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January 29-April 28, 2014 Vol. 5, Issue No.8

By: Alexander B. Estoesta II

espite the complexities and varied functions of different organs in the human physique such as the lungs, liver and kidneys, the heart remains the centerpiece of all operations in order for the body to normally function on a daily basis. see page 3
Heritage Village, Vigan City

Contact and visit Catherine Bautista at 3rd Floor, Victory Mall, Caloocan City Mobile Nos: 09294052523 and 0927-8310483
House and lot HULUGAN AFFORDABLE PRICE. For inquiries and free site tripping: Pls. call or text

Camella Homes/CRown Asia Project by VISTA Land

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Welcome to T-cup-zone! We are glad to have you with us. You have now joined a team of dedicated, passionate and competitive team of TCZI who share a common and objective to build TCZI into a nationally respected and admired restaurant concept and company with exceptional quality, differentiation and value for our guests. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and want you to know that we recognize our employees as one of our most valuable resources. Our continued success in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our customers depends on having quality people like yourself and your fellow employees. We want you to enjoy your time here and are committed to helping you succeed in your new job. There are only three types of team members at TCZI: (1) those that serve our guests, (2) those that serve those who serve our guests and (3) those that make it possible for us to serve even more guests. Wherever we work at TCZI -- in our restaurants, home, office -- we are all linked together in our process of guest service. The only reason that TCZI exists is to serve our guests. Accordingly, we have a mindset of absolute guest satisfaction at our Company. At TCZI, were also working very hard not to be just another casual dining restaurant operation. There are literally thousands of casual dining chain restaurants in the today. Many of these cookie cutter restaurants have gradually become tired and worn out over the years. Theyve lost much of their energy, their points of differentiation and their overall relevance for the consumer. Their food and beverages have not remained current with the latest trends. Nor have they maintained good levels of quality in their recipes and ingredients. Their facilities have not evolved to remain contemporary. Their service levels are generally inattentive, slow and mediocre. In short, many of these restaurants have drifted out of warranty with todays consumer. Maybe you previously worked at one of these restaurants and experienced this firsthand. Now you are at TCZI! We actually want you to think differently here at TCZI. Think qualityqualityquality at TCZI in every detail. Our restaurant concept is fresh and contemporary, with high energy, and is often the place to be in the communities that we serve. Our food and beverages are of high quality and are offered in a wide variety of menu items. Our signature products rice roll, spaghetti bread are well known and admired by consumers. Our restaurant facilities are considered among the best in all tea houses with careful attention to high quality tea and coffee equipment, audio and visual capabilities, and all guest service areas. want our guests to believe they are always receiving a high class dining experience at a very affordable price! As long as our guests believe that about TCZI, well have a line of guests waiting when we open our doors every day. At TCZI, we also feel strongly about integrity, respect and accountability. We must be honest at all times, treat others with respect and dignity, and honor our commitments and obligations to each other. Our word is our bond. High ethical and professional standards will drive every decision that we make and every action that we take. After all, we operate at the highest level of the American restaurant business the public company restaurant business. We are held to higher standards at TCZI, and we will live up to them. We hope to see you in Tea cup for your next dining experience.

We probably use more technology in our restaurants than any of our competitors to help us deliver a gold standard dining experience to every guest. We

January 29-April 28, 2014


Minex Crystals: A gem of a Business

By: Leony R. Garcia


from front page It is through this cardiovascular organ wherein blood is pumped and circulated to different parts of the human body which is essential for other bodily organs and systems to work optimally. Hence, the significance of the heart as a valuable part of the body, and to a more greater degree, human life. Coinciding with the celebration of Love Month which is February, the Philippines, alongside with other countries around the globe such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, also observe National Heart Month during the same period. National Heart Month in the Philippines is usually celebrated through holding of seminars and talks centering around cardiovascular health in various public fora. There are also programs such as blood letting, free cholesterol check-up and sports activities in order to raise the advocacy and awareness of heart diseases and medical care across the nation.

ocated in the heart of Manila, is the showroom of Minex Crystals (Minex Export Import Corporation) which is engaged in the export /import, wholesale and retail distribution of quartz crystals and other semi-precious stones for gifts, dcor, novelty, fashion accessory and jewelry. For 25 years now,
Minex boasts of having the first and largest showroom of semi-precious stones and other mineral specimens in the Philippines to this day. Entering this showroom will make any visitor gasps. It is like stepping into a mine pit. The visitors eyes will surely feast on crystals of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Gem-quality amethyst stones set in silver beckon on those with a taste for the more refined things in life. But there are also crystals in the raw, like tumble stones the size of a fingernail and crystal balls bigger than a closed fist. Clear quartz crystal wands, aventurine obelisks, fluorite flat stones, sodalite pyramids, jasper eggs, holed stones and amethyst grottos or cathedrals also vie for the visitors attention, all coming to life at the touch of a hand. At the start of her mining business, Sylvia Mariano, general manager of Minex, and her Australian business partner wanted to mine stones in the Philippines and export them. But Mariano found out that our local stones and crystals could not compete in the international market when pitted against the gems of Brazil and India. Thus, even before the proliferation of gem stones in Greenbelt, Divisoria or Quiapo, Minex Crystals has initiated the wholesale trading of these stones in the country and introduced crystals in Brunei, Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia. The company continues to export to these countries today. REAL STONES, REAL POWER Having landed in the mining business and doing good in it Mariano decided to study the magical powers of these natural crystals and specimens. In my research, I found out that we can enhance or improve our goodfortune and transform the negative energy into positive energy with the aid of crystal. We can always do something to get what we want with the aid of crystals, Sylvia said. The lady entrepreneur is talking about her true experience on the power of crystals. Having worked with them for half of her life, she definitely has a vast knowledge about the characteristics and uses of natural crystals. Heres the science of crystal power: Famous scientist Jacques Marie Curie in 1880 discovered the PIEZO-ELECTRIC ENERGY of quartz crystals, which STORES, AMPLIFIES, TRANSFORMS, TRANSFERS and FOCUSES energy. This is why quartz crystal is widely used in the electronic industry for computers, watches, laser beams, etc. Quartz crystal can amplify physical and mental energy for academic advancement and career or business successes because quartz crystals stimulate the cells to store and recall information and formulate better decisions. As it enhances memory, it is therefore effective as a study tool for students, Mariano said. Today, the quartz bracelets: Wizard, All-in-One, prosperity are Minex accessories most saleable items according to Mariano. Its a combination of clear quartz crystals with other stones especially designed to enhance brain function, analytical capability, courage, self-confidence, leadership, motivational qualities. The bracelets are said to help increase resistance to stress and acts as good luck charm. At first, I just wanted myself and my kids to wear them. Now, they have become a hit to many crystal lovers and walk-in customers alike. Right now, we offer dealership and consignment of our accessories. Mariano said. Minex Crystals showroom is located at 1621 J. Bocobo St., Malate, Manila. Call 526-0741 or log on at www. minexcrystal.com.

