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Student Undertaking

I BHUVAN VYAS have completed the Summer Training Project titled REEBOK under the guidance o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the partial ul illment o the re"uirement or the a#ard o degree o Bachelor o Bu$ine$$ Admini$tration o BVU , S%&' Academic Stud( )enter BVI*+' Ne# %elhi, Thi$ i$ an original piece o #or. I have neither copied and nor $u/mitted it earlier el$e#here,

Students Signature


The pre$ent #or- i$ an e ort to thro# $ome light on REEBOK. The #or- #ould not have /een po$$i/le to come to the pre$ent $hape #ithout the a/le guidance' $upervi$ion and help to me /( num/er o people,

0ith deep $en$e o gratitude I ac-no#ledge the encouragement and guidance received /( m( project guide !!!!!!!!!!!!!and other $ta mem/er$ o REEBOK.

I conve( m( heart ul a ection to all tho$e people #ho helped and $upported me during the cour$e' or completion o m( Project +eport,


A hallmar- o an( premier /u$ine$$ $chool i$ it$ #illingne$$ and a/ilit( to con$tantl( e1plore and implement ne# idea$ and practice$ in the ield o management education, In$titute con$tantl( reorient$ their program$ in order to -eep a/rea$t o changing development, The initial interaction /et#een $chool $tudent$ and indu$tr( ta-e$ place #hen the $tudent$ undergo project i$ u$uall( or -no#ing the proce$$ or recruitment' $election' indu$trial relation$ . training o that in$titution, It i$ o ten the e1po$ure to corporate culture that a $tudent receive$' particularl( true or $tudent$ #ithout prior #ore1perience, %uring m( training at +&&B23' I #a$ ta-en project on recruitment' $election . training polic( o +&&B23, The main purpo$e o the $tud( i$ to -no# the policie$ o the /an- regarding recruitment' $election . training' #hich helped me in gaining -no#ledge a/out the di erent #or-ing pattern o di erent department$ o the compan(,

age n".




+ee/o- i$ an American7in$pired' glo/al /rand that create$ and mar-et$ $port$ and li e$t(le product$ /uilt upon a $trong heritage and authenticit( in $port$' itne$$ and #omen8$ categorie$, The /rand i$ committed to de$igning product$ and mar-eting program$ that re lect creativit( and the de$ire to con$tantl( challenge the $tatu$ "uo,

REEBOK'S VISION !u$%i$$ing "tentia$ +ee/o- i$ dedicated to providing each and ever( athlete 7 rom pro e$$ional athlete$ to recreational runner$ to -id$ on the pla(ground 7 #ith the opportunit(' the product$' and the in$piration to achieve #hat the( are capa/le o , 0e all have the potential to do great thing$, A$ a /rand' +ee/o- ha$ the uni"ue opportunit( to help con$umer$' athlete$ and arti$t$' partner$ and emplo(ee$ ul ill their true potential and reach height$ the( ma( have thought un7reacha/le,

REEBOK'S MISSION A$&a's C(a$$enge and Lead t(r"ug( Creati)it' At +ee/o-' #e $ee the #orld a little di erentl( and throughout our hi$tor( have made our mar- #hen #e8ve had the courage to challenge convention, +ee/o- create$ product$ and mar-eting program$ that re lect the /rand8$ unlimited creative potential,

REEBOK'S POSITIONING Ce$e*rate #ndi)idua$it' in S+"rt and Li%e +ee/o- under$tand$ that people are' a/ove all' uni"ue, +ee/o-8$ po$itioning re lect$ thi$9 cele/rating the di$tinct "ualitie$ that ma-e people #ho the( are 7 their uni"ue point$ o vie#' their individual $t(le and their remar-a/le talent$ and

accompli$hment$, +ee/o- cele/rate$ their individualit(' their authenticit( and the courage it ta-e$ to orge their o#n path to greatne$$, 0hile $ome ma( call them cra:( or eccentric' +ee/o- call$ them vi$ionar( and original,

REEBOK'S PURPOSE T" E,+"&er G$"*a$ -"ut( t" !u$%i$$ t(eir "tentia$ )ommitment to )orporate +e$pon$i/ilit( i$ an important legac( and hallmar- o the +ee/o- /rand, 4or t#o decade$' Human +ight$' through the +ee/o- Human +ight$ program' #a$ the primar( ocu$ o thi$ e ort, +ee/o- ha$ e1panded on #hat had /een /uilt and created a 6lo/al )orporate )iti:en$hip plat orm #ith a purpo$e or the /rand that #ill help underprivileged' under$erved (outh around the #orld ul ill their potential and live health(' active live$,

REEBOK'S BRAND TERRITORY .a)ing !un Sta'ing in S(a+e Having 4un Sta(ing in Shape come$ to li e through a un' /old' provocative manner e1pre$$ed through re$h' e(e catching imager( $igned o #ith a uni"ue ;+ee#ord,; The tone and manner allo#$ the con$umer to loo- at $port and li e$t(le through our len$ o ;+ee,;

Ree*"k #nternati"na$ Li,ited' a $u/$idiar( o the 6erman $port$#ear compan( Adida$' i$ a producer o athletic oot#ear' apparel' and acce$$orie$, The name come$ rom the A ri-aan$ $pelling o rhe/o-' a t(pe o A rican antelope or ga:elle, In <=>? in Holcom/e Broo-' a $mall village @ mile$ north ea$t o Bolton' &ngland' Ao$eph 0illiam 4o$ter #a$ ma-ing a living producing regular running $hoe$ #hen he came up #ith the idea to create a novelt( $pi-ed running $hoe, A ter hi$ idea$ progre$$ed he joined #ith hi$ $on$' and ounded a $hoe compan( named /.W. !"ster and S"ns in <=>B,CDE

In <>@?' t#o o the ounder;$ grand$on$ Aoe and Ae

4o$ter renamed the compan(

Ree*"k in &ngland' having ound the name in a dictionar( #on in a race /( Aoe 4o$ter a$ a /o(9 the dictionar( #a$ South A rican edition hence the $pelling, CFE The compan( lived up to the A,0, 4o$ter legac(' manu acturing ir$t7cla$$ oot#ear or cu$tomer$ throughout the U3, In <>G>' Paul 4ireman' a US $porting good$ di$tri/utor' $a# a pair o +ee/o-$ at an international trade $ho# and negotiated to $ell them in North America,CDE Human right$ and production detail$

+ee/o- #orld head"uarter$ in )anton In the pa$t' +ee/o- had an a$$ociation #ith out$ourcing through $#eat$hop$' /ut toda( it claim$ it i$ committed to human right$, In April D??H' +ee/o-;$ oot#ear divi$ion /ecame the ir$t compan( to /e accredited /( the 4air 5a/or A$$ociation, In D??H' +ee/o- al$o /ecame a ounding mem/er o the 4air 4actorie$ )learinghou$e' a non7pro it organi:ation dedicated to improving #or-er condition$ acro$$ the apparel indu$tr(, Su++$ier in%"r,ati"n, a00"rding t" t(e Ree*"k &e*site as "% Ma' 12234 I!""t&ear +ee/o- u$e$ oot#ear actorie$ in <H countrie$, *o$t actorie$ ma-ing +ee/o- oot#ear are /a$ed in A$ia J primaril( )hina Kaccounting or B<L o total oot#ear productionM' Indone$ia KD<LM' Vietnam K<GLM and Thailand KGLM, Production i$ con$olidated' #ith ==L o +ee/o- oot#ear manu actured in << actorie$' emplo(ing over GB'??? #or-er$, 5A++are$ +ee/o- ha$ actorie$ in HB countrie$, The proce$$ o purcha$ing product$ rom $upplier$ i$ organi:ed /( region, *o$t KBDLM o +ee/o-;$ apparel $old in the

United State$ i$ produced in A$ia' #ith the re$t coming rom countrie$ in the )ari//ean' North America' A rica and the *iddle &a$t, Apparel $old in &urope i$ t(picall( $ourced rom A$ia and &urope, Apparel $old in the A$ia Paci ic region i$ t(picall( produced /( A$ian7/a$ed manu acturer$, CeditE &ndor$ement$ [edit] North America The compan( hold$ e1clu$ive right$ to manu acture and mar-et /oth authentic and replica uni orm jer$e($ and $ideline apparel o the team$ o the National 4oot/all 5eague KN45M $ince D??D Kmar-eted a$ NFL EquipmentM' the )anadian 4oot/all 5eague K)45M $ince D??H' and i$ the o icial $hoe $upplier to the N45 and *ajor 5eague Ba$e/all K*5BM, The compan( al$o hold$ $pon$or$hip$ #ith *e1ican clu/ )hiva$ 6uadalajara9 Bra:ilian clu/$ )ru:eiro' Internacional' and SNo Paulo 4)9 and 6erman clu/ 4) 3Oln or the D??=P?> $ea$on, [edit] M

5ogo o Sidne( )ro$/( +/- S)=G line /( +ee/oIn addition' +ee/o- ac"uired o icial National Hoc-e( 5eague KNH5M $pon$or ))* in D??H' and i$ no# manu acturing ice hoc-e( e"uipment under the ))* and +ee/o/rand$' and ha$ $igned popular (oung $tar$ Sidne( )ro$/( and Ale1ander 2vech-in to endor$ement deal$ K)ro$/( or +ee/o-' 2vech-in or ))*M, +ee/o- ha$ pha$ed out the ))* name on NH5 authentic and replica jer$e($ in recent (ear$' u$ing the +ee/o- logo $ince D??B,

+ee/o- i$ al$o endor$ed /( 5e#i$ Hamilton' Allen Iver$on' Yao *ing' )arolina 3lQ t' AmRlie *aure$mo' Nicole VaidiSovT' Shahar Pe;er' Iv(' Thierr( Henr(' Vince Young' I-er )a$illa$' +(an 6igg$' Andri( Shevchen-o' and Amir 3han, E!ro"e

The +ee/o- Stadium in Hor#ich' Bolton The compan( maintain$ it$ relation$hip #ith it$ origin$ in the U3 through a long7term $pon$or$hip deal #ith Bolton 0anderer$' a Premier 5eague oot/all clu/, 0hen the team moved to a /rand ne# ground in the late7<>>?$' their ne# home #a$ named the +ee/o- Stadium, Several other &ngli$h clu/$ had +ee/o- $pon$or$hip deal$ up until the purcha$e /( Adida$' /ut mo$t have $ince $#itched to either the parent /rand K#hich ha$ a long hi$tor( in oot/allM or another compan( altogether, In rug/( union' +ee/o- $pon$ored the 0ale$ national team until late D??=' #ho #on the 6rand Slam in the Si1 Nation$ )hampion$hip in that (ear' and the Ta$man *a-o$ in Ne# Uealand;$ dome$tic competition' the Air Ne# Uealand )up, In D??@' 4) Barcelona and 4rance $tri-er Thierr( Henr( Kthen pla(ing or Ar$enalM $igned a deal to join the "I Am What I Am" campaign on < Augu$t D??@, +(an 6igg$ ha$ al$o done "I Am What I Am" commercial$, Al$o' on < Augu$t' Andri( Shevchen-o $tarted hi$ endor$ement deal #ith the compan(, CHE A!#tra$ia In D??B' +ee/o- al$o $igned an e1clu$ive agreement to de$ign and $uppl( all eight team home and a#a( $trip$ or the ne# Au$tralian A75eague competition, Although not an e1pen$ive deal' thi$ partner$hip i$ pa(ing dividend$ or +ee/o-' due to the gro#ing popularit( o oot/all and the league in the area, An e$timated <DB'???

jer$e($ have /een $old in Au$tralia' a record or a $ingle league;$ $ale$ in a (ear or a $port$ manu acturer,CBE +ee/o- $pon$or$ our team$ in the Au$tralian 4oot/all 5eague' tho$e /eing the 6old )oa$t Sun$' the *el/ourne 4oot/all )lu/' the Port Adelaide 4oot/all )lu/ and the +ichmond 4oot/all )lu/, +ee/o- $pon$or$ the St 6eorge Illa#arra %ragon$ in the N+5,

+ee/o- adverti$ement in Ba$el I%dia +ee/o- $pon$ored $port$ -it$ or the great rich Indian Premier 5eague team$' $uch a$ the +o(al )hallenger$ Bangalore' 3ol-ata 3night +ider$' +aja$than +o(al$ and )hennai Super 3ing$ in the ir$t edition o the league held in D??=' ho#ever or the $econd edition held in D??> the $pon$or$hip$ included K+o(al )hallenger$ Bangalore' 3ol-ata 3night +ider$' )hennai Super 3ing$' 3ing$ VI Punja/M -it$,

T!r&e' 0hen +ee/o- #a$ ir$t introduced to the Tur-i$h mar-et during the late <>=?$' a-e ver$ion$ o the $hoe under the name RecebOk #ere produced and illegall( $old in the $treet /a:aar$, The /igge$t rival o +ece/2- in the #ee-l( and amou$ ITue$da( Ba:aarI KSalW Pa:arWM o the 3adW-O( di$trict #a$ Adadas' the a-e ver$ion o +ee/o-;$ $i$ter /rand,

No%(S"ort# +apper Aa(7U /ecame the ir$t non7athlete to get a $ignature $hoe rom +ee/o-, The "S. Carter Co ection b! Rbk" #a$ launched on D< Novem/er D??F and the S. Carter $nea-er /ecame the a$te$t7$elling $hoe in the compan(;$ hi$tor(,C@E 5ater' +ee/omade a deal #ith rapper B? )ent to relea$e a line o "#$nit $nea-er$ and arti$t$ li-e Nell( and *iri Ben7Ari have /ecome $po-e$per$on$ or the compan(, +ee/o- al$o $igned Scarlett Aohan$$on and introduced her o#n line o apparel and oot#ear called Scar ett %earts' an Rbk Li&est! e Co ection, +ecent ne#$

In D??>' +ee/o- launched AU3A+I 4it to 4l(' an innovative g(m #or-out de$igned or all #omen #ith one $ingle o/jective P to ma-e itne$$ or #omen un again, AU3A+I' the re$ult o a long7term relation$hip /et#een +ee/o- and the glo/all( reno#ned entertainment compan(' )ir"ue du Soleil' i$ an hour7 long #or-out that #a$ created on a $peciall(7de$igned piece o e"uipment called the 4l(Set' #hich give$ the $en$ation o l(ing #hile $trengthening and lengthening the /od( through cardio' $trength' /alance and core training, AU3A+I launched in top g(m$ in ourteen citie$ around the #orld including Hong 3ong' *e1ico )it(' *adrid' 5ondon' 3ra-o#' *unich' Seoul' 3uala 5umpur' Bueno$ Aire$' Santiago' *ontreal' 5o$ Angele$' Bo$ton' and Ne# Yor-, To complement AU3A+I 4it to 4l(' +ee/o- al$o created t#o collection$ o #omen8$ itne$$ apparel and oot#ear called 2n the *ove and the +ee/o-7 )ir"ue du Soleil collection, Both line$ con$i$t o product$ that can /e #orn or a range o itne$$ di$cipline$' rom running to (oga' AU3A+I 4it to 4l(' to tenni$, All #ere developed and de$igned #ith a deep under$tanding and -no#ledge o the uni"ue #a( a #oman8$ /od( move$,

In D??>' +ee/o- launched the &a$(Tone oot#ear collection that allo#$ con$umer$ to ta-e the g(m #ith them, The &a$(Tone technolog( involve$ t#o /alance pod$ under the heel and ore oot o the $hoe that create a natural in$ta/ilit( #ith ever( $tep' #hich +ee/o- claim$ orce$ the mu$cle$ to adapt and develop tone,

