to all branches of the compan! nationwide. $h s, it will have information abo t different branches, allowing emplo!ees to inform c stomers of movie cop! availabilit! at other locations. S6)4*9 F8-74,1-0/,4,*) $he s!stem is mainl! a %B&' b ilt aro nd a 'L4 database and a Kava -F3. $he s!stem has several main f nctions and those will be delivered in %ecember b! CAAF. $he s!stem will let a ser connect to the database with the mean of a sername and password.

$he s!stem will let a ser search or learn movie information

$he s!stem will allow a ser to rent a movie@b ! snac*s

$he s!stem will allow a ser 0c stomer or emplo!ee1 to pdate their personal c stomer information
$he s!stem will allow an emplo!ee to change their wee*l! sched le $he s!stem allows the emplo!ee to register his starting and ending time in the s!stem

$he s!stem will let a store manager add a cler* or a general manager to add a branch manager in the database in the case of hiring.


$he s!stem will allow an! *ind of emplo!ee to add@delete a new c stomer in the table.

$he s!stem will allow the emplo!ee to add a credit card to the c stomer record. $he s!stem will allow the emplo!ee to search and pdate the record for a specific c stomer 0b! name1.

$he s!stem will allow the emplo!ee to add and pdate a movie to the database. FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT

7igh !ield in profits is the ma+or aim of ever! b siness, to be able to achieve this feat however, certain fo ndations will have to be p t in place. $hese fo ndations ma! incl de good management which consists of ma*ing right choices and wise decisions. 4i*ewise, engineering considerations determine the possibilit! of a pro+ect being carried o t and also line o t alternate trac* the pro+ect can be addressed. 3n addition to engineering considerations, the economic aspect also pla!s a ma+or role in deciding the practicabilit! of the pro+ect. A feasibilit! st d! determines the direction to go, or to an e"tent if its worth ta*ing on the pro+ect. From an engineering perspective, feasibilit! of a pro+ect is deciding if the <desires= of the pro+ect can be reali)ed technicall!. $he economic viabilit! of a pro+ect a gments the technical practicabilit! of a pro+ect to ma*e it + stifiable. Bconomic feasibilit! therefore, meas res the overall desirabilit! of the pro+ect from the financial standpoint and indicates the s periorit! of a single approach over others that ma! be e( all! feasible in a technical sense. $he feasibilit! of the pro+ect was considered in an engineering sense co pled with the ltimate ob+ective of the economic anal!sis to provide a decision2ma*ing tool which can be sed not onl! for the pro+ect b t also demonstration. $he scope of the st d! is to investigate how database might be developed, implemented and s pported. $he ob+ective of the feasibilit! st dies are9 MiN $o investigate the technical developments necessar! to implement and manage the database C>

MiiN $o estimate the reso rces necessar! to implement and manage the service MiiiN $o o tline a b siness plan, this will serve as the map for sec ring financial bac*ing for setting p and maintaining the service $he feasibilit! st d! deals with the technical specification for the service, management str ct re for the service and an o tline b siness plan. $he feasibilit! st dies also recommend alternate wa!s of achieving the different <ro tes= e"amined. 4essons derived from the feasibilit! st dies show that, Fsing a standard librar! or information management gives a better sol tion for s!stems, its greater degree of e"ternal s pport and interoperabilit! with other s!stems. ?roper management of reso rces sho ld be adhered to, to achieve optim m res lt of the scarce reso rce Fnless ver! necessar!, d plication of effort sho ld be strongl! disco raged

$he feasibilit! st dies team based their efforts on recommendations relating to management of the service which incl de, creating, enhancing and maintaining records, ( alit! control, control re( ests, and maintenance of cop!right permission and collections register. : r finding from the feasibilit! st dies is that a new database will be ver! beneficial to Best Video 4ibraries, 3nc, and can be reali)ed with ade( ate f nding. !." ECONOMICAL ANALYSIS : r economic anal!sis revolves aro nd c rrent mar*et trends, price and alternatives, changes in the mar*et ma! therefore infl ence the anal!sis res lts. $he main aim was to present the best option or to improve on the c rrent option. $here are a n mber of tangible and intangible benefits, which are listed below. $A8-3B4B BB8BF3$' C. Blimination of paper wor* 2. 3ncrease response time 0enhance database ( eries1 /. #ed ction in processing error 6. Faster service time CA

