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Network Setting : Please follow the below mentioned steps:

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Open the Dialer. Click on Settings. Click on Network ( 3 Network mode will be displayed . !roadband" # $ighspeed %& # $ybrid. Click on !roadband" mode and click on apply.

'eliance Netconnect is a shared reso(rce ser)ice* the speed will depend on a )ariety of factors like:

+he n(mber of )oice and data (sers in yo(r area. Signal strength a)ailable at the time of connection. +he site yo( are )isiting. ,o(r comp(ter config(ration. Network load. -nternet traffic.

,o(r act(al speed can be as high as 3.%.bps/ b(t in most real0world sit(ations/ yo( can e1pect a)erage speeds of 2330333 kbps. 4indly perform the below mentioned acti)ities for enhancement of speed:

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5e re6(est yo( to delete temporary files# cookies from yo(r system. Check for 7(tomatic 8pdates option. 9or (5in &P#5in &P SP%#5in &P SP2 : 'ight click .y comp(ter 0: Click on Properties 0: Click on 7(tomatic 8pdates 0: !y Defa(lt it wo(ld be in 7(tomatic (recommended 0: Select 0:+(rn Off 7(tomatic 8pdates. 9or (5in 2333(SP%#2#3#; < 5in .= : >o to Control Panel 0: Select 7(to (pdates and +(rn Off 7(tomatic 8pdates.

3. -f yo( are (sing 5indows &P/ we re6(est yo( to check the +ask .anager for an =1e file named -S7SS.e1e. -f a)ailable/ please download the patch (sing .icrosoft 5indows (pdate file or (sing the website gi)en below:


Check for (sername and password. =nter the correct (sername and password man(ally. Check for (sername and password. =1ample:

%. 8ser Name: ,o(r 'eliance Netconnect" n(mber (witho(t prefi1ing?3@ 2. Password: ,o(r 'eliance Netconnect" n(mber (witho(t prefi1ing?3@ 3. N(mber: ABBB Select mode (dialer ::: setting :::network:::mode hsd or hybrid. Check the n(mber of signals recei)ed/ as yo( sho(ld get 3 signals with no fl(ct(ation. Select ne)er a dial connection and deselect the disconnect if idle option from internet options Step %. Open -nternet e1plorer : tools : -nternet options : connection tab Step 2. Select the dialer i.e. r0connect : click on settings Step 3. Click on ad)anced b(tton Step ;. Deselect the option Cdisconnect if idleD if it@s checked. ECheck for the operating system. 00:5indows )ista windows 1p (prof # won 1p home edition ser)ice pack 2 or abo)e is re6(ired for 1p ECheck for the -nternet e1plorer )ersion. 0000:Defa(lt ECheck for the cipher strength. 0000:Defa(lt E -nstall anti)ir(s. F7lways (se (pdated )ersionF EDisable the firewall of operating system. (if anti)ir(s is installed . Open control panel 000: windows sec(rity center 00:windows firewall00:FoffF EDelete temp files/ clear histories from -nternet e1plorer on reg(lar basis. Open e1plorer* go to tools00:-nternet options00:delete files00:delete cookies/ delete histories EPing any web sites. 7fter doing all the abo)e/ open a web page. 5ww.google.co.in or any pages yo( want* Check speed of net thro(gh speedometer Gfrom www.google.co.in :go to search option then type speedometerH -nstall net booster software from www.rcom.co.in. -f still face problem then/ (n0install and re0install the ' Netconnect software. Download it from www.rcom.co.in.