In April D??= +ee/o- launched it;$ online $tore in U3 and 4rance C<E, In Aanuar( D??> +ee/o- had e1tended the $tore to 6erman(' Au$tria' Netherland$' Belgium and Ireland and had al$o introduced Your+ee/o- P an application to de$ign (our o#n +ee/o-$ CDE,

4or the D??=P?> $ea$on' +ee/o- created the +ee/o- &dge D uni orm $($tem' or National Hoc-e( 5eague;$ pla(er$, The league adopted the jer$e( and no# all team$ $port the ne# $t(le or /oth their home and a#a( jer$e($,

In Aul( D??G' +ee/o- launched it$ 5i e$t(le 4oot#ear )ollection in a$$ociation #ith %add( Yan-ee;$ ne# al/um, In %ecem/er D??G' +ee/o- launched the 62A5 )ollection o oot/all gear on the relea$e o the Indian oot/all movie %han %hana %han 6oal,

In Aune D??G' +ee/o- announced Scarlett Aohan$$on on it$ arra( o /rand am/a$$ador$, Aohan$$on promote$ the Scarlett ;Heart$; +/-I collection' a ; a$hion7 or#ard' athletic7in$pired; oot#ear targeted at the Indian mar-et,

4or the D??GX?= $ea$on' the National Hoc-e( 5eague introduced a ne# uni orm $($tem league7#ide' de$igned and manu actured /( +ee/o- and called +ee/o- &dge, The ne# uni orm$ include ne# a/ric$ #hich are $aid to repel #ater and $#eat more e ectivel(, *o$t pla(er$ have avoided comment' /ut $ome have commented that the &dge $($tem;$ improved #ater repelling a/ilitie$ lead$ to glove$ and $-ate$ /ecoming $aturated and uncom orta/le during pla(,

In late D??@' a court ca$e /egan /et#een 5iverpool 4)' the #inner$ o the D??B U&4A )hampion$ 5eague #hile #earing +ee/o-;$ -it' and +ee/o-, +ee/o- claimed that 5iverpool co$t them YGm /ecau$e o a dela( in con irming the rene#al o the )arl$/erg $pon$or$hip deal' #hich meant a dela( in relea$ing the a#a( $hirt or D??BX?@ Kthe la$t that +ee/o- #ould ma-e or themMThe -it that #a$ eventuall( relea$ed #a$ ver( $imilar to the a#a( -it or D??FX?H, 5iverpool $u/$e"uentl( $#itched to Adida$ or their o icial -it ollo#ing Adida$; ac"ui$ition o +ee/o-,

In Novem/er D??@' the National Ba$-et/all A$$ociation and 0omen;$ National Ba$-et/all A$$ociation $#itched rom +ee/o- to Adida$ /randing on authentic and replica jer$e($ /ecau$e that /rand i$ /etter -no#n out$ide North America and the U3,

In 2cto/er D??@ +ee/o- launche$ it$ ir$t /log' I am #hat I am in Spani$h, 2n *arch DF' D??@' +ee/o- recalled F??'??? charm /racelet$ that contained e1tremel( high level$ o lead, The /racelet ha$ a heart pendant at the end that i$ printed #ith the name I+ee/o-,I It allegedl( cau$ed the lead poi$oning death o a H7(ear7old child #ho $#allo#ed it,

In Augu$t D??B' one o the compan(;$ large$t rival$' Adida$' announced that it #ould ac"uire +ee/o- or ZF,= /illion, The deal #a$ completed in Aanuar( D??@,C>E

ENVIRONMENT AT )EAD*UARTERS E%er+' o%#!m"tio% The B??'??? $"uare oot +ee/o- #orld head"uarter$ acilit(' located in )anton' *a$$achu$ett$' incorporate$ man( energ( e icient $($tem$, Thi$ acilit( #a$ completed in <>>> and ta-e$ advantage o energ( con$umption reduction technologie$ in the lighting' heating and cooling $($tem$, Additional energ( reduction $tep$ have /een ta-en $ince it$ completion, & icient u$e o energ( re$ource$ reduce$ our co$t$ and re$pect$ the need$ o uture generation$, In D??F7D??H at +ee/o-8$ 0orld Head"uarter$ and it$ %i$tri/ution )enter$ energ( e icient e"uipment upgrade$ to the heating and cooling $($tem$ and lighting i1ture$ $aved nearl( D* -0h and ZD??'??? annuall(, +ee/o- ha$ al$o in$talled environmentall( riendl( carpeting' #hich #a$ manu actured at $ite$ u$ing $olar po#er,

REA ) Through +each' the +ee/o- &mplo(ee )harita/le program' the /rand i$ committed to empo#ering and encouraging +ee/o- emplo(ee$ to get involved and ma-e a po$itive di erence in their communitie$, Through mode$t inancial +each grant$ made availa/le to +ee/o-8$ ull time emplo(ee$ or "uali ied non7pro it organi:ation$ Kre$triction$ appl(M' the compan( invite$ it$ emplo(ee$ to reach /e(ond their o#n per$onal mean$ to $upport a cau$e that i$ important to them and their amil(,

&mplo(ee$ /a$ed in the U,S, ma( al$o appl( or +ee/o- product donation$ to /e u$ed or auction$ or ra le$ held during undrai$ing event$ or "uali ied non7pro it organi:ation$

OMMUNITY RE,ATIONS +ee/o- /elieve$ that a $trong and con$i$tent pre$ence in communitie$ around the #orld i$ imperative and' a$ $uch' the /rand i$ committed to $upporting communit( and philanthropic program$ that ma-e a po$itive di erence in the live$ o (outh and the under$erved, +ee/o-8$ communit( outreach e ort$ are primaril( ocu$ed on the communitie$ in #hich it$ emplo(ee$ live and the /rand operate$, A /rand8$ e1ternal reputation i$ onl( a$ good a$ it$ people and engaging emplo(ee$ out in the communit( ha$ /een the oundation o +ee/o-8$ outreach e ort$, &mplo(ee$ con$i$tentl( volunteer their time and energ( at man( communit( project$ #hich /ene it the organi:ation and it$ mem/er$ and provide invalua/le per$onal $ati$ action to the emplo(ee volunteer$, Through it$ communit( relation$ e ort$' +ee/o- al$o recogni:e$ and than-$ individual$ #ho are al$o committed to empo#ering (outh to ul ill their potential, A$ $uch' the /rand $pon$or$ program$ that e1pre$$ that appreciation in #a($ that are delight ull( une1pected and a treat or the entire amil([

T)E REEBOK -OUNDATION The +ee/o- 4oundation #a$ ormed in <>=@ to ocu$ and e1pand on +ee/o-8$ commitment to $ociall( re$pon$i/le action, 0e have #or-ed #ith more that B?? non7 pro it organi:ation$, A$ a crucial component o +ee/o-8$ 6lo/al )orporate )iti:en$hip Plat orm' the +ee/o- 4oundation ocu$e$ it$ philanthrop( in communitie$ #here +ee/o-8$ o ice$ are located, The 4oundation $trive$ to promote $ocial and economic e"ualit( /( unding non7pro it organi:ation$ delivering program$ aimed at inner7cit( (outh and under$erved group$ to empo#er (outh to ul ill their potential P program$ that provide (outh #ith the tool$ the( need to lead health(' happ( and active$ live$, +ee/o- al$o encourage$ it$ U,S, emplo(ee$ to ma-e charita/le contri/ution$ through the 4oundation8$ *atching 6i t Program' #hich dou/le$ emplo(ee$8 charita/le gi t$ up to Z<'B?? per emplo(ee per (ear,

REEBOK . REA, +ee/o- H +eal i$ our )orporate )iti:en$hip plat orm and encompa$$e$ our -e( area$\ Philanthrop(' Programming' Partner$hip$ and Su$taina/ilit(

(i$ant(r"+'4 The +ee/o- 4oundation ocu$e$ it$ philanthrop( in communitie$ #here +ee/o-8$ o ice$ are located, The 4oundation $trive$ to promote $ocial and economic e"ualit( /( unding non7pro it organi:ation$ delivering program$ aimed at inner7cit( (outh and under$erved group$ to empo#er (outh to ul ill their potential P program$ that provide (outh #ith the tool$ the( need to lead health(' happ( and active$ live$,

r"gra,,ing4 0e o er a #ide range o programming de$igned to in$pire and engage our emplo(ee$ including time o Student Advocate Program, artners(i+s4 0e $ee- partner$hip$ #hich re lect our commitment to /eing re$pon$i/le and ma-ing a di erence, The$e colla/oration$ include #or-ing #ith our athlete$ and a$$et$ and an active $pon$or$hip o the Avon 0al- or Brea$t )ancer, Sustaina*i$it'4 0e ta-e pride in our long $tanding e ort$ to $et re$pon$i/le #or-place $tandard$ and to reduce our impact on the environment, A$ part o the adida$ 6roup' #e continue to help en$ure air' $a e and health( actor( condition$ and /elieve that all #or-er$ involved in the production proce$$ de$erve to /e treated #ith dignit( and re$pect, 0e al$o $trive to reduce our environmental impact$ through our de$ign proce$$' da(7to7da( operation$ and in our $uppl( chain, 2ur multi7 aceted approach allo#$ u$ to evolve and re$pond in our /rand8$ uni"ue $t(le to the ever changing' comple1 need$ o the modern #orld, REEBOK'S SENIOR ,EADERS)IP TEAM to volunteer' matching gi t program$' the +&A)H product donation program and through the +ee/o-H+eal Human +ight$

The mem/er$ o the $enior leader$hip team o +ee/o- International 5td,' led /( Uli Bec-er' #or- clo$el( together to manage the /rand8$ glo/al operation$ and $trategic program$ around the #orld, The team i$ re$pon$i/le or #or-ing #ith their re$pective

group$ to reali:e the /rand8$ mi$$ion to Al#a($ )hallenge and 5ead Through )reativit(' and it$ vi$ion' 4ul illing Potential,

+ee/o- i$ a great /rand #ith out$tanding a$$et$, +ee/o-8$ mo$t important a$$et$ are it$ people, The dedicated individual$ #ho ma-e up the /rand8$ $enior leader$hip team are\ Uli Bec-er' Pre$ident %avid Ba1ter' Pre$ident' Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion Aim 6a/el' North America Bill Holme$' Human +e$ource$ 3atrin 5e(' Brand Strateg( and Bu$ine$$ %evelopment )harlie *aurath' Head o 5atin America %ave *i$chler' Head o +ee/o- A$ia Paci ic *att 2;Toole' *ar-eting Aohn 0arren' )hie 4inancial 2 icer and 6eneral *anager' Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion

U$i Bec&er/ Pre#ide%t/ Ree0o& Bra%d Uli Bec-er i$ pre$ident o +ee/o- International 5td, Appointed to thi$ po$ition in *arch D??=' he i$ re$pon$i/le or the +ee/o- /rand8$ /u$ine$$ around the #orld' and report$ directl( to Her/ert Hainer' )hairman and )&2 o the adida$ 6roup, 4rom *a( D??@ until *arch D??=' Uli #a$ chie mar-eting o icer or the +ee/o/rand, In thi$ po$ition' Uli over$a# the +ee/o- 6lo/al *ar-eting group' #hich include$ product' $port$ and entertainment mar-eting' /rand mar-eting and pu/lic relation$, Prior to hi$ role a$ )*2' Uli #a$ the head o glo/al /rand mar-eting or the adida$

/rand and $erved a$ managing director o adida$ International B,V, in Am$terdam, At adida$' Uli #a$ re$pon$i/le or glo/al adverti$ing' media' e7mar-eting' mar-eting communication$' pu/lic relation$ and re$earch, Under Uli8$ leader$hip' adida$ /ecame one o the mo$t a#arded /rand$ in the creative #orld, In D??H' adida$ launched it$ ne# /rand thought and attitude' Impo$$i/le i$ Nothing' #hich #a$ met #ith /oth con$umer and critical acclaim around the glo/e, In D??<' Uli #a$ a$-ed to pioneer the adida$ Sport$t(le divi$ion' /a$ed in Portland' 2+, In D??D' he returned to &urope to ta-e on the role o head o glo/al /rand mar-eting, 4rom <>>= to D??<' Uli $erved a$ head o communication$ or adida$ 6erman(' over$eeing adverti$ing' pu/lic relation$' mar-eting communication$ and retail $trateg( or the /rand, Uli /egan hi$ career at adida$ in <>>?, &arl( in hi$ career he held variou$ mar-eting' product and /u$ine$$ development role$,

Da1id Ba2ter/ Pre#ide%t/ S"ort# ,ice%#ed Di1i#io% A$ pre$ident o the adida$ 6roup8$ Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion K ormerl( 2n4ieldM' %avid Ba1ter i$ re$pon$i/le or over$eeing all o +ee/o-8$ $port$ licen$ed product$ and partner$hip$ #ith the National 4oot/all 5eague and National Hoc-e( 5eague' and adida$8 partner$hip$ #ith the National Ba$-et/all A$$ociation' 0omen8$ National Ba$-et/all A$$ociation and National Ba$-et/all %evelopment 5eague, Under %avid8$ leader$hip' S5% leverage$ the$e 5eague partner$hip$ to $igni icantl( enhance /oth /rand$ and increa$e their vi$i/ilit(' one o the compan(8$ $trategic prioritie$, He report$ to /oth the Pre$ident o +ee/o- and )&2 o adida$, %avid joined +ee/o- in *arch D??< a$ $enior vice pre$ident and chie operating o icer o 2n4ield, Promoted to pre$ident o 2n4ield in 2cto/er D??D' %avid a$$umed additional re$pon$i/ilit( or leading the development and implementation o $trategie$

to achieve /rand and inancial o/jective$ or +ee/o-8$ Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion, 0ith the merger o +ee/o-8$ t#o apparel group$' 2n4ield and +ee/o- Apparel' in 2cto/er D??F' %avid #a$ named to the po$ition o pre$ident o +ee/o- Apparel, 4ollo#ing the ac"ui$ition o +ee/o- /( adida$' %avid #a$ promoted to hi$ current po$ition in 4e/ruar( D??@, %avid ha$ e1ten$ive $porting good$ and apparel indu$tr( e1perience, Prior to joining +ee/o-' he $erved a$ pre$ident o 5ogo Athletic, He joined 5ogo Athletic in <>>= a$ $enior vice pre$ident o Sale$ and *ar-eting' a ter $erving a$ director o apparel $ale$ or national account$ or adida$ America rom <>>B7<>>=, %avid /egan hi$ career in <>=D a$ a cler- and $tore manager or Hi//ett Sporting 6ood$, He #ent on to gain con$idera/le indu$tr( e1perience a$ /u(er or Sport$ a 4oot K<>>? P <>>DM and then a$ /u(er and divi$ional merchandi$e manager o apparel or Sport$ and +ecreation K<>>D P <>>BM' /oth o 4lorida, %avid ha$ t#ice /een $elected to Sport$ Bu$ine$$ Aournal8$ annual 4ort( under H? li$t' #hich recogni:e$ the mo$t in luential e1ecutive$ in the $port$ indu$tr( under the age o H?, A our7(ear trac- athlete in college' %avid enjo($ all $port$ and itne$$, A native o )hicago' he currentl( re$ide$ in Bo$ton,

3im Ga0e$/ Pre#ide%t/ Ree0o& North America Aim 6a/el i$ Pre$ident' +ee/o- North America' the /rand8$ large$t /u$ine$$ unit, Appointed to thi$ po$ition in *arch D??=' Aim i$ re$pon$i/le or all o the region8$ /rand operation$' including mar-eting' product merchandi$ing' $ale$' inance' operation$ and o#ned retail $tore$, He report$ directl( to the Pre$ident and )&2 o +ee/o- International 5td, Prior to joining +ee/o-' Aim #a$ Senior Vice Pre$ident' adida$ America' #here he #a$ re$pon$i/le or all /rand operation$ or adida$ and Ta(lor*ade7adida$ 6ol in )anada and or directing the t#o large$t $ale$ account$ team$ #ithin the U,S,

