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Introduction to Management 301 Mid-Term Exam - Instructions

To assure an orderly and fairly administered exam the following procedures are to be followed for taking this exam. Failure to follow these procedures may result in substantial grading penalties or more serious consequences. These are detailed instructions. Please take time to fully understand the procedures and policies for taking this exam. They are designed to help you have the opportunity to take this exam with minimum distractions and with reasonable assurance of equity in treatment. Please let us know in advance if you do not understand or agree with any of these instructions. Your acceptance of an exam on exam day is your agreement to abide by these instructions and to be subject to the penalties and consequences described herein.

ID required to take the exam: You must bring your current Rutgers picture ID in order to take this exam. If you do not have a picture on your Rutgers ID (or it doesnt look anything like you) you will need to bring at least one other valid forms of identification to verify your identity. This must be a passport, drivers license, or other form of government issued identification. No exceptions! If you arrive without the required ID you will not be allowed to take the exam and you will be penalized a minimum of 10 points for any make-up exam you are given. No other forms of ID will be accepted. If you do not possess these valid forms of identification you must contact the instructor at least 48 hours prior to the exam to discuss how your identity will be validated on exam day. Arrival and seating: You must enter the auditorium through the lowest level entry doors. Do not enter through the mezzanine or second floor. There may be a line so cue up outside of the auditorium and down the hallway adjacent to the auditorium. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start in order to be assured you will have the full 50 minutes to complete the exam. We cannot guarantee you will be seated in time for the beginning of the exam unless you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the class. If you arrive late you will be required to complete the exam in the time remaining for those who did arrive on time. No exceptions. You must sit where the exam proctors direct you to sit. Do not move to another seat or your exam will be collected and you will lose 10 points for any make-up exam that may be allowed which is solely at the discretion of the instructor. Do not look at your exam until instructed to do so by the professor. Keep your exam turned face down on your desk until you are told you can begin. Reviewing the exam or answering questions prior to the start of the exam will result in a 10 point penalty to your exam score. Your exam must be your own work without any assistance: You must personally and solely complete the exam without the aid of any notes, verbal assistance, visual assistance from another or the aid of any electronic device other than your clicker. Do not exchange your exam with another student. This will be considered a violation of the academic integrity policy and

each student will receive an automatic F for the exam. There will be no make-up opportunity in this situation. Using another students clicker to take the exam is a violation of the academic integrity policy and will result in the student whose clicker was used receiving an F for the exam and being subject to further disciplinary action. The student who operated the clicker will also be subject to disciplinary action. There will be no make-up opportunity in this situation. All personal belongings, backpacks, books, etc. must be placed on the floor under your seat and be fully closed. Cellphones must be placed inside your backpacks, purse, or other bag that is on the floor. If a cellphone is visible during your exam your exam will be collected and you will not be allowed to complete the exam. Do not open or access your belongings for any reason once the exam begins. Take whatever pencils/pens/erasers or other materials you need to complete the exam out before you begin and place them visibly on the desk area. Accessing your personal belongings for any reason will result in a 10 point reduction in your exam grade or further penalties depending on the circumstances. Any make-up exam that may be allowed will be at the sole discretion of the instructor. The exam must be your work only without any assistance from anyone or anything else. Any violation of this requirement is a violation of the academic integrity policy and will subject the student to receiving an F on this exam and may result in further disciplinary action as determined by the instructor. Completion of the exam: There will be 50 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each on this exam and you will have 50 minutes to complete the exam unless you arrive late in which case you will only have the remaining time allowed for all students who arrived on time to complete your exam. You will complete the exam by entering your answer choices using your clickers and by marking your exam sheets. It is your responsibility to make sure your clicker is working properly and has fresh batteries for the exam. You are also responsible to make sure you have properly registered your clicker on Blackboard prior to the exam and that you have set your clicker to the right frequency code. The code for this class is 60. If you have received an absence notice for missing multiple classes this semester and you were present in those classes it may mean your clicker is not working properly. It is your responsibility to identify any issues with your clicker prior to the exam date. You will only be allowed to borrow a clicker if you present your malfunctioning clicker with the correct serial number to the TA. You may not borrow a clicker for the exam because you forgot your clicker! If you forget your clicker you may be required to take the make-up exam with a minimum 10 point penalty reduction in your exam score. No exceptions! Do not forget your clickers on exam day! You are required to have the correct clicker per the syllabus (no alternative clickers regardless of whether they worked previously during class or not they will not work for taking the exam!). Your clicker must be properly registered in blackboard under your name (no shared clickers), and you must have it with you at all times to complete the exam. If you experience a problem with your clicker during the exam immediately stand up and an exam proctor will assist you. If you did not bring the correct clicker as required in the syllabus you will be penalized a minimum of 10 points in your exam score.