Cardiovascular Health in the Philippines Given that each single Filipino in the country has a heart, it is therefore of utmost importance that people be oriented to the diseases and risks factors associated with the heart and the cardiovascular system. This alongside with steps on how to properly treat these maladies and assess methods to keep a healthly lifestyle and avoid falling to these illnesses. It is reported by local government agencies, namely the National Statistics Office (NSO) and the Department of Health (DOH), that heart and cardiovascular diseases accounted as the leading cause of mortality among Filipinos. Based on the data gathered by the NSO from January 2009 to March 2010, heart disease was the cause of 100,908 deaths out of the total 480,820 reported during that period. This is equivalent to 1 out of 5 Filipinos succumbing to cardiovascular causes. Health Secretary Enrique Ona also mentioned that almost 90% of the Filipino population are susceptible to the risk factors that can lead to serious complications leading to serious heart ailments such as congestive heart failure. These factors include smoking tobacco, heavy intake of alcohol and meat consumption and physical inactivity. Taking Care of the Heart With todays lifestyle standards seen as a breeding ground for various kinds of illnesses and ailments, including that of the cardiovascular kind, one should be adaptive and vigilant to these changes in order to achieve a healthy and well body. The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health in the United States recommends several key steps to be able to prevent the onset of heart-related diseases. These include: -Schedule a Yearly Checkup. Set a physical examination annually with the doctor. This checkup should include monitoring of cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. A fluctuation above or below the normal variables of all or any of the three may be an indicator of a possible health risk. -Get Physical and Maintain a Healthy Weight. Exercising at least 15-30 minutes daily will help get rid of the excessive fats and rapidly eliminate body waste through sweating. Shedding off extra pounds and maintaining an ideal body mass index will do well in combating obesity, a usual factor of heart ailments. -Eat Healthy and Control Cholesterol. Include more fiber and nutrients in your diet through consumption of fruits and vegetables. Lessen the eating of foods high in saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol such as pork and processed food like canned meats. This will help to keep cholesterol levels at a minimum. -Cut Down on Salt and Drink More Water. A high intake of sodium usually leads to elevated blood pressure, so its is recommended to monitor ones daily salt intake. Also, adeqaute hydration through drinking 2-3 liters of water daily will ensure that the body organs will work normally, including the heart. -Quit Smoking. Tobacco has been a major catalyst in some of the more dreaded diseases including cancer, stroke and heart failure. Cutting or eliminating smoking will greatly benefit ones health. -Staying Positive. One of the many hidden culprits behind physical and mental degradation is stress. Keeping a relaxed and sound mind free from anxiety or worry coupled will enable to avoid the hazards that stress may bring. By simply following these recommendations to the letter, a person and his/her family will be able to ward off the potential harm that cardiovascular diseases can deliver. To add, it is also important to always listen to the physician/cardiologist if one is suffering from a heart condition, since these medical specialists will chart the pathway for treatment, rehabilitation and eventual recovery from the disease. Remember, be smart, always take care of your heart! References: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/10/20/11/heart-disease-phs-topkiller-nso http://www.doh.gov.ph http://www.nso.gov.ph http://www.uwhealth.org/go-red/10-ways-to-take-charge-of-your-hearthealth/10543

MS. JULIE S. MANGAHAN and our editor in chief during their breakfast time in VIGAN HERITAGE MANSION coffee shop durin their visit sometime in december 8 to 12, 2013


January 29-April 28, 2014


Arch Nail Spa:

Combining Elegance and Relaxation

It is but just normal for a person to be rewarded for a hard days work, whether engaging in professional careers or from school activities. There are those who would unwind by participating in different sports activities such as running, biking and tennis while some would rather be in the company of family and friends enjoying a meal and movie together. To a further extend, there are also some individuals who would prefer going on roadtrips and travels in different areas around the Philippines as well as to countries abroad. And then there are those persons whose means of escaping from the stress and hustle of a daily grind is thru going to places offering beauty treatment and wellness. These establishments include beauty salons, massage parlors and spas. Nowadays, there is a growing number of places of this nature given the rising clamor for such services especially in the urban areas whose dwellers and residents wanting to get a quick fix of respite after a tiring day. Introducing Arch Nail Spa Presently, the need for nail care has been getting great attention from people, mostly of whom are young professionals and students. It is by the process of undertaking nail care methods such as manicure, pedicure and colorful designing of fingernails and toenails in which these individuals are able to unwind and at the same time achieve a sense of self-expression by painting their nails with different colors and patterns. Correspondingly, this has resulted in the sprouting of nail spas and salons all over the country. A relatively new player in this industry is the Arch Nail Spa. Established by Ms. Arch Wee, who serves as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Arch Nail Spa is barely into a year of operations yet managed to get a sizeable patron base thanks to its dedicated staff and first class service offered by the establishment. The Lady at the Helm The person behind the nail spa, Ms. Arch Wee, considers herself as an ambitious entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She drew inspiration in creating this venture through her family business of owning a salon for more than two decades already. Ms. Wee also cites her work experience in the Middle Eastern and through her mendor Michelle Watkin in getting the idea for her nail spa business. Having rendered service in Middle East for ten years has enabled Ms. Wee to get the necessary information and details in regards to creating a beauty and wellness establishment when she returned back home to the Philippines. Professional Beauty Service and Treatment By the time Arch Nail Spa opened in the 3rd floor of Victory Mall in Monumento, Caloocan City, it was through the professionalism and dedication of the staff as well as the effective treatment utilizing dead sea products for body and nail care that enabled the nail spa to develop and grow as one of the more promising wellness centers in the metropolitan area. In general, a lot of female as well as a number of male customers expressed satisfaction in regards to the excellent service given by Arch Nail Spa and its staff. This in turn has helped the establishment garner a good reputation among current patrons as well as to prospective clients who want to avail of Arch Nail Spas body and nail care services.

For those planning to get pampered via a relaxing beauty treatment combined with professional and stylish service, it is highly recommended to pay a visit to Arch Nail Spa. As with the spas logo suggests which is Elegant for your Style, one will surely get a good dosage of relaxation and wellness in an elegant manner. A perfect escape from the hassle and strain of everyday living.

Come and visit Arch Nail Spa located at the 3rd floor of Victory Mall in Monumento, Caloocan City. Avail of the various body and nail care services. Arch Nail Spa is also open for franchising. For details and information, visit the establishment and look for Ms. Arch Wee, CEO of Arch Nail Spa. FOR FRANCISING Please visit or call 0919 6765518/0918 3858571 and /09151418180 Alexander B. Estoesta II

January 29-April 28, 2014



travel back to year 1885
here are many places where to stay in Vigan City and one of the newest addition to the Hotels is the VIGAN HERITAGE MANSION A CENTURY EDIFICE built in 1885. Just like the other famous establishments in the World Heritage City, VIGAN HERITAGE MANSION has successfully preserved its original facade while infusing cmfortable amenities in a Mediterranean style, something that surely has an appeal to the modern day tourists. The VIGAN HERITAGE HOTEL was the home of the late Hon. Pedro Singson as he started his colorful career as the elected governor of the Province of Ilocos Sur. Governor Singsons daughter, Julie Singson Manahan, restored the ancestral home after 118 years as a timeless reminder of Vigans rich culture and history. Experience the Old World charm of a 19th century mansion while enjoying the conveniences of a 21st century hotel. Vigan Heritage Mansion can accommodate up to 4five guest in its modern, fully airconditioned rooms. Sample authentic Vigan cuisine in the huge dining hall at the ground floor. The hall can be converted into a conference room for team building seminars and workshops.


Enjoy the view of the Heritage Village and the antiquated mansions on the cobbled Crisologo Street from the bar on the roof deck. Let the pull of the Old World draw you to travel back to 188five at the Vigan Heritage Mansion.


corner Liberatio Boulevard and Crisologo Street, Vigan City Telephone number (077) 722 4955 Mobile number 0917 83417855 Manila office: 41079f55. 371 0831 email: inquiry@viganheritage.com http: //www.viganheritage.com

Contact no. (02) 7249768 email address: super _ageny@ymail.com address: 816 Aurora Boulevard corner P. Bernardo, Street, Cubao, QC


January 29-April 28, 2014


We are approaching it in a holistic way. Were actually looking at our customer as a whole person. I think that concept would put us higher. Dr. Emehly SevillaCastillo, MD. Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, Wellness Spa and Dental Care located at 45 Gil J. Puyat Avenue Brgy. Palanan Makati City certainly offers a great deal when it comes to beauty and wellness. The head doctor Vines very own Dr. Emehly Sevilla- Castillo specializes in aesthetics, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. She is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine; Associate Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery; and member of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine. She is also certified by the American Council of Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor. Dr. Sevilla is also a fitness nutrition specialist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. Services from head to toe Vine aims to address all client concerns and decided to put up a wide range of services including skin intensive treatments, acne treatment and acne scars, skin pigmentation and whitening treatments, natural face lift and contour, eyebag treatments, skin rejuvenation and antiaging therapy, hair revitalization therapy, body whitening and smoothening treatments, non-surgical body sculpting treatments, weight management, unwanted hairs, cellulite treatment, stretchmarks, varicose veins, skin health, dental health, nail spa, wellness spa and body scrubs. Quality at low cost Quality comes first above all else, however, referring to quality does not mean something has to be expensive. Dr. Sevilla and her team would not refuse to give their clients the joys of rewarding themselves the kind of fulfilment and relaxation they deserve. And so with the state-of-the-art machines that they have, Vine performs and applies far-fetched services at its finest. Confidence inside and out Diverse and even more updated techniques on how to

get more attractive through looks and shape is fairly run off the mill nowadays. External beauty is being prioritized more and addressing concerns regarding the internal facets comes disregarded. In spite of this fact, beauty will forever lie on the level of spiritual, mental and emotional aspect of the self and Dr. Sevilla takes time not just to hear but as well listen in detail to every concern her patients might have. She believes that how you are on the inside will affect you naturally on the outside and so concerns on self-esteem must primarily be addressed before anything else. By this faith and confidence, the whole lot will fall effortlessly into harmony.