Prior to thi$ role' Aim #a$ Pre$ident' adida$ )anada 5td, #here he led the )anadian operation to our (ear$ o dou/le digit gain$, Under hi$ direction' adida$ )anada8$ pro it$ and annual revenue$ ro$e con$idera/l(, Aim joined adida$ in D??< a$ Vice Pre$ident' Sale$ . *ar-eting' adida$ )anada, Be ore joining the adida$ 6roup' Aim held $enior level po$ition$ at )hampion )anada and *i:uno )anada, Aim i$ a graduate o 0il rid 5aurier Univer$it( in 0aterloo' 2ntario, He currentl( re$ide$ in the Bo$ton area #ith hi$ #i e and three children,

)ead o4 )!ma% Re#o!rce#/ Ree0o& Bra%d Bill Holme$ i$ Head o Human +e$ource$ or the +ee/o- /rand #orld#ide, Appointed to thi$ po$ition in Aanuar( D??@' Bill i$ re$pon$i/le or Human +e$ource$ $upport or the +ee/o- organi:ation a$ #ell a$ aligning the H+ management practice$ #ith the $trategic direction o the compan(, Among hi$ re$pon$i/ilitie$ are talent management' organi:ational development' talent ac"ui$ition and emplo(ee relation$, Bill report$ to Uli Bec-er' Pre$ident and )&2 o +ee/o- International 5td' and *atthia$ *ale$$a' )hie Human +e$ource$ 2 icer or the adida$ 6roup, Since joining +ee/o- in <>>H' Bill ha$ held a variet( o Human +e$ource$ po$ition$ acro$$ all /u$ine$$ unction$ and divi$ion$' including +ee/o-' +oc-port' 6reg Norman )ollection' and the Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion KN45' NBA' NH5 and N)AAM, He /ring$ to hi$ role a $trong under$tanding o the +ee/o- /u$ine$$ and a pa$$ion or the con$umer good$ indu$tr(, Bill earned a B,A, rom Tu t$ Univer$it(, He and hi$ #i e' *ar(' live in H(de Par-' *A #ith their three children,

Katri% ,e' i# )ead o4 Bra%d Strate+'/ B!#i%e## De1e$o"me%t a%d 5ome%'# S"ort B!#i%e## U%it 3atrin 5e( i$ Head o Brand Strateg(' Bu$ine$$ %evelopment and 0omen;$ Sport Bu$ine$$ Unit or the +ee/o- /rand, 3atrin i$ re$pon$i/le or developing the /rand $trateg( and proce$$ that deliver$ again$t +ee/o-8$ mi$$ion and vi$ion, She and her team over$ee the area$ o Strategic Planning' )on$umer In$ight$ and 5icen$ing, 3atrin al$o i$ in charge o the Bu$ine$$ Unit 0omen8$ Sport' driving the /rand8$ 0omen8$ Sport /u$ine$$ acro$$ product' /rand mar-eting and the region$, 3atrin report$ directl( to +ee/o-8$ Pre$ident and )&2, 3atrin joined +ee/o- rom the Bo$ton )on$ulting 6roup KB)6M in D??G' #here $he led the adida$ and +ee/o- integration e ort a$ Project *anager, 3atrin joined B)6 in D??? and prior to B)6 $he held role$ at B*0 6roup' %aimler )hr($ler and 582real, In addition to #or-ing in /oth 6erman( and the U,S,' 3atrin ha$ al$o #or-ed in international capacitie$ in 4rance' S#eden and Argentina, A native o 6erman(' $he currentl( re$ide$ in *a$$achu$ett$,

)ead o4 ,ati% America A$ Head o 5atin America' )harlie *aurath ha$ overall re$pon$i/ilit( or the adida$ and +ee/o- $u/$idiarie$ and di$tri/utor$ in 5atin America, )harlie ha$ over$ight or 5atin America8$ $trategie$ and o/jective$ to en$ure long7 term productivit(' pro ita/ilit( and gro#th in each mar-et in 5atin America, )harlie #a$ appointed to thi$ po$ition in Novem/er D??F and added the +ee/o- /u$ine$$ to hi$ role in Aanuar( D??>,

)harlie ir$t joined adida$ in <>>? and in that time ha$ held variou$ role$ #ith increa$ing re$pon$i/ilit(, 4rom <>>? to <>>H' )harlie $erved a$ Area *anager or Scandinavia and 5atin America9 rom<>>H to <>>>' he #a$ /a$ed in Bang-o- a$ *anaging %irector or adida$ Thailand9 in <>>> he moved to Stoc-holm #here he held the po$ition o *anaging %irector' S#eden and tran$itioned to the role o Head o Area Nordic in D???' a po$ition he held until D??F, Prior to joining adida$' )harlie held po$ition$ #ith &a$tman 3oda- and 3or Stahl, )harlie ha$ a degree in Bu$ine$$ &conomic$ rom 4achhoch$chule uer 0irt$cha t' P or:heim in 6erman(,

Da1id Mi#ch$er/ )ead o4 Ree0o& A#ia Paci4ic A$ head o +ee/o- A$ia Paci ic' %avid *i$chler i$ re$pon$i/le or the /u$ine$$ management o +ee/o-8$ A$ia Paci ic /u$ine$$e$ including $ale$' operation$' mar-eting and retail in the countrie$ in the A$ia Paci ic geographic region including Aapan' 3orea' India' )hina' Hong 3ong' Tai#an' Thailand' Singapore' *ala($ia' Philippine$' Indone$ia' Au$tralia' Ne# Uealand and South A rica, %avid #a$ appointed to thi$ po$ition in 4e/ruar(' D??G, Prior to hi$ appointment' %avid $erved a$ vice pre$ident' +I5 Suppl( )hain' #here he #a$ re$pon$i/le or over$eeing oreca$ting' logi$tic$' cu$tom$' inventor( management and di$tri/ution or all +I5 divi$ion$ including +ee/o-' +oc-port' The Hoc-e( )ompan( and 6reg Norman )ollection, Appointed to thi$ po$ition in D??F' %avid managed an 2P&V re$pon$i/ilit( o appro1imatel( ZGB million and #a$ accounta/le or <D direct report$ and appro1imatel( <'F?? total ull7time emplo(ee$, %avid joined +ee/o- in <>=@ a ter graduating rom 0e$t ield State )ollege #ith a

degree in /u$ine$$ management and accounting, He $pent the ir$t $even (ear$ o hi$ career in the accountingX inance area #or-ing in a variet( o po$ition$ that culminated in hi$ po$ition a$ director o inance' +T4& in Hong 3ong, The ne1t <? (ear$ o %avid8$ career involved a tran$ition to the #orld o product creation' ir$t #ith re$pon$i/ilit( or product co$ting' material$ development' and la/ management' culminating in a our7(ear a$$ignment in A$ia a$ director o material$ in Pu$an' South 3orea and then a$ countr( manager o Thailand, In D??<' %ave returned to the U,S, and #a$ promoted to the po$ition o vice pre$ident' oot#ear product development, Hi$ accounta/ilitie$ included managing the development and engineering unction or the entire +ee/o- oot#ear line a$ #ell a$ the re$earch and technical team$, %uring thi$ time' +ee/o- launched the $ucce$$ ul +/- divi$ion' including the $ucce$$ ul A/ove The +im /a$-et/all line' the Premier per ormance running line' and gre# their )la$$ic$ /u$ine$$ more than DBL, %avid currentl( re$ide$ in Hong 3ong #ith hi$ #i e and three children,

Matt O'Too$e/

hie4 Mar&eti%+ O44icer/ Ree0o& Bra%d *att 28Toole i$ chie mar-eting o icer or the +ee/o- /rand, Appointed to thi$ po$ition in *arch D??=' *att over$ee$ the +ee/o- 6lo/al *ar-eting group' #hich include$ glo/al product' /rand mar-eting and $port$ and trend mar-eting, In addition' *att over$ee$ the +ee/o-7))* Hoc-e( /u$ine$$, He report$ directl( to the Pre$ident and )&2 o +ee/o- International 5td,

Prior to a$$uming hi$ current role' *att #a$ pre$ident o +ee/o- North America' the /rand8$ large$t /u$ine$$ unit, He #a$ re$pon$i/le or all o the region8$ /rand operation$' including mar-eting' product merchandi$ing' $ale$' inance' operation$ and o#ned retail $tore$, *att ha$ a long and $ucce$$ ul trac- record in the $port$ indu$tr(, Be ore coming to +ee/o-8$ )anton head"uarter$ a$ pre$ident o +ee/o- North America' he #a$ pre$ident and )&2 o +ee/o-7))* Hoc-e( K ormerl( The Hoc-e( )ompan(M and +ee/o- )anada, At +ee/o-7))*' he #a$ re$pon$i/le or creating the indu$tr(8$ mar-et leader through creative mar-eting' innovative product$' $trong cu$tomer relation$hip$' and an unparalleled partner$hip #ith the National Hoc-e( 5eague and hoc-e(8$ top pla(er$, A$ pre$ident o +ee/o- )anada' *att #a$ re$pon$i/le or the management o the +ee/o- /rand8$ /u$ine$$ in )anada, In Aune D??H' +ee/o- International ac"uired The Hoc-e( )ompan( or ZFF? million and $oon a ter' under *att8$ direction' launched a ne# line o innovative hoc-e( product$ under the +/- /rand name, In D??B' +ee/o- )anada and The Hoc-e( )ompan( #ere integrated and *att #a$ cho$en to head the com/ined compan(, In D??G' The Hoc-e( )ompan( /ecame +ee/o-7))* Hoc-e(, Toda(' ninet(7nine percent o all NH5 pla(er$ u$e at lea$t one piece o +ee/o-7))* Hoc-e( e"uipment,

*att i$ a DB7(ear veteran o the $porting good$ indu$tr(, Prior to joining The Hoc-e( )ompan(' he $erved a$ vice7pre$ident o #orld#ide mar-eting and $ale$ or the Tomm( Armour X 2d($$e( 6ol )ompan(' a divi$ion o US Indu$trie$, Previou$l('

*att $pent ten (ear$ in mar-eting and $ale$ management at 0il$on Sporting 6ood$ )ompan(, 3oh% 5arre%/ hie4 -i%a%cia$ O44icer a%d Ge%era$ Ma%a+er/ S"ort#

,ice%#ed Di1i#io% Aohn 0arren $erve$ a$ )hie 4inancial 2 icer or the +ee/o/rand over$eeing all inancial operation$ or the +ee/o- /rand #orld#ide, Aohn #a$ re7appointed to thi$ po$ition in *arch o D??>, Aohn al$o hold$ the po$ition o 6eneral *anager or the Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion KS5%M, In thi$ role' he over$ee$ the da(7 to7da( operation$ o S5%, Aohn /ring$ more than D? (ear$ o proven $ucce$$ acro$$ a #ide range o di$cipline$ including inance' operation$' $ourcing' $trategic planning' e1ternal reporting' and merger$' licen$ing and ac"ui$ition$, He /ring$ valua/le pu/lic accounting and glo/al indu$tr( e1perience to +ee/o-, Aohn originall( held the )42 po$ition or +ee/o- rom <>>= to D??@ and al$o $erved a$ 6eneral *anager or +ee/o- 5atin America rom D??F to D??B, 4ollo#ing the ac"ui$ition o +ee/o- /( adida$' Aohn tran$itioned to the role o )hie 2perating 2 icer or the Sport$ 5icen$ed %ivi$ion, A$ )hie 2perating 2 icer' he #or-ed to leverage +ee/o- and adida$8 league relation$hip$ #ith the N45' NH5 and NBA, Prior to joining the +ee/o- /rand' Aohn $pent three (ear$ at The +oc-port )ompan(' Inc,' #here he $erved a$ the Vice Pre$ident o 4inance and )orporate )ontroller, At +oc-port' Aohn #a$ re$pon$i/le or all inancial matter$ including all $trategic and /u$ine$$ planning' inancial reporting and /u$ine$$ operation$, Be ore hi$ tenure at +oc-port' Aohn #a$ the )hie 4inancial 2 icer or *atri1 Technologie$ )orporation' a privatel( held manu acturer o li"uid handling in$trument$ or the medical indu$tr(, A$ )42' he managed all inancial and admini$trative matter$ or the corporation, In addition' Aohn #a$ re$pon$i/le or /an-ing and inve$tor relation$' oreign e1change ri$- management' ca$h management' ta1 reporting' human re$ource$' cu$tomer $ervice and acilit( management, He $erved

on the compan(8$ Board o %irector$ until it$ $ale in <>>>, Aohn /egan hi$ career at &rn$t and Young' $erving a$ Senior *anager during hi$<?7 (ear tenure, A$ a mem/er o the &ntrepreneurial Service$ 6roup' Aohn $peciali:ed in $erving privatel( held and emerging /u$ine$$e$, Hi$ e1perience$ include S&) reporting and iling re"uirement$' pu/lic e"uit( o ering$' inancial modeling and ac"ui$ition due diligence, Aohn i$ a cum laude graduate o Bo$ton )ollege' #here he received hi$ B,S, in Accounting in <>=D,



The term I,arketing ,i7I #a$ ir$t u$ed in <>BF #hen Neil Borden' in hi$ American *ar-eting A$$ociation pre$idential addre$$' too- the recipe idea one $tep urther and coined the term Imar-eting7mi1I, A prominent mar-eter' &, Aerome *c)arth(' propo$ed a H P cla$$i ication in <>@?' #hich ha$ $een #ide u$e, The our P$ concept i$ e1plained in mo$t mar-eting te1t/oo-$ and cla$$e$, 4our P;$ &lement$ o the mar-eting mi1 are o ten re erred to a$ ;the our P$;\

r"du0t 8 A tangi/le o/ject or an intangi/le $ervice that i$ ma$$ produced or manu actured on a large $cale #ith a $peci ic volume o unit$, Intangi/le product$ are $ervice /a$ed li-e the touri$m indu$tr( . the hotel indu$tr( or code$7/a$ed product$ li-e cellphone load and credit$, T(pical e1ample$ o a ma$$ produced tangi/le o/ject are the motor car and the di$po$a/le ra:or, A le$$ o/viou$ /ut u/i"uitou$ ma$$ produced $ervice i$ a computer operating $($tem, Pac-aging al$o need$ to /e ta-en into con$ideration, &ver( product i$ $u/ject to a li e7c(cle including a gro#th pha$e ollo#ed /( an eventual period o decline a$ the product approache$ mar-et $aturation, To retain it$ competitivene$$ in the mar-et' product di erentiation i$ re"uired and i$ one o the $trateg( to di erentiate rom it$ competitor$,

ri0e 9 The price i$ the amount a cu$tomer pa($ or the product, It i$ determined /( a num/er o actor$ including mar-et $hare' competition' material co$t$' product identit( and the cu$tomer;$ perceived value o the product, The /u$ine$$ ma( increa$e or decrea$e the price o product i other $tore$ have the $ame product,

$a0e 9 Place repre$ent$ the location #here a product can /e purcha$ed, It i$ o ten re erred to a$ the di$tri/ution channel, It can include an( ph($ical $tore a$ #ell a$ virtual $tore$ on the Internet, Place i$ not e1actl( a ph($ical $tore #here it i$ availa/le Place i$ nothing /ut ho# the product ta-e$ place or create image in the mind o cu$tomer$, It depend$ upon the perception o cu$tomer$,

r","ti"n repre$ent$ all o the communication$ that a mar-eter ma( u$e in the mar-etplace, Promotion ha$ our di$tinct element$\ adverti$ing' pu/lic relation$' per$onal $elling and $ale$ promotion, A certain amount o cro$$over occur$ #hen promotion u$e$ the our principal element$ together' #hich i$ common in ilm promotion, Adverti$ing cover$ an( communication that i$ paid or' rom cinema commercial$' radio and Internet advert$ through print media and /ill/oard$, Pu/lic relation$ are #here the communication i$ not directl( paid or and include$ pre$$ relea$e$' $pon$or$hip deal$' e1hi/ition$' con erence$' $eminar$ or trade air$ and event$, 0ord o mouth i$ an( apparentl( in ormal communication a/out the product /( ordinar( individual$' $ati$ ied cu$tomer$ or people $peci icall( engaged to create #ord o mouth momentum, Sale$ $ta o ten pla($ an important role in #ord o mouth and Pu/lic +elation$ K$ee Product a/oveM,