IMPORTANT: In addition to entering your answer by clicker you must also mark your answer choice clearly on your exam sheets. The exam sheets will be used as a backup in case there are any technical problems with the clickers or there is a potential dispute regarding your submission. If you fail to clearly mark your answers on your exam sheet you will not be allowed to dispute your score as determined by your entries via clicker. You will receive whatever score was determined from your clicker entries even if that is zero (you will receive the minimum exam score of 60 points in this case). NOTE: We will not grade the exam sheets unless there is an apparent problem or a formal request from a student for review. We will not return corrected exams to students or review exam sheets with individual students. If you believe there was a significant error in your submission via the clicker and only if you believe the error was SIGNIFICANT, you must submit an email request for review directly to the instructor within 48 hours of the posting of the grades on Blackboard. If warranted, we will verify your score per the written exam sheet. If it turns out the difference between the clicker submission score and your exam sheet score is less than 5 points different you will lose 10 points from your lowest calculated grade (either the clicker or the exam sheet whichever is lower). This policy is to discourage requests for a scoring review that are not based on a belief of a significant error. It is your responsibility to enter your answers properly on the clicker. If you are not sure then stand up and a proctor will assist you. The review procedure is not available to students who run out of time entering answer choices from their exam sheet into the clicker. Remember you have only 48 hours to contest your exam score after your grade has been posted in Blackboard. After that time no review or adjustment will be made. When time is called at the end of the allowable exam period you must immediately put down your pencils and clickers and not make any further marks on your exam sheets or further entries on your clicker whatsoever. If you do make a mark on your exam or entry in your clicker after time has concluded you will be penalized 10 points (out of 100 possible points) in your exam grade or potentially forfeit your exam for repeated violations. Do not make the mistake of only marking scores on your exam sheet and waiting until the end of the exam period to enter answers on your clicker. If you run out of time to enter your answers on the clicker you will lose those points regardless of what questions you completed on your written exam. You must report a problem with entering answers with your clicker as soon as you discover that problem by standing up and waiting for assistance from a proctor. Completion of the Exam and Departure: Because of the seating arrangement in this auditorium you cannot leave as soon as you finish the exam. You must wait for a designated departure break to bring your exam to the appropriate desk and receive your ID card back and turn in your exam. There will be a brief departure break at 30 minutes and 40 minutes after the exam commences as well as at the conclusion of the exam (50 minutes). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE OTHER THAN DURING THE ANNOUNCED DEPARTURE BREAKS OR THE END OF THE EXAM EVEN IF YOU ARE SITTING ON THE AISLE OR NEAR THE AISLE. THIS IS DISRUPTIVE TO STUDENTS WHO ARE TRYING TO FINISH THEIR EXAMS. When a departure break is announced by the instructor - if you are finished with the exam you should stand up, quickly collect your belongings (do not open your bags), and move carefully to the aisle and immediately come to the appropriate desk to turn in your exam. Do not put your exam inside your bag, or open your bag for any reason, or show your exam to anyone as you are moving to the table. Do not look at any of your study materials. Keep your bags closed until you get outside of the classroom. Do not stop to talk to any students. Any violation of these procedures may result in a minimum 10 point penalty to your exam score.

You are not to make any further markings or changes to your exam once you stand-up at your seat. If you do make any markings on your exam after you stand up you will be penalized a minimum of 10 points or may be required to take a make-up exam at the instructors discretion. Any review and revision of your exam must be done at your seat and before you stand up to leave. If you are not sure you are done then wait for the next departure break before standing up. Once you turn in your exam you are to immediately depart the auditorium through the bottom exit doors. Do not remain in the auditorium once you turn in your exam and receive your ID back. Do not walk back to your seat or exit by the mid-level or upper doors. Your identity will be verified when you turn in your exam and your ID will be returned to you at that time. Do not give your exam to someone else to turn in. This is considered a violation of the academic integrity code and will result in serious consequences to you and the student who submits your exam. Be sure to personally hand your exam to the proctor and collect and verify that you received the correct ID back.

Other Policies and Restrictions: You may not leave the auditorium at any time or for any reason once you have been handed an exam or at any time during the exam period unless you have finished the exam and turned the exam in at the appropriate desk. Please plan accordingly. If it is necessary for you to leave the auditorium for any reason before you complete the exam you must turn in your exam before leaving the auditorium. In this circumstance and solely at the instructors discretion you may be allowed to take a make-up exam with at least a 10 point penalty or depending on the circumstances of your departure you may receive an F (60 points for this exam) if deemed appropriate by the instructor at his sole discretion. If you require special arrangements for this exam you must make those arrangements in advance with the appropriate student support services office here at Rutgers New Brunswick. Failure to do this in advance may result in you being unable to take this exam and receiving the minimum score of 60 points or you may incur a penalty of 10 points or more. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements in advance and for you to notify the appropriate offices of the exam date in advance in order for proper arrangements to be made. You will need to start the exam at the same time as the rest of the class. If you fail to show up for this exam for any reason other than a Rutgers authorized excused absence, and subject to the instructors sole discretion, you may be given either one opportunity to take a make-up exam or you may receive the minimum score of 60 points based on the instructors review of the circumstances of your absence. If you are allowed to take a make-up exam you will receive an automatic 10 point reduction in your exam score. No exceptions to this penalty will be granted except for fully documented cases and only when such cases are due to extreme circumstances beyond the control of the student. Make-up Exam: All decisions regarding penalties and eligibility for a make-up exam are made solely at the discretion of the instructor. As Always, your personal safety is your first priority. You should not take any action that could result in serious injury or worse in order to come to this exam on time. Use good

judgment! Worse case you may have to take this course again or incur some penalty points that is a much better option than engaging in high risk behavior that could result in a serious injury or other malady just so you can take this exam when scheduled. There will be only one make-up exam date for those who at the instructors sole discretion are eligible to take a make-up exam. If you cannot make the designated make-up exam date (only extreme exceptions will be considered) you will receive the minimum number of points for this exam (60 points out of 100 total points). NOTE: Any make-up exam will be considerably harder than the original exam. This is in fairness to those students who were properly prepared at the original exam date and therefore are not given additional time to prepare. When combined with any penalty points that may be incurred it will be very difficult to score well on the make-up exam. Final Comments: While these instructions, procedures and policies may seem harsh or bureaucratic - with the large number of students in this class these instructions are necessary to assure a fair and orderly process. I wish you well with your preparation and your completion of this exam. Please take advantage of the review session and office hours to gain assistance in your preparation. You may also send questions directly to the TAs via the course email system. Denis Hamilton 10/12/2013