Skin intensive treatments Acne and acne scars Skin pigmentation and whitening Vines natural face lift and contour Eyebags Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging Therapy Hair revitalization therapy Body whitening and smoothening Non-surgical body sculping Weight management

Removal of unwanted hairs Cellulite treatments Stretchmarks Varicose veins Skin health (warts, syringoma) Chin, cheeks & nose augmentation Wrinkle correction Dental health Wellness spa Body scrubs Nails spas

January 29-April 28, 2014



Watch out for the upcoming event of


Celebrating Three Decades of Camaraderie and Friendship: Narvacan National Central High School Batch 1983
two-day special affair highlighted by nostalgic memories of the past as well as rekindling old friendships marked the grand reunion of Batch 1983 of Narvacan National Central High School (NNCHS) held last December 7 and 8, 2013 at Quadrangle of the NNCHS and the Noah Mini-Resort in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur.
The reunion of Batch 1983 was given more significance this year as classmates and friends celebrated thirty (30) years since graduating from their alma mater, NNCHS. It was evident that in the three decades since finishing their secondary studies at NNCHS, members of Batch 1983 have became successful figures in their chosen careers and are now esteemed professionals, such as Rodel Rabara who now sits as Managing Editor of Great Philippines Expedition Health, Travel and Lifestyle Quarterly Newspaper. The weekend event at Noah Mini-Resort was marked by classmates bonding and reminiscing about the good old times of their youth while being in the good company of friends alongside with abundant food and beverages for everyones delight. Adding a special ambience to the occasion is the location of the resort, which overlooks Mount Noah in Narvacan and the picturesque Bulanos Beach, a popular destination known for its beautiful scenery. The relaxing atmosphere of the place has provided a perfect setting for members of Batch 1983 to sit back and dance the night away while being serenaded with fine music going back to their younger and carefree years. Aside from the reunion party, NNCHS Batch 1983 also staged a motorcade that passed throughout the major roads and barangays of Naravacan, Ilocos Sur in observance of their 30 years from graduation. Given this successful staging of NNCHS Batch 1983s Grand Reunion, members of Batch 1983 are already looking forward to the next reunion as there will be the usual flow of food, drinks and merrymaking with the most important aspect of reviving and remembering friendships that has already spanned for three decades and counting. Alexander B. Estoesta II

located at 3rd Floor of VICTORY MALL on the 2nd week of APRIL 2014 The event entitled THE NAIL CODE 2014, nail art competition with fashion show..

Interested sponsors will coordinate and call 09183858571 and 09161418180


For some time now, there has been a series of announcements and advertisements that center around the celebration of reu-nions, be it among family members and kin or those coming from schools and academic institutions, usually by a certain graduating batch whether it be in high school or college.
It has only been in recent years that society has warmed up to the idea of consecutively staging reunions, more commonly among batchmates in school. Before, it was only when a significant milestone is achieved indicating a certain batchs longevity wherein a reunion is held. Such as for example, members of the graduating class of 1989 which shall be celebrating their silver anniversary (25 years) this 2014. But now, reunions are made on an annual basis. With each celebration being more extravagant and grandiose than the last. Adding a special twist is when some members of the batch who have migrated abroad come home to their motherland for the occassion. A wonderful homecoming, indeed. Still, what is the reason for such gatherings? As described by FreeDictionary.com, reunion is described as the act of reuniting/ the state of being reunited. Simply put, reunions provide an avenue into which persons interact with each other, especially with those who made a significant and lasting impact on their own personal lives. For most, it is a moment to give appreciation to a family member who has been there through the best and worst of times, or to say thanks to a classmate who provided inspiration and wisdom when it was needed the most. More so, reunions are held in celebration of life itself. It is common knowledge that we, as humans, are in this earthly realm for only a limited period of time. It is through meeting again with people who became and still continue to be a part of our lives do we get a sense of fulfillment and contentment, that we are able to reciprocate our friendship and trust to each other as we gracefully age as the years go by. Although it will add more zest to the celebration, a reunion should not necessary be extravagant and costly. The most important essence of a reunion is to bring back old acquiantances back into the fold, flickering anew the flame of friendship while looking back at fond memories of yesteryears. One such instance is the reunion of Section Banaba of Narvacan National Central High School Batch 1983. Aside from the grand reunion of Batch 1983, members of the class section held a simple gathering among themselves at the Sunrise Resort in Limmansangan, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur last December 12, 2013. Among those who attended included Great Philippines Expeditions Managing Editor Rodel Rabara. In all, reunions, be it an exclusive and grandiose affair or held in a low-profile and simple manner, have a common denominator: to once again jointly unite families and friends from the past to the present, all the while giving appreciation to each other to a life that has been well-lived and the friendships that continue to remain solid all throughout. Alexander B. Estoesta II


Sulvec Elementary 79 Batch Reunion

Tionghin Brunei Darussalam Group Reunion... nnchs Section Banaba 1983 Batch Reunion Hello Batchmates ! It was nice to see that you all had a fantastic time. I just hope that everybody had a copy of the souvenir mugs that I donated. Hope to see you all in the next reunion ! From Antoinette Hagad-Gamble from Staffrdshire, United Kingdom