&1tended *ar-eting *i1 KF P$M No# a da($ three more P$ have /een added to the mar-eting mi1 namel( People' Proce$$ and Ph($ical &vidence, Thi$ mar-eting mi1 i$ -no#n a$ &1tended *ar-eting *i1,

People\ All people involved #ith con$umption o a $ervice are important, 4or e1ample #or-er$' management' con$umer$ etc Proce$$\ Procedure' mechani$m and lo# o activitie$ /( #hich $ervice$ are u$ed, Ph($ical &vidence\ The environment in #hich the $ervice or product i$ delivered' tangi/le are the one #hich help$ to communicate and intangi/le i$ the -no#ledge o the people around u$,

4our )$<in G)$ compa$$ model Thi$ $($tem i$ /a$icall( the our P$ CFE renamed and re#orded to provide a cu$tomer ocu$, The our )$ *odel provide$ a demandXcu$tomer centric ver$ion alternative to the #ell7-no#n our P$ $uppl( $ide model Kproduct' price' place' promotionM o mar-eting management,The 4our )$ model i$ more con$umer7oriented and attempt$ to /etter it the movement rom ma$$ mar-eting to $(m/iotic mar-eting, <, )ommodit(\K2riginal meaning o 5atin\ )ommodu$]convenientMthe product or the con$umer$ or citi:en$,a commodit( can al$o /e de$cri/ed a$ an ra# material $uch a$9 oil'metal ore$ and #heat' the price o the$e tend to change on a dail( /a$i$' due to the demand and $uppl( o the$e commoditie$, D, )o$t\K2riginal meaning o 5atin\ )on$tare] It ma-e$ $acri ice$Mproducing co$t' $elling co$t' purcha$ing co$t and $ocial co$t, F, )hannel\K2riginal meaning i$ a )analM4lo# o commodit( \ mar-eting channel$, H, )ommunication\K2riginal meaning o 5atin\)ommunio]$haring o meaningM mar-eting communication \ It doe$n;t promote the $ale$, K4rame#or- o )$ compa$$ modelM

K)<M\ )orporation and competitor \ The core o H)$ i$ corporation and organi:ation' #hile the core o HP$ i$ cu$tomer$ #ho are the target$ or attac-$ or de en$e$,

K)DM \ )ommodit(' K)FM \ )o$t' K)HM \ )hannel' K)BM \ )ommunication K)@M \ )on$umer KNeedle o compa$$ to )on$umerM

The actor$ related to cu$tomer$ ja i thin- $o too can /e e1plained /( the ir$t character o our direction$ mar-ed on the compa$$ model\ N ] Need$' 0 ] 0ant$' S ] Securit( and & ] &ducation Kcon$umer educationM,

K)GM \ )ircum$tance$ KNeedle o compa$$ to )ircum$tance$ M

In addition to the cu$tomer' there are variou$ uncontrolla/le e1ternal environmental actor$ encircling the companie$, Here it can al$o /e e1plained /( the ir$t character o the our direction$ mar-ed on the compa$$ model 777 N ] National and International )' 0]0eather' S ] Social and )ultural )' & ] &conomic K)ircum$tance$M, 4our )$D +o/ert 4, 5auter/orn propo$ed a our )$KDM cla$$i ication in <>>F,CHE The 4our )$ model i$ more con$umer7oriented and attempt$ to /etter it the movement rom ma$$ mar-eting to niche mar-eting, The Product part o the 4our P$ model i$ replaced /( C"nsu,er or )on$umer *odel$' $hi ting the ocu$ to $ati$ (ing the con$umer need$, Another ) replacement or Product i$ )apa/le, B( de ining o ering$ a$ individual capa/ilitie$ that #hen com/ined and ocu$ed to a $peci ic indu$tr(' create$ a cu$tom $olution rather than pigeon7holing a cu$tomer into a product, Pricing i$ replaced /( C"st re lecting the total co$t o o#ner$hip, *an( actor$ a ect )o$t' including /ut not limited to the cu$tomer;$ co$t to change or implement the ne# product or $ervice and the cu$tomer;$ co$t or not $electing a competitor;$ product or $ervice, Placement i$ replaced /( C"n)enien0e, 0ith the ri$e o internet and h(/rid model$ o purcha$ing' Place i$ /ecoming le$$ relevant, )onvenience ta-e$ into account the ea$e o /u(ing the product' inding the product' inding in ormation a/out the product' and $everal other actor$, 4inall(' the Promotion$ eature i$ replaced /( )ommunication #hich repre$ent$ a /roader ocu$ than $impl( Promotion$, )ommunication$ can include adverti$ing' pu/lic relation$' per$onal $elling' viral adverti$ing' and an( orm o communication /et#een the irm and the con$umer, the our P$ are Kproduct' promotion' price' placeM


^ ^

To /e$t po$ition (our practice' (ou need to develop a po#er ul and compelling uni"ue $elling propo$ition KUSPM, 0hat i$ a USP_ A uni"ue $elling propo$ition i$ a propo$ition that competitor$ cannot ma-e or have not made,

Under$tand the *ar-eting Place' Need$' 0ant$ . %emand %e$igning a )u$tomer %riven Strategie$ Prepare a *ar-eting Plan Building )u$tomer +elation$hip )apture value rom cu$tomer$ in return

;. Designing a Cust",er Dri)en Marketing Strateg'4

Their main $trateg( that the( $till ollo# toda( i$ the diver$i ication o product$ the( o er, According to cu$tomer8$ demand the( ma-e their $trategie$ /( -eeping ollo#ing point$ in mind9 0hich cu$tomer the( #ill $erve_

W(i0( 0ust",er t(e' &i$$ ser)e<

The( $erve their cu$tomer$ on the /a$e$ o income level' age through mar-et $egmentation, Their main $egment #hich the( ha$ captured are com/ination o higher income$ . dual career amilie$,

."& &i$$ t(e' ser)e t(ese 0ust",ers<

The( ul ill their cu$tomer8$ demand through9

Value propo$ition Po$itioning Uni"ue $elling propo$ition KUSPM


^ )ommitted to providing uncompromi$ing product "ualit( o ering cu$tomer$ the highe$t value or mone( . giving $ervice that i$ #arm' riendl( . per$onal, ^ The( al$o ollo# $ocial actor$ to maintain their image through corporate $ocial re$pon$i/ilit(,

?. Designing a Cust",er Dri)en Marketing Strateg'4

Their main $trateg( that the( $till ollo# toda( i$ the diver$i ication o product$ the( o er, According to cu$tomer8$ demand the( ma-e their $trategie$ /( -eeping ollo#ing point$ in mind9

Although $ome mar-eter$C#ho_E have added other P$' $uch a$ per$onnel and pac-aging' the undamental$ o mar-eting t(picall( identi ie$ the our P$ o the mar-eting mi1 a$ re erring to\ Product 7An o/ject or a $ervice that i$ ma$$ produced or manu actured on a large $cale #ith a $peci ic volume o unit$, A t(pical e1ample o a ma$$ produced $ervice i$ the hotel indu$tr(, A le$$ o/viou$ /ut u/i"uitou$ ma$$ produced $ervice i$ a computer operating $($tem, T(pical e1ample$ o a ma$$ produced o/ject$ are the motor car and the di$po$a/le ra:or, Price P The price i$ the amount a cu$tomer pa($ or the product, It i$ determined /( a num/er o actor$ including mar-et $hare' competition' material co$t$' product identit( and the cu$tomer;$ perceived value o the product, The /u$ine$$ ma( increa$e or decrea$e the price o product i other $tore$ have the $ame product, Place P Place repre$ent$ the location #here a product can /e purcha$ed, It i$ o ten re erred to a$ the di$tri/ution channel, It can include an( ph($ical $tore a$ #ell a$ virtual $tore$ on the Internet, Promotion P Promotion repre$ent$ all o the communication$ that a mar-eter ma( u$e in the mar-etplace, Promotion ha$ our di$tinct element$ 7 adverti$ing' pu/lic relation$' #ord o mouth and point o $ale, A certain amount o cro$$over occur$ #hen promotion u$e$ the our principal element$ together' #hich i$ common in ilm promotion, Adverti$ing cover$ an( communication that i$ paid or' rom televi$ion and cinema commercial$' radio and Internet advert$ through print media and /ill/oard$, 2ne o the mo$t nota/le mean$ o promotion toda( i$ the Promotional Product' a$ in u$e ul item$ di$tri/uted to targeted audience$ #ith no o/ligation attached, Thi$ categor( ha$ gro#n each (ear or the pa$t decade #hile mo$t other orm$ have $u ered, It i$ the onl( orm o adverti$ing that target$ all ive $en$e$ and ha$ the recipient than-ing the giver, Pu/lic relation$ are #here the communication i$ not directl( paid or and include$ pre$$ relea$e$' $pon$or$hip deal$' e1hi/ition$' con erence$' $eminar$ or trade air$ and event$, 0ord o mouth i$ an( apparentl( in ormal communication a/out the product /( ordinar( individual$' $ati$ ied cu$tomer$ or people $peci icall( engaged to create #ord o mouth momentum, Sale$

$ta o ten pla($ an important role in #ord o mouth and Pu/lic +elation$ K$ee Product a/oveM, Broadl( de ined' optimi:ing the mar-eting mi1 i$ the primar( re$pon$i/ilit( o mar-eting, B( o ering the product #ith the right com/ination o the our P$ mar-eter$ can improve their re$ult$ and mar-eting e ectivene$$, *a-ing $mall change$ in the mar-eting mi1 i$ t(picall( con$idered to /e a tactical change, *a-ing large change$ in an( o the our P$ can /e con$idered $trategic, 4or e1ample' a large change in the price' $a( rom Z<>,?? to ZF>,?? #ould /e con$idered a $trategic change in the po$ition o the product, Ho#ever a change o Z<F< to Z<F?,>> #ould /e con$idered a tactical change' potentiall( related to a promotional o er,


!inan0ia$ State,ent4 8
4inance i$ de ined a$ the provi$ion o mone( #hen it i$ re"uired, &ver( enterpri$e need$ inance to $tart and carr( out it$ operation, 4inance i$ the li e/lood o an organi:ation, So' inance $hould /e managed e ectivel(, 4inancial $tatement$ are prepared primaril( or deci$ion ma-ing, 4inancial Statement Anal($i$ re er$ to the proce$$ o determining inancial $trength and #ea-ne$$ o the irm /( properl( e$ta/li$hing $trategic relation$hip /et#een the item$ o the /alance $heet and pro it and lo$$ account, There are variou$ method$ and techni"ue$ u$ed in anal(:ing inancial $tatement$' $uch a$ comparative $tatement$' trend anal($i$' common $i:e $tatement$' $chedule o change$ in #or-ing capital' und$ lo# and ca$h lo# anal($i$' co$t volume pro it anal($i$ and ratio anal($i$ and other operative data, The anal($i$ o variou$ partie$, MEAN#NG AND CONCE T O! !#NANC#AL ANAL-S#S48 The term ` inancial anal($i$8 ' al$o -no#n a$ anal($i$ and interpretation o inancial $tatement$8' re er$ to the proce$$ o determining inancial $trength$ and #ea-ne$$ o the irm /( e$ta/li$hing $trategic relation$hip /et#een the item$ o the /alance $heet' pro it and lo$$ account and oppo$ite data,Anal($ing inancial $tatement$' according to *etcal and Titard' i$ a proce$$ o evaluating the relation$hip /et#een component part$ o a inancial $tatement$ to o/tain a /etter under$tanding o a irm8$ po$ition and per ormance, In the #ord$ o *(er$' 4inancial $tatement anal($i$ i$ largel( a $tud( o relation$hip among the variou$ inancial actor$ in a /u$ine$$ a$ di$clo$ed /( a $ingle $et7o $tatement' and a $tud( o the trend o the$e actor$ a$ $ho#n in a $erie$ o $tatement$, The purpo$e o inancial anal($i$ i$ to diagno$e the in ormation contained in inancial $tatement$ $o a$ to judge the pro ita/ilit( and inancial $oundne$$ o the irm, Au$t li-e a doctor e1amine$ hi$ patient /( recording hi$ /od( temperature' /lood pre$$ure' etc, /e ore ma-ing hi$ conclu$ion regarding the illne$$ and /e ore giving hi$ treatment' a inancial anal($t anal($i$ the inancial $tatement$ #ith variou$ tool$ o anal($i$ /e ore commenting upon the inancial health or #ea-ne$$e$ o an enterpri$e, The anal($i$ and interpretation o inancial $tatement$ i$ e$$ential to /ring out the inancial $tatement i$ u$ed or deci$ion ma-ing /(

m($ter( /ehind the igure$ in inancial $tatement$, 4inancial $tatement$ anal($i$ i$ an attempt to determine the $igni icance and meaning o the inancial $tatement data $o that oreca$t ma( /e made o the uture earning$' a/ilit( to pa( intere$t and de/t maturitie$ K/oth current and long7termM and pro ita/ilit( o a $ound dividend polic(, The term ` inancial $tatement anal($i$8 include$ /oth `anal($i$8' and `interpretation8, A di$tinction $hould' there ore' /e made /et#een the t#o term$, 0hile the term `anal($i$8 i$ u$ed to mean the $impli ication o inancial data /( methodical cla$$i ication o the data given in the inancial $tatement$' `interpretation8 mean$' `e1plaining the meaning and $igni icance o the data $o $impli ied,8 Ho#ever' /oth `anal($i$ and interpretation8 are interlin-ed and complimentar( to each other Anal($i$ i$ u$ele$$ #ithout interpretation and interpretation #ithout anal($i$ i$ di icult or even impo$$i/le, *o$t o the author$ have u$ed the term `anal($i$8 onl( to cover the meaning /oth anal($i$ and interpretation a$ the o/jective o anal($i$ i$ to $tud( the relation$hip /et#een variou$ item$ o inancial $tatement$ /( interpretation, 0e have al$o u$ed the term$ `4inancial $tatement Anal($i$8 or $impl( `4inancial Anal($i$8 to cover the meaning o /oth anal($i$ and interpretation, O*@e0ti)e and #,+"rtan0e "% !inan0ia$ State,ents Ana$'sis4 The primar( o/jective o inancial $tatement$ anal($i$ i$ to under$tand and diagno$e the in ormation contained in inancial $tatement #ith a vie# to judge the pro ita/ilit( inancial $oundne$$ o the irm' and to ma-e oreca$t a/out uture pro$pect$ o the irm, The purpo$e o anal($i$ depend$ upon the per$on intere$ted in $uch anal($i$ and hi$ o/ject, Ho#ever' the ollo#ing purpo$e$ or o/jective$ o anal($i$ ma( /e $tated to /ring out $igni icance o $uch anal($i$ \ <, To a$$e$$ the earning capacit( or pro ita/ilit( o the irm, D, To a$$e$$ the operational e icienc( and managerial e ectivene$$, F, To a$$e$$ the $hort term a$ #ell a$ long term $olvenc( o the irm, H, To identi ( the rea$on$ or change in pro ita/ilit( and inancial po$ition o the irm, B, To ma-e inter7 irm compari$on$, @, To ma-e oreca$t$ a/out uture pro$pect$ o the irm, inancial $tatement$