>. Bffective comm nication between locations A. Blimination of +ob steps 7. 3ncrease thro ghp t .. 3ncrease sales D. &ost importantl!, increase in profit 38$A8-3B4B BB8BF3$' C. #ed ction in c stomer complaints 2. Better decision ma*ing /. 3ncrease in competitiveness 6. 3ncrease c stomer base >. 3mproved reso rce management A. 3mproved c stomer service 7. 3ncreased control abilit! .. ?roper acco nt management $A8-3B4B C:'$' C. 3nitial labor@development cost 0OC2C, A001 2. 'oftware@7ardware 0O>., 0001 /. $raining@&iscellaneo s 0O.>, 0001 38$A8-3B4B C:'$' C. Bmplo!ee adaptation to new s!stem 2. Bmplo!ee response to new technolog! !.& FINANCIAL SUMMARY $he financial s mmar! is s mmar! derived from Best Video #ental 4ibraries 3nc. financial report for the fiscal !ear of 200A. Anal!sis sho ld therefore be done in reference the 200A fiscal !ear financial report. :?B#A$3:8 '$A$B&B8$ 0200A1 C7

$otal #even e OC0,2>0.>0 -ross ?rofit O>,C>0.>0 :perating 3ncome 2OA26.>0 Based on the financial statement, Best Video #ental 4ibraries 3nc. reali)ed a loss of OC.2 million dollar. $his loss can be safel! attrib ted to the compan! being o t competed in the mar*et, hence the red ction in their share of the mar*et base. $otal e"pendit re o tweighs profits therefore a loss was reali)ed. $o recapt re their mar*et share, the new s!stem will significantl! change operation boosting c stomer confidence. $his feat will however not be instantaneo s b t will be reali)ed in the co rse of time as ser confidence and comfortabilit! gets to par. $he cost of the s!stem brea*down reflects a non2rec rring cost and it incl des all step of the software development lifec!cle, which are research, anal!sis, design, development, coding and testing of the o r %B&'. $he below listed brea*down incl de all associated costs. R*:8,+*. $0+.>0+*?S124>0+* 8etwor* 'oftware@ 7ardware :ld pc pgrade 'oftware p rchase :ther hardware@miscellaneo s $:$A4 C1)4 <@= 20,000 6000 /0,000 6000 >.,000

%BVB4:?&B8$ 2 8etwor* Bngineers 2 'oftware Bngineers 2 '!stem Anal!st C %BA C %atabase Anal!st 6 'oftware %evelopers :ther 0data entr! etc1

7:F#' A0 /00 2>0 >> 60 />0 200

C:'$ >0 >> 60 60 60 60 C6

$:$A4 A000 //000 20000 2200 CA00 >A000 2.00 C2C,A00 C:'$ C0000

$#A3838-@&3'CB44A8B:F' C wee* training for s!stem administrators C.

C wee* training for store managers 4egal ?rofessional@cons lting $:$A4 7A#%;A#B@ ':F$;A#B %BVB4:?&B8$ $#A3838$:$A4 8:8#BCF##38- C:'$

C>,000 A0000 .>,000 >.,000 C2C,A00 .>000 2A6,A00

A88FA4 ':F$;A#B :?B#A$3:8@&A38$B8ACB C:'$ ?B#':88B4 ?rogrammer @ Anal!st 8etwor* Bngineer $:$A4 'G'$B& &A38$B8A8CB Application 'oftware &aintenance $:$A4 OA0000 A0000 2A6,A00 .7,000 7:F#' /00 /00 C:'$ 60 >0 $:$A4 C2000 C>000 27000

$:$A4 %BVB4:?&B8$ 08:8#BCF##38- C:'$1 &A38$B8A8CB C:'$ 0#BCF##38- C:'$1

$he above costs and benefits are combined into the cost2benefit anal!sis below. $his anal!sis deems the pro+ect feasible and worthwhile. Bconomic Benefits 3nitial Cost #ec rring Cost CD Gear 0 O0.00 2A6,A00 .7,000 Gear C 200,000 0.0 .7,000 Gear 2 >>0,000 0.0 .7,000 Gear / 7.0,000 0.0 .7,000 Gear 6 C,000,000 0.0 .7,000 Gear > C,0>0,000 0.0 .7,000

$otal Cost







:4% V'. 8B; C:'$ :4% 0 0 C000 2>0,000 6>0,000 2000 6>0,000 A60,000 /000 7>0,000 7A0,000 6000 >000 C,020,000 C,2>0,000 ..0,000 C,0>0,000