January 29-April 28, 2014

Hope for the Deaf

By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
Do you know that many deaf Pinoys are hearing today? Do you believe that there is hope for the deaf to be able to hear and be part of the mainstream society? Thanks to modern technology. Now, a tiny, prosthetic device called Cochlear Implant (CI), makes hearing possible for profoundly deaf people. For centuries, people believed that only a miracle could restore hearing to the deaf. It was not until 40 years ago that scientists first attempted to restore normal hearing to the deaf by electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. Cochlear Implant or CI is implanted in the inner ear and restores partial hearing to profoundly deaf people. The implant is based on the idea that there is enough auditory nerve fibers left for stimulation in the vicinity of the electrodes. Once the nerve fibers are stimulated, they fire and propagate neural impulses to the brain. The brain interprets them as sounds. Take the case of Hannah Dorothy Pagarigan of Quezon City. He was already six years old when she started hearing life for the first time and eventually became part of mainstream society. Hannah was born pre-term (32 weeks gestational age) and upon birth was placed in a ventilator where she suffered from broncopneumonia during admission. At age two and on suspicion of hearing loss, her mother brought the patient to an Othorinolaryngology Specialist where she was diagnosed to have Profound Hearing Loss. At age three, she was fitted with high power hearing instruments and subsequently enrolled in an Auditory- Oral School but progress was disappointing and poor hearing resulted to poor speech and language development. It was inn 2005 when Hannahs life changed tremendously when the CI implantation was performed to her by Dr. Norberto Martinez on May 13 of that year at the University of Sto . Tomas Hospital Her cochlear implant was donated by Finance Director Dr. Alexander Schoedl, of MEDEL Worldwide Headquarters in Austria , Hanna's speech processor was then switched on a month later on June 13. decided for him to have the implant from MED-EL with the help of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). He was operated on May 15, 2008 and his brand new ear's switch on was set on June 15 at the UST hospital. Pagarigan, now 12 years old, and Ching, 17, are among the nearly 500 deaf and hea-ring impaired individuals in the Philippines who benefited from this breakthrough technology of a tiny implantable hearing device. PCSO AND OTHER PARTNERS Now on its 16th year of operation in the Phili-ppines , MEDEL continuous to give hope to deaf and the hearing impaired Filipinos especially those who are categorized to be indigent or who come from less privileged sector of the society. With the help of the PCSO and private individuals, more beneficiaries are given the chance to live more productive life. Over the years, PCSO has been donating funds for operations on indigent deaf children. Private individuals, organizations, foreign and local experts and doctors, and some members of the media also contributed much and put the cause of deafness in the country in the forefront thus aiding young children of even the most underprivileged families. With MEDEL, everybody has the right to hearing. This is our advocacy, stresses Maribel Mueller, MEDEL Philippines country manager. It isnt true that because you dont have money, you dont have the right to hear all your life. With the help of number one donor which is PCSO, our only two excellent Surgeons in the country, Dr. Charlotte Chiong of Manila Doctors Hospital, Capitol Medical Center, Malolos ENT Hospital and Philippine General Hospital and Dr. Norberto Martinez of University of Sto. Tomas Hospital and St. Lukes Medical Center and other partners we were able to socialized the cost of the implant. We now have nearly 500 cochlear implant users mostly kids, says Mueller. MED-EL AT 16 AND BEYOND When MEDEL started in the country in 1997, it gave out four implants for free. After 10 years, in 2005, it gave out three implants as a way of the companys thanksgiving. Living up to its advocacy, MEDEL also donated in 2006, two Vibrant Soundbridge devices for three middle ear implant operations held at the Philippine General Hospital and University of Sto . Tomas Hospital . Moreover, the company sponsored the airfare of the two most experienced surgeons Italian Prof. Vittorio Colletti and Austrian Prof. Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner for said operations, the first of its kind in the country.


The Premium Health,Travel and Lifestyle Newspaper

Suite 201 Chelsea Bldg., Chateau Valenzuela,Lingunan, Valenzuela City, Philippines Mobile numbers : 0917-8574493 & 0932-6641028
Managing Director/ Editor-in-Chief Rodel T. Rabara Section Editor Joey I. Marasigan Correspondents Alexander B. Estoesta II Leonila Garcia Renacelle Cruz-Punzalan Graphic Designer/ Layout Artist Joy Bernadette Sanchez Advertising Assistant Officer Giselle Marie J. Gutierrez Circulation Assistant Officer Elmer P. Patubo Advertising Executives Antonina Barsana Rudy Cudal Randy T. Rabara Freelance Advertising Executives Rishelle Q. Ramos Maria D. Tumanlao Gina T. Evangelista Louie Tacasa Contributors Thelma Tolentino Photographers Rey-An Santelices Adrian Caballero Jason Soriano Field Assistant to Senior Executive Ronie M. Diata

John Stephen Ching, on the other hand, was detected to have hearing loss at age three. He is the first born and only child of Sandy and Josephine Soliman Ching who are both deaf. For some time, his parents accepted and decided it was okay for John Stephen to be deaf all his life like them. We are deaf, John is deaf. It was okay. Were deaf family. But at Grade 1, seeing the great improvement in John Stephen at St. Francis School , a specialized school for kids with cochlear implants, the parents had a change of heart and mind. There is hope for our son to become normal by becoming part of the hearing world. With CI, John Stephen would be our voice. And we will be assured of a better future for him. Husband and wife together with the boys grandparents

This writer, having been involved in the advocacy of deaf awareness and promotion of CI in the country for the past 10 years, was honored to finally meet MED-EL Founder and CEO Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair during MedEls 15thanniversary celebration in the country last year. And Im happy to note that Dr. Hochmair received the prestigious Lasker Award 2013 on September 30 this year. Visit http://www.medel.com and http://www.laskerfoundation. org for more details. For more information on hearing implantable devices, please call Med-el Philippines at tel. No. 807-8780. photo/s: Clinical illustration of how Cochlear Implant works The writer with Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair Dr. Hochmair with Dr. Charlotte Chiong, Maribel Mueller and Dr. Norberto Martinez with Med-El staff.