G, To a$$e$$ the progre$$ o the irm over a period o time, =, To help in deci$ion ma-ing and control, >, To guide or determine the dividend action, <?, To provide important in ormation or granting credit, =.?8T'+es "% !inan0ia$ Ana$'sis4 0e can cla$$i ( variou$ t(pe$ o inancial anal($i$ into di erent categorie$ depending upon\ <, 2n the /a$i$ o material u$ed' D, 2n the /a$i$ o modu$ operandi' F, 2n the /a$i$ o entitie$ u$ed' H, 2n the /a$i$ o time hori:on,

;. On t(e *asis "% Materia$ Used\ According to material u$ed' inancial anal($i$ can /e t#o t(pe$ a, &VT&+NA5 ANA5YSIS


a, &VT&+NA5 ANA5YSIS\ Thi$ anal($i$ i$ done /( out$ider$ #ho do not have acce$$ to the detailed internal accounting record$ o the /u$ine$$ irm, The$e out$ider$ include inve$tor$' potential inve$tor$' creditor$' potential creditor$' credit agencie$' government agencie$ and general pu/lic, 4or inancial anal($i$' thu$ $erve$ onl( a limited purpo$e, Ho#ever' the recent change$ in the government regulation$ re"uiring /u$ine$$ irm$ to ma-e availa/le more detailed in ormation to the pu/lic through audited pu/li$hed account$ have con$idera/l( improved the po$ition o the e1ternal anal($i$, /, INT&+NA5 ANA5YSIS\ Thi$ anal($i$ i$ done /( per$on$ #ho have acce$$ #ho have acce$$ to the detailed internal accounting record$ o the /u$ine$$ irm i$ -no#n a$ internal anal($i$, Such an anal($i$ can' there ore' /e per ormed /( e1ecutive$ and emplo(ee$ o the emplo(ee$ o the organi:ation a$ #ell a$ government agencie$ #hich have $tatutor( po#er$ ve$ted in them, 4inancial anal($i$ or managerial purpo$e$ i$ the internal t(pe o anal($i$ that can /e e ected depending upon the purpo$e to /e achieved, 1. On t(e *asis "% M"dus O+erandi4 According to the method o operation ollo#ed in the anal($i$ can /e t#o t(pe$ KaM Hori:ontal Anal($i$ K/M Vertical Anal($i$ AaB ."riC"nta$ Ana$'sis4 It re er$ to the compari$on o inancial data o a compan( or $everal (ear$, The igure$ o thi$ t(pe o anal($i$ are pre$ented hori:ontall( over a num/er o column$, The igure$ o the variou$ (ear$ are compared #ith $tandard or /a$e (ear, A /a$e (ear i$ a (ear cho$en a$ /eginning point, It i$ al$o called %(namic Anal($i$, Thi$ anal($i$ ma-e$ it po$$i/le to ocu$ attention on item$ that have changed $igni icantl( during the period under revie#, )omparative $tatement$ and trend percentage$ are t#o tool$ emplo(ed in hori:ontal anal($i$, A*B>erti0a$ Ana$'sis\ It re er$ to the $tud( o relation$hip o the variou$ item$ in the inancial $tatement$ o one accounting period, In thi$ t(pe o anal($i$ the igure$ rom inancial

$tatement$ o a (ear are compared #ith a /a$e (ear $elected rom the $ame (ear8$ $tatement, , It i$ al$o called Static Anal($i$, )ommon $i:e inancial $tatement$ and inancial ratio$ are the t#o tool$ emplo(ed in vertical anal($i$, Since vertical anal($i$ con$ider$ data or one time period onl(' it i$ not var( conducive to a proper anal($i$ inancial $tatement$, Ho#ever' it ma( /e u$ed along #ith hori:ontal anal($i$ to ma-e it more e ective and meaning ul,

=. On t(e *asis "% entities in)"$)ed4 According to the method o operation ollo#ed in the anal($i$ can /e t#o t(pe$ KaM Inter7 irm or )ro$$ Sectional Anal($i$ K/M Intra7 irm or Time Serie$ Anal($i$ AaB#nter8%ir, "r Cr"ss Se0ti"na$ Ana$'sis4 )ro$$ $ectional anal($i$ involve$ compari$on o A*B#ntra8%ir, "r Ti,e Series Ana$'sis4 Time $erie$ anal($i$ involve$ the $tud( o per ormance o the $ame irm over a period o time, ?. On t(e *asis "% ti,e ("riC"n4 According to the method o operation ollo#ed in the anal($i$ can /e t#o t(pe$ KaM Short term Anal($i$ K/M 5ong term Anal($i$ AaBS("rt ter, Ana$'sis4 Short term anal($i$ mea$ure$ the li"uidit( po$ition o a irm' i,e, $hort term pa(ing capacit( o a irm or the irm8$ a/ilit( to meet the current o/ligation$, A*BL"ng ter, Ana$'sis4 5ong term anal($i$ involve$ the o the irm8$ a/ilit( to meet the intere$t co$t$ and repa(ment $chedule$ o it$ long term o/ligation$, The $olvenc(' $ta/ilit( and pro ita/ilit( are mea$ured under thi$ t(pe o anal($i$, inancial data o a irm #ith other irm$ Kcompetitor$M or indu$tr( average$ or the $ame time period,

r"0edure "% !inan0ia$ State,ents Ana$'sis4

Broadl( $pea-ing there are three $tep$ involved in the anal($i$ o $tatement$, The$e are KiM KiiM KiiiM Selection )la$$i ication Interpretation inancial

The ir$t $tep involve$ $election o in ormation KdataM relevant to the purpo$e o anal($i$ o conclu$ion$, The ollo#ing procedure i$ adopted or the anal($i$ and interpretation o inancial $tatement$, <, The anal($t $hould ac"uaint him$el #ith principle$ and po$tulate$ o accounting, He $hould -no# the plan$ and policie$ o the management $o that he ma( /e a/le to ind out #hether the$e plan$ are properl( e1ecuted or not, D, The e1tent o anal($i$ $hould /e determined $o that the $phere o #or- ma( /e decided, I the aim i$ to ind out the earning capacit( o the enterpri$e then anal($i$ o income $tatement #ill /e underta-en, 2n the other hand' i the inancial po$ition i$ to /e $tudied then /alance $heet anal($i$ #ill /e nece$$ar(, F, The inancial data given in the $tatement$ $hould /e re7organi$ed and re7 arranged, It #ill involve the grouping o $imilar data under $ame head$' /rea-ing do#n o individual component$ o $tatement$ according to nature, The data i$ reduced to a $tandard orm, H, A relation$hip i$ e$ta/li$hed among inancial $tatement$ #ith the help o tool$ and techni"ue$ o anal($i$ $uch a$ ratio$' trend$' common $i:e' und$ lo# etc, B, The in ormation i$ interpreted in a $imple and under$tanda/le #a(, The $igni icance and utilit( o ta-ing, inancial data i$ e1plained or helping deci$ion7 inancial $tatement$, The $econd $tep involved i$ the methodical cla$$i ication o the data and the third $tep include$ dra#ing o in erence$ and

@, The conclu$ion$ dra#n rom interpretation are pre$ented to the management in the orm o report$

Met("ds "r De)i0es "% !inan0ia$ Ana$'sis4

A Num/er o method$ or device$ are u$ed to $tud( the relation$hip /et#een di erent $tatement$, The ollo#ing method$ o anal($i$ are generall( u$ed\ i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, )omparative $tatement$ Trend anal($i$ )ommon P$i:e $tatement$ 4und$ lo# anal($i$ )a$h lo# anal($i$ +atio anal($i$ )o$t7volume7pro it anal($i$ In thi$ project the )omparative Statement and +atio Anal($i$ i$ u$ed to $tud( the inancial $tatement o 2ri$$a State )o7operative Ban- 5td,

C",+arati)e state,ents4
The comparative inancial $tatement$ are $tatement$ o the inancial po$ition at di erent period$ o time, The element$ o inancial po$ition are $ho#n in a comparative orm $o a$ to give an idea o inancial po$ition at t#o or more period$, An( $tatement prepared in a comparative orm #ill /e covered in comparative $tatement$, 4rom practical point o vie# generall(' t#o inancial $tatement$ <, Balance Sheet D, Income Statement

C",+arati)e *a$an0e s(eet

The comparative /alance $heet anal($i$ i$ the $tud( o the trend o the $ame item$' group o item$ and computed item$' group o item$ and computed item$ in t#o

or more /alance $heet$ o the $ame /u$ine$$ enterpri$e on di erent date$, The change$ in periodic /alance $heet item$ re lect the conduct o a /u$ine$$, The change$ can /e o/$erved /( compari$on o the /alance $heet at the /eginning and at the end o a period and the$e change$ can help in orming an opinion a/out the progre$$ o an enterpri$e, The comparative /alance $heet ha$ t#o column$ or the data o original /alance $heet$, A third column i$ u$ed to $ho# thi$ increa$e in igure$, The ourth column ma( /e added or giving percentage o increa$e$ and decrea$e$,

Guide$ines %"r #nter+retati"n "% C",+arati)e Ba$an0e S(eet4

0hile interpreting comparative /alance $heet the interpreter i$ e1pected to $tud( the ollo#ing a$pect$\ <, )urrent 4inancial Po$ition and 5i"uidit( Po$ition D, 5ong term 4inancial Po$ition F, Pro ita/ilit( o the )oncern <, 4or $tud(ing the 4inancial Po$ition and $hort term 4inancial Po$ition o a concern' one $ee$ the #or-ing capital in /oth the (ear$, The e1ce$$ o current a$$et$ over current lia/ilitie$ #ill give the igure o #or-ing capital, The increa$e in #or-ing capital mean$ improvement in the current inancial po$ition o the /u$ine$$, An increa$e in current a$$et$ accompanied /( the increa$e in current lia/ilitie$ o the $ame amount #ill not $ho# an( improvement in $hort term inancial po$ition, 2ne $hould $tud( the increa$e or decrea$e in current a$$et$ and current lia/ilitie$ and thi$ #ill ena/le him to anal($e the current inancial po$ition, The $econd a$pect #hich $hould /e $tudied in current inancial po$ition i$ the li"uidit( po$ition o the concern, I li"uid a$$et$ li-e ca$h in hand' ca$h at /an-' /ill$ receiva/le' de/tor$' etc, $ho# an increa$e in the $econd (ear over the ir$t (ear' thi$ #ill improve the li"uidit( po$ition o the concern, The increa$e in inventor( can /e on account o accumulation o $toc-$ or #ant o cu$tomer$' decrea$e in demand or inade"uate $ale$ promotion e ort$, An increa$e in inventor( ma( increa$e #or-ing capital o the /u$ine$$ /ut it #ill not /e good or /u$ine$$,

D, The long term inancial po$ition o the concern can /e anal($ed /( $tud(ing the change$ in i1ed a$$et$' long term lia/ilitie$ and capital, The proper inancial polic( o concern #ill /e to inance i1ed a$$et$ /( the i$$ue o either long7term $ecuritie$ $uch a$ de/enture$' /ond$' loan$ in$titution$ or i$$ue o rom inancial re$h $hare capital, An increa$e in i1ed a$$et$ $hould i1ed a$$et$

/e compared to the increa$e in long term loan$ and capital, I the increa$e in i1ed a$$et$ i$ more than the long term $ecuritie$ then part$ o inance i1ed a$$et$ /( rai$ing long term und$, F, The ne# a$pect$ to /e $tudied in a comparative /alance $heet "ue$tion$ i$ the pro ita/ilit( o the concern, The $tud( o increa$e or decrea$e in retained earning$' variou$ re$ource$ and $urplu$e$' etc, #ill ena/le the interpreter to $ee #hether the pro ita/ilit( ha$ improved or not, An increa$e in the /alance o pro it and lo$$ account and the other re$ource$ created rom pro it$ #ill mean an increa$e in pro ita/ilit( to the concern, The decrea$e in $uch account$ ma( mean i$$ue dividend' i$$ue o /onu$ $hare or deterioration in pro ita/ilit( o the concern, H, A ter $tud(ing variou$ a$$et$ and lia/ilitie$ an opinion $hould /e ormed a/out the inancial po$ition o the concern, 2ne cannot $a( i $hort term inancial po$ition i$ good then long term inancial po$ition #ill al$o /e good or vice ver$a, A concluding #ord a/out the overall inancial po$ition mu$t /e given at the end, have not onl( /een inanced rom long term $ource$, A #i$e polic( #ill /e to

C",+arati)e #n0",e State,ent4

The income $tatement give$ the re$ult$ o the operation o a /u$ine$$, The comparative income $tatement give$ an idea o the progre$$ o a /u$ine$$ over a period o time, The change$ in a/$olute data in mone( value$ and percentage$ can /e determined to anal($e the pro ita/ilit( o the /u$ine$$, 5i-e comparative /alance $heet income $tatement al$o ha$ our column$, 4ir$t t#o column$ give igure$ o variou$ item$ or t#o (ear$, Third and ourth column$ are u$ed to $ho# increa$e or decrea$e in igure$ in a/$olute amount$ and percentage$ re$pectivel(,

Guide$ines %"r #nter+retati"n "% C",+arati)e #n0",e State,ent4

The anal($i$ and interpretation o income $tatement #ill involve the ollo#ing $tep$\ <, The increa$e or decrea$e in $ale$ $hould /e compared #ith the increa$e or decrea$e in co$t$ o good$ $old, An increa$e in $ale$ #ill not al#a($ mean an increa$e in pro it, The pro ita/ilit( #ill improve i increa$e in $ale$ i$ more than increa$e in co$t$ o good$ $old, The amount o gro$$ pro it $hould /e $tudied in the ir$t $tep, D, The $econd $tep o anal($i$ $hould /e the operational pro it$, The operating e1pen$e$ $uch a$ o ice and admini$trative e1pen$e$' $elling and di$tri/ution e1pen$e$ $hould /e deducted rom gro$$ pro it to ind out operating pro it$, An increa$e in operating pro it #ill re$ult rom the increa$e in $ale$ po$ition and control o operating e1pen$e$, A decrea$e in operating pro it ma( /e due to an increa$e in operating e1pen$e$ or decrea$e in $ale$, The change in individual e1pen$e$ $hould al$o /e $tudied, Some e1pen$e$ ma( increa$e due to the e1pan$ion o /u$ine$$ activitie$ #hile other$ ma( go up due to managerial ine icienc(, F, The increa$e or decrea$e in net pro it #ill give an idea a/out the overall pro ita/ilit( o the concern, Non operating e1pen$e$ $uch a$ intere$t paid' lo$$e$ rom $ale$ o a$$et$' #riting o de erred e1pen$e$' pa(ment o ta1' etc, decrea$e the igure o operating pro it, 0hen all non7operating e1pen$e$ are deducted rom operational pro it' #e get a igure o net pro it, Some non operating income$ ma( al$o /e there #hich #ill increa$e net pro it, An increa$e in net pro it #ill gave u$ an idea a/out the progre$$ o the concern, H, An opinion $hould /e ormed a/out pro ita/ilit( o the concern and it $hould /e given at the end, It $hould /e mentioned #hether the overall pro ita/ilit( o the concern i$ good or not,

!"0us "% !inan0ia$ State,ent Ana$'sis4

4inancial $tatement anal($i$ involve$ evaluating di erent a$pect$ o a /u$ine$$ enterpri$e' #hich are o great importance to di erent u$er$ $uch a$ management'

inve$tor$' creditor$' /an-er$' anal($t' inve$tment advi$er$' etc, generall(' the ollo#ing anal($e$ are made #hile ma-ing 4inancial Statement Anal($i$, <, 5i"uidit( or $hort term $olvenc( anal($i$ D, Pro ita/ilit( anal($i$ F, )apital $tructure or gearing anal($i$ H, *ar-et $trength or inve$tor anal($i$ B, 6ro#th and $ta/ilit( anal($i$

