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INTRODUCTION Language is a communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written

symbols !ccording to the "erriam#$ebster Dictionary, It is a system of words or signs that %eo%le use to e&%ress thoughts and feelings to each other It can be considered as a system %erha%s because it has its own rules and com%onents Language is indeed very im%ortant to us because by the use of this, we can ma'e almost everything %ossible Imagine a world without language (eo%le will be having a hard time to e&%ress their feelings and as a result, good communication is im%ossible Thus, we might say that without language, there is no clear communication) and without clear communication, there will be no develo%ment in the society Language varies de%ending on the geogra%hical location of a %lace and the cultural settings of a certain country *ome countries have the same language while others differ "igration and Colonialism are the mere factors for language variety +nglish is the third most s%o'en language in the world, ne&t to "andarin and *%anish It is also 'nown as the language of the learned and commonly used in business transactions, medical terminologies, %rofessional registers and so on +nglish, li'e other language, has its own set of al%habets, rules, and system This language is really that %owerful, not ,ust because of what I stated above, but also because it is used by countries with great colonial %ower li'e the -reat .ritain and the United *tates to influence smaller countries /or some nationalities, +nglish is a foreign language but for us, /ili%inos, we usually learn +nglish as our *econd language !s an advantage, studying other

languages, aside from +nglish, would be easy for us because we are already %racticed being bilingual $e, as +nglish ma,ors, are e&%ected to be at ease or fluent in this language and it0s our res%onsibility and right to 'now different varieties and accents of this generic language that %eo%le usually have .ut of course, aside from the +nglish language, we must also learn some foreign languages for our future benefits

.ac'ground of the *tudy !s %art of the *outheast !sian region, where most !sian economic com%etitions are active, we are challenged to have high com%etence when it comes to communication and fortunately, we were able to be good in this field li'e in the business +nglish because of numerous Call Center agents in the country !lthough +nglish is widely used to communicate with foreigners and some business transactions, there are some %oints in the career com%etitions to deal with some foreign languages in the world, mostly from those richest and most influential countries 1*outheast !sian "inisters, cha% 23 /oreign Language studies or /OL! is already offered in different Universities and Colleges here in the (hili%%ines, es%ecially those "anila *chools li'e /ar +astern University, !teneo de "anila, (hili%%ine Normal University, University of *anto Tomas, and even De La *alle University 1*outheast !sian "inisters, cha% 43 During the *%anish %eriod u% to the !merican and 5a%anese occu%ation in the country, most of the earliest *chools in the country offered /oreign Languages such as -erman, /rench,

-ree', 5a%anese, (ortuguese, and Latin to increase 'nowledge in !griculture, Theology, .iology, "edicine, 6istory, Culture, 7eterinary *cience, and Law In the University of the (hili%%ines 1U(3, the /lagshi% *chool of the country, they started to offer foreign languages way bac' in 2829, two years after the *chool0s foundation +uro%ean Languages, including *%anish, is the main %riority of the said University when it comes to foreign languages for they believe that western languages are the most influential and economically useful in the -lobe during those times 1:;!L<, %ar 23 In the *ituation of the (olytechnic University of the (hili%%ines 1(U(3, +nglish ma,ors tend to learn at least one language, aside from +nglish, throughout the degree =es, one to two languages only throughout the whole course and it is usually during the 5unior and *enior years That0s why we have to be mindful in choosing what language to study and what benefits we can get in learning these languages Unfortunately, in (U(, we only have limited %rofessors who can teach different languages and most of them, *%anish That0s why we always have a hard time in choosing our %referred language In this study, which %rimarily focuses on the /oreign Languages study alone, we will find out what s%ecific foreign language is %referred by the ma,ority of /irst year +nglish ma,ors and how does this affect their future careers