January 29-April 28, 2014


By definition, organic materials use in the Philippines for years, but are derived from plants and animals. They include crop residues, plant biomass, green manure, farmyard manure, composts, household wastes, industrial and urban wastes, commercial pro-ducts produced from plant and animal materials. Organic fertilizer refer to a specific group of organic materials produced from decomposed plant or animal materials and used as a source of nutrients for crops, while chemical fertilizers, on the other hand, are synthesized from minerals or non-living matter. By definition, organic agriculture is an agricultural production system that promotes environmentally, socially and economically sound production of food and fibers and excludes the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, livestock feed additives and genetically modified organisms." Organic agriculture must also be viewed as an imperative for sustainable development taking into consideration the benefit of human health, food security, poverty alleviation and the ecology. These principles are the roots from which organic agriculture grows and develops. They express the contention that organic agriculture can make the world a better place to live. Organic fertilizers have been in its prominence has increased since the world wide invasion of the organic agriculture movement, which has worked hand-in-hand with ensuring food quality and safety in the country. The government has invested in research and development for organic fertilizers to support farming activities by increasing yield, but at the same time minimizing input costs by turning to traditional knowledge and cheaper sources of materials for organic fertilizer production. Organic farming regained popularity again in the 1980s and has been re-shaping, at present, the agricultural management and production in site-specific locations. Antipolos NAC Farm Owned by Nestor Cabutihan Sr. and now being managed by his son, Nestor Jay Cabutihan Jr., is the NAC Farm located in Bara-ngay San Jose, Sitio Panasugin in Antipolo City which offers livelihood in the local community and entrepreneurship among farmers.


In an interview during our vi-

hile many think of organic farming as something new, it is actually centuries old. Organic farming was the original type of agriculture and had been used for thousands of years. Our forefathers used organic materials as their primary means to grow and cultivate their crops.
sit in the farm, Jay disclosed that his father invested all his earnings as a businessman in the farm some 15 years ago. Hindi talaga sila farmers. Talagang gusto lang nila magkaroon ng farm para pagtanda nila pupunta sila dito at titingnan ang mga naitanim nila na lumaki at lumago at may mapagkunan Jay said about his parents. For 15 years, it was only three times that his family earned from mango harvesting, Jay said. But eventually they sell calamnsi harvest in the market twice a week and some buyers go directly to the farm to buy the produce. Why Organic Farming? Jay said the family went to organic far-ming when his sister got sick and was set for surgery to remove her uterus. The doctor advice her to consume organic products for fast recovery. Since then everybody in the family went into organic diet. Dahil pag talagang puro chemical ang kakainin mapapabilis tala-ga ang buhay mo dyan, Jay said. Since then, Jay took the responsibility of taking care of the farm. And this has become his source of income as well. Right now, Jay has organized several groups to help farmers and new graduates in their far-ming busi-

nesses. He also deals with traditional farmers who are quite pessimistic about organic farming. Some of them are really uneducated. Mahirap paliwanagan sa mga bagong sistema kaya dinadahandahan ko sila, inuulit ulit ko hanggang maintindihan nila kung bakit ganun. Noon kasi ang sistema pag nagatanim ng sampung dikit-dikit ok lang, ngayon kasi hiwa-hiwalay ang pagtatanim para mas maganda ang resulta. Pag dikit-dikit kasi masisira ang produksyon at magkakaroon ng mga insekto, at agawan ng nutrients Future plans NAC Farm is located in the heart of a mountain and until now doesnt have local electricity. Kasi pag nagkaroon ng kuryente hindi na magiging peaceful ang paligid, Jay said. But his plans include construction of small houses for local tourists. Parang resort farm, yung ang pinopromote ditto, Jay said. Jay is also looking into the grant subsidy by the DENR. Yung program ng DENR na magbibigay ng fund. Naghahanap sila ng farm na pwede gawing eco-agri farm (ecology and agri tourism).Naka-sign up ako sa kanila. Then sa association naming -- kung makapagtanim ako ng pipino -- yung DOST at DTI bigyan din kami ng grant. In the next months, Jay would be planting watermelon. Right now NAC Farm produce are being distributed Rnobinsons and Sm supermarkets. An to augment the farms income Jay is opening it for student/ tourist camping.

Joseph H. Calata, Chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation made history by becoming the youngest business tycoon in the country and by proving once and for all that theres money in agriculture. How he did it? By turning his family- owned agribusiness into the Philippines' largest distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds and get it listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange. Many enterprising individuals especially young people like Joseph or Josh, who started in the business in his early 30s , would be venturing to various businesses like franchising, financing, investments, products and services or information technology. But Josh chose agriculture. "The Philippines is an agricultural country. I want to help our farmers, he reasoned out during the interview by this writer. The empowerment of the agricultural sector, according to him, in an interview with People Asia Magazine in March 2011, is a good investment. "While it may not be the most alluring of sectors for businessmen, I believe agriculture holds great potential to boost the Philippine economy," he said. At first glance you would have mistaken Joseph Josh, for a fashion/ ramp model or showbiz celebrity with his striking resemblance to Twilight superstar Robert Patttinson who played the role of Edward Cullen in the popular movie. But beneath that striking visual appeal is the youthful aggressiveness, business acumen and determination to succeed. In November 2012, Calata Corpo-