A++$i0ati"n "% !inan0ia$ Ana$'sis4

4ollo#ing are the application o inancial anal($i$\ <, A$$e$$ing )orporate &1cellence D, Audging credit #orthine$$ F, 4oreca$ting /an-ruptc( H, Valuing e"uit( $hare$ B, Predicting /ond$ rating$ @, &$timating mar-et ri$-

Li,itati"ns "% !inan0ia$ State,ent Ana$'sis4

4inancial anal($i$ i$ a po#er ul mechani$m o determining inancial $trength$ and #ea-ne$$ o a irm, But' the anal($i$ i$ /a$ed on the in ormation availa/le in the inancial $tatement$, Thu$' the inancial anal($i$ $u er$ rom $eriou$ inherent limitation$ o inancial $tatement$, The inancial anal($t ha$ al$o /e care ul a/out the impact o price level change$' #indo#$ dre$$ing o inancial $tatement$' change$ in inancial the accounting policie$ o a irm' accounting concept$ and convention$' and per$onal judgement' etc, The reader$ are advi$ed to relate the limitation$ o $tatement$ a$ given in the previou$ chapter and al$o the limitation$ o ratio$ a$ a tool o inancial anal($i$ a$ di$cu$$ed in +atio Anal($i$, Some o the important limitation$ o inancial anal($i$ are' ho#ever' $ummed up a$ /elo#\ i, ii, iii, It i$ onl( a $tud( o interim report$, 4inancial anal($i$ i$ /a$ed upon onl( monetar( in ormation and non7 monetar( actor$ are ignored, It doe$ not con$ider change$ in price level$,


A$ the inancial $tatement$ are prepared on the /a$i$ o a going concern' it doe$ not give e1act po$ition, Thu$ accounting concept$ and convention$ cau$e a $eriou$ limitation to inancial anal($i$,

v, vi,

)hange$ in accounting procedure /( a irm ma( o ten ma-e inancial anal($i$ mi$leading, Anal($i$ i$ onl( a mean$ and not an end in it$el , The anal($t ha$ to ma-e interpretation and dra# hi$ o#n conclu$ion$, %i erent people ma( interpret the $ame anal($i$ in di erent #a($,

O)er)ie& "% Rati" Ana$'sis

#ntr"du0ti"n4 +atio anal($i$ i$ one o the techni"ue$ u$ed to anal($e the inancial $tatement$, It i$ one o the mo$t po#er ul tool$ o inancial anal($i$, It i$ the proce$$ o e$ta/li$hing and interpreting variou$ ratio$ K"uantitative relation$hip /et#een igure$ and group o igure$M, Through ratio anal($i$ inancial $tatement can anal($e more clearl( and deci$ion made rom $uch anal($i$, According to Accountant8$ Hand/oo- /( 0i1on 3ell and Bed ord' a ratio i$ an e1pre$$ion' o the "uantitative relation$hip /et#een the num/er$, Nature "% Rati" Ana$'sis4 +atio anal($i$ i$ a techni"ue o anal($i$ and interpretation o inancial $tatement$, It i$ the proce$$ o e$ta/li$hing and interpreting variou$ ratio$ or helping in ma-ing certain deci$ion, Ho#ever' ratio anal($i$ i$ not an end in it$el , It i$ onl( a mean$ o /etter under$tanding o inancial $trength and #ea-ne$$e$ o a irm, )alculation o mere ratio$ doe$ not $erve an( purpo$e' unle$$ $everal appropriate ratio are anal($ed and interpreted, There are a num/er o ratio$ #hich can /e calculated rom the in ormation given in the inancial $tatement$' /ut the anal($t $elect the appropriate data and calculate onl( a e# appropriate ratio$ rom the $ame -eeping in mind the o/jective o anal($i$, The ratio$ ma( /e u$ed a$ a $(mptom li-e /lood pre$$ure' the pul$e rate or the /od( temperature and their interpretation depend$ upon the cali/er and competence o the anal($t, The ollo#ing are the our $tep$ involved in the ratio anal($i$\ i, Selection o relevant data rom the inancial $tatement$ depending upon the o/jective o the anal($i$,

ii, iii,

)alculation o appropriate ratio$ rom the a/ove data, )ompari$on o the calculated ratio$ #ith the ratio$ o the $ame irm in the pa$t' or the ratio$ developed rom projected inancial $tatement$ or the ratio o $ome other irm$ or the compari$on #ith ratio$ o the indu$tr( to #hich the irm /elong$,


Interpretation o the ratio$,

Use and Signi%i0an0e "% Rati" Ana$'sis4 Help ul in deci$ion ma-ing, Help ul in inancial oreca$ting and planning, Help ul in communication, Help ul in co7ordination, Help ul in )ontrol, Help ul in e icienc( apprai$al, Help ul in evaluation o inancial po$ition, Help ul to inve$tor$' inancial in$titution' emplo(ee,

Li,itati"ns "% Rati" Ana$'sis4 The ratio anal($i$ i$ one o the mo$t po#er ul tool$ o inancial management, Though ratio$ are $imple to calculate and ea$( to under$tand' the( $u er rom $ome $eriou$ limitation$\ ;. Li,ited Use "% Sing$e Rati". A $ingle ratio' u$uall(' doe$ not conve( much o a $en$e, To ma-e a /etter interpretation a num/er o ratio$ have to /e calculated #hich i$ li-el( to con u$e the anal($t than help him ion ma-ing an( meaning ul conclu$ion,

1. La0k "% AdeDuate Standards. There are no #ell adapted $tandard$ or rule$ o thum/ or all ratio$ #hich can /e accepted a$ norm$, It render$ interpretation o the ratio$ di icult, =. #n(erent Li,itati"ns "% A00"unting. 5i-e inancial $tatement$' ratio$ al$o $u er rom the inherent #ea-ne$$ o accounting record$ $uch a$ their hi$torical nature, +atio$ o the pa$t are not nece$$aril( true indicator$ o the uture, ?. C(ange "% A00"unting r"0edure. )hange in accounting procedure /( a irm o ten ma-e$ ratio anal($i$ mi$leading, e,g9 a change in the valuation o method$ o inventorie$' rom 4I42 to 5I42 increa$e$ the co$t o $ale$ and reduce$ con$idera/l( the value o clo$ing $toc-$ #hich ma-e$ $toc- turnover ratio to /e lucrative and an un avoura/le gro$$ pro it ratio, E. Wind"& Dressing. 4inancial $tatement$ can ea$il( /e #indo# dre$$ed to pre$ent a /etter picture o it$ inancial and pro ita/ilit( po$ition to out$ider$, Hence' one ha$ to /e ver( care ul in ma-ing a deci$ion rom ratio$ calculated rom $uch inancial $tatement$, But it ma( /e ver( di icult or an out$ider to -no# a/out the #indo# dre$$ing made /( a irm, F. ers"na$ Bias. +atio are onl( mean$ o ratio in di erent #a($, 3. #n0",+ara*$e. Not onl( indu$trie$ di er in their nature /ut al$o the irm$ o the $imilar /u$ine$$ #idel( di er in their $i:e and accounting procedure$' etc, It ma-e$ compari$on o di icult and mi$leading, *oreover compari$on$ are made di icult due to di erence$ in de inition$ o variou$ inancial term$ u$ed in the ratio anal($i$, G. A*s"$ute !igures Dist"rti)e. +atio$ devoid o a/$olute igure$ ma( prove di$tortive a$ ratio anal($i$ i$ primaril( a "uantitative anal($i$ and not a "ualitative anal($i$, H. ri0e Le)e$ C(anges. 0hile ma-ing ratio anal($i$' no con$ideration i$ made to the change$ in price level$ and thi$ ma-e$ the interpretation o ratio invalid, inancial anal($i$ and not an end in

it$el , +atio$ have to /e interpreted and di erent people ma( interpret the $ame

;2. Rati"s n" Su*stitutes. +atio anal($i$ i$ merel( a tool o inancial $tatement$, Hence' ratio$ /ecome u$ele$$ i $eparated rom the $tatement$ rom #hich the( are computed, ;;. C$ues n"t C"n0$usi"ns. +atio$ provide onl( clue$ to anal($t$ and not inal conclu$ion$, The$e ratio$ have to /e interpreted /( the$e e1pert$ and there are no $tandard rule$ or interpretation, C$assi%i0ati"n "% Rati"s4 The u$e o ratio anal($i$ i$ not con ined to inancial manager onl(, There are di erent partie$ intere$ted in the ratio anal($i$ or -no#ing the inancial po$ition o a irm or di erent purpo$e$, In vie# o variou$ u$er$ o ratio$' there are man( t(pe$ o ratio$ #hich can /e calculated rom the in ormation given in the inancial $tatement$, The particular purpo$e o the u$er determine$ the ratio$ that might /e u$ed or inancial anal($i$, !un0ti"na$ C$assi%i0ati"n in >ie& "% !inan0ia$ Manage,ent "r C$assi%i0ati"n A00"rding t" Tests4 LiDuidit' Rati"s4
KAM , <, )urrent +atio D, 5i"uid +atio F, )a$h +atio H, Interval *ea$ure KBM , <, %e/tor$ Turnover +atio D, )reditor$ Turnover +atio F, Inventor( Turnover +atio

L"ng8ter, s"$)en0' and Le)erage Rati"s4

<, %e/tX&"uit( +atio D, %e/t to total capital +atio F, Inve$t )overage H, )a$h 4lo#X%e/t B, )apital 6earing

A0ti)it' Rati"s "r Asset Manage,ent Rati"s4

<, Inventor( Turnover +atio D, %e/tor$ Turnover F, 4i1ed A$$et$ Turnover +atio H, Total A$$et$ Turnover +atio B, 0or-ing )apital Turnover +atio @, Pa(a/le$ Turnover +atio G, )apital &mplo(ed Turnover

r"%ita*i$it' Rati"4 KAM In relation to Sale$

<, 6ro$$ Pro it +atio D, 2perating +atio F, 2perating Pro it +atio H, Net Pro it +atio B, &1pen$e +atio

ABB #n re$ati"n t" in)est,ents

<, +eturn on inve$tment$ D, +eturn on capital

F, +eturn on &"uit( )apital H, +eturn on Total +e$ource$ B, &arning$ per $hare @, Price7&arning +atio


Prior to <>G> /an- conducted recruitment on it$ o#n or per$onnel in $u/ordinate clerical and o icer cadre$ including $peciali$t o icer$, the government evolved recruitment $cheme or pu/lic $ector in<>G= and or it$ implementation' G /an-ing $ervice recruitment /oard$ #ere created #hich #ere urther increa$ed to <B, The recruitment o $u/ordinate $ta continued to /e done /( the /an- it$el , /an- i$ no# re"uired to rame it$ o#n polic( having regard to guideline$ i$$ued /( the govt o india, the document con$i$t$ o t#o part$, part < la($ do#n the po ic! and part D la($ do#n the procedure or the polic(,

RECUR#TMENT OL#COB/ECT#>ES4 To en$ure that right per$on$ are recruited at the right time a$ per the re"uirement o /an- rom time to time in co$t e ective manner To en$ure that $election proce$$ i$ air' ju$t' o/jective and un/ia$ed in all a$pect$ to provide e"ual opportunitie$ to all eligi/le candidate$' including the candidate$ #ith rural /ac-grou=nd and X or #ea-er $ection o $ociet(, To en$ure the re$ervation in appointment i$ uni orml( implemented in accordance #ith the norm$ laid do#n /( the govt o India rom time to time in re$pect o the re$erved or $cX$t o/c e17$ervicemen' di$a/led etc,


<, CAM US RECUR#TMENT 7 depending on o icer re"uirement' /anrecruit$ rom univer$itie$' pro e$$ional in$titute$ etc, The upper age limit or recruitment o o icer$ through campu$ recruitment i$ $ame a$ in ca$e o o icer grade po$t$ i,e not /elo# D< (ear$ and not a/ove F? (ear$, D, RECUR#TMENT O! OUSTAND#NG ERSONS P recruited in accordance #ith the $cheme or recruitment a$ approved /( the /oard o director$, F, CONTRACTUAL RECUR#TMENT P e1pert$ and $peciali$t$ are recruited on contract /a$i$ or ma1imum period not e1ceeding F (ear$, it ma( /e in the area o mar-eting' it' hrd' legal $ecurit(' civil' engineer' architecting etc, the term$ and condition$ approved /( /oard' /e ore engagement,

Medi0a$ e7a,inati"n ne# recruiter$ irre$pective o cadre are re"uired to $u/mit medical certi icate o itne$$ i$$ued /( a medical o icer not /elo# the ran- o civil $urgeon o di$trict ho$pital or /( /an-8$ medical o icer, ph($icall( handicapped al$o have to urni$h the nature and e1tent o di$a/ilit(, "st A++"int,ent Training po$t appointment training i$ compul$oril( imparted to all ne# appointee$ in clerical cadre at the re$pective training center$, management trainee$ in $cale i undergo training rom time to time or the period o one (ear, technical o icer$ are given induction training either at central $ta college or at re$pective training center$,


A$$e$$ment o vacancie$ i$ underta-en on annual /a$i$, it i$ completed /( the end o augu$t ever( (ear /( each :one, 4ollo#ing have to /e ta-en into con$ideration$\ <, D, F, H, B, retirement o each cadre The vacancie$ ari$ing on account o internal promotion$, Vacancie$ /ecau$e o inter $tate tran$ er$, Vacancie$ on account o /u$ine$$ e1pan$ion, Vacancie$ ari$ing on account o natural $eparation a$ death' re$ignation$ etc, @, Net vacancie$ are determined a ter proper adju$tment o an availa/le $ta , All vacancie$ are /( direct recruitment e1cept campu$ recruitment, the$e are illed up through open adverti$ement, the adverti$ement mu$t contain num/er o vacancie$' the minimum education "uali ication pre$cri/ed or the po$t$' age limit' percentage o re$ervation' application ee$' te$t center' date o #ritten e1amination la$t date o illing the application etc, Additional <H da($ time i$ given or receipt o application$ or candidate$ $ta(ing a/road and living in indian i$land$ a$ andaman and nico/ar or la-$hvadeep or region$ li-e lada-h' northern ea$tern region' lahaul' $piti, the adverti$ement i$ ir$t given in emplo(ment ne#$ and then in leading ne#$paper,



re8 e7a,inati"n a0ti)ities receiving application$ proce$$ing o application$ allotment o roll num/er$ and printing o call letter$ *a-ing arrangement$ or conducting the e1amination at di erent location$ li-e hiring venue$' appointing te$ting per$onnel, di$patch o call letter$ %eveloping $uita/le $election tool$ i,e, o/jective$ and de$criptive te$t' an$#er $heet$ etc, Printing and pac-ing o te$t material $eparatel( or each venue, *a-ing arrangement or di$patch o te$t material to the te$t venue$,

*a-ing arrangement$ or auditing and evaluating the po$t$ e1amination te$t material, Short7li$ting candidate$ on the /a$i$ o the per ormance on the$e te$t$, *a-ing arrangement$ or conducting intervie#$, 4inali:ation o $election li$t,

ST&P F CALL LETTERS A ter the date o te$t and venue$ are inali:ed' the roll num/er$ o the candidate$ are allotted and call letter$ #ill /e i$$ued a$ per the $pecimen, E6AM#NAT#ON ATTERN The #ritten to /e conducted con$i$t$ o ive t(pe$ o te$t' #hich are a$ ollo#, <, D, F, H, B, ST&P H te$t o general a#arene$$ KtogaM Pit con$i$t o B? mar-$ te$t o rea$oning a/ilit( KtoraM 7 it con$i$t o GB mar-$ te$t o "uantitative aptitude Kto"aM7 it con$i$t$ o B? mar-$ te$t o &ngli$h language KtoelM P it con$i$t$ o B? mar-$ de$criptive te$t P one have to attempt F "ue$tion out o H SK#LL TEST