'G'$B& 8B; />C,A00 'G'$B&



Accounts by thousands






: r new s!stem <breaths= some enhanced performance in the s!stem. $he enhanced feat res and benefits of the new s!stems improve. $he implementation of this s!stem is a relativel! big pro+ect that will be implemented as a database s!stem in all the stores nationwide as a part of the intranet. $he ser gro p will be composed of administrators, c stomers and emplo!ees 0cler*s and branch managers1. $he f nctionalities will be different for each gro p of sers and the gro ps are based on / main categories of sers9 the <administrator= that maintains the database and prod ces the different reports that corporate strategists, mar*eting strategists, regional operational managers, as*. $he second categor! of ser is the <emplo!ee=. 3t is composed of the cler*s and the branch managers. $hese persons will have an interface t ned to a <c stomer relationship t!pe=. $he third gro p is the c stomer who will be able in the f t re to rent online or at *ios*s located in the different stores. $he c rrent Best Video #ental 3$ staffs are s fficient to cover this pro+ect with the help of C.A.A.F. $here will be no need to increase staffing since the 3$ emplo!ee is + dged 2C

capable of deplo!ing s ch a s!stem. $he deplo!ment of this pro+ect has top priorit! since the compan! is s re that a better database@inventor! s!stem will enable the compan! to c t cost and overhead. C tting cost b! replacing the old s!stem will allow the compan! to have a better gross margin therefore ma*ing more mone!. ?anels of sers that cover all the categories have been interviewed and their s ggestions have been ta*en into acco nt in the process of b ilding the ser re( irements. $he technolog! to be sed for the database is fairl! standard. 'L4 will be sed for the database and Kava will be sed for the host lang age and interaction with the database. As alread! mentioned, it will be incorporated into the e"isting corporate intranet. $h s, the same e( ipment c rrentl! being sed for other in ho se web2based s!stems and all the branches will also be sed for the new s!stem. 'ince the hardware sta!s the same, we e"pect ver! low ris* in terms of hardware deplo!ment. "" OPERATIONAL ANALYSIS

$he ineffective c rrent s!stem sed b! Best video rental libraries inc. has been the main problem of loss in reven e and decrease in c stomer base. ;ith the implementation of o r V%B&' however, the ca se of the mishap which are mainl! ca se slowness in their b siness processes has been addressed and solved. Branch managers can effectivel! comm nicate with other branch manager to help s!nchroni)e. $here are 2 main goals for this pro+ect. First, the database will ma*e transactions more efficient between cler*s and c stomers. A transaction done easier will increase ser friendliness, lower the waiting time in line for the c stomer and in a more general view, ma*e the ser e"perience more positive. $hose benefits can be seen as soon as the s!stem is deplo!ed. $he second goal has a m ch deeper impact. $he b siness model of the compan! is c rrentl! a p re bric* and mortar video rental store. ;ith competition s ch as Bloc*b ster or 8etfli", it is important to thin* abo t growing the b siness into a clic* and mortar model, establishing this s!stem is the first step into it. ;ith this s!stem, the information will be centrali)ed and data mining will become possible. $he administrative staff will be able to anal!)e data in order to have a better *nowledge of the c stomers in 22

order to implement an efficient web interface that will allow the ser to rent videos online. 'ince the s!stem will be server based and centrali)ed, it is an efficient tool to trac* all the c stomer behaviors and transactions. ' ch a tool will not be diffic lt to se for the direct sers 0cler*s and branch managers1 beca se it will be based on their inp t and on the precedent s!stem. 3t will be -F3 based and b tton oriented for the navigation p rposes. $he s!stem has been design with ser ease in mind. $he s!stem will be implemented on a small test region first, in &ar!land near the head( arters and will be deplo!ed in parallel with the old s!stem in order to limit damage if the implementation goes wrong. After testing on this scale, the s!stem will be grad all! implemented nationwide. $his implementation limits the ris* involved operation to ver! minimal, hence s ccess is all b t g aranteed. 3n terms of sched ling, the pro+ect will be ta*ing an initial 6 months to design and deplo! at the testing center and will be grad all! deplo!ed starting Kan ar! 200..

The *antt chart is on the ne+t page.




WOR' AND MEETIN( LO( :ct 22nd Chi Ge ng 2007 8ot present 8ov 2/rd 2007 Code 8ov 2.th 2007 Code &odified A*wasi :w s Andrew Chrismer $entative part C $entative part C &odified the B#% Fser #e( irements &odified the Francois Cressin 8ot present %id the B#% B#% Fser remade parts >2A272.2D from report C &odified the B#% &odified &odified the B#% Broch re, '!stem F nctionalities from part C, ?resentation, Finali)ation of the report. the B#% &odified the B#% &odified the B#% 8ov /0st 2007 Code &odified the B#% &an al, ;al* thro gh 8ormali)ation %ec Cst 2007 &an al, ;al* thro gh, Code

#e( irements, the B#%


MANUAL AND WAL' T$ROU($ "= S*0+7A 1+ /*0+- 91B,* ,-21+904,1&a*e a connection to :rion.towson.ed and thro gh the movie tab, an! can learn abo t the movies that are on o r database.


