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; Civil Engineering SUBDISCIPLINES JOURNALS BOOKS SERIES TEXTBOOKS REFERENCE WORKS Analysis of Shells and Plates Analysis of Shells and Plates Gould, Phillip L. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988, XIII, 491 pp. 164 figs. Read online on SpringerLink Available Formats: eBook Information 67,82 (gross) price for India ISBN 978-1-4612-3764-8 digitally watermarked, no DRM Included Format: PDF download immediately after purchase learn more about Springer eBooks add to marked items Add to cart Softcover Information 79,95 ABOUT THIS TEXTBOOK BUY CHAPTER This graduate level text presents a unified treatment of the engineering theorie s of plates and shells with an emphasis on fundamental engineering aspects. Key features include: - the use of concise yet clear vector notation - the employmen t of complementary mathematical and physical approaches - the discussion of fund amental and important classical problems Designed for courses on engineering str uctures in departments of civil, mechanical, and engineering mechanics. Content Level Research Related subjects Civil Engineering TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction.- 1.1 Role of the Theory of Elasticity.- 1.2 Engineering Theorie s.- 1.3 Load Resistance Mechanisms.- 1.4 References.- 1.5 Exercises.- 2. Geometr y.- 2.1 Curvilinear Coordinates.- 2.2 Middle Surface Geometry.- 2.3 Unit Tangent Vectors and Principal Directions.- 2.4 Second Quadratic Form of the Theory of S

urfaces.- 2.5 Principal Radii of Curvature.- 2.6 Gauss-Codazzi Relations.- 2.7 G aussian Curvature.- 2.8 Specialization of Shell Geometry.- 2.9 References.- 2.10 Exercises.- 3. Equilibrium.- 3.1 Stress Resultants and Couples.- 3.2 Equilibriu m of the Shell Element.- 3.3 Equilibrium Equations for Shells of Revolution.- 3. 4 Equilibrium Equations for Plates.- 3.5 Nature of the Applied Loading.- 3.6 Ref erences.- 3.7 Exercises.- 4. Membrane Theory.- 4.1 Simplification of the Equilib rium Equations.- 4.2 Applicability of Membrane Theory.- 4.3 Shells of Revolution .- 4.4 Shells of Translation.- 4.5 References.- Appendix 4A. Summary of Surface Loading and Stress Resultants for Quasistatic Seismic Loading on Hyperboloidal S hells of Revolution.- 4.6 Exercises.- 5. Deformations.- 5.1 General.- 5.2 Displa cement.- 5.3 Strain.- 5.4 Strain-Displacement Relations for Shells of Revolution .- 5.5 Strain-Displacement Relations for Plates.- 5.6 References.- 5.7 Exercises .- 6. Constitutive Laws, Boundary Conditions, and Displacements.- 6.1 Constituti ve Laws.- 6.2 Boundary Conditions.- 6.3 Membrane Theory Displacements.- 6.4 Refe rences.- 6.5 Exercises.- 7. Energy and Approximate Methods.- 7.1 General.- 7.2 S train Energy.- 7.3 Potential Energy of the Applied Loads.- 7.4 Energy Principles and Rayleigh-Ritz Methods.- 7.5 Galerkin Method.- 7.6 References.- 7.7 Exercise s.- 8. Bending of Plates.- 8.1 Governing Equations.- 8.2 Rectangular Plates.- 8. 3 Circular Plates.- 8.4 Plates of Other Shapes.- 8.5 Energy Method Solutions.- 8 .6 Extensions of the Theory of Plates.- 8.7 Instability and Finite Deformation.8.8 References.- 8.9 Exercises.- 9. Shell Bending and Instability.- 9.1 General .- 9.2 Circular Cylindrical Shells.- 9.3 Shells of Revolution.- 9.4 Shells of Tr anslation.- 9.5 Instability and Finite Deformations.- 9.6 References.- 9.7 Exerc ises.- 10. Conclusion.- 10.1 General.- 10.2 Proportioning.- 10.3 Future Applicat ions of Thin Shells.- 10.4 References. SERVICES FOR THIS BOOK Download Product Flyer Download High-Resolution Cover NEW BOOK ALERT Get alerted on new Springer publications in the subject area of Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics. Your E-Mail Address SUBMIT RECOMMENDED BOOKS Proofs from THE BOOK Proofs from THE BOOK Author Aigner, Martin (et al.) Price from 32,12 An Introduction to Statistical Learning An Introduction to Statistical Learning Author James, Gareth (et al.) Price from 51,16 Dubbel Dubbel Editor Grote, Karl-Heinrich (et al.) Price from 62,99 The Algorithm Design Manual The Algorithm Design Manual Author Skiena, Steven S Price from 51,16 Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Author Lakowicz, Joseph R. Price from 67,82 BACK NEXT 1/2 Help|Login|Contact|Shopping cart|About us|Terms & conditions, revocation|Impress um|Privacy statement|Sitemap

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