4or $peciali:ed po$ition in clerical cadre $uch a$ t(pi$t' $tenographer telephone operator$ etc $-ill te$t #ill /e conducted onl( or tho$e candidate$ #ho "uali ( in the o/jective a$ #ell a$ de$criptive paper$ Kd,pM



The candidate #ho "uali ( in o/jective and de$criptive paper$ and $-ill te$t al$o are $u icientl( high in ran- #ill /e called or per$onal intervie#$ conducted /( the /anor an( other agenc( $peci ied /( the /an- through panel, The characteri$tic$ a$$e$$ed through #ritten te$t and per$onal intervie#$ are a$ COGN#T#>E C.ARACTER#ST#CS ERSONAL#T- C.ARACTER#ST#CS <, A/ilit( to learn ne# ta$*otivation and ta$- involvement D, Numeric computation' and "uantitative )oncern$ or other$ $-ill' arithmetic rea$oning, F, Perceptual $peed and accurac( )ourteou$ and plea$ant /ehavior i,e, #armth' riendline$$' cooperative attitude, H, Pro icienc( in &ngli$h Sel con idence and temperament KaM comprehen$ion o general in ormation in &ngli$h K/M A/ilit( to corre$pond in &ngli$h @, Anal(tical and conceptual $-ill$ Inter7per$onal competenc( X #or-ing in group$

ST&P @


Pre7 recruitment training i$ imparted to applicant$ /elonging to $cX$t and minorit( categorie$, the training i$ given to amiliari:e' the applicant$ #ith the te$t in the #ritten e1amination, pre7 recruitment training or a minimum period o @ da($ duration ha$ to /e arranged, the training i$ ree o co$t /ut the trainee$ have to ma-e their o#n arrangement$ or $ta( and to meet their e1pen$e$, TRA#N#NG AND DE>ELO MENT A$$e$$ment o the training need$ o the NB Preparation o the Training plan,

Training %irector

4acilitie$ *anager

Training %eliver( *anager

Training %e$ign manager

S-ill Trainer$

*anagement Trainer$

+e$earcher Scheduler


ORGAN#JAT#ON C.ART !OR A TRA#N#NG DE ARTMENT A$$e$$ment o the training need$ o Punja/ national /an- PNB doe$n8t vie# the training in i$olation /ut integrate$ the training unction #ithin the overall unction$ o $election' career path' per ormance apprai$al and overall development o the human re$ource$, The o/jective o the training part apart rom up gradation o the -no#ledge and the $-ill$ o the emplo(ee$ i$ al$o to improve the aggregate corporate per ormance and or thi$ achievement' the training ha$ to /e related to per ormance o variou$ jo/$ in unctional and managerial area$, aM In order to a$$e$$ the training need$ o the $ta #or-ing in the /an-' there i$ a $($tem o maintenance o inventor( card$ at regional a$ #ell a$ :onal o ice level, 0hile $u/mitting their per ormance orm' the o icer $ta indicate$ the Are$ in #hich the( need training a$ to improve their $-ill$ and per orm the jo/ /etter, The apprai$ing authorit( and the revie#ing authorit( are re"uired to ta-e a note o thi$ eed/ac- rom the $ta and the inventor( card$ are /eing maintained at regionalX:onal o ice$ are re"uired to /e upgraded and -eep up to date' -eeping in vie# the training need mentioned /( the $ta , /M 4or identi (ing the training need$' the /ranch manager $hould $u/mit the in ormation on annual /a$i$ to the regional o ice on or /e ore F< $t %ecem/er ever( (ear' the $ame $hould /e con$olidated at regional o ice or the #hole region and $u/mitted to the :onal o ice on or /e ore <?th o Aanuar( ever( (ear, cM The inventor( card$ -eep a record o the training provided to an emplo(ee rom time to time and #henever deci$ion$ are ta-en or the nomination$ o the participant$' the$e card$ are -ept in vie# $o a$ to provide the appropriate training to the emplo(ee$ -eeping in vie# hi$ $el opinion' pre$ent a$$ignment$ /een handled and career path, dM Uonal training coordinator $hould re"uentl( interact #ith the principalXtraining manager o the training canterXcollege loo-ing a ter the training re"uirement$, +egional manager$ and other $enior o icial$ vi$it the /ranche$ "uarterl( to ma-e a point to interact #ith the $ta mem/er$ and a$$e$$ment o the training re"uirement i$ one o the area$' #hich are di$cu$$ed to /ring all around improvement in the #or-ing o the /ranch,

N" "% N". "% N". "% N". "% N". "% T"ta$ Le)e$ "% Training C(anne$s C"urses !a0u$ties "%%i0ers n". O% Training 0enters trained O%%i0ers in ;HH38 HG SU <FB DD? GH@F @<F >@@>> <@?B>B Up to Banks $cale IV SB# <G HD <?<H <HH D?@DF =?B<? Up to Iass"0iates $cale IV ri)ate DF FH B@G @@ G@B@ <HGGD Up to Se0t"r $cale IV *anks T"ta$ <GB D>@ >?HH =DF <DH>G= DBB=GG Source\ +eport o the committee to revie# the activitie$ and uture direction o BT)7vi$ion D??B' +BI ma( <>>>,



0hile preparing the training plan' the /udget o the centerXcollege' overall a$ #ell a$ $u/7 categor( #i$e' $hould al$o /e -ept in vie# and training program$ or di erent cadre$ o emplo(ee$ $hould /e prepared in $uch a manner that no particular cadre i$ given more importance at the co$t o other$ and an attempt i$ made to cover the training need$ o all cadre$ o emplo(ee$ and ma1imi:e the num/er o programmer$Xparticipant$ $o a$ to reach a large num/er o emplo(ee$ and giving training to them, Ba$ic Scheme o a planned Training Proce$$

The Human +e$ource$

Improved human +e$ource


Training &1erci$e


The Bu$ine$$ Unit

High %egree o Bu$ine$$ & ectivene$$


The programme coordinator #hile de$igning the programme $chedule $hould notice ollo#ing point$\ a, The o/jective o the programme $hould /e clearl( $pelt out, Not onl( it $hould /e mentioned in the programme $chedule /ut it mu$t /e made clear to participant$ al$o, /, The level o the participant$' their e1i$ting -no#ledge' $-ill$ and e1perience $hould /e -ept in mind /e ore inali:ing the programme $chedule to -no# rom #hat level o -no#ledge the trainer $hould concentrate and carr( the participant$ #ith him trill ever( a$pect o the $u/ject i$ cleared, c, Training can /e ver( intere$ting' enriching e1perience i the acult( provide$ variet(' mi1ing practical #ith theor( $e$$ion$' "uoting e1perience$ and allo#ing time or di$cu$$ion and a/$orption, d, Ade"uate time $hould /e availa/le or doing ju$tice to all the $u/ject$, e, 4le1i/ilit( in the de$ign o the Cprogramme #ould en$ure that participant$ do not have to learn tho$e a$pect$ #hich the( alread( -no# and #henever $uch $ituation i$ aced /( the acult(' either the level o di$cu$$ion ma( /e increa$ed or $u/ject ma( /e changed, , An In/uilt eed/ac- $($tem to acilitate revi$ion' i an(' de$ired /( the participant$ during the cour$e o the programmed ma( /e planned and $ome cu$hion period$ $hould /e provided, g, The programme coordinator $hould prepare /rie $(nop$i$ o each topic to /e covered during the programme in ca$e the $tandardi:ed $(nop$i$ are not availa/le and he ma( revi$e or improve the $tandardi:ed $(nop$i$ al$o in the light o late$t development$ and re"uirement$, rom per$onnel

DE!#N#NG !OCUS I OB/ECT#>E O! ROGRAMME4 %e ining the ocu$ and the o/jective o the programme i$ ver( important o de$igning programme, In act de ining ocu$ and o/jective' target group i$ al$o important,

2/jective o an( training programme i$ ver( $trongl( related to training need$ o the organi:ation . corporate e1pectation$ rom the training $($tem, Some o the u$ual o/jective$ are\ a. De)e$"+ing "% ski$$s Ki not e1i$ting earlierM *. S(ar+ening "% ski$$s Ki e1i$tent /ut need i$ there to provide cutting edgeM 0. Bui$ding u+ a 0adre "% a trained +ers"n. d. Creating a&areness e. #,+r")ing +r"%i0ien0( Kto improve e icienc( and $peed o tran$action$M %. E7+"sing Kto ne# development$' environmentM g. U+grading "% ski$$s Kli-e training participant$ rom /ranch $mallXSSI loan$ to handle large /orro#er account$M, Identi ( Training need$ handling

)hal- out the detailed Training Time Schedule

Identi ( and nominate the Trainee

Identi ( and correctl( $elect the right training program

*anage +e$ource$

)onduct the training

&valuate training

+eport training co$t$ )o$t$ /ene it anal($i$ o the entire training e1erci$e

Training Proce$$ in Action

DE>ELO MENT O! TRA#N#NG 0hile developing the programme $chedule' ollo#ing a$pect$ $hould /e -ept in
mind\ aM Total num/er o #or-ing da($ and $e$$ion$ availa/le or the training cour$e, /M The entire areaX$u/ject $hould /e $pread outX planned over the entire period o the programme cM Speci ic topic$ $hould /e laid out in a logical' $e"uential and $ucce$$ion orm $o a$ to enhance comprehen$ion and a$$imilation dM I the training $chedule i$ o long duration or involving variou$ pha$e$ or module$' a tentative programme $chedule $hould /e prepared or the entire period /ut detailed and $peci ic programme $hould /e prepared or each #ee-X ortnightXpha$e or module #ell in advance, eM Normall( a ull training con$i$t$ o B $e$$ion$ o minimum G? minute$ each at training centerXcollege #ith F $e$$ion$ /e ore launch and D $e$$ion$ a ter lunch, &nough cautionX le1i/ilit( $hould /e /uilt up in the programme $chedule to allo# $cope or increa$ing $e$$ion$ on e1i$ting propo$ed topic$' adding ne# topic$' underta-ing more e1erci$e$

C"n0e+t "% We$%are S0(e,es Meaning and De%initi"n

0el are mean$ aring or doing #ell, It i$ a comprehen$ive term' and re er$ to the ph($ical' mental' moral and emotional #ell /eing o an individual, 4urther' the term #el are i$ a relative concept' relative in the time and $pace, It' there ore' varie$ rom time to time' rom region to region and rom countr( to countr(, +eported the Ro!a Commission on abour 5a/our #el are i$ a term #hich mu$t nece$$aril( /e ela$tic' /earing a $ome#hat di erent interpretation in one countr( rom another' according to the di erent $ocial cu$tom$' the degree o indu$triali:ation and educational level o the #or-er$,

T'+es "% We$%are A0ti)ities

0el are activitie$ could /e cla$$i ied into t#o /road categorie$\ A. On t(e *asis "% nature &e$%are a0ti)ities are as %"$$"&s 8 <, &conomic D, +ecreational F, 4acilitative B, On t(e *asis "% $"0ati"n "% &e$%are a0ti)ities t(ese are 7 <, 0el are mea$ure$ in$ide the #or-place9 and D, F, 2n the /a$i$ o nature' #el are activitie$ are e1plained here a$ under <B E0"n",i0 ser)i0es 7 The$e propo$e to provide $ome additional economic $ecurit( over and a/ove #age$ or $alarie$ li-e pen$ion' li e a$$urance' credit acilitie$ etc, e$ta/li$hing a proper pen$ion programme #ill reduce di$$ati$ action in the area o economic $ecurit(, Pen$ion i$ a -ind o de erred pa(ment to meet the need$ o the emplo(ee$ in their old age, 0el are mea$ure$ out$ide the #or-place,

2 ice emplo(ee$ o ten are in need o mone( or purcha$e o c(cle' $cooter' radio' $e#ing machine' an etc to rai$e their $tandard o living, To meet their re"uirement$ the emplo(er ma( advance them the mone(' #hich i$ paid /ac- /( the emplo(ee$ in the orm o monthl( in$tallment$ to /e deducted rom their $alarie$,

1B Re0reati"na$ ser)i0es 7 2 ice emplo(ee$ are in need o occa$ional diver$ion

/ecau$e their attitude improve$ #hen the routine o ever(da( living i$ /ro-en occa$ionall(, The management ma( provide or indoor game$ li-e ta/le tenni$ in the common or emplo(ee$, Al$o provide reading room$' li/rarie$' radio$' etc or the recreation o the emplo(ee$, =B !a0i$itati)e ser)i0es 7 The$e are the convenience$' #hich the emplo(ee$ ordinaril( re"uire li-e\ aM r")isi"n %"r 0anteen, s(e$ter, rest r"",s and $un0(r"",s\ &ating i$ naturall( a ver( important thing or an emplo(ee to -eep hi$ heath improve$ hi$ e icienc( in #or-ing, Unle$$ proper acilitie$ or ood' tea' and re$t room$ are availa/le' health and con$e"uential e icienc( o the #or-er$ #ill go do#n, /M cM ."using %a0i$ities\ Some organi:ation$ con$truct "uarter$ or their emplo(ee$ Medi0a$ %a0i$ities\ Health i$ one o the oremo$t thing$ or the emplo(ee$ and and provide the $ame either ree or at a nominal rent, it i$ /ut natural that there ma( /e injurie$ /ecau$e o accident$ #hile #or-ing, So aid acilitie$ mu$t /e provided or #ith in the o ice premi$e$, In addition medical $cheme i$ generall( in operation under #hich reim/ur$ement o medical e1pen$e$ actuall( incurred i$ allo#ed, dM Was(ing %a0i$ities\ the legal re"uirement a$ per 4actorie$ Act cater or providing #a$h /a$in$ and #a$hing acilitie$ to /e convenientl( acce$$i/le to all #or-er$ #hich $hould /e clean' properl( $eparated or the u$e o male and emale emplo(ee$, eB Lea)e tra)e$ 0"n0essi"n\ man( organi:ation$ reim/ur$e actual are$ incurred /( an emplo(ee in underta-ing a journe( along #ith hi$ #i e and minor children once during a num/er o (ear$, B Edu0ati"na$ %a0i$ities4 educational acilitie$ ma( /e provided /( the organi:ation to the emplo(ee8$ children /( $tarting $chool$ up to the $econdar( $tage,

We$%are a0ti)ities "n t(e *asis "% $"0ati"n are as gi)en *e$"&
<, A, aM /M We$%are ,easures inside t(e &"rk+$a0e C"nditi"ns "% t(e &"rk en)ir"n,ent4 Neigh/orhood $a et( and cleanline$$9 attention to approache$, Hou$e-eeping9 up -eeping o premi$e$7compound #all' la#n$' garden$' and $o orth' egre$$ and ingre$$' pa$$age$ and door$9 #hite7#a$hing #all$ and loor maintenance, cM dM eM M /rea-$, gM 0or-men8$ $a et( mea$ure$' that i$' maintenance o machine$ and tool$' encing o machine$' providing guard$' helmet$' apron$' goggle$' and ir$t aid e"uipment, hM iM B. aM /M cM dM Suppl( o nece$$ar( /everage$' and pill$ and ta/let$' that i$' $alt ta/let$' mil-' $oda, Notice /oard$\ po$ter$' picture$' $logan$9 in ormation o communication, C"n)enien0es4 Urinal$ and lavatorie$' #a$h/a$in$' /athroom$' provi$ion or $pittoon$9 #a$te di$po$al, Provi$ion o drin-ing #ater9 #ater cooler$, )anteen $ervice$\ ull meal' mo/ile canteen, *anagement o #or-er$8 cloa- room$' re$t room$' reading room and li/rar(, 0or-$hop KroomM $anitation and cleanline$$9 temperature' humidit(' ventilation' lighting' elimination o du$t' $mo-e' ume$' ga$e$, )ontrol o e luent$, )onvenience and com ort during #or-' that i$' operative$8 po$ture' $eating arrangement$, %i$tri/ution o #or- hour$ and provi$ion or re$t hour$' meal time$ and