&= S*0+7A 21+ 4,4/*)C .,+*741+)C 0741+ 1+ 3+1.87*+D +*0. 4A* 91B,* )6-13),) 1+ :8*+6 21+ 21+904 0-. 7136 0B0,/05,/,46. Y18 70- 0/)1 2,-. 184 4A* 91B,* +*/*0)* .04*C 38+7A0)* .04*C 704*E1+6C +04,-EC +8- 4,9* 0-. 3+,7,-E. a1 press Pprevio sP to move to the previo s movie in the database. b1 press Pne"tP to move to the ne"t movie in the database. c1 press PsearchP to find a movie match attrib tes9 title, actor, director or prod cerQs name.


3= R*-4 0 91B,*?586 )-07F) . 4ogin b! providing !o r First 8ame, &iddle 3nitial, 4ast 8ame and ?assword


3n the c stomer tab, se the self help register to rent movies or pa! for cash items T1 +*-4 0 91B,*: a1 press the PmovieQ b tton b1 followed b! the movie id, c1 then a dot P.P d1 and the cop! id n mber e1 then PenterP. 0 ?rice and name of the movie will be displa!ed for verification. 1 f1 press POOOOP when done with all movie entries g1 press P#entP to confirm !o r movie rental selection


T1 90F* 70)A 38+7A0)*): a1 simpl! start t!ping cost amo nt and press PenterP when done. b1 press POOOOP for total

T1 90F* 71++*74,1-: a1 se the PRP and PSP to move c rsor p or down.

b1 press PvoidP to delete a row. c1 press PclearP to delete all rows and start over.


4= U3.04* 618+ 3*+)1-0/ 78)419*+ ,-21+904,1Go ma! at an!time change !o r personal information s ch as name, address, phone and credit card information in the c stomer tab. 'impl! login with !o r valid ser name and password combination, ma*e !o r ad+ stment and press the P pdateP b tton to save the settings. . 4ogin b! providing !o r First 8ame, &iddle 3nitial, 4ast 8ame and ?assword

4ogin b! providing !o r First 8ame, &iddle 3nitial, 4ast 8ame and ?assword

This process uses the same interface as renting a movie by a customer /2

5= U3.04* 618+ 3*+)1-0/ *93/16** ,-21+904,1Go ma! at an!time change !o r personal information s ch as name, address, phone information in the emplo!ee tab. $o edit, simpl! login with valid emplo!ee name and password combination, ma*e the changes and press the P pdateP b tton to save the settings. 6= CA0-E* 618+ >**F/6 )7A*.8/* An emplo!ee ma! at an!time login his@her acco nt and edit his@her wee*l! sched le. $o edit, simpl! navigate the da! selection from drop list and edit the start and end time on the right. 7= E93/16** )40+4?*-. >1+F A18+) +*E,)4*+ An emplo!ee is responsible for his or her dail! wor* ho r register. 4ogin to !o r emplo!ee acco nt, enter the start and end time base on the c rrent time on the left and select P pdateP.


= A.. -*> 91B,* *-4+6 8:$B9 :84G A8 B&?4:GBB@A%&383'$#A$:# &AG C#BA$B :# F?%A$B &:V3B B8$#3B'. 'elect new in the movie tab Bnter valid emplo!ee ser name and password. Following, edit all fields and then select P pdateP to save the entr!.

!= C+*04* -*> 07718-4 4ogin b! providing !o r First 8ame, &iddle 3nitial, 4ast 8ame and ?assword

8:$B9 :84G A8 A%&383'$#A$:# 7A' $7B ?#3V34B-B $: A%% A 8B; ACC:F8$ 4ogin to the Administrator tab b! s ppl! valid name and password combination, !o m st be an emplo!ee with PmanagerP as position. 'elect emplo!ee or c stomer b! the radio control and enter appropriate information.


For e"ample, to create a new emplo!ee acco nt, enter name, ''8, position, salar!, start date, choose e"empt then press PcreateP. $o create a new c stomer acco nt, simple enter name and ''8 then press PcreateP. "#= D*/*4* 0- 07718-4 8:$B9 :84G A8 A%&383'$#A$:# 7A' $7B ?#3V34B-B $: %B4B$B A8 ACC:F8$ Also an Administrator f nction, s ppl! the name and password to be removed then press PdeleteP. ""= S*0+7A C8)419*+ 1+ E93/16** 8:$B9 :84G A8 A%&383'$#A$:# 7A' $7B ?#3V34B-B CA8 'BA#C7 F:# B&?4:GBB A8 A%&383'$#A$:# T B&?4:GBB 7AVB $7B ?#3V34B-B $: 'BA#C7 F:# A CF'$:&B# & ch li*e movie, se Pprevio sP, Pne"tP or PsearchP to navigate thro gh the database. />