Joseph H. Calata: Meet the youngest business tycoon of Agriculture

ration signed contract with Siembra Directa Corporation, an affiliate of Argentinian firm. The deal is worth 1.6 billion pesos, considered one the biggest deals in the agri sector. Calata said its exclusive supply agreement with Siembra Directa Corp. will cover 20 years of seeds supplies, agrochemicals, fertilizers, and other farm inputs as part of the company's aim to become the "top distributor of farm inputs all over the Philippines." As part of the agreement, Calata and his Argentinean partners, put their mechanical planters and fumigators to work in Echague, Isabela, to demonstrate how the machinery can significantly improve productivity. Direct Planting Method This is adaptive technology specifically made for Philippine conditions, said Nico Bolzico, Siembra Directa head. He explained that siembra directa is a direct planting method widely used in Argentina (also known as conservation tillage) that does not require plowing because machinery cuts slots into the ground so that seeds and fertilizer are deposited at the same time. Direct planting minimizes soil erosion, prevents soil compaction, significantly reduces the time required for farmland preparation, and lowers fertilizer and irrigation costs while increasing harvest and profit yields, continues Bolzico. He points out that the method results in better utilization of irrigation because less water is lost through evaporation. Moreover, since the proper amount of fertilizer is applied during planting, there will be less runoff that will pollute rivers and streams. The cornJosh was able to gain the confidence of one of the biggest corporations in the country -- San Miguel Corporation -- to be a distributor of B-MEG feeds in Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and other provinces in Luzon. Today, the corporation is also a business partner of Bayer Crop Science Jardine, Dupont and Sinochem, Syngenta, Monsanto, Planters Products, East West Seeds as well as with Swire and Viking among others. High-efficiency poultry farming, private airplane leasing, and trucking are the other industries ventured by the corporation. At present, it employs 200 workers. It was year 2006 when Josh made his first inquiry on how to enlist his company at the Philippine Stock Exchange. It was as if nothing would happen after that inquiry. For the PSE people, I may not look so serious at all, with my hairstyle na tayo-tayong buhok (a hairstyle reminiscent of the main character of that Japanese animated television series Dragon Ball Z), who would think I was? With Josh at the helm, Calata Corporation was then a 1.8 Billion company in 2008. Josh was able to increase his companys revenue alright but he was still searching and calling for people to help him get listed. I made so many calls, some ignored me and many never called back. This was until a Financial Advisor was referred to him and guided him. Then he got a bunch of people to help him with the companys prospectus. It took Josh two years to complete the requirements. On March 2012, he submitted his prospectus. He aimed to be the agenda so he sub-

This area is bare, wala ka makikitang puno. DENR approached us telling us to plant in exchange for a grant. We grabbed the opportunity and we went into farming. Since his father was prepa-ring for his retirement, he decided to invest his savings in the farm like planting mango trees and calamansi. Out of the 250 trees planted, only 150 mango trees survived, according to Jay.

harvesting achinery also effectively separates corn kernels from stalks and cobs, so that organic waste materials can be left in the fields to help fertilize the land. Bolzico estimates that with mechanization and zero tillage, production can be increased by 20 percent. At present, Filipino corn farmers harvest an average of three to six tons, while their Argentinean counterparts average from nine to 10 tons. Mechanization can lower the cost of farmland preparation from the usual average of P7,000 per hectare to around P4,000 per hectare, and the manpower requirement can be drastically reduced because two people can adequately manage a spread of 1,000 hectares with the right machinery. Getting listed Incorporated in 1999, Calata is a combined distributor of agro-chemicals, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and other agricultural products coming from manufacturers or business partners. At the start,

mitted everything earlier than the others. Unfortunately, his company was declined. But Josh just wouldnt give up and stop there. So just before his application expires, he did what he should do. And the rest, as they say, is history. In May 23, 2012 Calata Corporation was finally listed for Initial Public Offering and its stocks gained market capitalization of P 4.3 billion which may be one of the best performances on IPO. With the earnings from the initial offering, Calata further branched out and diversified into Agri, the first agricultural retail store in the mold of global giant 7-11. With 116 Agri existing stores in Luzon, the Company is targeting the establishment of up to 1,000 stores nationwide and the possibility of introducing the 'Agri' brand to the international market. Recent development in Calata Corp. is its partnership with New Hope Group to introduce a new animal feed line under its companyowned brand Golden Bean. The firm disclosed on November 5 that the board of directors gave the green light to bring Golden Bean feeds to all its dealers nationwide. Calata expects that the Golden Bean Feeds will soon become the leading feed brand in the countrys P150-billion feed industry. Josh said he would continue integrating technology and research in agriculture to help our farmers and the agri sector. Photo/s: Joseph H. Calata, Chairman and CEO, Calata Corporation Directa Siembra mechanical corn planter. LEONY R. GARCIA
January 29-April 28, 2014