C. W"rkersK .ea$t( Ser)i0es\ 4actor( health care9 di$pen$ar(' am/ulance' emergenc( aid' medical e1amination or #or-er$9 health education' health re$earch9 amil( planning $ervice$,

D. W",en and C(i$d We$%are4 Antenatal and po$tnatal care' maternit( aid' crache and child care9 #omen8$ recreation KindoorM9 amil( planning $ervice$, E. W"rkersK Re0reati"n\ Indoor game$9 $trenuou$ game$ to /e avoided during interval$ o #or-, !.E,+$"',ent !"$$"&8u+\ Progre$$ o the operative in hi$ #or-9 hi$ adju$tment pro/lem$ #ith regard to machine$ and #or-load' $upervi$or$ and colleague$9 indu$trial coun$eling, G.E0"n",i0 Ser)i0es\ co7operative$' loan$' inancial grant$9 thri t and $aving $cheme$9 /udget -no#ledge' unemplo(ment in$urance' health in$urance' emplo(ment /ureau' pro it $haring and /onu$ $cheme$9 tran$port $ervice$9 provident und' gratuit( and pen$ion9 re#ard$ and incentive$9 #or-men8$ compen$ation or injur( 9 amil( a$$i$tance in term$ o need, ..La*"ur8Manage,ent arti0i+ati"n4 aM 4ormation and #or-ing o variou$ committee$' that i$' #or-$ committee' $a et( committee' canteen committee9 con$ultation in #el are area' in /M Production area' in the area o admini$tration' in the area o pu/lic relation$, cM 0or-men8$ ar/itration council, dM +e$earch /ureau, # W"rkersK Edu0ati"n4 reading room' li/rar(' circulating li/rar(9 vi$ual education9 literar( cla$$e$' adult education9 dail( ne#$ revie#9 actor( ne#$ /ulletin9 co7 operative #ith #or-er$ in education $ervice$, 1. aM /M cM We$%are ,easures "utside t(e &"rk+$a0e Hou$ing\ /achelor$8 "uarter$9 amil( re$idencie$ according to t(pe$ and room$, 0ater' $anitation' #ater di$po$al, +oad$' lighting' par-$' recreation' pla(ground$,

dM eM M gM hM iM jM

School$\ nur$er(' primar(' $econdar( and high $chool, *ar-et$' co7operative$' con$umer and credit $ocietie$, BanTran$port )ommunication\ po$t' telegraph and telephone, Health and medical $ervice$\ di$pen$ar(' emergenc( #ard' outpatient and in7patient care' amil( vi$iting9 amil( planning, +ecreation\ game$9 clu/$9 cra t center$9 culture Programme$' that i$' mu$ic clu/$9 reading room$ and li/rar(9 open air theatre9 $#imming pool9 athletic$' g(mna$ia,

I emplo(ee$8 perceive that their e ort$ #ill /e accuratel( apprai$ed and i the( urther perceive that the re#ard$ the( value are clo$el( lin-ed to their evaluation$, *ore $peci icall(' the re#ard$ are li-el( to lead to high emplo(ee per ormance and $ati$ action #hen the( are 7 aM /M cM Perceived a$ /eing e"uita/le /( the emplo(ee9 Tied to per ormance and Tailored to the need$ o the individual,

The$e condition$ $hould o$ter a minimum o di$$ati$ action among emplo(ee$' reduce #ithdra#al pattern$ and increa$e organi:ational commitment, I prevalence o marginal or /arel( ade"uate per ormance increa$e$, &mplo(ee /ene it$ li-e le1i/le #or- hour$' maternit( leave' and da( care center$ ma( /e mo$t relevant or the impact the( have on reducing a/$enteei$m and improving jo/ $ati$ action, the$e condition$ do not e1i$t' the pro/a/ilit( o #ithdra#al /ehavior increa$e$' and the



The per ormance Apprai$al $($tem i$ an important tool or a$$e$$ing the per ormance' "ualitative attri/ute$ and the potential o o icer$ in an( organi:ation, through e ective u$e o thi$ tool the management can ta-e crucial deci$ion$ in re$pect o the o icer$ in the area$ o placement' career development' promotion 'etc, thi$ $($tem al$o act$ a$ a eed7/ac- mechani$m or monitoring the per ormance o o icer$ under variou$ parameter$, It help$ them to improve their per ormance and prepare them$elve$ or $houldering higher re$pon$i/ilitie$ in the organi:ation, In other #ord$' per ormance apprai$al mean$ $($tematic evaluation o the per$onalit( and per ormance o each emplo(ee /( hi$ $upervi$or or $ome other per$on trained in the techni"ue$ o merit rating, It emplo($ variou$ rating techni"ue$ or comparing individual emplo(ee$ in a #or- group'



Help$ the emplo(ee$ to overcome hi$ #ea-ne$$ and improve over hi$ $trength

and thu$ ena/le him to improve hi$ per ormance and that o the department, emplo(ee, Thu$ a good per ormance apprai$al $($tem $hould primaril( ocu$ on emplo(ee development and at the $ame time, 6enerate ade"uate eed/ac- and guidance rom the reporting o icer$ to the

emplo(ee, )ontri/ute to the gro#th and development o the emplo(ee, Help$ in creating a de$ira/le $tandardi:ed culture and tradition$ in

organi:ation$, Help$ in identi (ing emplo(ee or the purpo$e o motivating' training . 6enerate $igni icant' relevant' ree and valid in ormation a/out


There are t#o /road method$ o merit rating ma( /e cla$$i ied into\ T+A%TI2NA5 *&TH2%S %&+N *&TH2%S RA#SAL\


Be ore an( per ormance apprai$al programmed i$ initiated' it i$ e$$ential to determine it$ o/jective$, The o/jective$ o the apprai$al programme ma( /e either to apprai$e the actual per ormance o individual to do higher jo/$, Sometime$' per ormance apprai$al i$ a$$ociated #ith $peci ic o/jective$ li-e training and development' tran$ er and promotion' etc, BB. ESTAB#L#S.#NG STANDARDS O! ER!ORMACE4 4or e ective rating o emplo(ee$' it i$ nece$$ar( to e$ta/li$h $tandard or per ormance again$t #hich their per ormance $hould /e compared, Ho#ever' an approach that i$ more pre era/le i$ to e$ta/li$h' in #riting' de inite $tandard o accompli$hment' #hich the emplo(ee can rea$ona/l( /e e1pected to meet, CB. !RE:UENC- O! A RA#SAL4 The re"uenc( o apprai$al di er$ rom organi:ation$ to organi:ation and #ith the nature o dutie$ per ormed, There are $pot apprai$al$' monthl(' "uarterl(' and $i1 monthl( or (earl( apprai$al$, But mo$t o the organi:ation$ conduct (earl( or hal (earl( apprai$al$ /ecau$e more re"uent apprai$al$ /e$ide$ ta-ing a#a( time o the apprai$er or rater$ ma( create a $en$e o ear among$t the rate$, DB. DES#GN#NG O! !ORMS4 The Punja/ National Ban- Ko icer$M $ervice regulation$' #hich came into e ect rom <$t Aul( <>G>' ormed the /a$i$ o the per ormance apprai$al $($tem and the promotion polic(, A ne# promotion polic( #a$ ormulated /a$ed on mar-$ under variou$ parameter$ $uch a$\ 0+ITT&N T&ST, &%U)ATI2NA5 bUA5I4I)ATI2N, INT&+VI&0S, B+N)H &VP&+I&N)&,


The pre$ent apprai$al $($tem o the /an- had /een $erving the o/jective$ or #hich it #a$ meant $ince <>>H' /ut to -eep pace #ith the a$t changing economic and /an-ing $cenario and meet the competition' it #a$ imperative to develop and utili:e on human re$ource appropriatel(, To /ring appropriate change$ or re$tructuring the govt , o India ormed the committee o human re$ource *anagement to $tud( all $igni icant area$ along #ith thi$ Bo$ton con$ultanc( group #a$ al$o appointed, The Ne# Per ormance Apprai$al S($tem #a$ approved /( the /oard in it$ meeting dated <B th %ecem/er D??F' or /eing introduced #,e, , <$t April `D??H,


:uesti"n ;B .a)e '"u (eard a na,e "% Ree*"k C",+an'< An$#er aM Y7(e$ /M n7 no cM c7 can8t $a(

c 7.00 / 7.0% n 19.00 / 19.0%

y 74.00 / 74.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that more than G?L o the people li-ed the indu$tr( #hich conve($ a good image o the compan(,

:uesti"n 1B Res+"nse "% +e"+$e a*"ut Ree*"k< An$#er aM '8'es /M n8n" cM 080anKt sa'

c 14.00 / 14.0%

y 52.00 / 52.0%

n 34.00 / 34.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that more than hal o the people con$ider Ree*"k i$ a nice product' onl( a e# $aid N2, That mean$ or people it i$ a e1pen$ive product,

:uesti"n =B Res+"nse "% +e"+$e t(at Ree*"k &i$$ gi)e a (ea$t(' 0",+etiti"n t" "t(er 0",+anies< An$#er aB '8 'es *B n8 n" 0B 08 0anKt sa'

c 13.00 / 13.0%

n y 59.00 / 59.0% 28.00 / 28.0%

Ana$'sis 4 #e concluded that more than B?L o the people /elieve that +ee/o- #ill give a health( competition to $mall companie$ and it #ill prove to /e more $uperior than other $mall companie$,

:uesti"n ?B Res+"nse "% +e"+$e t(at Ree*"k &i$$ *ring a re)"$uti"n in industr'< An$#er aM '8'es /M n8n" 0B 08 0anKt sa'B

c 14.00 / 14.0%

n 20.00 / 20.0%

y 66.00 / 66.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that a/out @@L o the people $aid that Ree*"k #ill /ring a revolution in the indu$tr( a$ it i$ gro#ing at a ver( a$t rate da( /( da(,

:uesti"n EB !a0t"rs &(' +e"+$e $ike Ree*"k< An$#er aB ;8a%%"rda*i$it' *B 18s(a+e 0B =8design dB ?8"t(er design

4.00 11.00 / 11.0%

3.00 18.00 / 18.0%

1.00 2.00 10.00 / 10.0% 61.00 / 61.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that all the actor$ contri/ute in increa$ing the li-ing o the people' /ut the mo$t e ective one i$ the a orda/ilit( o the Ree*"k,

:uesti"n FB

r"+"rti"n "% +e"+$e &(" &i$$ s(i%t t" Ree*"k<

An$#er aB -8'es *B n8n" 0B 080anKt sa'

y 45.00 / 45.0%

c 22.00 / 22.0%

n 33.00 / 33.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that in the coming time people #ill more o ten $tart $hi ting to Ree*"k a$ the( produce the mo$t A orda/le product$ a$ compared to other product$ manu acturing companie$,

:uesti"n 3B W(' &"u$d +e"+$e +re%er Ree*"k as t(eir *rand< An$#er aB ;80",%"rt *B 18sa%et' 0B =8re+utati"n dB ?8"t(er reas"ns
4.00 38.00 / 38.0%

1.00 23.00 / 23.0%

2.00 15.00 / 15.0%

3.00 24.00 / 24.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that people pre er Ree*"k a$ their product due to man( actor$, Some o them are )om ort' Sa et(' and +eputation etc,

:uesti"n GB Ree*"k is ,ade %"r )i$$ages "r 0ities< Dis0uss An$#er aB ;8t"&nL0ities *B 18)i$$ages 0B =8*"t( dB ?80anKt sa'

4.00 13.00 / 13.0%

3.00 26.00 / 26.0% 1.00 58.00 / 58.0%

2.00 3.00 / 3.0%

Ana$'sis4 #e concluded that more than B?L o the people /elieve that Ree*"k i$ good or village$' #hile D@L o the people /elieve it i$ good or village$ a$ #ell a$ citie$,



<M The retailer$ on their outlet$ do not properl( place the glo# $ign/oard and the compan( or di$tri/utor$ do not do the di$tri/ution o the /oard$ properl(, DM Sale$ promotion $cheme$ are important to in luence the con$umer, The retailer #a$ di$$ati$ ied /( the promotional $cheme$ o the compan(, The di$tri/utor$ #ere not di$tri/uting all the $cheme$ properl( to the retailer, FM The competitor8$ $ale$ promotion $cheme$ #ere not much e ective /ut $cheme$ #ere properl( di$tri/uted to the retailer$, HM The compan( ha$ $trong di$tri/ution channel /ut the retailer$ #ere not $ati$ ied /( the $ervice$ o the di$tri/utor$, BM Num/er o root vehicle i$ ver( le$$ a$ compare to the $i:e o the mar-et, @M The merchandi$ing e"uipment$ di$tri/uted /( the compan( are not /eing maintained properl( /( the compan(,

<M The compan( mu$t en$ure that +ee/o- i$ not u$ed to di$pla( vehicle$ properl(, DM outlet$, FM The glo# $ign/oard $hould /e placed at the pu/lic place$ #here ma1imum people can /e in luenced /( the $ale$ promotion $cheme$ /( the compan(, HM The compan( $hould properl( maintain all merchandi$ing e"uipment$ on all outlet$, BM Num/er o root vehicle $hould /e increa$ed a$ the $i:e o mar-et i$ relativel( large, @M A$ the $ale$ promotion $cheme$ are major tool to in luence the /u(er a$ #ell a$ to the retailer' $o the compan( $hould maintain the proper lo# o the promotional $cheme$ a$ compare to the competitor$, GM =M >M The compan( mu$t en$ure that promotional $cheme$ are di$tri/uted properl( /( the di$tri/utor$, +etailer7 di$tri/ution relation $hould /e made riendl(, The e1ecutive o the concerned mar-et $hould /e made more re$pon$i/le to#ard$ hi$Xher jo/, The compan( mu$t -eep chec- on the maintenance o vehicle$ on the

The aim o thi$ project #a$ to comparativel( $tud( on operator$ and other$ operator$ and tr( to reveal uture pro$pect$ o +ee/o- ,In m( *ar-eting re$earch I ound that the demand o other operator$, The inal $urve( incremented m( -no#ledge regarding ho# to mar-et one8$ product e icientl( and ho# to deal #ith variou$ t(pe$ o people, Thu$ I greatl( enjo(ed thi$ project and learnt a lot, %evelopment o good relation$ #ith the dealer$ i$ mu$t, )ompan( $hould al$o ma-e e ort$ to attract more and more cu$tomer$ through variou$ $cheme$ etc, A ter conducting thi$ $urve( on +ee/o-' I come to the conclu$ion that' compan( ha$ huge potential in %elhi region . it can capture major $hare /( providing e1cellent a ter $ale$ $ervice, There are $ome other conclu$ion$ are al$o included\ The mar-et reach o the compan( i$ ver( good, The gro#th o the product i$ al$o apprai$a/le The compan( i$ a major pla(er in the $ector o generation, The $ervice providing net#or- o the compan( i$ ver( $trong, po#er i$ going to increa$e da( /( da(, The compan( $hould participate in adverti$ing to ac"uire a$ much /ene it$ a$ po$$i/le' thu$ competing $ucce$$ ull( #ith

###,google,com ###,#i-ipedia,com ###, +ee/o-,com


Bu$ine$$ Toda( cThe 4inancial &1pre$$ cThe Time$ o India India toda( Hindu$tan Time$

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