Alice Dixon:
By: RENACELLE CRUZ-PUNZALAN 2011 MMFF entry Panday 2. Likewise she had a cameo appearance in the indie film, Coming Soon as AndiEigenmansstrict mom and another guest role in GMA Films Just One Summer. Her biggest flick was released by the last quarter of 2013, When the Love is Gone, the remake of 80s movie, NagalitangBuwansa Haba ng Gabi. Alice took the challenge of the role originally portrayed by actress turned director, Laurice Guillen. In the movie, she played the role of Audrey, wife of Emman (played by Gabby Concepcion) and mother of Jenny (Andi Eigenmann). Audreys passion for baking inspired her to put up a home business but it took a lot of her time away from her husband and daughter. Audrey had to meet the challenge of having a philandering husband and keeping it from their daughter. To cover up the situation, Audrey agrees to share Emman with Cassie (played by Cristine Reyes). As the story unfolds, the rationale behind how Audrey handles the situation is revealed. Alice expressed how proud she is of the project and how happy she was working with AndoyRanay as her director. Apart from acting, she surprised the basketball aficionados when she appeared as muse for Talk n Text and the spectators cant help but compare how she has remained young-looking alongside with the young beautiful faces in showbiz and modelling world. Another event that Alice became a trending topic in social media was the 50th anniversary of BinibiningPilipinas wherein the beauty queens from 50 years back to present paraded during the pageants opening number. It left the audience and the TV viewers in awe as they remained beautiful and statuesque even how many decades after. Not many of the tv audience now knew Alice was 1986 Bb.Pilipinas-International title holder. Just as Alices showbiz career is stepping up, her personal life had a downfall. Her 13-year marriage with Ronnie Miranda has come to an end. Though prior to her admission of the separation, there have been speculations and rumours of the couples split up. Alice has kept mum about it, avoided the topic every chance she got. Until first quarter of 2013, she made a tell-all interview with Ricky Lo on why her marriage failed. She however, stated that her comeback had nothing to do with the decision, nor a third party. Its a case of irreconcilable differences.By second half of last year, the divorce was deemed final and she is once again single. Her blooming career in showbiz and real estate business kept Alice busy during the trying time. She engaged in hobbies like archery, target shooting and boxing. She also tried taking lessons in horseback riding on her free days. No wonder, Alice or fondly called Dikya by her showbiz peers, has remained fit and fabulous at 44. Add to that she eats everything but in moderation, no real strict diets to follow. Beauty secret?Drinking lots of water to keep her hydrated, washing off make-up before sleeping and having a positive outlook in life. Did you know that from the time this timeless beauty made her comeback, a mens magazine has been courting her to pose for their cover? She felt somehow she wasnt ready to do it and year after year she would receive an invitation from the magazines staff and she would only say no. Then came her TV5 project, For Love or Money, where she played a multi-millionaire who offered to pay P10M to spend 10 days with somebodys husband. That somebody was played by Ritz Azul and her husband played by Derek Ramsay. Alices role as Kristine Almonte required her to wear twopiece bikini to seduced Dereks character, Edward. With such daring step, the magazine once again took its chance and offered to do a cover with Alice and she gave a resounding Yes!That magazine cover surprised anew her supporters and avid magazine collectors and sent a long queue just to get her autograph. Everyone is saying she will be a strong contender in the magazines annual 100 sexiest poll this 2014. For this year, her next offering is a movie made for tv, Lady Next Door opposite newcomer, Mark Neumann and a sitcom with OgieAlcasid and Gellie de Belen, Confessions of a Torpesometime in March, both in TV5. While a flourishing acting career lasts and until good projects and offers come, she is here to stay. For someone as stunning as Alice Dixson who continues to inspire women young and old alike whether through the roles she play or the ordeals she faces in real life, the doors of show business is always open to welcome her back and embrace her presence.

V5 pegged her as the TIMELESS BEAUTY when she made a showbiz comeback in 2011, and the networks executives knew how accurateit was to label her as such. ALICE DIXSON seemed to be ageing so gracefully

or none at all. Its as if some time machine brought us back 27 years ago when her famous soap commercial came out and made us exclaim, I can feel it! Much to her surprise, even with 6-year absence from movies & television, Alices first TV5 series BabaengHampaslupa had a large following. It took her a while to warm up to acting once again, but in no time shes back at it and the cameras simply love her. Apart from the story, her excitement was heightened by the fact that she got to work with the Queen of PhilippineMovies, Ms.Susan Roces. TV projects came one after another. BabaengHampaslupa was followed by Glamorosa, a reunion project with Ms.Lorna Tolentino, whom she worked with in one of Alices first serious movie roles in NagbabagangLuha. Remember her line, Ate ikamamataykopagkinuhamosaakinsi Alex to which Lorna replied with another immortal line ipalilibingkita. By 2012, she did another drama series IsangDakotnaLuha then the TV5 fantaseryeEnchanted Garden. Another first in her acting career, last year Alice starred in Never Say Goodbye with no less than the Superstar, Nora Aunor. It was another reunion project as she co-starred with her former movie leading man, Cesar Montano and the launching teleserye of showbiz neophytes Sophie Albert & Vin Abrenica. She also tried doing action in Undercover, playing the secret villain, Shadow to lead Derek Ramsay. With her presence anew in television, movies cant be far behind. Alice did a guest role in the

Two children are talking. A: Meet my new born brother. B: Oh, he is so handsome! Whats his name? A: I dont know. I cant understand a word he says.


Two factory workers are talking. The woman says, "I can make the boss give me the day off." The man replies, "And how would you do that?" The woman says, "Just wait and see." She then hangs upside-down from the ceiling. The boss comes in and says, "What are you doing?" The woman replies, "I'm a light bulb." The boss then says, "You've been working so much that you've gone crazy. I think you need to take the day off." The man starts to follow her and the boss says, "Where are you going?" The man says, "I'm going home, too. I can't work in the dark."

The FroG & The ENGiNeer

An engineer was taking a walk when a frog spoke to him and said, If you kiss me, Ill turn into a beautiful princess. He picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. The frog spoke again and said, If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, Ill become your girlfriend. The engineer took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it and put it back into his pocket. The frog spoke again and said, If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, Ill become your wife. The engineer took the frog out of his pocket again, smiled at it and put it back into his pocket. Finally, the frog said, What is the matter? Im a beautiful princess. Why won`t you kiss me? The engineer said, Look, Im a busy engineer. I don`t have time for a girlfriend or a wife, but a talking frog, now thats cool.


January 29-April 28, 2014


Ilocos Sur
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January 29-April 28, 2014 Vol. V, Issue No.8

Where the Past and Present Meet

ith its vast countryside, mall villages and large cities that offer all kinds of activities, Quebec is a region that will please everyone. The lakes, rivers mountain and falls sit right next to the historical cities and towns, which makes it a very diversified and inviting region.

To all DWCV Batch 83, my Mom and Sis. Como Esteis.Todos - Virgie Pinto from Spain

Kumusta kayo amin dita, nangruna kadagiti kakabagyan ken gagayyem dita An-annam Bantay, Ilocos Sur. - Eddie & Melodie Pagaoa from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regards to all my kababayan, especially Narvacaneos. Hope to see all my relatives soon. -Zenaida Cabanilla, from Portland,Oregon

To all my relatives and friends in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. Regards. -Milo & Celine Rabara Belarmino, from Las Vegas, Nevada

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